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Red Light Therapy For Prostate

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Laser Therapy For Enlarged Prostate

Our New Addiction! Red Light Therapy!

Most men will experience symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland once into their forties. We believe that this condition is caused by a build up of dead cells in the gland which accumulate and fail to clear away as the patient gets older. Many of our patients report good results from using Laser Therapy for Enlarged Prostate.

We have found cold laser to be extremely effective in gently clearing the dead cells away, which we administer with non-invasive protocols. At the same time we also balance the lymphatic system which increases the effectiveness of the bodys natural clearing system.

Results therefore improve general health, decrease the enlargement in the prostate gland which results in a much lesser need to pass water. Our patients have been able to stop taking traditional pharmaceutical medicines, return to normal urination and experience a renewed vigour and performance overall.

We have developed protocols for a less invasive Low Level Laser therapeutic procedure than that described in the BBC article below . We would like to clarify that Low Level Laser therapy is free of all sensation for the patient i.e. you do not feel anything as the treatment is been administered. Cold laser therapy is the most gentle and effective treatment that we know of for reducing an enlarged prostate gland.

Can Red Led Therapy Help With An Enlarged Prostate

As men age, they usually develop prostate problems such as benign prostatic hyperplasia . BPH is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland that affects over 75% percent of men when they reach middle age. It can cause embarrassing and disturbing symptoms of urinary system disorders.

Light therapy usually helps with skin issues, pain, tissue damage, and hair loss. Fortunately, recent discoveries in LED light therapy have shed new light on the treatment of enlarged prostate. Some researchers experimented with this treatment on other diseases and found that it is effective in relieving BPH. Let us take a closer look.

How Red Light Therapy Works

Photobiomodulation utilizes light within specific wavelengths. This is between 400 nanometers up to 1,200 nm , says Arany. Red light has wavelengths between 620 to 750 nm, according to the National Center for Atmospheric Research. This is visible light.

Blue, green, and red light have all been effectively used for PBM treatment, he says. Near-infrared light, which is a longer wavelength light , is also used in PBM and is available in infrared saunas. While this light may appear red, in reality infrared light is not visible, and instead heats the body from within to drive physiological changes.

Red light therapy, in particular, has grown in popularity in recent years and is perhaps the best known and easiest to access. Red light devices are easier to manufacture and are widely available, Arany says.

So how does it work? When photons are placed near the skin they enter tissues and activate chromophores , which triggers changes in cells, according to the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery. In addition, red light therapy also affects the mitochondria , generating ATP to promote healing, notes the PBM Foundation.

For red light therapy to work, specific protocols and dosages have to be used, depending on your health issue, which is why a knowledgeable practitioner is so important, says Arany. If possible, seek out this treatment from a hospital, university, or clinical setting. He recommends against red light therapy from salons or spas.

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What Else Do I Need To Know About Red Light Therapy

There are a lot of variables to consider when thinking about red light therapy:

  • Is RLT covered by my health insurance? Red light therapy is typically not a covered treatment. You may want to call your health insurance company before seeking treatment.
  • How many treatments will I need? Youll likely need ongoing treatments. This is not a one-time treatment for most skin conditions. Youll need to be seen one to three times a week for weeks or even months. Also, is there a need for additional touch-up treatments? This may add up to a lot of time and considerable out-of-pocket costs.
  • Will I achieve the desired results? Everyones skin is different so results can vary. Also, the wavelength of the red light source ranges. The wavelength affects how deeply the light penetrates your skin. The wavelength of the red light device being used in a doctors office versus in your at-home device could affect your desired result.
  • Do you trust the experience of the person providing the red light therapy? For example, is a tanning salon a place you feel comfortable receiving this treatment or might it be better to first be seen and possibly treated by a medical professional?
  • Is red light therapy an appropriate treatment for my skin condition? Are other, more scientifically vetted approaches a better choice for my skin condition? See your healthcare provider to confirm a diagnosis and discuss appropriate treatment options.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Excellent News For Men With Localized Prostate Cancer

LASTEK 630nm 86 Irradiate Probes Prostate Red Light Therapy Device

The researchers believe that the findings of their phase III trial indicate that VTP is a promising nonsurgical approach to the treatment of localized prostate cancer.

