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Prostate Cancer Home Test Kits

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Indicators Of Prostate Cancer

SelfCheck PSA Home Test Kit

As previously mentioned, prostate cancer will often present no symptoms in the early stages. If you have any concerns about prostate cancer, you should talk to your doctor.

If symptoms do occur, they may include:

  • An increased need to urinate, especially at night
  • A sudden need to urinate
  • Feeling like the bladder has not emptied fully
  • Difficulty starting or stopping a stream of urine
  • Pain in the pelvis, thighs, and back
  • Erectile dysfunction

You can screen for prostate cancer from home with LetsGetCheckeds at-home PSA test. This test is a screening tool which can help detect signs of prostate cancer in the blood. A raised PSA level can occur due to non-cancerous enlargement or inflammation of the prostate. These conditions also require further investigation.

What Can Cause Psa Levels To Rise

PSA velocity is the rate at which PSA levels change over time, and a rapid rise in PSA is alarming. PSA can be elevated due to many reasons including prostatitis, which is inflammation , or infection of the prostate. PSA levels can also rise due to an enlarged prostate, also called benign prostatic hyperplasia . Finally, having prostate cancer can lead to high levels of PSA.

Some factors can lead to elevated PSA levels, stressing out the patient in vain. For example, when a man ejaculates two days before the test, his test will show what is called a false positive. So, make sure you talk to your physician about it.

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Possible Harms From Diagnosis

Screening finds prostate cancer in some men who would never have had symptoms from their cancer in their lifetime. Treatment of men who would not have had symptoms or died from prostate cancer can cause them to have complications from treatment, but not benefit from treatment. This is called overdiagnosis.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed with a prostate biopsy. A biopsy is when a small piece of tissue is removed from the prostate and looked at under a microscope to see if there are cancer cells. Older men are more likely to have a complication after a prostate biopsy.

A prostate biopsy can cause

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What Do The Results Mean

Your results will share the nanograms per milliliter of PSA in your blood. This biomarker has stirred controversy over the years because there is no number considered normal. Typically, a PSA of 4 or higher would show an increased risk of prostate cancer.

According to the organization Zero Cancer, general PSA guidelines are:

  • 0 to 2.5 ng/mL is considered safe.
  • 2.6 to 4 ng/mL is safe for most, but you should talk with your doctor about other risk factors.
  • 4.0 to 10.0 ng/mL is suspicious and might suggest the possibility of prostate cancer. Its associated with a 25 percent chance of having prostate cancer.
  • 10.0 ng/mL and above is dangerous and should be discussed with your doctor immediately. Its associated with a 50 percent chance of having prostate cancer.

Its important to understand that this is not always the case. Some people with lower levels of PSA may have prostate cancer, and some people with higher levels of PSA might not have cancer. The PSA test is simply the first marker of prostate enlargement and cell activity.

Why Test For Haptoglobin Genetics

SELFCheck Prostate (PSA) Health Home Test Kit

Your chances of having heart disease or stroke depends, in part, on which Hp genotype you have. This is especially true for those with diabetes, for whom cardiovascular disease is a major cause of death. Those with the Hp2-2 genotype and diabetes have a 500% greater risk of heart attack or stroke than those with the Hp1-1 genotype¹.

This test identifies your Hp genotype. Knowing this helps your healthcare professional choose a treatment to help lower your risk of heart attack or stroke, including vitamin E therapy. Vitamin E therapy decreases the risk of experiencing a cardiovascular event among those with the Hp2-2 genotype and diabetes². However, vitamin E therapy may increase the risk of heart disease among those with the Hp2-1 genotype and diabetes³. This is why itâs so important to know your Hp genotype before you choose an appropriate therapy.

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What Are The Benefits And Risks Of A Psa Test

One benefit of PSA testing is the increased chance of finding prostate cancer before it spreads.

However, PSA testing is no longer routinely recommended because even in the potential of detecting all prostate cancers, it would not always lead to improved survival.

The CDC states that a false positive can lead to unnecessary worry and tests, like a biopsy, causing potential harm.

There are some cases where the amount of prostate cancer is so minimal that it would never be life threatening. of people who would have not had symptoms or died from their amount of prostate cancer may lead to more medical complications from the treatment, according to the CDC.

Some treatment side effects include:

  • urinary incontinence
  • erectile dysfunction

If youre concerned about your treatment plan, its a good idea to get a second opinion and weigh the pros and cons of treatment.

How Can I Lower My Cortisol Levels

Cortisol levels may be lowered by changing the medications youâre taking in consultation with your healthcare professional. If chronic stress is the cause of elevated cortisol, you may benefit from getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and reducing the amount of caffeine you drink.

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Tests To Diagnose And Stage Prostate Cancer

Most prostate cancers are first found as a result of screening. Early prostate cancers usually dont cause symptoms, but more advanced cancers are sometimes first found because of symptoms they cause.

