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How Much Prostate Surgery Cost

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Side Effects Of Prostate Surgery

Radiation vs. Surgery for Prostate Cancer | Ask a Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

The major possible side effects of radical prostatectomy are urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction . These side effects can also occur with other forms of prostate cancer treatment.

Urinary incontinence: You may not be able to control your urine or you may have leakage or dribbling. Being incontinent can affect you not only physically but emotionally and socially as well. These are the major types of incontinence:

  • Men with stress incontinence might leak urine when they cough, laugh, sneeze, or exercise. Stress incontinence is the most common type after prostate surgery. It’s usually caused by problems with the valve that keeps urine in the bladder . Prostate cancer treatments can damage this valve or the nerves that keep the valve working.
  • Men with overflow incontinence have trouble emptying their bladder. They take a long time to urinate and have a dribbling stream with little force. Overflow incontinence is usually caused by blockage or narrowing of the bladder outlet by scar tissue.
  • Men with urge incontinencehave a sudden need to urinate. This happens when the bladder becomes too sensitive to stretching as it fills with urine.
  • Rarely after surgery, men lose all ability to control their urine. This is called continuous incontinence.

After surgery for prostate cancer, normal bladder control usually returns within several weeks or months. This recovery usually occurs slowly over time.

There are several options for treating erectile dysfunction:

Overall Cost Of Urolift Procedure

The overall cost of the Urolift procedure should also include the cost of the evaluation. All patients interested in the Urolift procedure will need to have, at the very least, cystoscopy to evaluate whether they are a candidate for the Urolift procedure. Cystoscopy performed elsewhere will need to be repeated as it is a visual evaluation, and this 3-dimensional perspective cannot be obtained from a report of a cystoscopy performed elsewhere. A urodynamic test may also be necessary.

How Much Does Prostate Surgery Cost

According to a 2021 publication in the National Institute of Healths PubMed Central, the average list prices for a radical prostatectomy include: An average $34,720 for hospital fees, with a range from $10,000 to $135,000. An average $8,000 for physician fees, with a range from $4,028 to $18,720.

What is the cost of prostate biopsy in India?

Cost of different factors affecting the Prostate Cancer Treatment:

Factors affecting the cost
Pre-treatment cost Rs.40,000 to Rs.50,000

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Advanced Enlarged Prostate Benign Prostate Enlargement Treatment Hospital In India

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We are one of the advanced enlarged prostate, benign prostate enlargement treatment hospital in India backed up with team of best enlarged prostate specialist doctors, prostate cancer specialists, laser and laparoscopic urologist, paramedical staff, dietitian and physiotherapist in India.

We are also equipped withThe Worlds First Universal Surgical Robotic System, State-of-the-art facility, world-class laser treatment equipment offering comprehensive treatment for enlarged prostate, benign prostate enlargement and its complications. Our team is having expertise in performing robotic prostate surgery in Hyderabad.

Surgeons ‘opting Out’ Of Medicare Could Spur Two

New prostate procedure opens spigot, with unexpected bonus

Gerald Chodak, MD

Hello. I am Dr. Gerald Chodak, for Medscape. We have seen countless articles that discuss outcomes associated with radical prostatectomy in terms of complications and good results. What we do not hear much about is cost. What does it cost to have a radical prostatectomy? How variable are those costs?

Pate and colleagues published a report several months ago addressing that question. They conducted a telephone survey of 100 US hospitals using a script, the surveyor posed as a potential patient asking about the facility fee and the physician fee for radical prostatectomy. About 30% of hospitals could not provide that information, but of the 70% that could, the information was quite variable. The cost for the procedure ranged from a high of $135,000 to a low of about $10,000. Physician fees varied from $4000 up to about $19,000. The average cost for a physician or for a surgeon was about $8000. It is interesting to note that Medicare allows under $1700 for the procedure and pays 80% of that. Either the patient or co-insurance would pay the difference. There is obviously a big disconnect between the amount being charged and the amount being reimbursed. Many insurance companies tailor their reimbursement rates to the Medicare fee schedule.

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Better Results Offset Costs Of Prostate Surgery At Specialty Centers

By Lisa Rapaport, Reuters Health

5 Min Read

– Men who get prostate cancer surgery at hospitals that do a lot of these procedures may have better results, and those better outcomes might help offset the added cost of care at specialized facilities, a U.S. study suggests.

Plenty of evidence for prostate cancer and a host of other medical conditions links the best outcomes to the most experienced surgeons. The current study adds a fresh analysis of the economic benefits of sending patients to facilities that perform the procedure often, even if they might be far from home or have higher fees than community hospitals.

The data reinforces the dictum that getting it right the first time is always the most cost effective approach, senior study author Dr. Sarmad Sadeghi of the Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles said by email.

Our analysis shows that societal costs of long-term care for prostate cancer will be reduced as a result of fewer treatment failures, Sadeghi added.

Researchers focused on radical prostatectomies, procedures that excise tumors by removing the prostate gland as well as surrounding tissue.

Most U.S. surgeons who do these operations handle less than 10 cases a year, but they account for an estimated 40 percent of prostatectomies, Sadeghi and colleagues report in the journal Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases.

