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Pemf Therapy For Prostate Cancer

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Pemf Therapy To Treat Men With Bph

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy testimonial Prostate/Urinary urgency/Sleep

The Parsemus Foundation collaborated with medical researchers from Sapienza University in Rome on a small trial using a similar treatment regimen and handheld PEMF device as used in the successful canine study. After one month of treatment with a Magcell® Microcirc PEMF device, the 27 patients had significantly decreased symptoms and a median decrease of 5.4% of prostate size. Men with moderate-severe lower urinary tract symptoms and without metabolic syndrome benefited more from the treatment. The study was published in Andrology.

While more research is needed in men to optimize the results, those who are particularly bothered by BPH symptoms, havent had success with herbal medicine , do not have prostate cancer, and dont want surgery may decide in conjunction with their doctors to get one of the PEMF devices and try it.

Research How Pemf Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients

PEMF therapy has been used previously in studies for many different types of cancer including breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, and many more.

While studies have been conducted with humans in the United States, studies are found in great numbers using animals that have cancer.

New advancements in medical technology and research show promise that alternative therapies can be used in combination with conventional medical treatment options.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, now is the time to research and compare your options for both conventional and alternative therapies.

If you would like to learn more about PEMF therapy can heal the body, and how PEMF therapy can benefit cancer patients, please visit today.

Prostatitis And Electromagnetic Field

The impact of a magnetic field on the prostate gland is expressed in the following effects:

  • vessels and capillaries expand, blood fluidity increases, which contributes to the enhancement of metabolic processes in the tissues of the prostate gland and its surrounding organs
  • improves blood flow and permeability of cell membranes, which allows you to strengthen local immunity and more actively resist the inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate
  • swelling of the prostate is removed – the patient gets a noticeable relief after just a few sessions
  • affects the nerve endings and reduces the sensitivity of peripheral nerve receptors, so that the pain subsides. The sedative effect allows you to normalize sleep and relieve emotional stress
  • improves metabolism in the tissues of the prostate, increases the absorption of drugs, which enhances the effect of their use.

Indirect causes of prostatitis may be stagnant processes in the tissues of the prostate gland. The magnetic field allows you to eliminate stagnation due to the activation of intercellular metabolism – the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, as well as the withdrawal of products, is faster. Due to this, after treatment, the patient’s pain decreases and urination improves – the prostate gland begins to perform its functions.

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Therapeutic Use Of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Reduces Prostate Volume And Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms In Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia etiology remains poorly understood, but chronic low-grade inflammation plays a role. Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy are effective in reducing tissue inflammation.

We designed a pilot study to evaluate the effects of PEMF on prostate volume in BPH.

This is a prospective interventional trial on 27 naïve patients with BPH and lower urinary tract symptoms . At baseline , all patients had blood tests, trans-rectal ultrasound, questionnaires and received a perineal PEMF device to deliver 5 minutes twice daily for 28 days, when all baseline evaluations were repeated. Afterwards, 9 patients continued therapy for 3 more months and 15 discontinued . A 4 months evaluation was performed in both groups.

A reduction was observed both at V1 and V2 in PV: PVV0 44.5mL vs PVV1 42.1mL vs PVV2 41.7mL . IPSS was reduced both at V1 and V2 : IPSSV0 11 vs IPSSV1 10 vs IPSSV2 9 . Baseline IPSS was related with IPSS reduction both at V1 and V2 . PV reduction in patients without metabolic syndrome was greater than in affected patients . No changes were found in gonadal hormones or sexual function.

PEMF were able to reduce PV after 28 days of therapy. Symptoms improves in a short time, with no effects on hormonal and sexual function, high compliance and without side-effects. Patients with moderate-severe LUTS and without MetS seem to benefit more from this treatment.

Andrology. 2020 Feb 23

Studies Using Pemf Therapy For Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Prostate Health Care

Research has continued for decades as PEMF wellness devices have evolved.

This is great news for both patients and doctors as they continue to work together to find the right solution for each individual.

While medications may reduce the size of the prostate, they also come with side effects and possible complications.

