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Best Prostate Cancer Doctors In Atlanta

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Why Do Some Men Get Prostate Cancer

Living with advanced prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common malignancy diagnosed in men. Prostate cancer is a disease defined by the abnormal growth of cells. These abnormal cells can proliferate in an uncontrolled way and, if left untreated, form tumors which may metastasize or spread to other parts of the body. Prostate cancer has the potential to grow and spread quickly, but for most men, it is a relatively slow growing disease.

For men who suspect that they might have prostate cancer, it is very important to understand the risk factors and symptoms. Knowing where the prostate is located in the body, and the functions of the prostate will explain the impacts of prostate cancer and prostate cancer treatment. Patients diagnosed with prostate cancer need to discuss with their doctors their particular type, aggressive or non-aggressive, of prostate cancer. This will allow the patient, working with their doctor to determine the most effective treatment for their cancer.

The prostate cells produce an enzyme named Prostate Specific Antigen or PSA, found in a man’s blood. PSA is produced exclusively by prostate cells. Elevated levels of the PSA enzyme can be helpful in diagnosing issues with the prostate, like cancer or infection. These elevated levels of PSA can be detected with a simple blood test. For more information, visit our page on PSA.

Former Director Of The Center Of Excellence In Urology

Dr. Razdan also served as the former director of the Department of Surgery at Jackson SouthHospital in Miami. He was certified by the American Board of Urology and the Society forEndourology for his fellowship in Endourology and Robotic Surgery. He also served as the Directorof the Miami Comprehensive Center for Kidney Stones, which deals with kidney stones.

Stage Iv Prostate Cancer

Treatment of stage IV prostate cancer may include the following:

  • Hormone therapy.
  • External-beam radiation therapy with or without hormone therapy.
  • Radiation therapy or transurethral resection of the prostate as palliative therapy to relieve symptoms caused by the cancer.
  • Watchful waiting.
  • A clinical trial of radical prostatectomy with orchiectomy.

Check for U.S. clinical trials from NCI’s list of cancer clinical trials that are now accepting patients with stage IV prostate cancer. For more specific results, refine the search by using other search features, such as the location of the trial, the type of treatment, or the name of the drug. General information about clinical trials is available from the NCI Web site.

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What To Expect During Your Appointment

Typically, patients with prostate cancer would need to make a few appointments with specialists at different locations to learn about treatment options. At Wellstars STAT Clinic for Prostate Cancer, men and their partners meet with multiple specialists to discuss treatment options in the same place, on the same day. Heres what to expect:

  • Meet with a urologist: First, you will meet with a Wellstar urologist who is highly skilled at advanced laparoscopic and robotic surgical methods. In many cases, you may also learn about the active surveillance protocol when meeting with the urologist.
  • Meet with a radiation oncologist: Patients learn about state-of-the-art treatments, including brachytherapy and intensity modulated radiation therapy administered by a radiation oncologist. These treatments deliver high-dose radiation to the cancer while minimizing damage to healthy surrounding tissue.
  • Meet with a nurse navigator: Each patient concludes his visit by meeting with a prostate cancer nurse navigator, a specially trained nurse who can answer additional questions and offer ongoing support as the patient moves forward.
  • What is active surveillance?

    Advanced treatment & technology

    Wellstar invests in state-of-the-art technology to give men with prostate cancer access to leading treatments, including those delivered by CyberKnife, TrueBeam and da Vinci robotic technology as well as brachytherapy, SpaceOAR Hydrogel and innovative genetic therapies.

    Da Vinci technology

    Hyperthermia Therapy Supercharges Treatment

    Urologist in Atlanta

    Hyperthermia is the application of heat to parts of the body to increase blood flow and enhance the efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients. It also super-charges & enhances our low-dose chemotherapy protocol.

    For decades weve witnessed the miraculous benefits of I-Therm as part of a comprehensive cancer treatment program cancerous tumors shrink pain is alleviated neurological conditions improve and healing occurs more rapidly.