SOURCE: Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases, online December 15, 2015.

What Is The Screening Test For Prostate Cancer

The screening test for prostate cancer is known as a PSA test. Its a simple blood test that you can get during any doctor visit.

The PSA test measures prostate-specific antigen , which is made only by certain cells within the male prostate gland. A high PSA level could indicate prostate cancer or something else, such as an enlarged or inflamed prostate.

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What Is The Cost Of Treatment With Laser Enucleation Of Prostate

The cost of treatment varies from patient to patient. The average cost can vary from $6,000 to $20,000 in the United States. The cost of laser enucleation of the prostate for enlarged prostate is covered by all insurances, including Medicare, Aetna, Cigna, and United Healthcare. Most patients with insurance pay nothing or a small portion of the costs such as copay, co-insurance, and deductible costs.

For patients without health insurance, we work to determine the best affordable options. We only work in safe, nationally credentialed hospitals and surgical centers.

If you wish to know detailed pricing, please schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

Why Choose Pristyn Care For Enlarged Prostate Gland Treatment In Bangalore

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy | Brigham and Women’s Hospital

At Pristyn Care, we understand that treatment does not just mean surgery, so we take care of all patients from consultation to surgery to recovery. Some facilities provided by Pristyn Care are:

  • Free consultation with the best urologists in Bangalore at your convenience
  • Dedicated care buddy to help you with documentation and hospital admission, etc.
  • Help with the insurance claim process
  • Free cab facility on the day of the surgery for pick-up and drop
  • Free meal service during hospital admission
  • Free follow-up consultation within one week of the surgery
  • Treatment at the best urology hospitals in Bangalore with clean and hygienic surroundings

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What Is The Cost Of Robotic Prostatectomy In India

Robotic prostatectomy surgery is performed at very limited centres in India. The average cost of robotic prostatectomy in India is approximately Rs. 3,25,000 .

The average cost of robotic prostatectomy in Pace Hospitals, Hyderabad may vary from Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 3,50,000 . However, robotic prostatectomy surgery price depends upon the multiple factors such as room selection and insurance for cashless facility.

Prostatectomy: What To Expect During Surgery And Recovery

If youve been diagnosed withprostate cancer, your doctor will consider many factors before recommending the besttreatment. For many men, that may mean a prostatectomy. In this surgery,doctors remove the entire prostate.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital performs more of these procedures than almostanywhere else in the world. One of the most common questions they hear frompatients: What should I expect after surgery?

Johns Hopkins urologistMohamad Allaf, M.D., explains the surgery and recovery.

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After Prostatectomy: What To Expect

At the hospital : You should expect to be in the hospital for one night. At Johns Hopkins, all rooms on the urology floor are private. Here, nurses help patients get moving shortly after surgery to prevent blood clots and other postoperative risks.

First few days at home : After youre sent home, you might find that regular ibuprofen or acetaminophen will be sufficient pain management for the first few days. If over-the-counter medications arent enough, your doctor can help you with alternatives.

One week after surgery : After your surgery site heals, your catheter will be removed. This is usually seven to 10 days after surgery. This can easily be done at your doctors office. Some people decide to take out their catheter at home. If thats the case, ask your doctor for instructions first.

This is also about the time your surgeon will call you with the final pathology results. He or she will discuss what you should know and whether further treatment is necessary.

One month after surgery : Doctors recommend no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for at least one month after surgery. Most people take off work for three to four weeks. If you work from home, you could return to work sooner.

  • Urinary incontinence
  • Erectile dysfunction

Recovery from surgery takes time. These side effects are often temporary. However, if they are affecting your quality of life, ask your doctor about options that can help.

Prostate Cancer: Costs For Diagnosis Treatment And Care


Being diagnosed with prostate cancer is life-changing. Soon, you’ll have to choose your preferred initial treatment and healthcare provider.

Knowing what you can be expected to pay for prostate cancer care and treatment can help you feel in control. According to a 2019 study¹ a typical prostate cancer treatment costs around $2,800 per month. However, this can be lower or higher depending on:

  • Whether you have health insurance

  • The type of government assistance you receive

  • The type of specialized care you need

  • The type, stage, and grade of your prostate cancer

  • Your age, weight, and overall health

  • Previous medical history

In all, consider the following costs:

Have you considered clinical trials for Prostate cancer?

We make it easy for you to participate in a clinical trial for Prostate cancer, and get access to the latest treatments not yet widely available – and be a part of finding a cure.

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How Safe Is Holep Prostate Surgery

Holep prostate inoculation is now the trend in most of the centers. Once the technique is mastered, definitely, this is a safe surgery. The only precaution to be taken while performing this surgery as such many times is the morcellating the prostate lobes which are placed into the bladder, it may injure the bladder wall if not properly or if not partially distended.

Different Surgical Techniques For Treating Prostate Enlargement

Although there are many different treatments available for BPH treatment, TURP and HoLEP surgery are among the most effective and common treatments.

