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Yoga Poses For Prostate Health

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Diet & Exercise Tips For Prostate Health

6 Best Yoga Poses for Men With Prostate Problems

“What can I eat to reduce my risk of developing prostate cancer?” This is one of the most common questions physicians hear from men concerned about prostate health. Undoubtedly, many hope that their doctor will rattle off a list of foods guaranteed to shield them from disease. Although some foods have been linked with reduced risk of prostate cancer, proof that they really work is lacking, at least for now.

Yoga Exercises For Prostate

Prostate enlargement can cause certain problems with urination which many men find frustrating. Usually, prostate enlargement causes problems like difficulty in emptying the bladder, decreased stream of urine, frequent huge to pass urine, etc.

Yoga can wonderfully help to manage the symptoms of enlarged prostate with ease. BPH also occurs due to changes in the hormone levels as a man gets older. A bit enlargement of the prostate with the age is the normal part of the aging process and is not at all dangerous. Many men want to improve the symptoms of an enlarged prostate to minimize the discomforts it causes. This article will tell you how to manage prostate enlargement and there would be different poses that can help.

Can Ayurveda Cure Prostate Enlargement

The treatment of an enlarged prostate in Ayurvedic medicine entails calming an exacerbated vata, strengthening the urinary system, and alleviating the symptoms of enlargement, among other things. This medication can also aid in the shrinking of the prostate, which can result in a higher quality of life for those who suffer from this ailment.

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Strengthening The Pelvic Floor

Men undergoing prostate cancer treatment should give special attention to ensuring good pelvic floor strength in order to reduce the side effects of treatment and improve urinary and sexual function.

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles and connective structures that are found in the region of your pelvis between your legs, supporting the functions of the bowel, bladder, and sexual organs. The pelvic floor muscles aid in urinary and fecal continence and in sexual performance. They provide structural support to the joints of the pelvis, in addition to spinal support. The muscles contract and relax, just like any other muscle in your body.

The pelvic floor is often compromised in men after prostate cancer treatment. The prostate is located under the bladder, surrounding the urethra. During either surgical or radiation treatment, the prostate is targeted or removed. This process can damage the surrounding tissues, including the muscles of the pelvic floor. When the pelvic floor muscles are compromised, it can lead to weakness, pain, and dysfunction.

Yoga Poses For Prostate Health

prostate health remedies, Signs and Symptoms and how to get rid of ...

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This asana is named after the superficial resemblance of the practitioner to the shape of a boat.Lie on your back. Lift both legs and arms simultaneously and without bending. This asana can be done intwo ways: paripurna navasana, and ardha navasana. If performing the former, maintainan angle of about 45 degrees between your upper and lower body increase the angle to about 60-75degrees if doing the ardha navasana.

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Raised Leg Pose Uttanpadasana

Raised leg pose is practiced lying on the back and raising both the legs at 30° angle. The toes in the final posture point towards the ceiling.

Uttanpadasana stimulates the reproductive system including the prostate gland. It also strengthens the kidney and bladder, thus, alleviates any discomfort or other symptoms of BPH.

  • Lie down on your back keeping the legs together and together on the floor.
  • Place the arms by the sides and palms facing the floor.
  • Inhale to lift both the legs together inclined at an 30-degree angle.
  • Hold it there or you can increase the angle of the raised legs from 30° to 45° or 60°.
  • Hold the posture as long as comfortably possible and then release, Repeat it for 3-5 times.

Yogic Exercises For Prostate: Best Yoga Mudra For Bph

Are you looking for exercise that is good for the prostate problem, especially in enlarged prostates OR BPH ? Some types of exercise and yoga are helpful in the enlarged prostate. As part of the ageing process, many people develop prostate problems in their 40s-50s-60s. The main problem related to the prostate is enlarged prostate or benign prostatic hyperplasia . Yoga practice is one of the things that can be done to reduce BPH-related symptoms. Particularly, a few postures can significantly help with BPH-related urinary issues.

What is benign prostatic hyperplasia ?

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a disease when prostate gland size increases or swells. It is also known as prostate enlargement. When the size of the prostate increases, it puts pressure on the urethra, which affects urinary function and causes difficulty to urinate. This problem is caused by an imbalance of hormones in the body. When men grow old, it is common to have changes in hormone levels that result in Benign prostatic hyperplasia .

Men with benign prostatic hyperplasia could have trouble starting and stopping urination, and their urine flow might not be as powerful as it once was. Additionally, they usually feel as though they need to urinate frequently and that there is still more they need to urinate after.

Exercise For Prostate Problem

Following are the yoga poses that you should try to improve the BPD symptoms. They are effective when you perform regularly.