These results are excellent news for men with early localized prostate cancer, offering a treatment that can kill cancer without removing or destroying the prostate, notes Prof. Emberton.

This is truly a huge leap forward for prostate cancer treatment, which has previously lagged decades behind other solid cancers such as breast cancer.

In 1975 almost everyone with breast cancer was given a radical mastectomy, but since then treatments have steady improved and we now rarely need to remove the whole breast. In prostate cancer we are still commonly removing or irradiating the whole prostate, so the success of this new tissue-preserving treatment is welcome news indeed.

Prof. Mark Emberton

Prof. Emberton points out that prostate cancer can now be identified using magnetic resonance imaging and targeted biopsies, meaning that it is possible to identify men who are most likely to benefit from VTP and therefore deliver more precise therapy.

With such an approach we should be able to achieve a significantly higher remission rate than in the trial and send nearly all low-risk localized prostate cancers into remission, he adds.

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Miramate Led Prostate Pack

MiraMate LED Prostate Pack combines modern Red LED therapy with traditional Chinese acupuncture, magnifying the red LEDs healing effect. The red LEDs in the LED Prostate Pack covers acupoints, including the Guanyuan acupoint, Huiyin acupoint, and other acupoints on the back.

The Guanyuan acupoint is clinically used for urinary and reproductive system disorders, while the Huiyin acupoint regulates reproductive functions. The Huiyin acupoint is adjacent to the prostate, and the LED light can pass through the Huiyin acupoint to irradiate the prostate and enhance the treatment result. Therefore, MiraMate LED Prostate Pack is extra powerful for reducing inflammation and swelling of an enlarged prostate.

Moreover, MiraMate LED Prostate Pack also has blue LEDs that can deal with infections. The blue LED light can make cells release chemicals to fight off bacteria and viruses. Together with red LEDs, it makes the Prostate Pack a powerful healing device for prostate diseases.

MiraMate LED Prostate Pack is a powerful device for men who are near or in their middle age. It is an incredible, convenient device with powerful functions and can drive away nearly all of your embarrassing prostate or urinary problems. If you are troubled by prostate diseases, you should definitely give it a try.

Click to learn more about MiraMate LED Prostate Pack: MiraMate LED Prostate Pack

Blue Led Light Therapy For Disinfection

Although the causes and treatment of nonbacterial prostatitis are largely unknown, bacterial prostatitis is certainly caused by infection with uropathogens, especially gram-negative bacilli. The infection can start when bacteria in urine leak into the prostate.

Blue LED light Therapy activates endogenous porphyrins in cells, transferring energy with oxygen molecules. Cytotoxic singlet oxygen and reactive oxygen molecules are produced in this process, which results in cytotoxicity by reacting with proteins, lipids and nucleic acids of microbial cells. And this eventually leads to cell death of bacteria and viruses, achieving the goal of effective prostate disinfection.

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What Is Red Light Therapy At Tanning Salons

Although much safer on the eyes than traditional lasers, correct eye defense might be required while undergoing traffic signal treatment . RLT has shown appealing outcomes in treating some skin conditions, but within the clinical neighborhood, there’s not much consensus about the treatment’s advantages. Based upon the existing research, you may find that RLT is a good tool to add to your skin care routines.

You can easily acquire traffic signal devices online, however it’s best to get a physician’s opinion on any signs before you attempt to self-treat. Remember that RLT isn’t FDA-approved for many conditions or covered by insurance business. Any serious condition, like psoriasis, arthritis, slow-healing injuries, or pain must be had a look at by a physician. red light therapy side effects.