If prostate cancer is suspected based on results of screening tests or symptoms, tests will be needed to be sure. If youre seeing your primary care doctor, you might be referred to a urologist, a doctor who treats cancers of the genital and urinary tract, including the prostate.

The actual diagnosis of prostate cancer can only be made with a prostate biopsy .

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What Should I Avoid Before A Psa Test

How to test Prostate Specific Antigen PSA
Can I work out before I take a PSA test?

While physical activity in general might help maintain a normal prostate, avoid heavy exercise directly before your PSA. Avoid exercise for a few days before your PSA test. Even bicycling, riding motorcycles or ATVs, or riding horses have been shown to elevate PSA slightly for a short period of time..

Can I have sex before I take a PSA test?
What about supplements and medications?

The following supplements or medications may have an affect on your PSA levels and should be discussed with your doctor. They may raise or lower your PSA and might not create a reliable test result:

  • Chemotherapy drugs
  • Carninte, fenugreek, pomegranate, saw palmetto, the herb PC-SPES, lycopene, and phytoestrogens.
Can alcohol or coffee consumption skew results?

Alcohol and caffeinated drinks are not established risk factors for prostate cancer and will not affect PSA levels. However, it is understood that heavy alcohol drinking could cause a small risk of more aggressive forms of prostate cancer. The bottom line here is that alcohol, caffeine and smoking do not cause false-positive elevations of PSA levels.

I have a urinary infection, is that a problem?

âPlease consult your doctor if you have a urinary tract infection or if you are taking antibiotics for a urinary tract infection. Please also consult a physician before taking a PSA test if you have recently suffered a pelvic injury or have had prostate or urinary tract surgery.

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When Should I Measure My Lp

Your healthcare professional may recommend this test if you have cardiovascular disease or to help assess your risk of cardiovascular disease, especially if you have risk factors such as diabetes, you are a smoker, or you are over the age of 65². Lp-PLA2 can be tested along with other biomarkers, such as C-reactive protein , to assess your risk for cardiovascular disease. Your healthcare professional may also recommend a cholesterol panel of tests.

When To See A Doctor

If you have elevated PSA levels, its best to schedule an appointment with a doctor. High PSA levels alone arent enough to diagnose any one condition because they can be elevated in several prostate conditions. Meeting with a doctor for further testing can help find the cause of the elevated levels and receive early treatment.

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Should You Know Your Psa Level

Instead of a national screening programme, there is an informed choice programme, called prostate cancer risk management, for healthy men aged 50 or over who ask their GP about PSA testing. It aims to give men good information on the pros and cons of a PSA test.

If youre aged 50 or over and decide to have your PSA levels tested after talking to a GP, they can arrange for it to be carried out free on the NHS.

If results show you have a raised level of PSA, the GP may suggest further tests.

Medical History And Physical Exam

20 x Prostate Test Kit Professional PSA Testing Cancer Screening Tests ...

If your doctor suspects you might have prostate cancer, you will be asked about symptoms you are having, such as any urinary or sexual problems, and how long you have had them. You might also be asked about possible risk factors, including your family history.

Your doctor will also examine you. This might include a digital rectal exam , during which the doctor inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum to feel for any bumps or hard areas on the prostate that might be cancer. If you do have cancer, the DRE can sometimes help tell if its only on one side of the prostate, if its on both sides, or if its likely to have spread beyond the prostate to nearby tissues. Your doctor may also examine other areas of your body.

After the exam, your doctor might then order some tests.

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What Does A High Prostate

An elevated PSA level may warrant follow-up tests, such as a digital rectal exam or urine test, to learn more about the cause. If a healthcare professional suspects prostate cancer, they may recommend additional tests and a prostate biopsy. Elevated levels of PSA can also be caused by an enlarged prostate, exercise, and sexual activity.

What Is Estimated Average Glucose

EAG is a measurement of your blood sugar over time and helps diabetics understand how well you are managing your blood sugar. It is based on your HbA1c results. While your glucose meter measures your blood sugar at the time of testing, EAG is the average of your blood glucose for the previous 2â3 months. This gives you and your healthcare professional an idea of how well your treatment plant is working to control your blood sugar.

While HbA1c is reported as a percentage, EAG is reported in mg/dL, just like your home-based glucose monitor. This makes it easy to compare results and follow your progress. Just keep in mind that EAG is not the same average that you get from your daily glucose meter readings¹. Diabetics tend to measure blood sugar more often when it is lowâupon waking and before eatingâwhereas EAG is an average of your glucose over the entire day.

See HbA1c for more.

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What Do Your Test Results Mean

In general, the higher your PSA level and the lower your free PSA level, the greater your risk of having prostate cancer. Ranges are determined by age. As you get older, your PSA levels will normally rise, even if you dont have prostate cancer.

Doctors also look at other aspects of PSA, including:

  • PSA velocity. Changes in your PSA levels, called PSA velocity, are another consideration. If your PSA levels rise rapidly, your risk of prostate cancer is greater.
  • Doubling. The faster your PSA doubles, the greater your risk of more aggressive prostate cancer. Doctors also use doubling time to determine if prostate cancer has spread in men who already have been diagnosed with the disease.

