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Prostate Massage And Cancer Prevention

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What Conditions Can Prostate Massage Help

Can Prostate Massage Prevent Prostate Cancer?

One condition for which people have used prostate massage as a treatment is prostatitis. Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate and, occasionally, the surrounding areas. This condition is often painful. However, certain types of prostatitis may not produce any symptoms at all.

Other conditions that prostate massage may help treat include:

  • BPH: This condition is an enlargement of the prostate, and it is typically not cancerous. One of the main symptoms of BPH is a frequent need to pass urine, which may happen every 12 hours and be more frequent at night. Many cases of BPH do not require any treatment. If treatment is necessary, the options may include surgery.
  • Erectile dysfunction : ED is a condition in which males have difficulty getting or maintaining an erection. It is the most common sexual issue that males report to their doctors. There is a lack of research and evidence to confirm that prostate massage can help with ED. A doctor or sexual health professional can offer advice about prostate massage and ED.

Although people often use prostate massage for sexual pleasure, doctors do not typically recommend it as a treatment. It is important to discuss all treatment options for any condition with a doctor.

How To Prepare For Prostate Massage/exam

  • Make sure your fingernails are trimmed and filed. Why? Cuts and scratches up your butt are exactly as painful as youre imagining, thats why.
  • Washed and dried hands are a must. Infection risk aside, there are many substances that you wouldnt notice on your skin that cause a world of hurt internally, including some soaps.
  • If youre massaging your prostate for pleasure, it helps to be aroused first. Your glands move position when you have an erection, making your prostate both easier to find and more sensitive to stimulation.

Can Anyone Do It

A study conducted in the 80’s showed that the prostate actually has three different nerve endings conducive to producing pleasure.

That being said, not every man will find the sensation enjoyable or will be comfortable enough with prostate stimulation through the backdoor to enjoy it.

Also, it can be more challenging for a man to milk his own prostate having a partner do the milking is the typical recommendation.

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Statistics Risk Factors And The Need For Accurate And Early Detection

In the U.S., 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with PC. For men, it is the second-most diagnosed cancer globally after lung cancer.

Advanced age, ethnicity, obesity and family history are known risk factors. In particular, overweight or obese men are at a heightened risk for earlier progression and development of metastatic disease, more adverse effects from treatment and a higher likelihood of fatality. Obesity is linked with poorer PC prognosis.

For those with tumors harboring a specific gene fusion, there is a greater risk of recurrence and higher all-cause and prostate cancer-specific mortality.

One way to reduce the burden of this disease on men and their families is to diagnose this highly curable cancer long before it hits a problematic stage. Fortunately, technological advancements and medical discoveries bring real hope in the battle against PC.

The intersection of data science and medicine will undoubtedly further the innovation trajectory in healthcare. Here are a few technological advancements set to pave the way to less invasive treatments and better outcomes for PC patients.

Prostate Massage: Overview Benefits Risks And More

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Prostate massage is a procedure in which a finger is inserted into the rectum to stimulate the prostate gland either for sexual stimulation or to treat medical conditions such an enlarged prostate, prostatitis , erectile dysfunction, and urination hesitancy .

This article will discuss the medical and sexual purposes of prostate massage. It also covers how the procedure is done, along with the risks and side effects that may come with it.

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What To Expect During A Prostate Massage

When getting a prostate massage, the one conducting it inserts a gloved and lubricated finger into the rectum. From there, they will slowly press or rub the prostate. This may feel awkward or uncomfortable, but it shouldnt be painful.

The intent is to relieve pressure or reduce swelling by releasing built-up fluid in the prostate. The massage doesnt last too long and can be done several times a month to relieve symptoms.

How To: Come Hither Movements

Have you used a Trac Ball on a laptop mouse? Have you ever motioned for a bartender to come here? This is a movement you make with your primary pointing finger. This is a common finger motion that women use for G-spot massage.

Using Prostate MassagersThese are helpful because they are appropriately designed to stimulate the prostate without guessing its location. Many are developed by physicians.

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What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massage Therapy

Prostatic massage is thought to help clear the prostatic duct. This duct, or pipeline, runs between your prostate and the rest of your reproductive and urinary system. Massaging may produce a spontaneous secretion of fluid. This secretion may help clear this duct of any fluids. This could help eliminate any symptoms youre experiencing.

Medical research findings dont widely support the use of prostate massage. Most reports of prostate massages benefits are anecdotal or result from . Most of these reports need greater examination before they can be used as standard medical advice.

Does Prostate Milking Hurt

Prostate Massage for Prostate Cancer Prevention

However, milking should never hurt, and those initial feelings of discomfort should subside once you are more relaxed and able to focus on the pleasurable feelings.

As a side note, only 8.3 percent of 154 men in one study did find that massaging the prostate with a prostate massage device did report some rectal soreness after the fact.

