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Can A Enlarged Prostate Cause Sciatic Nerve Pain

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How Is Sciatica Treated

Top 3 Causes of Sciatic Nerve Pain: How to Tell What is Causing It.

Your Vascular and Interventional Associates doctor develops treatments based on the severity of your symptoms, along with your overall health. Physical therapy can help you grow stronger and also improve your posture. These two changes are vital to relieving sciatica pain.

If youre overweight, getting to and maintaining a healthy weight can significantly reduce your sciatica pain. Your weight loss journey can begin with short walks to build up to more extended periods of activity.

Medications can also help control sciatica pain. These medications include pain relievers like NSAIDs, antidepressants, or anti-seizure medications. Therapy with drugs generally comes with side effects, which is why other approaches should be considered first.

Epidural steroid injections are another treatment option that works by reducing inflammation. These shots are administered directly into the nerve roots to deliver immediate relief.

Many minimally invasive treatment options can combat sciatica pain. However, if these treatments, along with lifestyle modifications, do not yield the desired results, you and your doctor may consider surgery to remove structures that are placing pressure on your sciatic nerve.

When youre ready to explore these and other treatments, book your one-on-one consultation at the nearest office today.

Who Is More Likely To Develop Prostatitis

The factors that affect a mans chances of developing prostatitis differ depending on the type.

Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Men with nerve damage in the lower urinary tract due to surgery or trauma may be more likely to develop chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Psychological stress may also increase a mans chances of developing the condition.

Acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis. Men with lower UTIs may be more likely to develop bacterial prostatitis. UTIs that recur or are difficult to treat may lead to chronic bacterial prostatitis.

Things Can Change Quickly

In late April 2006, I began urinating blood and my world began to unravel.

A cancer diagnosis is a slow process. The initial diagnosis is pretty quick but that is only the beginning. My PCP upon seeing my urinalysis result and hearing my pneumonia story, immediately ordered a chest X-ray, a complete blood count, and a PSA test. My first test result was the chest X-ray. What used to be a single nodule in my lung had morphed into dozens of overlapping lesions. Suddenly I realized I was no longer immortal. Suddenly, I realized I was screwed.

My PSA test results were back the following day and my Dr. called me at work with the results. He told me my PSA was 3216.29. There was no doubt, I had Metastatic Prostate Cancer!

I finished my shift at work and went directly to my Physicians office where I received my first Lupron shot and a prescription for Casodex. It was a bad day, to say the least.

The next few weeks were a blur. To me, my cancer diagnosis was surreal until I sat in the nuclear medicine department awaiting my scans. With each bottle of contrast consumed and each big machine I lay under, reality slowly sank in. Every scan result yielded more bad news. Bone metastasis, lung metastasis, lymph metastasis.

The gravity of my situation came to a head the day my Oncologist gave me a one-year prognosis. I really was screwed. I fired him outright and found a doctor who would not tell me I only had a year to live and then I changed my life.

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Looking For Answers Looking For Hope

Ten years previous, in what seemed a lifetime ago, I was heavily involved in church. I left church for personal reasons but still carry deep belief. One day, probably my worst day, I sought comfort in the Bible. I opened the book and pointed and read the 2 verses above my finger.

Bless the Lord, Oh my soul bless his name. He who forgives my sins and heals my body of all its diseases. Psalms 103, 2-3. What are the odds? Wow!!! It changed my perspective. It gave me hope!! It became the rock I would stand on as the storm raged around me. I would recite it over and over in order to sleep. It gave me peace. I believe that hope is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal. It does not matter where you find it. It matters only that you believe.

Prior to cancer, I wasted my life. I was a workaholic. I took vacation only when forced to do so. My relationships were dismal. I was alive but I never really lived.

Causes And Related Symptoms

Sciatic pain during pregnancy: How exercise can help

Peripheral neuropathy usually occurs when poor circulation leads to nerve degeneration. The lack of circulation causes problems in the legs, feet, and toes.

Doctors may order an EMG and prescribe medicine. They may also tell you theres nothing more they can do.

So, what do we do?

Chiropractic care can help, even if other treatments have failed. Algonquin Chiropractic, in Algonquin, IL, has treated thousands of patients from the Chicago area.

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Latest Men’s Health News

At the start, prostate cancer does not cause symptoms. As the cancer grows, you may have trouble urinating. Some men need to urinate often, especially at night. Others have pain or burning during urination, blood in the urine or semen, pain in the back, hips, or pelvis, and painful ejaculation.

To find out if these symptoms are caused by prostate cancer, your doctor will ask about your past medical problems and your family’s medical history. He or she will perform a physical exam. During the exam, your doctor will put a gloved finger into your rectum to feel your prostate for hard or lumpy areas.