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    Community Prostate Cancer Screenings

    Northside Hospital Cancer Institute holds multiple prostate cancer screenings for community members each year at several convenient locations throughout Georgia.

    Men who meet the following criteria are eligible to register and attend NHCI community prostate cancer screenings:

    • Men who are between the ages of 45-75
    • Men who do not have a prostate cancer diagnosis
    • Men who have not had a PSA blood test within the past year

    To register for an upcoming Northside Hospital community prostate cancer screening, please call . Qualified interpreters are available to assist you at each screening event. Please inform registration staff members of your language preference.View upcoming dates for our prostate cancer screening events on our Classes & Event Calendar.

    Men are encouraged to make an informed decision with their health care provider regarding the appropriateness of prostate cancer screening.

    Best Options For Prostate Surgery

    Traditional versus robot-assisted procedures

    A diagnosis of prostate cancer that hasnt spread comes with treatment options such as watchful waiting, hormone therapy, and radiation. But if your doctor recommends prostate removal, you have one very important decision: trust your surgery to human hands or to robotic arms controlled by your surgeon. A study led by researchers at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital and published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found little difference in the outcomes. Yes, the two are basically the same in outcomes, says Dr. William DeWolf, professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School and urologist-in-chief at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. I dont see any difference between the two, nor should there be, based on technique.

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    Holistic Healing Expert Dr Raymond Venter Gives Every Cancer Patient Free Access To His Exclusive Webinarwhat 99% Of Oncologist Miss And Reveals

    How to Heal from Cancer Without Side-Effects and Pain?

    Where Well-being Reality Started

    I want you to see this so you know exactly how and where this cancer treatment started

    This is a PSA test from Dr. Raymond’s father, who became cancer-free in less than 2 months.

    The report that rocked their lives – his PSA was 110.25 ng/mL

    He was at stage 4


    Above is when he was taken into hospital to treat his symptoms, and before this treatment helped him overcome stage 4 prostate cancer.

    After treatment

    His PSA was 0.88 ng/mL – which is considered very healthy

    This was in 2013

    The whole family got together to celebrate Dirk Venter being healthy again.

    Dr Raymond Venter

    CEO and Founder of Well-being Reality

    • Dr. PhD in Natural Medicine
    • BSC in Holistic Health Science
    • Board Certified at: “American Association of Drugless Practitioners”

    Talk to our team

    We urge you to do your research, to weigh your options and to make an informed decision.

    +1 326 2866

    Facts About Prostate Supplements

    Treatment decisions for prostate cancer in 2021.

    Prostate health supplements are formulated to address various problems associated with prostate health and sexual function.

    They are usually made of natural ingredients mostly herbs that have been used for this purpose for centuries. There are hundreds of these products on the market which is why its essential to understand to get informed before making the final purchase.

    You should consider taking prostate supplements if you:

    • Have weak or slow urinary stream
    • Experience feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
    • Find it difficult to start urination
    • Experience urgency to urinate

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    Supportive Oncology And Urology Care

    In addition to delivering the highest quality medical care, we recognize the importance of the psychological and emotional aspects of living with a cancer diagnosis and of dealing with treatment. Our supportive oncology team address these issues in a timely manner with additional support from counselors, nurse navigators, dietitians and social service professionals.

    Additionally we recognize that urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction can be important factors in prostate cancer survivorship and our team of urology experts offer multiple options to help you manage these conditions. To request an appointment, contact our urology team at .

    Diagnosis And Testing Of Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer is the most common cancer other than skin cancer affecting men in the United States.

    It isnt clear what causes prostate cancer, but we do know how it happens. Cells in your prostate mutate and aggressively multiply. This causes a tumor to form either on or inside of the prostate. Since most prostate cancer patients have no symptoms, it is important to get routine screening including a rectal exam and a blood test. If either of these are abnormal, a prostate biopsy is usually the next step to confirm if you have prostate cancer.