The most recent studies using PEMF for BHP show tremendous promise for those who seek relief.

There is a recent study that was conducted with humans, and there was also one with dogs as well.

The study with humans was conducted with an age group of men ages 68-78.

The study broke the group in half, giving one group medication while the other group used PEMF therapy.

Those who were given PEMF therapy for two weeks, were given therapy daily for 2 weeks for 30 minutes each day.

Ultrasounds were also given to measure the size of the prostate and the volume of urine.

This study resulted in the following:

When looking at the IPSS, there is a significant decrease in size of the prostate following consistent PEMF therapy.

Those who were given PEMF also noted an improvement in symptoms as well.

The follow-up of the study is also important because as treatment is maintained and the condition continues to improve, it shows that this therapy is effective with no side effects.

Reducing inflammation has in fact been a key to reducing the size of the prostate, and most importantly, this has encouraged the use of alternative therapies.

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Assay For Serum Testosterone

Blood was sampled by vein-puncture at T0 and T3. Testosterone was measured considering the physiological secretory patterns. All collections were made between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. The blood collected was immediately centrifuged so the serum could be separated and stored at 20°C until assay. Testosterone was measured by a chemiluminescence technique .

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy In Cancer

Several mechanisms of PEMF therapy have been elucidated with regards to cancer. These studies have shown that PEMF therapy may exert proliferative inhibition and mitotic spindle disruption, block the development of neovascularization required for tumor growth, and exacerbate an inherent or induced genetic instability by reducing the stringency of the late-cycle checkpoint. PEMF therapy also modulates gene expression and protein synthesis, interacting with specific DNA sequences within gene promoter regions. PEMFs also have an immunomodulatory effect, as supported by in vivo evidence showing an increase in tumor necrosis factor alpha levels that induce an anti-tumoral response.Changes in blood pressure, skin electrical resistance, and pulse amplitude in 163 oncology patients exposed to tumor-specific PEMF frequencies have also been reported suggesting that PEMF therapy does not only target neoplastic cells, but may also have systemic effects. However, long-term PEMF treatment has been shown to be non-toxic, and employs 100,000 times lower frequencies as compared with radiofrequency ablation that is also employed for treatment of many cancers. While chemotherapy is not specific to cancer cells and targets all rapidly dividing cells, PEMFs exert selective cytotoxic effect on neoplastic cells, making this therapy a highly promising strategy.

In Vivo Studies

Human Clinical Studies

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Noninvasive Treatment For Men Suffering From Enlarged Prostate

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy decreased prostate volume and improved the symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia, cites research published in Andrology

Parsemus Foundation

image: Inflammatory hypothesis underlying benign prostatic hyperplasia pathogenesis and biophysical mechanism of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy efficacy.view more

Physicians from Sapienza University in Rome have published promising results of a small prospective interventional trial using noninvasive pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia . After one month of treatment, prostate volume and symptoms significantly decreased. Men with moderate-severe lower urinary tract symptoms and without metabolic syndrome benefitted more from the treatment. The study was recently published in Andrology, the highest ranked journal of andrological research.

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a common affliction of older men

A poorly understood disease

Risk factors for BPH include age, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and metabolic syndrome. The etiology of the disease is not completely known, but inflammatory damage is the most likely cause. Inflammation triggers fibrosis and lack of oxygen to affected tissue, resulting in structural changes in the prostate. This creates a cycle of inflammation-fibrosis-hypoxia-inflammation, which in turn causes glandular remodeling and tissue growth .

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Nonsurgical Treatment For Enlarged Prostate On The Horizon

PEMF for Cancer Treatment – Bemer Therapy Reviews
Parsemus Foundation

Enlarged prostate is a common problem in older males . Parsemus Foundation sponsored a study by Dr. Raffaella Leoci to investigate a potential new non-invasive treatment in dogs with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The method was very effective at reducing the size of the prostate gland and we expect that it is relevant for human use too.

The study was just published in the journal The Prostate.

What is benign prostatic hyperplasia?

