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How To Reverse Prostate Problems

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Are The Treatments For Prostatitis And Bph Different

Prevent & Reverse Prostate Issues (Get My Organ Back)

The treatment for an enlarged prostate and prostatitis are very different.

BPH treatment may include an interactive questionnaire to determine the extent of your symptoms. The results of the questionnaire may influence what medications or other treatments you may need. Drugs used to treat BPH include:

  • Alpha receptor blockers
  • Phosphodiesterase inhibitors
  • Anticholinergic agents

Some patients with more severe prostatic enlargement may need surgery. A transurethral resection of the prostate is the usual procedure to reduce pressure on the urethra by reducing the size of the prostate.

Treatment for prostatitis depends on the type.

  • Bacteria acute and chronic prostatitis are typically treated and cured with antibiotics like fluoroquinolones or trimethoprim. These infections typically take longer to cure so you may have to take antibiotics for as long as 4-8 weeks. Some infections of the prostate gland are resistant or unresponsive to treatment so antibiotics like gentamicin or doxycycline may need to be injected directly into the gland.
  • Type III, chronic bacterial prostatitis and pelvic pain syndrome, is treated similarly with antibiotics, however, alpha-blockers and NSAIDs , for example, aspirin, ibuprofen , naproxen also are used.
  • Type IV, asymptomatic inflammatory prostatitis, in most patients requires no treatment. However, some doctors prescribe antibiotics and NSAIDs for this condition.

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Shrink Enlarged Prostate In 7 Easy Steps

Dr. Ken BerryKenDBerryMD

I Hesitantly agree with the Oats Comment for I do not have a large variety to eat from considering my Calcium buildup issues. Oatmeal I guess I will have to take out of my diet. Healthline and most other expert sites say Oats are good for your Prostate. But they do create sugar. My aim is to slow down if not Stop this Extremely annoying pain in the You know what. SO, I am prepared to find Alternatives at most any cost of my own eating Pleasures.Also, we have to select lower sugar certain fruits. The ones he mentioned may be avoided.

Eating Specific Foods And Nutrients Has Been Found To Reduce The Risk Of Being Diagnosed With Most Common Cause Of Cancer

When it comes to prostate cancer, the second most common cause of cancer-related death in men, its important to know everything you can to avoid that diagnosis. Fortunately, there are steps a man can take to naturally lower his risk of developing cancer in this gland, which is situated directly below the bladder. By practicing natural methods of prevention, this can be of tremendous benefit to the gland responsible for producing fluid for semen.

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Can Enlarged Prostate Be Reversed

Prostate enlargement is a common reproductive health condition, which is medically known as benign prostatic hyperplasia or BPH. Clinical BPH is a common cause of urinary tract infections among aging men, wherein its prevalence increases upon reaching 40 years old.

In this post, youll learn if its possible to reverse an enlarged prostate, so youll be guided accordingly when it comes to the necessary steps you need to do if ever you or your loved one has BPH.

An Enlarged Prostate Can Be Reversed With Medications

The prostate gland naturally increases in size as a man advances in age. Due to the small blood vessels pathological activity in the prostate tissue, the urethra becomes constricted and obstructed, causing urinary symptoms, such as difficulty or painful urination, frequent urination , dribbling urine, weak urine stream, and the feeling of not being able to completely empty the urinary bladder.

Its a good thing that an enlarged prostate can be reversed with the help of medications and supplements. With the right combination of medications, the signs and symptoms of BPH can be reduced or eliminated depending on the severity of urethral blocking caused by an enlarged prostate gland.

Here are the medication and alternative drug options to treat BPH:

An Enlarged Prostate Can Be Reversed With Thermobalancing Therapy

An Enlarged Prostate Can Be Reversed With Prostatic Artery Embolization

An Enlarged Prostate Can Be Reversed With Healthy Lifestyle

How To Add More Legumes And Soybeans To Your Diet

Pin on prostate natural treatment

To add more legumes and soybeans to your diet, consider swapping meat for plant protein in at least some meals. This could mean trying Meatless Mondays or moving toward a plant-based diet.