    When You Need to Be Tested in Atlanta for Prostate Cancer

    Prostate cancer affects millions of Americans and people worldwide. Most people with prostate cancer have no symptoms and it is caught incidentally by your primary care doctor usually either on rectal exam or on routine blood test . If either of these are abnormal, or if you have not had either of these tests done, then you should see a Urologist with Advanced Urology. Usually symptoms such as weak urine stream, waking up at night are due to an enlarged prostate and not prostate cancer, though in some advanced prostate cancers, they can present as bothersome urinary symptoms. Both of these issues are treated by urologists at Advanced Urology.

    Getting Tested for Prostate Cancer in Atlanta, GA

    • Blood testing An elevated PSA may indicate that you have prostate cancer.
    • Rectal exam This is done by your doctor to feel the prostate and can detect some prostate cancers

    Vitamin D

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    This Is Why Customers For Over 10 Years Choose Best Prostate *

    They want a healthyProstate.Beta-Sitosterol has been recommended by physicians for prostate problems in Europe for over 35 years. They want Increased urinary flow and decreased trips to the bathroom and they want to increase intimacy! They want Natural relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate so that they can sleep through the night. Most of all they want Results without the side effects associated with prescriptions. Best Prostate has No binders, fillers or unproven ingredients.They want 310 mg of natural non-GMO Non-SOY Beta Sitosterol. They are concerned about the estrogen in Soy-based beta-sitosterol. They want a product that works. * They dont want to sign up for automatic monthly billing of their credit card to get the best price.

    Its simple, Best Prostate®provides the essential ingredients to ensure you get the results you want and need. Other prostate formulas may have ingredients in addition to the key ingredients in our product, however we could not find clinical data or studies to support those additional ingredients and unproven fillers. You dont pay for those ingredients when you choose Best Prostate®. If you do not get results or you are not satisfied simply return the product for a full refund of the product price. We encourage you to go the Compare Formulas tab on the left and scroll down to the table to see the side by side view of your choices.

    Each bottle contains 60 capsules, a 30 day supply

    May 2009

    Top Prostate Cancer Surgeon

    Urologist in Atlanta

    Dr. Razdan is considered by many as one of the Most Experienced Robotic Prostate Cancer Surgeons in the Worldwith over 8,500 procedures performed to date. He is considered a Pioneering Researcher and Surgeon on Prostate Cancer and has some of the best Robotic Surgery Outcomes in the world. Patients travel from all around the world to Miami to have Prostate Cancer Surgery with Dr. Razdan. From CEOs of large corporations, celebrities, government officials and even other surgeons entrust Dr. Razdan and his unique set of skills and incredible outcomes. He was the First Surgeon in the World to USE HUMAN AMNIOTIC MEMBRANE for EARLY RETURN of ERECTILE FUNCTION after robotic prostate surgery. He founded and pioneered the technique of MAXIMAL URETHRAL LENGTH PRESERVATION for EARLY RETURN OF URINARY CONTINENCE after robotic prostate surgery which was also published Patients travel to Dr. Razdan for his leading outcomes in terms of Cancer Control, Urinary Continence and Erectile FunctionMost patients have full urinary control often within days of surgery and almost 98% are continent by 6 monthsMajority of patients have erections sufficient for sexual activity by 6 months

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    What Happens During A Prostate Cancer Screening

    It would be best if you started to have prostate cancer screenings around the age of 40 to check for enlargement and other signs. In addition to a digital rectal exam , the team at Urology of Greater Atlanta also uses a prostate-specific antigen and the Gleason scale to evaluate your chances of having cancer.

    • Low risk PSA of 10 or less and a Gleason score of 6 or lower
    • Medium risk PSA of 10-20 and a Gleason score between 7-8
    • High risk PSA of over 20 and a Gleason score of 9-10

    Finding A Urologist In Your Area

    Finding a good urologist can be difficult. With the assistance of Zocdoc, however, you can quickly schedule an in-person visit or an online video consultation with the best specialist in your neighborhood. For instance, if you live in Atlanta, Georgia, you can make an appointment by going to the website and providing information about your location, issue, insurance company, and plan. All the top urologists in your area will be listed in your search results. You can sort the search results using various filters, including gender.

