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Best Prostate Cancer Doctors In Philadelphia

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Duke University Hospital Durham

Living with advanced prostate cancer

Patient care is of the utmost importance at Duke Cancer Center, which is part of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, an alliance of top hospitals that are focused on providing the highest quality care. The centers physicians and oncologists, who specialize in a range of cancer types, focus on treating the entire person, not just the disease.

Ucsf Medical Center San Francisco

Dedicated to improving early detection and quality of life for patients, the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center has also long been a leader in cancer research, including that of two Nobel Prize-winning scientists. The center is spread across five different campuses in the San Francisco area. Wondering how exactly to detect cancer in yourself? Take a look at these 30 symptoms you definitely shouldnt ignore.

Find The Best Surgeon You Can Get It Done Right

Radical prostatectomy is a very difficult operation. It takes not only skill, but the kind of expertise you get only after being involved in a lot of procedures, first from the sidelines as a doctor in training, and then learning how to do it meticulously with the guidance of an expert surgeon.

The very best prostate surgeons specialize in the prostate. Thats often all they do, and they do a lot of these procedures every year.

You dont want to be part of the learning curve.

Another point: Because there are so many bad surgeons out there, you cant trust everything you read on the internet or from hospitals propaganda.

Our goal is to weed out the bad surgeons, so they stop doing procedures they arent skilled enough to do.

As for you, well, this is your one shot at this. Do your due diligence. How can you find the right surgeon? We have developed this checklist with the help of three experts. Please. Take the following things into consideration before you go under the knife:

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Recognized For Quality In Prostate Cancer Care

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson is your Philadelphia area resource for nationally recognized oncology expertise. Some of our achievements include:

  • Were one of eight centers in the nation to be designated as a Prostate Center of Excellence by the National Cancer Institute .
  • Were one of only 69 National Cancer Institute -designated cancer centers in the U.S., and we are ranked as one of the nations best hospitals for cancer treatment by U.S. News & World Report.

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University Of Maryland Medical Center Baltimore

Edward M. Soffen, MD

Battling cancer is far from easy, but at the , the process is a lot more comfortable thanks to its dedication to compassionate care. The doctors and nurses there use a bench to bedside approach which bridges the gap between research and clinical practice so patients receive access to the latest treatment and technology. Theyre likely to catch the 7 cancers that are notoriously hard to detect.

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Prostate Cancer Signs & Symptoms

The symptoms of prostate cancer in men usually dont show until the cancer progresses. Some early signs of prostate cancer include:

  • weak or interrupted urine flow
  • sudden urges to urinate

Advanced prostate cancer symptoms include:

  • pain or burning while urinating
  • severe pain in back, hips or pelvis

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Mayo Clinic Rochester Minnesota

The Mayo Clinic is world renowned for its highly skilled physicians and a massive network of resources and research. So its no surprise that it ranks highly for cancer care too. With state-of-the-art facilities and some of the newest technology in the field, the hospital also has the Mayo Clinic Childrens Center, where some of the best pediatric oncologists specialize in treating cancer in children and teenagers.

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Uf Health Shands Hospital Gainesville

UF Health Shands offers more than just state-of-the-art facilities, a bone marrow transplant outpatient clinic, and incredibly skilled physicians, oncologists, and nurses. It also houses the very unique Criser Cancer Resource Center, a space where both patients and their families can go for services from education to therapy to wellness classes and art workshops.

University Of Iowa Hospitals And Clinics Iowa City

Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Treatment – MUSC Hollings

When it comes to prostate cancer, UIs Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center is on the cutting edge of research and treatment. Not only was it the first hospital in Iowa to participate in a large-scale prostate cancer clinical trial and the first to use robotic surgery to remove cancerous prostates, but it was the first in the United States to test a vaccine specifically for preventing prostate cancer. Until the vaccine is available to the public, here are 8 other ways to prevent prostate cancer.

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H Lee Moffitt Cancer Center And Research Institute Tampa

Besides providing excellent treatment, the focus at the Moffitt Cancer Center is supporting both patients and their loved ones. This approach involves plenty of support services for everyone involved in the treatment process along with an array of amenities for visitors to make the experience more comfortable and less stressful. One thing they might learn: Myths about what cancer is and what causes cancer.

Nutrition And Lifestyle Changes

Many studies have looked at the possible benefits of specific nutrients in helping to treat prostate cancer, although so far none have shown a clear benefit. Some compounds being studied include extracts from pomegranate, green tea, broccoli, turmeric, flaxseed, and soy.

One study has found that men who choose not to have treatment for their localized prostate cancer may be able to slow its growth with intensive lifestyle changes. The men in the study ate a vegan diet and exercised frequently. They also took part in support groups and yoga. After one year the men saw, on average, a slight drop in their PSA level. It isnt known if this effect will last since the report only followed the men for 1 year. The regimen may also be hard for some men to follow.