BPH results from urogenital aging. Recent studies suggest that an age-related impairment of the blood supply to the lower urinary tract plays a role in the development of BPH and thus may be a contributing factor in the pathogenesis of BPH.

Simple and effective treatment for canine prostate disease could also help humans

The new method used in the study to treat dogs with BPH was pulsed electromagnetic field therapy . PEMF is a noninvasive method that generates both an electrical and magnetic field and is used in orthopedics, neurology, and urology. It has been reported to have an anti-inflammatory effect and increases healing and blood circulation. The idea of using this method for BPH is to improve prostate blood flow and reduce the size of the prostate gland.

How does pulsed electromagnetic field therapy work?

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How Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy Administered

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is a completely noninvasive procedure. It usually involves the use of a special mat or pad that emits the low intensity electromagnetic field. The mat or pad is connected to a device that allows you to control and monitor the frequency and intensity of the pulse. The exact timing and intensity will vary based on your health needs and your specific diagnosis. Experts generally recommend applying Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy for eight minutes, twice per day.

Treatment Of Human Cancer With Pemf Therapy

In a human study done in China, magnetic fields were studied in the treatment of patients with advanced cancers of various kinds. Unfortunately, the entire article is a written in Chinese, so it is not available in complete form to those not fluent in that language. In this study, 137 patients with advanced malignant tumors were exposed to what amounts to a sinusoidal magnetic field of approximately 7 Hz, at 4000 Gauss, for 2 hours a day for between 30 to 50 days. The clinical benefit was 60%. 28 patients had a complete response and 54 had a partial response. The median overall survival was 12 months. The 1-year, 2-year and 3-year survival rates were 47.0%, 11.8%, 3.4%, respectively. Complications were minimal. There were no treatment related deaths.

Unfortunately, the survival rates in individuals with advanced cancers normally tend to be very poor. If life can be extended comfortably to even a limited degree, this could be a very important benefit. The conclusion of the study is that the PEMF therapy seems to have improved the quality of life of these individuals and in many cases probably prolonged their survival.

Han JQ, Liu Q, Sun CT, Yao J, Zhao B, Wang H. Efficacy and safety of low-frequency rotary magnetic fields in the treatment of patients with advanced malignant tumors. Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi. 2013 Jun 35:468-71.

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What Is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy is a non-invasive cancer therapy that is increasing the length and quality of life in patients with stage 1 to stage 4 cancer. PEMF therapy brings health benefits to treated patients by enhancing the patients prognosis and increasing effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy and reducing drug dosage. Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is an approved therapy for brain cancer in the US. Many other cancers have been shown to be effectively treated by PEMF as well. PEMF as well also treats many symptoms experienced by cancer patients, including pain and swelling . We have treated many cancer patients using high gauss Health Canada approved PEMF devices at our cancer clinic with great success.

Pulsed electromagnetic field devices provide both magnetic and electrical stimulation that is pulsed onto the affected area of the human body for several minutes. The duration and intensity of PEMF therapy are individualized on a case-to-case basis. Our clinic uses high powered PEMF units that are able to deliver very strong pulsed electrical fields so treatment time is at a minimum.

Health Effects Of Static Magnetic Fields

Prostate Webinar â PEMF training

Cells and tissues of the human body are sensitive to the action of magnetic fields, especially water-rich tissues .

Application of the magnetic field gives rise to flow-induced in the tissues which stimulates charge of cell membranes of adjacent cells. The results are: the increase of membrane permeability, metabolic activation and delivery of biologically active substances to cells.

The key therapeutic effects are: decongestion effect , analgesic , anti-inflammatory effect, relaxing effect.

Penetrating rate of magnetic fields is about 6 cm allows to treat abnormal changes in the human body, which are located deep in tissues for example prostatitis.

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Prostate Hyperplasia Or Enlargement And Pemf

  • Prostate Hyperplasia or enlargement and PEMF


By Dr. William Pawluk

Prostate hyperplasia, also known as benign prostate hyperplasia , is a fairly common problem for men. It can lead to urinary obstruction, often considered a medical emergency, if severe enough. Biopsy proven BPH increases from 8 percent in men aged 31-40, to 40-50 percent in men aged 51 to 60, to over 80 percent in men older than age 80. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a result of urogenital aging. Recent studies suggest that an age-related impairment of the blood supply to the lower urinary tract plays a role in the development of BPH and thus may be a contributing factor in the development of BPH.