Try making a black bean burger with lots of veggies. Alternatively, homemade hummus made with blended chickpeas makes a delicious dip for vegetables or whole grain bread.

Finally, tofu is an excellent source of soy. Try flavoring tofu with sauces and baking it or browning it on the stove, or adding it to stir-fries.


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Kidney Failure From Severe Dehydration

Severe dehydration is one of the most common causes of reversible kidney failure. Dehydration can be a serious life-threatening disorder. Read Hospitalized for Dehydration if you would like to understand what to expect when hospitalized for dehydration. Kidney failure is one of the most common complications of dehydration.

During the early stages of every dehydration, your kidneys essentially shut themselves down to preserve water. Once the dehydration is corrected, the kidneys start to open up and quickly get your urine production back to normal. The blood tests I mentioned earlier help decide whether the kidney failure is still in the early rapidly reversible state. If the ratio of BUN to Cr is equal to or more than 20, your kidney failure from dehydration is likely in the early rapidly reversible stage.

When the treatment of dehydration is delayed for several days, your kidneys go into the second stage of kidney failure. Small tubes inside the kidneys start to die off and you have structural damage inside the kidneys. This type of kidney failure is medically called Acute Tubular Necrosis or ATN. Necrosis simply means dying off. ATN is still reversible in most cases, but it takes longer to recover from. The tubes that die off will have to regenerate so that the kidney failure can ultimately be reversed. It may take a few weeks to reverse the kidney failure when ATN is present.

Retrograde Ejaculation: Can It Be ‘reversed’

Dear Alice,

One of my textbooks makes mention of retrograde ejaculation. It says that semen is released into the urinary bladder but it doesn’t talk about the functional aspects. Can the problem be corrected? Is it a painful problem?

Dear Reader,

During ejaculation, the internal sphincter, a muscle located between the prostate and the bladder, closes tightly, preventing ejaculation and urination from happening at the same time. If this muscle relaxes, it can force some of the ejaculate backwards into the bladder, rather than out of the urethral tip. This is called retrograde ejaculation. The next time a person with a penis with this condition urinates, the urine is noticeably cloudy because it has been mixed with ejaculate. Health care providers or urologists can confirm the diagnosis of retrograde ejaculation by testing the urine for the presence of sperm.

Retrograde ejaculation has many causes. Certain medications that treat hypertension and prostate conditions genital surgery or, diseases, such as diabetes, which can cause nerve impairment in and around the bladder, cause ejaculate to flow backward. Often, retrograde ejaculation is a first sexual side effect for males with diabetes, who are the most commonly affected group. In any case, it’s wise to get an accurate diagnosis by a medical professional. Depending upon the cause of retrograde ejaculation, treatments and outcomes vary. Medications are usually used first, often pseudoephedrine initially, or imipramine.

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Can An Enlarged Prostate Be Cured

An enlarged prostatealso referred to as benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common condition among men as they grow older. It is characterized by the natural enlargement of the prostate, a small gland situated between the bladder and penis. The urethra, or the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the penis, is surrounded by the prostate, and often becomes squeezed and compressed as a result of prostate enlargement. This can cause a weakened urine stream and related issues like a frequent urge to urinate and difficulty sleeping through the night.

Prostate enlargement tends to come with age. While its difficult to completely reverse an enlarged prostate, there are several treatments that can relieve symptoms, reduce the size of the prostate and help restore normal urine flow. In fact, many men with prostate enlargement are able to achieve a positive quality of life with non-surgical treatments.

