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Where Does The Prostate Gland Secrete

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What is the prostate? | Ask a Nurse

Symptoms, risk and screeningAre you over 50 years old, or have you been having urinary problems for some time now? This video is for you! Several diseases can affect your prostate, and its important to detect them early. Lets take a closer look.

The prostate is a gland:

  • located between the bladder and the penis, just in front of the rectum
  • formed of 2 lobes which surround the urethra, a canal that runs through the center of the prostate, from the bladder to the penis, letting urine and sperm flow out of the body
  • the size of a walnut, which grows larger in size in your forties
  • that has a soft, spongy texture to the touch like a small, ripe plum

The prostate is made of:

  • gland cells that secrete liquids for ejaculation
  • muscle cells that participate in the evacuation of your sperm during ejaculation
  • fiber cells that maintain the structure of the gland

Around the prostate, we find:

  • the seminal vesicles, glands that produce sperm and that are located on either side of the prostate
  • the vas deferens, the tube that carries sperm from the testicle to the seminal vesicles
  • the nerve bundles that control your bladder and erectile function and that are located on either side of your prostate

What Role Does Seminal Fluid Play In Mens Health

As mentioned earlier in the post, seminal fluid consists of seminal plasma, which maintains the viability of sperm cells.

That way, seminal fluid plays a significant role in mens reproductive health. The purpose of seminal plasma is to carry, protect, and nourish spermatozoa after ejaculation up to fertilization.

Growth Of The Prostate

The prostate grows bigger as men age. Typically the prostate undergoes growth during adolescence driven by the male hormone, testosterone, and the hormones byproduct, dihydrotestosterone . Testosterone hormone is primarily produced in the testes, but smaller quantities also can be secreted in the adrenal glands found just above the kidneys. By the age of 40 the prostate might have grown from a walnut-sized to apricot-sized gland. And by the age of 60 it might have reached the size of a lemon.

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Helping To Produce Semen

one article , the prostate contributes between 2030% of fluid to the total semen volume. The remainder comes from the seminal vesicles and the testicles

Prostatic fluid contains components that make semen an ideal substance for sperm cells to live in, including enzymes, zinc, and citric acid. One important enzyme is prostate-specific antigen , which helps make the semen thinner and more fluid.

The fluid in semen helps the sperm travel down the urethra and survive the journey towards an egg, which is essential for reproduction.

Prostatic fluid is slightly acidic, but other components of semen make it alkaline overall. This is to counteract the acidity of the vagina and protect the sperm from damage.

What Is The Prostate

B.1 male &  female reproductive anatomy

The prostate gland develops before birth and grows until puberty. Around puberty, androgens like testosterone stimulate the prostate to grow rapidly, until it is roughly the size of a walnut and weighs about an ounce. Very little prostate growth takes place after puberty until a male is in his mid-twenties. At this time, the prostate can grow at very low rates for the rest of a males life. The majority of prostate cancer cases are adenocarcinomas, meaning that the tissue cells that line the prostate gland itself grow uncontrollably and become cancerous.1-3

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So What Does The Prostate Do

The prostate is not an essential organ for life, but its quite crucial for reproduction. It plays an active part in reproduction by secreting the prostatic fluid, which forms part of healthy semen the perfect environment for the transit and survival of sperm. Healthy semen includes the enzyme PSA , together with other substances secreted in the prostate and seminal vesicles, such as citrate, zinc and fructose, which supply sperm with the energy to travel to the egg. There are also various antibodies in semen to protect sperm and the urinary tract from bacteria and different pathogens.

What Is The Male Reproductive System

The male has reproductive organs, or genitals, that are both inside and outside the pelvis. The male genitals include:

  • the testicles
  • the duct system, which is made up of the epididymis and the vas deferens
  • the accessory glands, which include the seminal vesicles and prostate gland
  • the penis

In a guy who has reached sexual maturity, the two oval-shaped testicles, or testes make and store millions of tiny sperm cells. The testicles are also part of the endocrine system because they make hormones, including testosterone .

Testosterone is a major part of puberty in boys, and as a guy makes his way through puberty, his testicles produce more and more of it. Testosterone is the hormone that causes boys to develop deeper voices, bigger muscles, and body and facial hair. It also stimulates the production of sperm.

Alongside the testicles are the epididymis and the vas deferens, which transport sperm. The epididymis and the testicles hang in a pouch-like structure outside the pelvis called the scrotum. This bag of skin helps to regulate the temperature of testicles, which need to be kept cooler than body temperature to produce sperm. The scrotum changes size to maintain the right temperature. When the body is cold, the scrotum shrinks and becomes tighter to hold in body heat. When its warm, it gets larger and floppier to get rid of extra heat. This happens without a guy ever having to think about it. The brain and the nervous system give the scrotum the cue to change size.

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Understanding The Anatomy Of The Prostate

Despite its importance, the prostate gland in an adult man is only about the size and shape of a walnut and weighs less than 1 ounce .