Medications may slightly reduce prostate size and improve symptoms but have less benefit as the prostate gets larger. A definitive solution for BPH is surgical, or other invasive interventions, to reduce the size of the prostate and improve the flow of urine. BPH has been treated with various types of destructive high energy electromagnetic radiation methods such as transurethral needle ablation , interstitial laser therapy , and holmium laser resection . Unfortunately, these therapies often lead to major complications, including urinary incontinence and impotence. Because of the complications of these invasive procedures men will often try to live with their obstruction symptoms as long as possible.

New studies show improvement with PEMF

BPH from Chronic Inflammation

In Conclusion

Pemf Therapy Can Benefit Cancer Patients And Improved Quality Of Life

Even those in remission from Cancer can have long lasting side effects.

This is specifically true of those that have undergone radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

PEMF Therapy is proving to be a very beneficial option for relief from these side effects.

What are the 4 major ways PEMF therapy can benefit cancer patients?

  • It is non-invasive. There are no invasive techniques involved when using PEMF therapy. This therapy is available to you today to use in the comfort of your own home. Most PEMF devices are made in the form of a mat that you lie on. There are no needles or IVs needed to experience PEMF Therapy.
  • It is safe to use. There are no known side effects to low intensity PEMF Therapy. You can lay your PEMF mat on a flat surface and lay on top of it to receive the wonderful benefits of the pulsed magnetic field. PEMF devices can be used in the home for humans and pets.
  • No risk of toxicity. Chemotherapy, although still one of the foremost conventional treatments, has a harsh impace on the body. The greatest challenge with chemotherapy is that while it does kill cancer cells, it also kills the healthy cells as well. The destruction of healthy cells can suppress the immune system and in turn it makes fighting off disease much more difficult. PEMF therapy has been shown to oxygenate the blood and enhance the health and life of healthy blood cells, while repairing the damaged blood cells.
  • There are times when even the best immune system can be fooled by cancer.

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    Pemf Therapy Decreases Chemotherapy Complications

    Patients commonly report complications from chemotherapy. PEMF is useful for reducing the amount of time it takes to heal after chemotherapy. PEMF can mitigate the local injury that results from an intravenous chemotherapy injection, such as inflammation, clot formation, and hardened veins.

    Breast cancer cells were exposed to both PEMFs and various chemotherapy agents. This exposure caused additional decreases in cancerous mitochondrial activity compared to chemotherapy alone. With decreased mitochondrial activity, cancer cells are unable to carry out functions related to growth and metastases.

    Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy A Promising Treatment For Dogs With Enlarged Prostates

    Truly Heal Cancer with PEMF | PEMF are Used in Europe For Cancer Treatment

    Researchers from the University of Bari, Italy have reportedly discovered an effective method of treating benign prostatic hyperplasia in dogs that doesn’t involve surgery or drugs.

    Their study, published online in The Prostate and scheduled to appear in print in August, details their use of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to treat dogs with enlarge prostates.

    “The results demonstrate the safety and efficacy of this therapy in reducing prostatic volume without negative impacts on libido or seminal parameters,” researchers reported in their published study. “Although the mechanism of action of PEMF therapy is not completely clear, the results of this study show a possible improvement in blood flow, supporting the theory that BPH might be caused by blood flow impairment.”

    Because of its non-invasive nature, scientists reported that the use of PEMF even keeps dogs calm and relaxed throughout the process.

    “Dogs are not stressed by the therapy. Since it’s applied as if it were a belly rub, dogs accept the PEMF application as a relaxing moment with the owner,” said Dr. Raffaella Leoci, the study’s lead researcher, in a news release.

    The treatment’s safety and efficacy demonstrated in dogs suggests the potential for similar results in humans, but more research is needed to understand the precise mechanism of action for PEMF and anatomical differences between human and canine prostates, researchers said.

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