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Is Coconut Water Good For Prostate Cancer

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Expression Of Apoptotic Genes By Polymerase Chain Reaction

FACT CHECK: Did Tata Hospital’s Dr Rajendra Badwe Say Hot Coconut Water Kills Cancer Cells?

Total RNA was isolated from DU-145 cells non treated and treated with different concentration of CKf for 24hrs using RDP Trio Reagent, and cDNA was synthesized using Revert Aid First Stand cDNA synthesis Kit, stored at 20°C. Expression of apoptotic genes, Bax, Bid, Bak, and p53 was performed using the following primers: Bax , Bak p53 Bid . GAPDH was used as an endogenous control. The polymerase chain reaction products were analyzed on a 1.5% agarose gel electrophoresis, and band intensity was detected using Gel Doc-EZ imager .

How Can You Keep Your Prostate Healthy

There are effective treatments for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The problem is these treatments often cause side-effects. Dizziness and are two possible side-effects. There are other problematic side-effects too.

A man may find that these side-effects are unpleasant. While all men are at risk, older men are more likely to develop an enlarged prostate. Men are looking for ways to reduce their symptoms without the side-effects of drugs used for BPH.

For some men, simply keeping their prostate healthy and disease-free is also important. Lets take a closer look at some of the most effective ways in which men can maintain a healthier prostate that functions well, stays small and does not cause any significant problems that could affect their everyday lives.

Coconut Oil For The Slim Line

The medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil, for example, hardly embedded in the fatty tissue and therefore do not make you fat. Instead, they are preferably used for energy. For this purpose, they are converted in the liver into so-called ketones, which in turn can be used by most body cells similar to glucose as fuel.

In contrast to glucose, however, the ketones hardly affect the blood sugar level and thus do not lead to an excessive insulin burst as does the glucose.

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In Vivo Antitumour Effect Of Coconut Water Vinegar

The study was conducted according to Yeap et al. , with a slight modification. Dosages of the coconut water vinegar were derived from previous studies, where 0.08 mL/kg body weight was based on 1 Tbsp of vinegar in 250 mL of water, while 2 mL/kg BW has shown in vivo antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects . Initially, the acclimatised female mice were randomly divided into four groups with eight mice per group. The mice were pretreated with either distilled water or coconut juice vinegar for 6 weeks before being induced with 4T1 cells via subcutaneous injection on week 7, except for the normal control group . The treatment continued for another 28 days before all mice were sacrificed .

G1 : Non-induced mice were given 100 µL distilled water once per day throughout the study

G2 : Induced mice were given 100 µL distilled water once per day throughout the study

G3 : Induced mice were pre-treated with coconut juice vinegar once per day

G4 : Induced mice were pretreated with coconut juice vinegar once per day.

The tumours, spleen and blood were collected from the mice. The tumours were weighed and washed in PBS before they were divided into several parts and kept in liquid nitrogen until use.

Levels Of Ros: Dcfh da Staining

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To determine whether CKf treatment increases the generation of excessive intracellular ROS in DU-145 cells, which may contribute towards cytotoxicity were examined using a fluorescent probe, 2,7-dichlorofluorescein diacetate . 96-well plates seeded with DU-145 cells were treated with different concentrations of CKf for 24h. Treated cells were then washed with phosphate buffered saline and incubated with fresh DCFH-DA in PBS for 30min at 37°C, 5% CO2. After incubation, fresh medium without FBS was added to the wells and fluorescence images were taken using an inverted microscope .

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Determination Of Mitochondrial Superoxide Production: Mitosox Staining

DU-145 cells were plated on 96-well plates and incubated overnight to allow for cell attachment. Following treatment with different concentrations of CKf , cells were labelled with MitoSOX Red in complete medium for 20 mins at 37°C. Post incubation, the cell medium was replaced with fresh medium without the dye and cells were incubated for another 20 mins at 37°C. Images were taken by an inverted microscope using either 10/20X objective lens MitoSOX was excited by laser at 514nm .

Claim: Coconut Water Is A Virtual Fountain Of Youth And Stops Aging

Sort Of: Although its true that coconut water is packed with plant hormones called cytokinins it might be a bit far out there to say that it stops aging. The cytokinins in coconut water do support cell division and encourage rapid growth but they wont put aging on hold. It can help to slow the effects of aging, however.

Research has suggested that when people consume diets rich in cytokinins, they have a lower risk of developing age related disease and degenerative issues. Coconut water is the richest natural source of cytokinins, so drinking it certainly wont hurt but it wont stop your next birthday from coming.

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What Should People With Cancer Know About Alkaline Water

#FactCheck: Hot coconut water can cure cancer?

Alkaline water has become a popular drink trend, with many celebrities and fitness gurus touting its hydration and detoxification benefits. You may have also heard that alkaline water can prevent or treat cancer, but no studies have yet proven this to be true.

So what should people with cancer know about drinking alkaline water? Here, we talk about what alkaline water is, why the science doesnt support its use for people with cancer, and general guidelines for ways to stay hydrated during your cancer treatment.