It is located below the bladder, above the pelvic floor muscles, and in front of the rectum.

The prostate reaches its mature size during puberty and will keep its walnut size until the man is in his late forties or early fifties. After this age, it slowly begins to enlarge.

The prostate, which surrounds the urethra, is made up of glandular, stromal tissue, and smooth muscles fused within a capsule.

Though the prostate gland is often referenced as a singular entity, it is actually made up of a number of tubular or saclike glands that secrete fluids into the urethra through the ejaculatory ducts.

The prostate is divided into three histologically and anatomically separate glandular areas: The transition zone, the central zone, and the peripheral zone.

Transition Zone This surrounds the part of the urethra that passes through the prostate . This zone only represents about 5 percent of the gland, but is the primary origination of benign prostatic hyperplasia, or enlarged prostate. That is, the transition zone is the region of the prostate that grows as men age.

Central Zone Making up quarter of the prostate, this area surrounds the transition zone, as well as the ejaculatory ducts that stretch from the seminal vesicles which produces the majority of the fluid of semen to the prostatic region of the urethra.

Prostate Massage Therapy And Why It May Be Helpful

The prostate gland, seminal vesicles and vas deferens

Prostate massage therapy , in which the prostate is stimulated through the rectum, was once a popular treatment for prostatitis.

The procedure is similar to a digital rectal exam, except rather than briefly looking for abnormalities on the prostate, the person performing the prostatic message rubs the prostate with light to moderate pressure until it secretes fluid through the urethra .

It was once thought that people could relieve symptoms related to prostatic congestion by expelling inflammatory cells and fluid from the obstructed glands. But this therapy largely fell out of favor in the 1960s, once antibiotics became available.

A study published in the journal Neurology tested whether prostate massage could be used as an adjunct treatment for people with chronic prostatitis, but the researchers found that the treatment did not significantly help patients.

In some cases, doctors have used prostate massage therapy to obtain sperm from men with spinal cord injuries, leading to successful pregnancies. But electroejaculation stimulating the prostate using an electric current delivered through a probe inserted into the rectum typically yields more sperm, noted an article published in the journal Nature Reviews Urology.

Using prostate massage to achieve ejaculation is sometimes called prostate milking. Both prostate massage and prostate milking can also be sexual techniques to stimulate pleasure.

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What Do Sperm Do

A male who has reached puberty will produce millions of sperm cells every day. Each sperm is extremely small: only 1/600 of an inch . Sperm develop in the testicles within a system of tiny tubes called the seminiferous tubules. At birth, these tubules contain simple round cells. During puberty, testosterone and other hormones cause these cells to transform into sperm cells. The cells divide and change until they have a head and short tail, like tadpoles. The head contains genetic material . The sperm move into the epididymis, where they complete their development.

The sperm then move to the vas deferens , or sperm duct. The seminal vesicles and prostate gland make a whitish fluid called seminal fluid, which mixes with sperm to form semen when a male is sexually stimulated. The penis, which usually hangs limp, becomes hard when a male is sexually excited. Tissues in the penis fill with blood and it becomes stiff and erect . The rigidity of the erect penis makes it easier to insert into the females vagina during sex. When the erect penis is stimulated, muscles around the reproductive organs contract and force the semen through the duct system and urethra. Semen is pushed out of the males body through his urethra this process is called ejaculation. Each time a guy ejaculates, it can contain up to 500 million sperm.

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Function Of The Prostate Gland

As part of the male reproductive system, the prostate glands main job is to secrete a slightly alkaline fluid that forms part of the seminal fluid. This is the fluid that carries sperm. During a man’s orgasm, the muscular glands of the prostate help to propel the prostate fluid, and sperm that was made in the testicles, into the urethra. The semen then leaves the body out of the tip of the penis during ejaculation.

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What Does The Prostate Gland Do

  • What Does the Prostate Gland Do?
  • The prostate, found only in men, is a tiny, walnut-sized muscular gland in front of the rectum and just below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, which transports urine to the penis from the bladder, and is essential for the normal functioning of the male genitourinary system. The prostate makes prostatic fluid, which forms a substantial portion of semen. During ejaculation the prostate contracts and closes off the opening between the urethra and bladder, ensuring that prostatic fluid squirts into the urethra and semen is pushed out at speed.

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    If Youre The Receiving Partner

    Your Prostate Gland

    Youll want to be as relaxed and aroused as possible, because itll make the experience easier and more enjoyable.

    The whole poop-comes-out-of-the-butt thing gives some people a case of the heebie-jeebies even when its their own butt.

    Remedy this by taking a shower and paying a little extra attention back there to get it squeaky clean. Some people like to use an enema before engaging in butt play, but it isnt necessary.

    Use the bathroom before getting started. Prostate stimulation can make you feel like you need to pee, and anal penetration can cause the sensation of needing to poop.