    Depending on the availability of their provider, you can plan an appointment up to 24 hours in advance, on the same day, or even on the weekend. By displaying each specialist’s credentials, training, and history in medicine, Zocdoc promotes transparency and enables users to make informed decisions. In addition, you may browse ratings and reviews from actual patients. By selecting your insurance carrier and plan from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, you can also determine whether your provider takes your insurance or not.

    On Zocdoc, all appointments are quick, cost-free, and secure.

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    Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer

    DNA mutations can result in cancer. The changes in DNA can come from a persons parents or they can develop them along the way.

    Inherited Gene Mutation

    Inherited gene mutations account for about five to ten percent of all reported prostate cancer cases. This is known as hereditary prostate cancer. Common genes include BRCA1, BRCA2 and HOXB13.

    Acquired Gene Mutation

    The DNA changes are only found in the cell that caused the mutation. Being exposed to cancer-causing chemicals can trigger the mutation.

    Prostate cancer frequently affects older men. Young men are at a lower risk while men age 60 and over have a higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer.


    Although there is no scientific explanation for this, African-American men are at higher risk of developing prostate cancer as compared to Asian-American and Latino men. Moreover, African-American are more likely to die from prostate cancer than white men. In areas with higher concentrations of older African American men such as cities like Atlanta, Georgia, prostate cancer rates are higher than average. It appears that African American men respond better to immunotherapy than Caucasian men.


    Eating a lot of red meat and high diary-fat products increases the chances of developing prostate cancer, although the research in this area is not yet completely conclusive.


    Men living in North America, Australia, and the Caribbean are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than men living anywhere else.

    Patients Can Enter Clinical Trials Before During Or After Starting Their Cancer Treatment

    Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Treatment – MUSC Hollings

    Some clinical trials only include patients who have not yet received treatment. Other trials test treatments for patients whose cancer has not gotten better. There are also clinical trials that test new ways to stop cancer from recurring or reduce the side effects of cancer treatment.

    Clinical trials are taking place in many parts of the country. See the Treatment Options section that follows for links to current treatment clinical trials. These have been retrieved from NCI’s listing of clinical trials.

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    Resources To Find And Evaluate Doctors

    Administrators in Medicine DocFinderInformation on licensing and disciplinary actions taken against doctors in 18 states links to state medical boards of remaining states.

    American Board of Medical Specialties Includes a database to find doctors who are ABMS Member Board Certified Specialists, a designation achieved through additional training and education.

    American College of SurgeonsInformation about finding surgeons who are Board Certified as well as information about surgical specialties. Includes database of member surgeons.

    American Medical Association DoctorFinderEducation, board certification, and hospital admitting privileges for doctors who belong to the AMA.

    American Society for Radiation Oncology RT AnswersIncludes searchable database of radiation oncologists.

    American Society of Clinical Oncology Cancer.NetOncologist-approved cancer information from the American Society of Clinical Oncology can be found on the site Cancer.Net. This site includes a Find an Oncologist tool with tips on choosing a doctor and a database of oncologists.

    Urology Care FoundationSearchable database of member urologists all of whom have been certified by the American Board of Urology.

    Medicare Physician and Other Healthcare Professional DirectoryProvider profiles including specialties, practicing locations, and phone numbers. Other information may also include education, gender, residency, foreign languages spoken, and hospital affiliation.

    Bradley C Carthon Md Phd

    • Medical Oncologist
    • As part of the genitourinary oncology team, Dr. Carthon treats patients with prostate, bladder, and renal cancers and other genitourinary malignancies.
    • Associate Professor, Department of Hematology and Medical Oncology, Emory University School of Medicine
    • A board certified urologist, Dr. Cimmino addresses oncofertility and erectile dysfunction symptoms in male prostate cancer patients.
    • Assistant Professor, Department of Urology, Emory University School of Medicine

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