Your doctor may also do a blood test to check the prostate-specific antigen level. PSA levels can be high in men with an enlarged prostate gland or with prostate cancer. You may also need an ultrasound exam that takes computer pictures of the prostate.

If tests show that you might have cancer, your doctor will want to confirm this with a biopsy. He or she will take out tiny pieces of the prostate to look for cancer cells. Your doctor may want to do a biopsy again to re-check the results.

Treatment for prostate cancer depends on whether cancer is in part or all of the prostate or if it has spread to other parts of the body. It also depends on your age and overall health. Talk with your doctor about the best treatment choice for you. You may want to ask another doctor for a second opinion.

Spinal Tumors And Sciatica Symptoms

Tumors, masses, or growths that are benign or cancerous may cause sciatica-like signs and symptoms if they occur in the lower spine or on the sciatic nerve . Tumors of any type are a medical emergency and must be monitored and/or treated immediately. Depending on the patients age, overall health condition, and level of tolerance, surgical or other medical treatment may be performed.

Tumors growing within the vertebrae can make the spinal bones weak, causing them to break and collapse. Watch:Metastatic Spinal Cancer Video

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How We Treat Peripheral Neuropathy

Again, most people have been to their medical doctor already, and sometimes to a neurologist.

Depending on your care, you may be uncertain at this point whether you have sciatica or peripheral neuropathy or another condition.

Some patients have been given an EMG or a nerve test. Some have been told nothing can be done. Many have tried various medications with varying degrees of success, but all have unwanted side effects.

Peripheral neuropathy patients come to us for an alternative to strong drugs with side effects. They are looking to get to the cause of the problem and not cover it up with meds.

To do that we may use one or more of the following:

  • Super pulsed laser This type of laser produces nitric oxide, which boosts circulation.
  • Seated vibration Patients sit with their feet on a vibrating platform. The vibration increases blood flow to the feet and toes.
  • Standing vibration This treatment improves circulation and balance.
  • Rebuilder therapy Patients wear a conductive garment that looks like a sock. The garment conducts specialized electrical signals over the feet and toe, helping heal damaged nerve endings.
  • Massage Massage increases circulation and blood flow to the feet and toes.
  • Custom-made orthotics Orthotics help if foot bio-mechanics cause pain and also improve balance.
  • Diet and nutrition Eating better decreases inflammation, controls blood sugar, increases circulation, and also heals nerve tissue.

Trauma To Anus And Rectum

3 Best Sciatica Stretches for Ultimate Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief – Chiropractor in Vaughan Dr Walter

Trauma or injury to the anus or rectum could occur due to several reasons. Some common causes of trauma include scratching and vigorous wiping or washing of the anal area. These actions can cause injury even in the rectum. Colonoscopy can also cause some irritation in the rectum. This irritation may persist for some time after the procedure. Other potential causes of rectal trauma include rough insertion of anal suppository and anal intercourse.

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Schwannoma Of The Sciatic Nerve

Schwannoma is a benign tumor that develops from the sheath that surrounds a nerve. The lesion may occur in one region of the nerve or all along the course of the nerve. When this condition affects the sciatic nerve, sciatica pain occurs. The pain typically follows the course of the nerve affecting the lower back, thigh, legs, and/or feet. If the tumor grows, the symptoms may become severe.

While not common, it is possible for schwannoma to become malignant. Both benign and malignant schwannomas must be surgically removed in order to prevent severe neurological deficits and/or complete loss of nerve function.3

What Are The Risk Factors

You might think that older adults are the most at-risk demographic for developing sciatic pain symptoms. Its true that underlying conditions such as spinal stenosis tend to affect those 50 years old and up. But thats not the primary age group that ends up dealing with sciatica. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons explains, You are most likely to get sciatica between the ages of 30 and 50 years. It may happen as a result of the general wear and tear of aging, plus any sudden pressure on the disks that cushion the bones of your lower spine.

Indeed, the nature of sciatica pain which basically always involves some pressure on or damage to the sciatic nerve means a wide range of individuals may have to face it. Some may find it surprising to learn that pregnant women often develop sciatic nerve pain when the uterus presses against the sciatic nerve. So while increasing age does play a role, its far from the only one.

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Chronic Lower Back Pain Including Sciatica And Prostate Enlargement Can Now Be Treated Naturally With New Dr Allens Devices Without Potentially Harmful Painkillers And Medications States Fine Treatment These Discrete Devices Can Be Worn By Everyone Easily They Do Not Require Additional Parts And Are At An Affordable Price

Dr. Allens device lets users forget sciatica and back pain for good

Dr. Allens therapeutic devices tackle the cause of sciatica, back pain and enlarged prostate at the capillary level and are therefore highly effective.