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What Is The Best Drink For Prostate

Whether the prostate is enlarged or still healthy, men want to preserve the well-being of this gland. To do this, the diet itself is essential. Additionally, what you drink impacts your prostate health. In fact, there are a few drinks that may serve as a way of reducing inflammation in the prostate gland.

Some of these drinks might be useful for reducing the effects of benign prostatic hyperplasia. Others might help as a preventative strategy against an enlarged prostate.

Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement

Several symptoms may develop when a man has an enlarged prostate. Men should be on the lookout for these symptoms. Recognizing signs of benign prostatic hyperplasia early on can ensure treatment is initiated before complications develop.

The treatment can also help to effectively stop the growth of the prostate. This ensures symptoms do not become more severe.

Some of the symptoms a man may experience when they have an enlarged prostate include3:

  • Initiating urination may be difficult
  • The man may have a consistent urge to urinate
  • The man may also have to get up to urinate at night more frequently
  • The urinary stream may be weak and slower than usual
  • There may be a sensation that the bladder is not completely emptying
  • During urination, the urine stream may frequently start and then stop
  • The man may also need to strain while they urinate

The effects of an enlarged prostate on the bladder can cause complications. The man is at risk of urinary tract infections. This is due to incomplete emptying of the bladder. In turn, additional symptoms may experience. This could include swollen lymph nodes and fever.

Incontinence and acute urinary retention may develop as a complication. Some men may also find that blood appears in their urine. There is also an increase in the risk of bladder stones. This is a complication caused by benign prostatic hyperplasia. There is also a rare risk of experiencing damage to the kidneys and bladder due to an enlarged prostate.

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Ckf Shows The Presence Of Biologically Active Components

Earlier studies in our laboratory showed that CKf contained polyphenols and flavonoid class of compounds. Further evaluation using LC-MS showed several peaks. Assessment of each peak and the mass obtained was compared with available literature for confirmation of the compounds. Results showed the presence of coumaric acid, caffeic acid, trihydroxy flavone derivatives, chlorogenic acid, myricetin derivative, tetramer of 5-dihydrobenzoic acid, hydroxy cinnamic acid derivative and titerpene methyl esters in CKf .


Total ion chromatogram of CKf. a-Coumaric acid, b-Caffeic acid, c-Naringenin, d-Naringenin derivative, e-Chlorogenic acid, f-myricetin derivative, g-Tetramer of 5-dihydrobenzoic acid, h-Hydroxy cinnamic acid derivative, i-Titerpene methyl esters. *Unidentified.

No Drinking Hot Coconut Water Does Not Kill Cancer Cells

Pin by Jouria Warda on Get well

A post claiming hot coconut water kills cancer is being shared across social media platforms attributing the information to Dr. Rajendra Badwe of Tata memorial hospital. Through this article lets fact-check the claim made in the post.

Claim: Dr. Rajendra Badwe, Tata memorial hospital stated that hot coconut water kills cancer cells.

Fact: Tata Memorial Hospital had issued a clarification saying that the viral message was not made by Dr. Rajendra Barwe and that there is no scientific data to suggest that hot coconut water can cure any type of cancer. Multiple news agencies have also reported the same. Hence the claim made in the post is FALSE.

Google search with relevant keywords led us to multiple 2019 news articles which reported the news. According to one such article by Times of India, Tata Memorial Hospital has issued a clarification stating that the claim is unscientific and was never made by its director Dr. Rajendra Badwe. The clarification further added that there is no scientific data to suggest that hot coconut water could cure cancer.

Another news article by The Hindu reiterated the same saying that Tata memorial hospital has distanced itself from the viral message, also their clarification rated the information as false and that there is no data to suggest that hot coconut water can provide a cure for any type of cancer.

To sum it up, neither Dr. Rajendra Badwe nor Tata memorial hospital had stated that hot coconut water kills cancer cells.

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How Much Water Do You Need

Each person has unique hydration needs based on variables that include age, gender, weight and the specific treatment plan. A rule of thumb is to aim for at least 64 ounces a day, or eight cups. For a more personalized goal, divide your weight by two to determine how many ounces of fluid to aim for in a day. To translate your daily goal into cups, divide the number of ounces by eight.

As long as your tap water is safe to drink, theres no need to buy bottled water. Bottled water is not always better quality. It also costs more, wastes energy and puts millions of empty bottles into the garbage.

Tips For Staying Hydrated

Start when you wake up. Your body needs rehydrating after 6-8 hours of sleep, so keep a glass of water on your nightstand.

Keep a reusable water bottle with you. This makes it easier to drink sips throughout the day instead of trying to chug large amounts before bedtime, which can disrupt sleep.

Fill a pitcher with your daily consumption. Keep it in your fridge or near your workspace as a reminder.

Create a water routine. Develop a schedule of times during the day to refill so you can hold yourself accountable. Use your phones alarm clock to set reminders.

Track your progress on an app. There are lots of free options to help you stick to a hydration plan.

Use a filtered water pitcher or faucet filter. Filters may improve the taste of tap water by reducing chlorine and other minerals.