As long as you are gentle, move slowly, and stick to a few ground rules, you should be fine.

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What Have I Learned By Reading This

You learned about:

  • Why prostate cancer treatment can cause erectile dysfunction
  • What can be done about erectile dysfunction
  • How erectile dysfunction may affect your sex life
  • What your partner can expect

If you have any questions, please talk to your doctor or health care team. It is important that you understand what is going on with your prostate cancer treatment. This knowledge will help you take better care of yourself and feel more in control. It will also help you manage any side effects you may have from your treatment.

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Avoiding Risk Factors And Increasing Protective Factors May Help Prevent Cancer

Avoiding cancerrisk factors may help prevent certain cancers. Risk factors include smoking, being overweight, and not getting enough exercise. Increasing protective factors such as quitting smoking and exercising may also help prevent some cancers. Talk to your doctor or other health care professional about how you might lower your risk of cancer.

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The Initial Causes Prostate Massage Cancer Prevention

One of the first symptoms of prostate issues is pain or tenderness in the groin or lower back. This can be the result of a noncancerous condition called enlarged prostatic tissue, or it could be an infection of the bladder. In either case, its important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If youre suffering from prostate pain, you may want to consider reducing your caffeine intake.

Another symptom of a potentially enlarged prostate is difficulty starting a stream of urine, leaking, or dribbling. These symptoms are not serious, but theyre still alarming. Most men put up with an enlarged prostate for years before seeking medical attention, but they typically seek treatment as soon as they notice symptoms. Even if you dont have symptoms, its worth getting checked to determine if you have any prostate issues.

If you experience nightly bathroom runs, you may be experiencing an enlarged prostate. You may be having difficulty starting a stream of urine, or you may even be dribbling or leaking during the day. These problems arent life-threatening, but can become a nuisance. You should not ignore these signs and seek treatment as soon as you notice them. If you feel any of these symptoms, you should consult a doctor.

What Can I As A Partner Expect

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One of the effects of prostate cancer treatment is erectile dysfunction or impotence. This means that your partner may not be able to have erections that are hard enough for him to have sex with you or that he may not be interested in sex because of the medicine he is taking to treat his prostate cancer. This affects not only the man, but you, too, as his intimate partner. If you are the partner of a man with erectile dysfunction, it can be difficult to cope with changes in your sexual relationship. Sometimes men struggle to come to terms with changes in their body image or their ability to perform sexually. This can sometimes result in him staying away from intimate situations where he may feel under pressure to make love. As a partner you may feel rejected by what seems like a lack of sexual interest or intimacy. This may not have anything to do with his feelings for you, but is a result of his cancer treatment. Erectile dysfunction can be difficult for both of you. You may want to reassure your partner that:

  • Sex is not as important as long as he is healthy and that he is no less of a man to you
  • You will work through it with him
  • You understand his feelings
  • He is important to you

It may help if you explain to your partner how important nonsexual touching and intimacy such as kissing and cuddling is to you.

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The Danger Of Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate usually affects men in their 40s, yet some are diagnosed at the age of 30. Medical professionals have suspected that this may be due to the intake of unhealthy foods, such as processed ones, and pollution. However, there could be various factors that increase ones risk for prostate cancer, including hereditary factors. Learn more about prostate cancer, how its diagnosed and treated, and how to manage it with this overview.

Continued below

Concerned about your prostate cancer risk?

The Sperling Prostate Center is here to help you make sense of it. Schedule a free consultation to review your MRI with Dr. Sperling, and well work with you to plan the best course of action for your unique circumstances.

How To Prepare For A Prostate Massage

Prostate massage is considered a pleasurable sexual practice by some men. If you try it, to prevent injury or discomfort, you should:

  • Trim and file fingernails to prevent scratches, cuts, or tears to the rectum or prostate.
  • Wash and dry hands thoroughly prior to performing prostate massage.
  • Apply generous amounts of silicone or water-based lubricant to help prevent rectal damage or discomfort.
  • Consider wearing latex or nitrile gloves for added protection.
  • Before receiving a prostate massage, perform a light douching to remove fecal matter from the rectum.

Never engage in a prostate massage if you or your partner has fissures or hemorrhoids. Doing so can cause bleeding and may increase the risk of infection.

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How To Keep Prostate Milking Safe And Low Risk

Be gentle, go slow, and don’t make abrupt movements while milking. Aim to use only the soft, padded side of your finger for stimulation.

A few other pointers:

  • Use only clean toys that are gentle enough for direct prostate stimulation
  • Cut and file fingernails to avoid scratches
  • Wear a condom over your finger or wear a new disposable glove
  • Always use plenty of lubeif you think you have enough, add a bit more

On another note, make sure you’re clean beforehand to deter bacteria from spreading while you play, with or without a partner.

Just give your backdoor more attention while in the shower.