  • TURP surgery: TURP, or Transurethral Resection of the Prostate, is a minimally invasive surgery in which the surgeon uses a resectoscope to cut the excess part of the prostate and relieve the pressure on the urethra.
  • HoLEP surgery: HoLEP, or Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate, is a minimally invasive treatment for prostate enlargement, in which the surgeon uses a modified resectoscope with an attached laser. In this procedure, the surgeon uses a high-powered laser beam to cut the excess part of the prostate gland.

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What Is The Price Of Laser Prostate Surgery For Bph In Pace Hospitals

At Pace Hospitals, we offer world-class treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia to the patients. The price of laser prostate surgery or holep surgery for bph ranges vary from Rs. 1,60,000 to Rs. 1,85,000 and it depends upon the room selection for hospital stay, services availed during treatment apart from the surgery package and approvals in case of cashless treatment such as central government health scheme , health insurance, employees and journalists health scheme , employees state insurance etc.

Price Tag For Prostate Surgery In Us: $10000 To $135000

Robotic surgery for prostate cancer

There is precious little information about how well hospitals perform prostate cancer surgeries, as they report outcome data mostly only to government agencies. That lack of transparency is “a huge problem,” Bradley Erickson says.

You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4.0 International license.

The cost of prostate cancer at US hospitals vary widely, and researchers say a lack of transparency makes it difficult to figure out why.

A new study from the University of Iowa compared the cost of prostate cancer surgery at 100 hospitals throughout the United States. The quote for the procedure, the researchers found, varied from $10,100 to $135,000, a 13-fold range.

Only 10 of the hospitals that provided cost information divulged anesthesia and surgeon costs, key criteria to consider when pricing a surgical procedure. Moreover, just three hospitals provided a hard copy of the charges, further complicating a patients ability to compare costs, the study shows.

Such variability in pricing can produce significant confusion for consumers who are accustomed to the rules of free-market economics, which equate higher fees with higher quality, write the researchers in the journal Urology. Unfortunately, in health care, this has not been found to be true.

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Is Laser Operation Good For Prostate

What type of surgeon removes prostate?

This is the most common surgical approach used by urologists . If theres reason to believe the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes, the doctor will remove lymph nodes from around the prostate gland, in addition to the prostate gland.

What are side effects of prostate removal?

Side effects of prostate surgery. The major possible side effects of radical prostatectomy are urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction . These side effects can also occur with other forms of prostate cancer treatment.

What is the cost of TURP surgery?

The cost of Transurethral Resection of the Prostate depends upon multiple factors and ranges from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 2,50,000 in Delhi.

Worth The Cost A Closer Look At The Da Vinci Robots Impact On Prostate Cancer Surgery

Urology fellow, Jeremy Fallot, and nurse, Shauna Harnedy, assist in robotic surgery by Ruban Thanigasalam in Sydney, Australia.Credit: Ken Leanfore for Nature

Loved by surgeons and patients alike for its ease of use and faster recovery times, the da Vinci surgical robot is less invasive than conventional procedures, and lacks the awkwardness of laparoscopic surgery. But the robots US$2-million price tag and negligible effect on cancer outcomes is sparking concern that its crowding out more affordable treatments.

There are more than 5,500 da Vinci robots globally, manufactured by California-based tech giant, Intuitive. The system is used in a range of surgical procedures, but its biggest impact has been in urology, where it has a market monopoly on robot-assisted radical prostatectomies , the removal of the prostate and surrounding tissues to treat localized cancer. Uptake in the United States, Europe, Australia, China and Japan for performing this procedure has been rapid. In 2003, less than 1% of surgeons in the US performed a RARP in preference to open or laparoscopic surgery. By 2014, RARP accounted for up to 90% of radical prostatectomies across the country. When it comes to prostate cancer surgery in the United States, says Benjamin Davies, surgeon and professor of urology at the University of Pittsburgh, the die is cast there is only robotic surgery.

Nature Index Cancer 2020

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Tips To Choose A Hospital Overseas For Prostate Cancer Treatment

  • Select a JCI-certified hospital that has been catering to the needs of international patients.
  • Ask for the profile of the doctor. Check the background of the doctor, his experience, and his education before choosing one.
  • Check if the treatment is covered by insurance and check with the hospital if they accept the insurance provider.
  • Seek clear information on the cost of treatment, the estimated duration of stay, and the expected outcomes.
  • Choose a hospital that provides visa assistance by sending a visa invitation letter directly to the embassy.
  • Choose a hospital that is willing to provide additional services such as airport and hotel pickup and drop, overnight stay arrangement for the attendant, and translator services.

What Are You Paying For

How to Avoid Prostate Surgery Side Effects : By Choosing Prostate ...

Even more, the researchers learned there is precious little information about how well hospitals perform prostate cancer surgeries, as they report outcome data mostly only to government agencies.

That lack of transparency is a huge problem, Erickson says. It doesnt really incentivize any place to improve outcomes, because no one is holding us individually accountable for it.

That could be worrisome to health-care consumers who may face higher deductibles under the Affordable Care Act, Erickson notes. Were not ready for it , because most hospitals cant tell you how much they charge, he says. And the ones that do arent based on reality.

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