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Young Coconut Water: The Functional Drink From Nature

Image from :in vitroCan young coconut water be used to replenish the hormone levels in postmenopausal women?Can young coconut water be consumed to supply electrolytes?Can young coconut water prevent cardiovascular disease?Can young coconut water slow the ageing process?Can young coconut water be used in Alzheimer’s disease or dementia?Can young coconut water lower cholesterol in the blood?Does young coconut water improve skin complexion?Does young coconut water improve bone condition?Does young coconut water have any detrimental effect on liver and kidney ?


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  • Link Between Diet And Prostate

    Essential Oils for Prostate Health

    What a man eats affects how healthy their prostate is. This is something that too many men fail to recognize. Men often consume diets that are high in unhealthy ingredients. This includes excessive sugars, as well as saturated fats, among other ingredients.

    There are different ways that diet can adversely affect the well-being of the prostate gland.

    In one study4, researchers tried to see how nutrition is linked to prostate cancer. It has been established previously that poor nutritional decisions may adversely affect the body in many ways. This includes a risk of increasing low-grade inflammatory responses. There is also an increase in free radical damage and oxidation in the body.

    The inflammation, oxidation, and free radicals may affect the prostate gland. With this in mind, it is obvious to link these poor dietary choices to conditions like prostate cancer.

    The researchers behind the study confirm that evidence is currently limited. They do note that some factors have been identified. Increased consumption of omega-3 fatty acids seems to slow the progression of prostate cancer. It may also be an effective preventative option.

    The same findings were discovered in people who eat a diet that is rich in phytochemicals. These are natural chemicals that come from plant food sources.

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    Quantitative Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction Analysis

    Equal amounts of total RNA were extracted using an RNeasy mini kit and were reverse-transcribed to cDNA using an iScript⢠cDNA synthesis kit . The cDNA was then subjected to qRT-PCR analysis, for the intracellular adhesion molecule-1 , c-myc, inducible nitric oxide synthase , nuclear factor kappa B , glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase , California, β-actin and hypoxanthine phosphoribosyltransferase , using an iQ5 real-time PCR machine . The differential expression results were normalised and analysed using the housekeeping genes , by the iQ5 Optical System software. The sequences of the primers used in the study are given in Table 1.

    Ca2 + Signalling And Mitochondrial Membrane Potential

    The effect of CKf on alterations in intracellular calcium levels were evaluated in DU-145 cells using the ratiometric probe Fura-2-AM. DU-145 cells were treated with different concentrations of CKf for 24h. After the treatment period, culture medium in the wells was replaced with Krebs buffer , supplemented with 1mg/ml bovine serum albumin and 5M Fura-2-AM, and incubated at 37°C in the dark for 40 mins. Cells were rinsed twice with Krebs buffer following the incubation period and fresh buffer supplemented with BSA minus the probe was added to the wells. The cells were then observed by fluorescence microscopy using the appropriate band-pass filter. .

    The electrical potential across the inner mitochondrial membrane of CKf treated DU-145 cells was determined using Rhodamine-123 , a lipophilic, cationic indicator. DU-145 cells were treated with different concentrations of CKf for 24h. After the treatment, cells were rinsed with PBS and fresh media containing R-123 solution was added to the treated wells and the plates were incubated in the dark at 37°C for 2030min. Subsequently, the cells were washed twice with PBS and the cell images were taken using a fluorescence microscope .

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    What Is Coconut Milk

    Coconut milk is a popular non-dairy beverage and a common ingredient in Asian cooking. It’s made from the meat of mature coconuts. Unlike coconut water, though, it doesn’t occur naturally. It’s made by grating coconut meat, blending it with water, and then straining the mixture to remove any solids. Sometimes sweeteners, thickeners or other ingredients are added.

    Canned coconut milk is used in cooking to impart a sweet, tropical flavor to dishes. According to the USDA, one cup provides:

    • Saturated fat: 3 grams.

    Coconut milk beverage contains less coconut and more water, which is why it’s significantly lower in fat and calories than canned coconut milk.

    Ckf Did Not Affect Intracellular Calcium Levels In Du

    Venga Coconut Water Cranberry 6 x 330ml

    Since Ca2 + signalling is involved in apoptosis, the modulation of intracellular Ca2 + levels in CKf treated DU-145 cells were recorded. It was found that there was no significant increase in intracellular Ca2 + was detected after CKf stimulation. This indicates that CKf induces cell death through a mechanism independent of calcium . Mitochondria are central players in cellular Ca2 + signalling by buffering cellular Ca2 + signals . It is widely known that Ca2 + displays growth-inhibiting and differentiation-promoting activities in a variety of normal and malignant cells . In the present experiment, intracellular Ca2 + did not show any significant change in CKf treated DU-145 cells. From these results it may be speculated that CKf is not of any effect on endoplasmic reticulum , which is the major source of intracellular calcium mobilisation or there may not be any effect on the influx of extracellular Ca2 +. These results suggest that CKf exerts a selective biological effect on mitochondria and ER physiology. Though Ca2 + shows to be essential for inducing apoptosis, CKf induced apoptosis may be Ca2 + independent.

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