If something hurts, stop!

Don’t apply too much pressure, and make sure to tread lightly while working with the P-spot.

What Are The Benefits Of A Prostate Massage

Prostate Cancer Prevention

Only a limited number of studies have proved the medicinal and therapeutic properties of prostate arousal. But, some statistics show that it has great potential to help people with their prostate-related health issues.

Some of its well-known benefits are:

Here is a more detailed analysis of each benefit.

Prostate massage is used to clear the prostatic duct. The duct is the one that moves between the prostate and the urinary and reproductive systems. According to the National Library of Medicine, the massage was one of the most popular maneuvers for treating chronic prostatitis.

The key to its effectiveness lies in stimulating the prostate to create an instinctive fluid secretion. The fluid secretion is used as a clearing duct strategy. It can help patients get rid of any of the uncomfortable symptoms they might be feeling.

Based on a clinical study, patients who got tired of traditional prostatitis therapy decided to try consecutive prostatic massage mixed with antibiotics. The goal of the study was to evaluate the effects of the massage on prostate health.

Reports show there was a significant reduction in symptoms severity in the first four months of treatment. For 46% of the evaluated patients, the uncomfortable symptoms decreased by 60%. This prostate massage with antibiotics seems like a promising strategy, particularly for alleviating symptoms.

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How Technology Early Diagnoses Can Help Turn The Tide On Prostate Cancer Prognosis

Dr. Ali Tinazli is the CEO of and has 15+ years in Fortune 100 corporate strategy and entrepreneurship .


There has never been more hope or promise in the global effort to eradicate cancer. Confidence in finding lifesaving cures is at an all-time high among medical researchers who work tirelessly for a solution.

Astounding technological advancements and breakthroughs in the past decade mean we can expect to dramatically shift the cancer diagnosis, treatment and prevention paradigm.

Still, we have a long way to go in the battle to cure many cancers. Take prostate cancer the illness continues to rob the lives of thousands of men globally, with young patients blindsided by unexpected diagnoses. When it comes to the young, there are many questions with few definitive answers.

Those diagnosed before 50 with advanced-stage PC may have a genetic predisposition for the disease. For many young men, the prognosis is often dire, and the progression is more aggressive than in older peers at a similar stage and grade.

Providing Your Medical History

At first, the doctor will probably ask you about your medical history. Do you have any chronic illnesses? What illnesses and operations have you had in the past? What medications are you taking, if any? Your doctor is also likely to ask about your psychological well-being and lifestyle: Do you suffer from depression? Are you under a lot of stress? Do you drink alcohol? Smoke? Use illegal drugs? Have you felt a loss of affection for your partner? Have you recently grown interested in a new partner?

As part of this health history, be prepared to tell your doctor specific details about the symptoms that brought you to the office and when they began. Your doctor might want to know how often you had sex before the problem started and if there have been weeks or months in the past when youve had erectile dysfunction. Your doctor may conduct a written or verbal screening test.

If the cause is clear a recent operation for prostate cancer, for example the conversation may move directly to your treatment options. Otherwise, you may need to answer more questions to help the doctor narrow down the possible causes and avoid unnecessary testing.

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In Fight Against Prostate Cancer Caring For Mental Health Is A Growing Priority

by Anthony King, Horizon: The EU Research & Innovation Magazine

Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men and its diagnosisand treatmentcan take a toll on emotional and mental health.

At a hotel in the Scottish city of Aberdeen about 20 years ago, urologist James N’Dow and other doctors met a group of men who had suffered prostate cancer to ask for feedback on their care before and after surgery. The clinicians were stunned by the critical, albeit constructive, responses.

“Frankly, they felt abandoned,” said Professor N’Dow, who works at the University of Aberdeen. “When we discharged them after surgery, we thought their general practitioners were looking after them and their GPs thought we were.”

Minding the mind

Dealing with the emotional and mental toll of prostate cancer has grown in importance along with detecting and curing the disease itself. Prostate cancer is the second-leading cancer among men in Europe and is sometimes mistakenly viewed as a disease only of old age. It caused an estimated 335 500 cases, or 12.5% of cancers, in the EU in 2020.

Prof N’Dow heads an Innovative Medicines Initiative projectPIONEERon prostate cancer that seeks to improve diagnosis and treatment. A parallel initiative called FAITH is developing an electronic application for cancer survivors that could help spot if the “black dog” of depression is stalking them.

Stopping the spread

Tracking the blues

Empowering patients

More information:

How To Do A Prostate Massage

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At that point:

  • Insert an index finger slowly to the first knuckle and start masturbating.
  • Pull the finger out and re-apply lube.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the third knuckle.
  • Gently massage the prostate in a circular or back-and-forth motion using the pad of a finger. You can also apply gentle pressure for seven to 10 seconds, again with the pad of a finger rather than the tip.
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