Itâs important for men thinking about taking any type of nutritional supplement to talk to their health care team first. They can help you decide which ones you can use safely while avoiding those that might be harmful.

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Hospitals Ranked By Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Volumes

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center New York
William P Clements Jr University Hospital Dallas
City of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital Duarte
Orlando Health South Seminole Hospital Longwood
Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia
NYU Langone Hospital – Long Island Mineola
Lahey Hospital & Medical Center – Burlington Burlington
UCSF Medical Center at Mount Zion San Francisco CA 10,185

Fig. 1 Data is from the Definitive Healthcare ClaimsMx product for calendar year 2021. Claims data is sourced from multiple medical claims clearinghouses in the United States and is updated monthly. Data is accurate as of August 2022.

Upmc Presbyterian Shadyside Pittsburgh

James K. Gerstley, M.D. â Advanced ROS Radiation Oncology Services

The UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is the only comprehensive cancer center in the Pennsylvania region and specializes in 14 different types of cancer. One of its highlights is the Mario Lemieux Center for Blood Cancers where patients receive some of the most personalized treatment available. For example, they will be able to advise patients on exactly what to eat while doing chemo.

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Seattle Cancer Alliance/university Of Washington Medical Center Seattle

Ranked as one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation for adult cancer treatment, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance is stacked with expert oncologists, advanced technologies, and a bone marrow transplant program that most recently was nationally recognized for beating expected survival rates. Another innovative offering is the SCCA Mammogram Van that travels around the state to bring the service directly to patients. Learn the 7 important questions to ask at your next mammogram.

Why Choose Jefferson For Prostate Cancer Treatment

Every day, our nationally recognized oncologists and urologists in the Philadelphia area are helping to fight prostate cancer and save lives. As one of the nations best hospitals for cancer treatment according to U.S. News & World Report, our dedicated team of urologists and prostate cancer specialists, along with our world-renowned researchers are pioneering new approaches to prostate cancer treatments and designing effective prostate cancer prevention strategies.

Our Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Center is one of only a handful of centers in the U.S. dedicated to advanced patient care for prostate cancer.

At Jefferson, not only does our hospital offer patients best-in-class prostate cancer medical services, our compassionate care includes a prostate cancer support group to meet you and your familys emotional and psychological needs as well.

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Ou Medical Center Oklahoma City

At the Stephenson Cancer Center, patients come first, always. Every nurse, physician, and staff member is committed to providing compassionate care and a comfortable, supportive environment for both patients and their loved ones. If you have to be in the hospital for an extended period of time, try these 12 insider tips to improve your stay.

Innovative Research And New Treatments

Is Prostate Cancer Fatal? | Ask A Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

In recent years, the Abramson Cancer Center has expanded its use of moreadvanced treatments for prostate cancer, such as proton therapy, high dose rate brachytherapy, immunotherapy and next-generation hormone therapy. As a research institution, Penn is committed to improving the management and treatment of this disease.

“You’re going to get access to physicians who are not only aware of theresearch, but also defining and moving the research forward,” said Dr. Neha Vapiwala, professor and vice chair in the department of radiation oncology at Penn Medicine, who leads several national and institutional clinical trials for prostate cancer patients. Clinical trials are studies performed on individuals to help evaluate new treatment approaches. “In addition to the cutting-edge science and technology, we place a lot of emphasis on integrative oncology and supportive care, such as counseling and guidance on nutrition, fertility preservation, and follow-up care. We have a holistic, patient-centered approach.”

Most men who undergo treatment for prostate cancer can be encouraged by excellent cure rates for most forms of intervention, particularly when action is taken before the disease reaches an advanced stage. This is why its so important to ask your primary care provider whether a PSA screening is appropriate based on your age and cancer risk.

Penn Medicine

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Northwestern Memorial Hospital Chicago

If youre looking for some of the highest quality cancer care in the world, look no further than the Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center at Northwestern in Chicago. The center, which is one of the founding members of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network , literally writes the book on providing top-notch care: Their team helps come up with the NCCN patient guidelines and standards.

Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla is dedicated to comprehensive care for patients suffering from gastrointestinal malignancies, such as colon, esophagus, gastric, liver, pancreas and neuroendocrine tumors.

Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla earned a medical degree from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia. Following medical school, he completed an internship and residency in internal medicine at Harbor Hospital Center, Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland. Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla also completed a fellowship in hematology and oncology from the University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida.

He has been published in several medical journals and oncology publications. He is also a reviewer and counselor for several journals, special interest groups, panels and academic competitions. He has also served as principal investigator and co-investigator for many large oncology clinical trials. Dr. Loaiza-Bonilla has been a member and held leadership positions for several medical organizations. These include the Pennsylvania Society of Oncology and Hematology, American Society of Hematology, American Society of Clinical Oncology and American Association of Cancer Research.