Lifestyle Tips For Managing Bph

Exercises for Enlarged Prostate, Reverse BPH Symptoms Naturally at Homeð§â?âï¸?ð

Lifestyle tips that may help someone manage the symptoms of an enlarged prostate include the following:

  • Attempt to urinate at least once before leaving home to avoid urinary leakage or other incidents in public that can be very stressful and embarrassing.
  • Double void by trying to urinate again a few minutes after urinating the first time, to drain the bladder as much as possible during bathroom visits.
  • Try not to drink fluids in the 2 hours before bedtime to avoid going to sleep with a full bladder.
  • Try to stay hydrated by drinking at least 2 liters of water daily.
  • Try maintaining a healthy body weight as much as possible.
  • Exercise regularly and as often as possible.
  • Try not to drink too much at one time.
  • Try to reduce or avoid stress to reduce the urge for urination.
  • Avoid or limit products that cause dehydration, such as cold medications and decongestants
  • Use absorbent urinary pads or pants to absorb urine leaks and decrease wetness and discomfort.
  • Use urinary sheaths, which are condom-shaped and fit over the penis to drain urine into a small bag strapped to the leg.
  • Use urethral massage, after urinating, by gently pressing the fingers upwards from the base of the scrotum to try to squeeze out any urine left in the urethra and prevent any leakage later.

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Are Prostatitis And Bph The Same Prostate Gland Problem

The answer to this question is yes and no, because both may have some similar health symptoms , but each prostate problem have different causes. Yes, BPH is by definition an enlarged prostate, and no, because the cause is not an infection/inflammation like prostatitis. However, not all enlarged prostates are due to BPH. An enlarged prostate may be caused by BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer.

Choose Your Parents Wisely To Prevent Prostate Cancer

Genetics are strongly tied to the risk of developing prostate cancer . Considerable amounts of effort have been placed on understanding the role of genes in cancer risk over the past decade. Currently genetic tests are being used to identify specific gene coding sequences that potentially place an individual at higher risk. Individual differences in DNA structure are suggested to account for up to 33% of family risk with prostate cancer . Hence the recommendations to get a check up earlier in life if you have a family history of prostate cancer.

Now you might be thinking what can you do with this information. Unfortunately in life we are not blessed with choosing who our parents are! However the benefit of understanding your genetics is that it can help identify whether you have genes known to increase the risk. This information will obviously help recognise risk and determine when to get checked out. As this testing becomes more accessible and reliable in the future it may be beneficial to monitor changes over time.

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Exploring Alternative Therapies For Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in American men. Its also highly treatable if caught early. For many men, the standard treatments for prostate cancer radiation, chemotherapy, prostatectomy, hormone therapy, etc. often come with unpleasant, life-altering side effects, including incontinence, impotence, fatigue, etc. Therefore, some men wonder if alternative treatments might offer health benefits without unwanted side effects.

Research and clinical trials are investigating whether natural, alternative remedies, such as herbs and diet changes, might help prevent prostate cancers progression.

Some alternative options being explored for prostate cancer patients include:

  • Saw palmetto This palm, which grows in the southern United States, produces berries that have historically been used as medicine, as Native American men used them to help with urinary problems. Saw palmetto has become more commonly used in Europe and the U.S. as a treatment for enlarged prostate, and it may help reduce frequent urination, improve urine flow and ease painful urination. Before taking saw palmetto check with your doctor, as they may interfere with other medicines, tests or treatments.

Please note: some alternative therapies arent research-based and havent been proven to be effective or safe in treating cancer. Refusing conventional medical therapies may have serious health consequences for prostate cancer patients.

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Increase Physical Activity Levels

New Prostate

When its possible, strive to stand up and move. You should also make regular exercises an integral component of your lifestyle, e.g., at least three times a week. Go to the gym, stretch, take a walk there are many options to keep moving.

Sitting for long periods can put pressure on your prostate and lead to prostate inflammation eventually. It may be best to avoid long bike rides or, in general, avoid sitting down for an extended period.

Evidence shows walking helps reduce symptoms of chronic prostatitis. Also, aerobic exercise is linked to significant improvements in prostatitis pain, anxiety, depression, and quality of life. Exercise is also useful for men with prostatic calculi .