Red light therapy aims to resolve skin issues by utilizing low wavelength red light – red light therapy research. Many professionals think that it can aid with problems such as skin conditions, scarring, and indications of aging including wrinkles and age areas . There is some evidence to support a number of these claims, however RLT is no miracle cure.

Are Devices Purchased For At

Red Light Therapy Benefits – Does it Really Work?

Youll find many red light therapy products if you search on the internet. While these products are generally safe to use, they may use a lower wavelength frequency than devices that may be used by dermatologists or other trained skin professionals. You may not get the results you hope for.

If you do choose to purchase a red light therapy device, make sure to shield your eyes for protection, follow all directions and take good care of the device.

In addition to medical office-based use and at-home use with a purchased device, you may see RLT being promoted at beauty spas and salons, saunas, tanning salons, gyms and wellness centers. Be cautious of who is supplying and where you are receiving treatment. Its always best to check in with a medical professional about the best options to treat your skin condition or issue.

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Red Light Therapy Risks

Red light therapy is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration , according to the PBM Foundation. It is considered very safe, says Jagdeo, though theres certainly an opportunity for user error if youre utilizing an at-home device. For example, its possible to overuse the device, or use it more frequently than is recommended by the manufacturer. The fortunate news is that many at-home devices have an automatic timer and shutoff, says Jagdeo, which makes it easier not to overdo it. Always follow the instructions, and be aware that the Journal of Pain review noted a risk of worsening migraine symptoms for some users.

It’s also important to check in with the appropriate doctor to make them aware that red light therapy is in your treatment plan. Finally, seek treatment from a reputable practitioner. Light can cause damage, but if the right protocol is used, you dont see any side effects, says Jagdeo.

Red Light Therapy: Does It Work To Boost Overall Health

By Jillian Levy, CHHC

The year 2010 marked the 50th anniversary for medical laser treatments like red light therapy, providing a host of evidence regarding their benefits.

Through emitting red, low-light wavelengths through the skin, red light therapy may naturally jump-start the process of tissue recovery and other forms of rejuvenation. Its believed to work in such ways as increasing blood flow and stimulating collagen production.

Red light therapies have come a long way, but do they really work? Clinical studies show that, yes, red lightbox therapies have certain healing capabilities and medical applications, thanks to the way they positively affect the human endocrine and immune systems.

This treatment is now FDA-cleared for conditions like chronic joint pain and slow-to-heal wounds, and in the near future, we can expect to see more approvals as research continues to unfold.

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Who Can Have This Treatment

All patients with an enlarged prostate, known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia are suitable, including those on anticoagulants. Because we use powerful, third generation laser technology and proven techniques, we can treat men with large prostates, including those who have gone into retention and are dependent upon a catheter.

Technology Could Be Used To Treat Other Cancers

LASTEK 630nm 86 Irradiate Probes Prostate Red Light Therapy Device

“We can now pinpoint prostate cancers using MRI scans and targeted biopsies, allowing a much more targeted approach to diagnosis and treatment. This means we could accurately identify men who would benefit from VTP and deliver treatment more precisely to the tumour. With such an approach we should be able to achieve a significantly higher remission rate than in the trial and send nearly all low-risk localised prostate cancers into remission. We also hope that VTP will be effective against other types of cancer the treatment was developed for prostate cancer because of the urgent need for new therapies, but it should be translatable to other solid cancers including breast and liver cancer.”

The VTP therapy approach was developed by scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel in collaboration with STEBA Biotech, and the European phase I, II and III trials were all led by UCL. The drug used in the procedure, WST11, is derived from bacteria at the bottom of the ocean. To survive with very little sunlight, they have evolved to convert light into energy with incredible efficiency. This property has been exploited to develop WST11, a compound that releases free radicals to kill surrounding cells when activated by laser light.