London, UK July 25, 2012

Fine Treatment recommends new therapy for chronic lower back pain, including sciatica, and benign prostatic hyperplasia as the use of painkillers and drugs does not cure these chronic conditions, while exposing the users to further damage from medications. Short-term treatments with medications might help to reduce the symptoms of these troubling health problems but can cause side effects if taken in the long-run. For instance, a article in BBC Health entitled Painkillers states: like all medicines, painkillers can have side effects: ulcers, damage of kidneys, liver, headache, depression and others.

Depression is common in chronic pain patients, but people who think chronic pain is all in the head are not being realistic, says Roger Chou, MD, associate professor of medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland. So it means that if a health problem is to be treated correctly, it is necessary to deal with its cause.

Unlike medications, Dr Allens device works 24 hours a day locally improving the blood circulation in the affected tissue. You can watch a short video: that discusses medical evidence on how this natural therapy has reversed prostate enlargement.

How To Avoid Or Prevent Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Because the majority of risk factors associated with sciatic nerve pain can be ameliorated by dedicated patients, one encouraging thought is that you have a fair bit of control over avoiding or preventing it. First steps involve losing weight, ceasing smoking, and modifying heavy lifting at work. For instance, if your job requires you to shift bulky objects, make sure that you are using correct form and consider wearing supportive bracing. Similarly, embarking on a smoking cessation program will not only help with any sciatic nerve pain, it will also improve your health in general. Finally, carrying too much weight can lead to all sorts of back problems, not just sciatica. Also, remaining physically active is one of the best sciatic pain treatments available.

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Is It Sciatica Or Peripheral Neuropathy What You Need To Know

The symptoms of sciatica or peripheral neuropathy are easy to confuse. Both conditions cause pain, numbness, and tingling in the legs and feet. The impact on your strength and balance may also make falls more likely.

Sciatica and peripheral neuropathy are two of the more challenging conditions treated at Algonquin Chiropractic. You may limit the activities you enjoy when you have one of these problems. You may also struggle to get a good nights sleep or turn to potentially addictive medicine.

The conditions are very different, however. Read on to learn more and find out how chiropractic care can help.

What Is Prostate Pain

Prostatodynia is the medical term for prostate pain. It may also include other sensations like prostate discomfort and is a sign of prostate problems. Pain and discomfort may be seen in all three of the main conditions affecting the prostate gland prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer. The pain may vary in severity and nature radiating to surrounding structures and extending to the lower back or even the tip of the penis.

At times, prostate pain may involve a large area of the lower abdomen or the entire pelvis. It is not uncommon for no pain to be present, especially in mild BPH and chronic prostatitis, with discomfort or pain only being reported during acute exacerbation and a secondary prostate gland infection.

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What Is The Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that is part of the male reproductive system. The main function of the prostate is to make a fluid that goes into semen. Prostate fluid is essential for a mans fertility. The gland surrounds the urethra at the neck of the bladder. The bladder neck is the area where the urethra joins the bladder. The bladder and urethra are parts of the lower urinary tract. The prostate has two or more lobes, or sections, enclosed by an outer layer of tissue, and it is in front of the rectum, just below the bladder. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. In men, the urethra also carries semen out through the penis.

How Is A Diagnosis Made

How to Relieve Pain From a Sciatic Nerve

A careful medical exam will confirm or rule out a suspected diagnosis of cauda equina. Evaluation includes a medical history and physical exam. A loss of sensation in the anal area is a clear finding. A patient who complains of severe leg weakness, numbness in the genital area, or loss of bladder or bowel function will undergo an MRI scan to reveal the extent to which the herniation is compressing the spinal nerves. The doctor may also order a CT scan or a myelogram.

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Bilateral Nerve Pain Following Prostatectomy

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 4 years ago. Biopsy advised one agressive cancer and 2 not as agressive. Had a prostatectomy. Woke up from surgery with severe burning pain in and around my rear. This continued in my 3/4 days in hospital. Worst hospital stay ever. As soon as I left hospital for home, I had difficulty sitting due to the burning pain in my buttocks and down the back of my thighs.My cancer was advanced prostate cancer due to it being outside the prostate. Following radiotherapy, my PSA levels have been stable for 12 months at .04. The nerve pain down my thighs have not diminished and has radiated down under my feet. When I sit I have burning pain down the back of my thighs and burning pain under my feet when I walk. I am currently on 450mg of Lyrica a day but does not appear to be helping. As the nerve pain is bilateral my doctor believes my sciatic nerve was damaged in surgery in my lower back.Urologist advised that it has never happened before. Just lucky I guess. I was wondering if any man out there has had a similar problem following prostate surgery and what treatment has worked/not worked for them as I am desperate to get this fixed.

This result may be coincidental rather than causative, but I thought youd like to have it as one of the ideas to discuss with your doctor. Keep us posted so we can learn from your experience and, hopefully, find other questions you can put to your medical team.Martin

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