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Lifestyle And Diet May Stop Or Reverse Prostate Cancer Progression

University of California – San Francisco
Men with early stage prostate cancer who make intensive changes in diet and lifestyle may stop or perhaps even reverse the progression of their illness, according to a new study. The research is the first randomized, controlled trial showing that lifestyle changes may affect the progression of any type of cancer. Study findings are published in the September issue of the Journal of Urology.

Men with early stage prostate cancer who make intensive changes in dietand lifestyle may stop or perhaps even reverse the progression of theirillness, according to a new study.

The research is the first randomized, controlled trial showing thatlifestyle changes may affect the progression of any type of cancer.Study findings are published in the September issue of the Journal of Urology.

The study was directed by Dean Ornish, MD, clinical professor,and Peter Carroll, MD, chair of the Department of Urology, both of theUniversity of California, San Francisco, and the late William Fair, MD,chief of urologic surgery and chair of urologic oncology, MemorialSloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The research team studied 93 men with biopsy-proven prostatecancer who had elected not to undergo conventional treatment forreasons unrelated to this study. The participants were randomly dividedinto either a group who were asked to make comprehensive changes indiet and lifestyle or a comparison group who were not asked to do so.

Story Source:

Side Effects And Nutrition

Cancer treatment often causes side effects, such as nausea, mouth sores, and taste changes that may make it difficult to eat or drink. Follow these tips to help you get the nutrition you need:

  • If water tastes unpleasant to you, take in more liquid though items such as soup, tea, milk or milk substitutes such as almond milk, or a sports drink. Or, flavor your water by adding fresh cut fruit.
  • If food tastes bland, try seasoning it with flavorful spices such as garlic, cayenne, dill, and rosemary.
  • Eat several small meals throughout the day instead of trying to eat large amounts of food at one time.
  • Enhance your protein intake with protein from foods such as fish, egg whites, cheese, beans, or high protein smoothies.
  • Suck on mints, chew on gum, or try fresh citrus fruits if you have a metallic taste in your mouth. Brushing your teeth before eating, using plastic utensils, and cooking in glassware can also help.
  • If you have mouth sores or a gum infection, use a blender to make vegetables and meats smooth. Try juicing or making smoothies.Some side effects are often treated with medication, so talk with your doctor or another member of your health care team for more information.

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The Basics: How An Erection Occurs

At its most basic level, an erection is a matter of hydraulics. Blood fills the penis, causing it to swell and become firm. But getting to that stage requires extraordinary orchestration of body mechanisms. Blood vessels, nerves, hormones, and, of course, the psyche must work together. Problems with any one of these elements can diminish the quality of an erection or prevent it from happening altogether.

Nerves talk to each other by releasing nitric oxide and other chemical messengers. These messengers boost the production of other important chemicals, including cyclic guanosine monophosphate, prostaglandins, and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide. These chemicals initiate the erection by relaxing the smooth muscle cells lining the tiny arteries that lead to the corpora cavernosa, a pair of flexible cylinders that run the length of the penis .

Figure 1: Anatomy of the penis

The penis is made up of three cylindrical bodies, the corpus spongiosum which contains the urethra and includes the glans of the penisand two corpora cavernosa , that extend from within the body out to the end of the penis to support erection. Blood enters the corpora cavernosa through the central arteries.

The Prostate Is Prone To Infection And Inflammation

How to Reverse Erectile Dysfunction Prostate Cancer | Dietitian Talks

The prostate sits in an anatomical position, wrapped around the urethra, and close to the rectum, that is ripe for infection.

Infection causes inflammation. 10 When the prostate is inflamed, it can become enlarged, putting pressure on the urethra and, in some cases, making it more difficult to fully empty the bladder. Urine then gets trapped and backs up, which can contribute to lingering low grade infection, even where tests come back negative.

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