One of the first people to be treated with VTP was UCLH patient Gerald, a man in his sixties who took part in the latest trial under the care of Professor Emberton. He says:

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Red Light Therapy For Cancer

Red light therapy is a form of therapy and the delivers energy to cells by applying a range of visible and other names for red light therapy include low level laser therapy, phototherapy, photo bio stimulation, and photo bio modulation. Red light therapy as an FDA approved treatment for acne, muscle and joint pain, arthritis, and compromise blood circulation and for reversing hair loss. There are over 50,000 studies available to read. Near infrared light is another form of electromagnetic radiation that is like red light in both frequency and its beneficial biologic effects

Red light ranges in wavelength from about 620-700 nm. Near infrared ranges from 700-1000 nm. The foremost efficiently observe wavelength of red and near infrared light have been found to be 620 nm, 670 nm, 716 nm and 830 nm.

Since there are 50,000 published papers on red and near infrared light therapies, the list becomes exhaustive. Some of them include Achilles tendinitis, age related macular degeneration, Alzheimers disease, Bells palsy, bone fractures, carpal tunnel, COPD, depression, diabetic foot, glaucoma, back pain, muscle pain, neuropathy, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, aging, fungus, and wound healing, enhanced brain function eliminate anxiety and depression relieve pain regrow hair and many others.

How does red light therapy work for cancer?

No Red Light Therapy Isnt A Medically Approved Treatment For Increasing Testosterone

Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently interviewed personal trainer Andrew McGovern, who advocates for the use of red light therapy to increase testosterone levels in men as part of his Tucker Carlson Originals series.

During the interview, Carlson refers to red light therapy as testicle tanning, a phrase. This comes as Carlson is promoting his documentary The End of Men, which states that decreasing testosterone levels in men is a problem in the U.S.

A urologist said later in a viral tweet that there is absolutely no data on testicle tanning, adding that it doesnt stimulate the production of testosterone.

No, red light therapy isnt a medically approved treatment for increasing testosterone levels.

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Possible Benefits Of Red Light Therapy

While research is promising on red light therapy, there are still conflicting studies and some show no benefit for certain health conditions. In general, studies need more standardization across the board depending on the condition for scientists and practitioners to fully understand red light therapy’s range of benefits. Below are potential promising uses for red light therapy, according to experts.

Who May Want To Try Red Light Therapy

RED LIGHT THERAPY: What It Is, Health Benefits & My Experience!

Red light therapy is designed as a supportive treatment. Meaning: Its unlikely that red light therapy will be the only treatment you use to address a health or skin-care problem. For instance, along with red light, you may also use a topical for acne or fine lines, notes Jagdeo.

If you are pregnant, you should avoid red light therapy, says Arany. And if you are treating a specific medical condition, get the okay from your doctor first.

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Combination Therapy Works Best

Testing is essential to evaluate your personalized biomarkers. Protocols unique to each patient based on testing. Remember, we are finding many diseases are now autoimmune. Predictive testing will allow you to be proactive and prevent autoimmune disease now or possibly in your future.

If you would like more information on autoimmune disease, please call us at .

Complete Remission For 49 Percent Of Vtp

VTP was developed by researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Isreal, in collaboration with biotechnology company STEBA Biotech.

The treatment involves the injection of a light-sensitive drug called WST11 derived from bacteria found at the bottom of the ocean into the bloodstream. Upon activation with a laser, the drug releases free radicals that destroy cancer cells in the prostate.

For their phase III trial, Prof. Emberton and colleagues enrolled 413 men from 47 treatment sites across 10 European countries, all of whom had been diagnosed with early localized prostate cancer and were under active surveillance.

Of these patients, 206 were randomized to receive VTP, while the remaining 207 patients continued with active surveillance .

Patients were followed-up for 2 years, undergoing PSA testing and assessment of urinary and erectile functions every 3 months, as well as prostate biopsies at 12 and 24 months.

At the end of the 2-year follow-up, the researchers found that 49 percent of patients treated with VTP had entered complete remission, compared with only 13.5 percent of patients who received active surveillance.

Noting the side effects of VTP, the researchers report that some men experienced urinary and erectile problems, but these resolved within 3 months of treatment initiation. At 2 years, no significant side effects were present.

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