Biopsy During Surgery To Treat Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer Testing

If there is more than a very small chance that the cancer might have spread , the surgeon may remove lymph nodes in the pelvis during the same operation as the removal of the prostate, which is known as a radical prostatectomy .

The lymph nodes and the prostate are then sent to the lab to be looked at. The lab results are usually available several days after surgery.

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What Does A Low Level Of Testosterone Mean

Testosterone levels in people with testicles naturally decrease with age, a process distinct from male hypogonadism, which occurs when the testicles fail to produce testosterone. The risk of male hypogonadism is increased by many conditions, including type 2 diabetes, HIV infection, or if the testicles are removed to treat cancer.

How Can I Prepare For An At

Most at-home PSA kits recommend that you collect blood samples first thing in the morning, but no fasting is required.

While no food or drinks are proven to skew results, imaware notes that some supplements and medications may raise or lower PSA levels.

You should consult with your doctor if youre undergoing chemotherapy or taking any of the following medications or supplements:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Heavy exercise can also temporarily increase PSA levels, leading to inaccurate results. According to LetsGetChecked, even seemingly simple activities, like riding a bike, may increase your PSA level. Its best to refrain from exercise for a few days prior to testing.

Prostate infections, urinary retention, urologic procedures, or recent pelvic injuries can also impact your PSA levels, so its best to consult with your doctor if youre experiencing an infection or taking antibiotics.

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When Should I Measure My Hba1c Levels

Other than elevated blood sugar, there are usually no symptoms accompanying prediabetes other than, possibly, areas of darkened skin, including on the neck, armpits, elbows, knees, or knuckles³. Prediabetes can progress to type 2 diabetes, at which point symptoms can include increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision³.

If you have prediabetes, it is recommended that you test HbA1c once a yearâ´. For diabetics, the American Diabetes Association recommends testing your HbA1c at least twice a year to monitor the progress of your treatmentâµ.

Pros And Cons Of The Psa Test

Prostate Health Check


  • it may reassure you if the test result is normal
  • it can find early signs of cancer, meaning you can get treated early
  • PSA testing may reduce your risk of dying if you do have cancer


  • it can miss cancer and provide false reassurance
  • it may lead to unnecessary worry and medical tests when there’s no cancer
  • it cannot tell the difference between slow-growing and fast-growing cancers
  • it may make you worry by finding a slow-growing cancer that may never cause any problems

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Prostate Psa Blood Test


This Prostate blood test will check your levels of PSA in your blood, which can be a sign of prostate cancer if elevated.

Blood taken by a professional in-clinic:

Visit one of our nationwide clinics to have your blood taken from a vein in your arm by a healthcare professional.

Test conducted in-clinic with rapid results:

Visit a clinic to have a blood sample taken from your finger and tested using our gold standard rapid analyser with one of our healthcare professionals.

The advantage of this test is that it removes the need to send your blood to a lab for analysis.

Your results will be presented at the end of your appointment, signed by our clinician.

Sample taken at home using a test kit:

Sample taken at home with a test kit: Well send you a complete kit to collect a sample at home.

Book your Appointment

In the UK, 1 in 8 men with get prostate cancer in their lifetime. Risk increases with age and is even higher for black men and men with a family history of prostate cancer.

If you are aged 45 or over, or have risk factors such as family history of prostate cancer, this test will help identify your PSA levels.It is also suitable for individuals who have previously been diagnosed with prostate cancer and want to monitor their PSA levels.

What Is Good Vs Bad Cholesterol

LDL is a molecule that carries cholesterol in the bloodstream to cells throughout the body, including the cells lining our blood vessels. It is known as âbad cholesterolâ because it contributes to the buildup of plaque in blood vessels. The greater your level of LDL, the greater your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

HDL is known as âgood cholesterolâ because it lowers overall cholesterol levels. It does this by transporting cholesterol from cells back to the liver to be expelled from the body. The more HDL you have in your body, the lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Total cholesterol gives a reading of the total amount of cholesterol in your blood without differentiating between LDL and HDL. The greater your total total cholesterol level, the greater the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Triglycerides are the main form of fats in our body and diet. They transport certain vitamins through the body, provide energy, and help insulate and protect cells. Triglycerides are stored in fat cells and they accumulate when you consume more calories than you burn. Having a higher level of triglycerides in your body puts you at greater risk for cardiovascular diseases.

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What Is A Dangerous Psa Level

The higher your PSA level, the higher the risk for prostate cancer. While PSA levels may fluctuate during your lifetime, a consistent rise in PSA over time can indicate prostate cancer.

If you have a PSA level , youre considered to be in the borderline range, according to the ACS. You have a 1 in 4 chance of having prostate cancer.

If PSA levels rise above 10, theres a 50 percent chance you have prostate cancer.

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