Supplement For Prostate Health

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Yoga For Prostate Enlargement : 9 Best Poses That Benefits

Prostate enlargement aka benign prostatic hyperplasia is a serious health condition among men which causes difficulty in urinating. This could affect any healthy male individual with aging, however nowadays, men in their 40s have started developing prostate enlargement.

In prostate enlargement, the normal 20 grams of prostate gland increases up to 80-100 grams. Since, it is located in front of the rectum below the urinary bladder, hence, its abnormality often results in damaging kidney or urinary tract.

Estimating its severity, its inevitable to look for its cure which leads us to yoga for prostate enlargement. Yoga helps in combatting enlarged prostate major symptoms by strengthening the reproductive organs and glands.

A case study conducted in 2017 Pathak SD, Rajbhoj PH, Bhogal RS. Effect of a yoga module on an enlarged prostate in elderly patients: Two case studies. Yoga Mimamsa 2017 49:34-9. recommends yoga to help patients with an enlarged prostate. The USG report of this study shows after practicing yoga prostate size has reduced from 144 to just 37 cc.

How Can Yoga Help Your Prostate

Best Prostate Stretch | Asana Benefits | 6 Yoga Poses for Prostate Problems

We donât have to tell you that prostates can cause trouble. A whopping 50 percent of adult men suffer from some form of prostatitis, or discomfort, in their lives. On top of that, half of men older than 60 have benign prostatic hypertrophy . BPH involves an enlarged prostate gland, and eventually affects most men 90% of men over 85 have it. These conditions can cause pain and urinary issues, affecting your daily life.

Medication can help with symptoms. Yet, the side effects or cost may outweigh the benefits to some. Yoga can help naturally address several symptoms of prostate issues. In particular, yoga can strengthen your pelvic muscles and relieve stress, both of which help boost prostate health.

Letâs explore six yoga poses to keep your prostate healthy.â

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    Hi Balwan. We always recommend seeing your doctor in the first instance, but if you wish to know more about natural ways to benefit your prostate health, you can use our blog as a resource:

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  • Sreekantan Nair
  • Churning The Mill Pose Chakki Chalanasana

    Churning the Mill Pose is a seated yoga pose for treating prostate enlargement, where the legs are spread wide apart and torso is rolled over the pelvis in clockwise and anticlockwise direction.

    This pose is an effective stretch for the inner thighs, groin, and pelvic muscles. Thus, aids in treating the prostate enlargement.

    • Sit on the floor extending the legs in front and keeping back erect.
    • Extend your arms in front and interlock the fingers.
    • Lean forward at the hips to reach the arms to the left toes.
    • Roll around the hip joint towards the right foot and from there reach backwards as if drawing an imaginary circle with the arms.
    • Inhale again to reach forward and exhale as you reach back completing the circle.
    • Repeat about five rounds and then again practice the circles in anti-clockwise direction.

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    These Yoga Poses May Help With The Effects Of Prostate Cancer Treatment

    MORE: Yoga can aid prostate cancer patients undergoing radiation.

    Recent reports have shown that regular yoga practice can be extremely beneficial to prostate cancer patients in overcoming some of the well-known side effects of radiation therapy. The Univerity of Pennsylvania study found that twice-weekly yoga sessions showed an improvement in sexual and urinary function in prostate cancer patients who were undergoing between six and nine weeks of radiation therapy treatments. It also improved the level of fatigue these men experienced compared to the control group.

    The 75-minute classes focused on breathing exercises and core strengthening and were tailored to the individual patients physical abilities. Patients who took part in the yoga classes while receiving radiation therapy reported very little difference in fatigue levels, whereas those who did not take part in the yoga classes experienced higher levels of fatigue as their radiation therapy continued. Find out more about this study here.

    MORE: Six symptoms of chronic fatigue.

    How Yoga Benefit Prostate Enlargement

    6 yoga poses for prostate enlargement

    Since the root cause of prostate enlargement is considered to be hormonal fluctuations with age having a genetic association or poor lifestyle. Yoga relieves these issues as well as targets on easing its symptoms which include:

    • Frequent urination and Nocturia
    • Blood in the urine is also found in some cases
    • In severe cases, the urethra gets blocked.

    Yoga also takes care of obesity, lack of physical activity, erectile dysfunction, some other factors that increase the risk of prostate enlargement.

    Here, comes the role of yoga in relieving benign prostatic hyperplasia.

    • Certain yoga poses strengthens the pelvic floor muscles which help in maintaining bladder control, thus relaxes major symptom of BPH.
    • Yoga stimulates reproductive glands that regulate the optimum hormonal secretion, hence cuts the chances of growing prostate due to hormonal imbalance.
    • Yoga poses also helps in releasing stress that prevents the further deterioration of prostate enlargement and other symptoms associated with it.
    • Improved blood circulation with yoga is also required to ease its symptoms and all yoga poses for prostate enlargement targets the same.