Chemotherapy, Clinical Trials, Hematologic Oncology, Interventional Oncology, Precision Medicine, Radiation Therapy, Surgery


Address: 1331 E Wyoming Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19124Phone: 606-0841


Best doctor we found. Charlie Smith

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Ohio State University James Cancer Hospital Columbus

What makes The James so great at what they do? A technique that is known as precision medicine. Its a targeted approach that treats a cancer patient based on their genes, medical history, and even environmental factors. While The James is particularly skilled at using it for immunotherapy, precision medicine is also one of these anti-aging breakthroughs that are helping people live longer.

University Of North Carolina Hospitals Chapel Hill


Besides providing excellent treatment, the focus at the UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center is supporting both the patients and their families and loved ones. This approach involves plenty of support services for everyone involved in the treatment process along with an array of amenities for visitors to make the experience more comfortable and less stressful.

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Prostate Cancer Treatments: Surgery And Radiation Therapy

Men who have intermediate and high-risk prostate cancers typically will consult with a urologist and radiation oncologist to determine the best course of action for a curative treatment.

At the Abramson Cancer Center, treatment recommendations are based on the cancer diagnosis and the preferences of the patient. Specialists will weigh the aggressiveness of the patients disease, the stage of the cancer, the age of the patient and co-morbidities they may have.

“Once you’re diagnosed, especially if it’s an intermediate or high-risk cancer, you want information and treatment options sooner rather than later. Penn’s wide scope of expertise gives us the ability to make those things happen quickly.” said Dr. Narayan.

In terms of cancer outcomes, surgery and radiation are generally considered equivalent in efficacy. These treatment approaches usually have success rates between 85%-90%, and if one of them doesnt work, the other may be used for a definitive intervention. In some cancers, both approaches may be needed.

In more complex cases, particularly among patients with other health issues, a medical oncologist will sometimes be consulted along with the urology and radiation oncology teams to offer an opinion about what will be the safest and most effective treatment approach. Medical oncologists are also often involved in the care of patients who have advanced stage prostate cancer, or who have had a recurrence of the disease after an initial treatment.

Former Philly Mayor Michael Nutter Had Surgery For Prostate Cancer He Especially Wants Black Men To Hear About His Experience

PSA screening poses a dilemma, especially for Black men, who are at higher risk of developing and dying of prostate cancer.

In December, after more than four years of medical monitoring while keeping his early-stage prostate cancer secret from his family, Michael Nutter had the walnut-size organ removed.

Now, fully recovered fully, he stressed the former Philadelphia mayor is advocating that men undergo regular screening for prostate cancer with the PSA blood test.

Get screened! he said during an interview on Thursday at the Center City offices of public relations executive Jay Devine. All you have to do is give a little blood. See where you are. Its not like theyre drilling a hole in your head.

Nutter, 63, is aware that prostate specific antigen screening is far more controversial than when he began doing it at age 50 in 2008. Back then, his doctor recommended checking his PSA level, so Nutter did it.

Fast forward to today. All the expert groups that issue guidelines, including the American Urological Association, acknowledge a dilemma. Studies show automatic, one-size fits all screening saves very few lives, and leads to diagnosis and treatment of many cancers that would never cause harm if left undetected. Treatment may cause permanent urinary or sexual problems, or both. The guidelines say men should be informed of the risks, as well as the benefits, before deciding what to do.

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Top Hospitals By Prostate Cancer Diagnoses

Prostate cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the U.S., and the first most common among U.S. men . Prostate cancer is typically diagnosed by a urologist.

Approximately 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. Luckily, a wide variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment options exist for these patients. Those men who are diagnosed while the cancer remains localized have a five-year relative survival rate of greater than 99%.

Using claims data from multiple medical claims clearinghouses, weve compiled a list of U.S. hospitals that diagnosed the greatest number of prostate cancer cases in 2021.

University Of Michigan Hospitals

Why Prostate Cancer Survivor John Shearron Thinks Its Important To Do Your Research | PCRI

The University of Michigan Rogel Cancer Center recognizes that medical treatment is just one small part of the cancer journey. Thats why they have such a robust Patient & Family Support Services Program thats included in every patients plan. Designed to help both patients and their families navigate what can be a very difficult process from start to finish, the program helps create strategies for coping with potential stresses, whether its supporting someone in chemo or finding lodging during treatment.

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Bryn Mawr Urology Group

The team at Bryn Mawr Urology Group in Rosemont Pennsylvania, a division of Academic Urology, is committed to providing their patients with state of the art urological care including minimally invasive robotic and laparoscopic surgery. Find the information you need about Treatments we offer, minimally invasive surgery for Benign prostatic enlargement, Robotic Surgery for Prostate, Bladder and Kidney Cancer, Ablative therapy for kidney cancer, Laparoscopic surgery for testicular cancer, Treatment of kidney stones, Medical Acupuncture, Vasectomy and therapies for Urinary incontinence and Erectile dysfunction. Please call 610-525-6580 with your questions and to schedule an appointment.

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