    Even though you wont actually do either, worrying that you might can interfere with your ability to let go and enjoy yourself. Knowing your bladder and bowels are empty can help.

    Getting used to the sensation of having your prostate touched can help, too. Practice with an anal sex toy, like a butt plug, or your fingers.

    Be sure to set the mood so that youre turned on and primed for action. Light candles, watch porn, or engage in some good old-fashioned masturbation or foreplay to get there.

    Finally, be sure to lube up real good. Applying a water-based lubricant will allow for easier penetration and make for some easy gliding if stimulating your prostate externally.

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    Prostate Cancer Growth And Spread

    Prostate cancer tends to grow slowly. It can often be found and treated while it is still just in the prostate. In fact, some cases of prostate cancer may not need to be treated right away. But other cases of prostate cancer can grow quickly. The first place cancer grows in the body is called the primary site or primary tumor.

    If prostate cancer is not treated and continues to grow, it can grow into other parts of the prostate. Over time it may grow outside of the prostate and into nearby tissues, such as the seminal vesicles. When cancer spreads to other parts of the body, this is called metastasis. Once the cancer has grown outside the prostate, it can spread to nearby lymph nodes. These are bean-sized glands all around the body that are part of the immune system. If prostate cancer spreads to distant parts of the body, most often it goes to the bones first. It may also spread to other organs, such as the lungs, liver, or brain.

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    When To Contact A Medical Professional

    • Less urine than usual
    • Back, side, or abdominal pain
    • Blood or pus in your urine

    Also call if:

    • Your bladder does not feel completely empty after you urinate.
    • You take medicines that may cause urinary problems, such as diuretics, antihistamines, antidepressants, or sedatives. DO NOT stop or change your medicines without talking to your provider.
    • You have tried self-care steps for 2 months and symptoms have not improved.

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    The Importance Of A Healthy General Way Of Life

    The regular practice of a sport is recommended. Beware of sports that are too extensive or location too much pressure on the pelvic floor , as they can aggravate prostate adenoma.Likewise, maintaining sexual activity if it is reasonable, also plays a protective role.Tobacco and alcohol, like all pro-inflammatory compounds, need to be

    • prevented. And yes, the more swelling there is in the body, the higher the prostates risk.To prevent troubles, such as a frequent requirement to urinate, connected to prostate conditions, certain habits can be adopted:
    • Prevent holding yourself back for long periods when you feel the requirement to urinate, as the bladder would then press excessive on the prostate.Prevent constipation the maintained stool might compress the prostate.
    • Make the effort to empty your bladder when you urinate.
    • Adapt your water usage to your activity: avoid drinking excessive before bedtime or a long car journey. Prostate Cancer Causes Seminal Fluid

    Inflammation Of The Prostate Gland

    What Is The Prostate And What Does It Do?

    Bacteria sometimes cause prostatitis . More commonly, the underlying cause is uncertain. Consult your doctor promptly if you experience:

    • fever
    • pain in the groin
    • urgent and frequent urination.

    Treatment with antibiotics is essential for acute bacterial prostatitis. Admission to hospital is often necessary and, as with chronic bacterial prostatitis, specific antibacterial drugs are required for a long time.

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    If Youre The Giving Partner

    Cleanliness and safety are a must, even for the giver.

    Cut and file your nails smooth to help avoid scratching or tearing the delicate skin in and around the anus.

    Wash your hands thoroughly, even if youre planning to use a condom over your finger to penetrate your partner. For extra comfort, stuff cotton balls inside the condom or glove.

    You can also get the party started in the shower together, which serves as foreplay and gets you both all nice and clean for the big show.

    Youll probably need to try a few different moves and experiment with speed and pressure to find what feels best.

    Here are some techniques to try, whether youre using fingers or toys.

    Functions The Prostate Gland Performs

    The prostate is something that every man knows about, but few realize the various functions this walnut-sized gland is responsible for in the male reproductive system. Weve put together a list of 10 amazing functions the prostate gland performs based on information from

    It helps produce semen.

    The main function of the prostate is to help produce semen. It makes an alkaline fluid which mixes with sperm during ejaculation to create semen. The alkaline fluid helps to protect the sperm once it reaches a womans vagina as this is an acidic environment.

    It produces prostate-specific antigen .

    The prostate produces a fluid called prostate-specific antigen which also helps the sperm by acting like a glue to attach it to a womans cervix. The glue then dissolves and the sperm is free to swim into the uterus to find an egg.

    The high levels of PSA in a man can also be an indication of prostate cancer. Men over a certain age should have their PSA levels checked on a yearly basis. This is done through a simple blood test.

    It pumps sperm.

    As well as helping to make semen, the prostate gland helps to pump out sperm during intercourse. The pumping action ensures that the sperm can travel far enough into the uterus to possibly find an egg. This experience helps make sex pleasurable for men.

    Its the G-spot.

    It acts as a filter.

    It creates erections.

    It controls urine flow.

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