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    Which Yoga Is Best For Prostate

    Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement can be alleviated with the use of five yoga poses.

    • The following poses: Kegels, Hero Pose, Cobbler Pose, Head to Knee Pose, Reclining Big Toe Pose, Bow Pose, and Finding a Studio

    What are the benefits of yoga positions for an enlarged prostate?

    • Stress may be reduced by yoga, which reduces the likelihood of BPH symptoms becoming worse. The asanas listed below are beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor and may also assist to alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. They can also aid in the reduction of stress. 1.

    When Should I Start The Exercises

    If youre having radiotherapy to treat prostate cancer, its safe to do pelvic floor exercises during and after your course of treatment. You can talk to any health professional about pelvic floor exercises, including your doctor or nurse. They will be able to help answer any questions you may have, or they may refer you to a continence advisor or mens health physiotherapist.

    If youre going to have surgery for prostate cancer or an enlarged prostate, its a good idea to start doing the exercises four to six weeks before the surgery. This will help you to do them properly after your treatment. It might also help you to stop leaking urine sooner.

    After surgery, youll have a tube called a catheter to drain urine from your bladder. You should try not to do pelvic floor muscle exercises while you have a catheter in. You can start doing pelvic floor muscle exercises as soon as your catheter has been removed. Theyre safe to do, and wont hurt or cause any damage. But like all muscles, pelvic floor muscles can become tired so try not to overdo it.

    If you had your surgery a while ago but still have urinary problems, starting the exercises could still help. You should also speak to your doctor or nurse, as there may be other treatments that could help.

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    How Might Yoga Help

    There is no denying the numerous scientific studies on the benefits of yoga. This ancient practice focuses on improving every aspect of our life, focusing on our health. Both mental and physical health can and will benefit from regular yoga practice.

    So it is no surprise that yoga can help you beat prostate enlargement . For starters, yoga will help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This can contribute to significantly reducing the symptoms. You can expect your bladder control to improve, thus resulting in less aggravated BPH symptoms.

    One important aspect of yoga for prostate enlargement is stress reduction. Not a lot of people know that stress is a great risk factor for BPH. Being constantly stressed out will only make the urinary symptoms worse. Yoga has also been shown to lessen treatment-related symptoms in men with prostate cancer.

    Reducing your stress levels through yoga is an easy and effective way to feel better and more relaxed. If this sounds unbelievable, we encourage you to look at a study published in the International Journal of Yoga.

    Will My Urine Leakage Stop If I Do The Kegel Exercises

    Yoga Asanas for Prostate Health

    Most men gain control of their urine leakage within nine to 12 months after their surgery. Studies with men show that Kegel exercises help lessen urine leakage. However, each mans healing time is different.

    Do not become discouraged if you have urine leakage. If you do your Kegel exercises on a daily basis, you can expect to see some results. You may have a great improvement or you may help keep your urine leakage from getting worse. You will need to continue doing your Kegel exercises each day so that your pelvic floor muscles stay strong.

    If you have any questions or concerns about urine leakage , how to do a Kegel exercise, or if you would like to know about other things that may help with urine leakage, please talk to your doctor or your healthcare team.

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    More Help Dealing With Urinary Problems

    Urinary problems can be hard to deal with. If you have any worries or questions about urinary problems or pelvic floor exercises, speak to your GP, specialist nurse or continence nurse.

    Being diagnosed and living with prostate cancer can change how you feel about life. If you or your loved one is dealing with prostate cancer you may feel scared, stressed or even angry. There is no right way to feel and everyone reacts differently.

    Visit our wellbeing hub for information to help support you in looking after your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. If you are close to someone with prostate cancer, find out more about how you can support someone with prostate cancer and where to get more information.

    You can also speak, in confidence, to our Specialist Nurses. It can sometimes help to talk to other men living with prostate cancer. We have a range of services that can help put you in touch with someone whos been there and understands what youre going through. Visit our Who can help page to find out more.

    What Will I Learn By Reading This

    When you have prostate cancer surgery or radiation therapy the muscles that help you control your urine flow may be weakened. When this happens you may have incontinence. Incontinence is when you leak or pass urine when you do not want to. This is a very common side effect or unwanted change of prostate cancer treatment. The good news is that there is a simple exercise, called a Kegel exercise, you can do to help strengthen your muscles. This exercise will help you have more control over your urine flow after your prostate cancer treatment. You will learn:

    • What a Kegel exercise is
    • Why you should do Kegel exercises
    • How to find your pelvic floor muscles
    • How often you should do your Kegel exercises

    It is important for you to think about and plan how you will take care of yourself before and after your prostate cancer treatment so that you can keep doing as many of your normal activities as possible.

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