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Is Honey Good For The Prostate

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How Does Pumpkin Seed Oil Help

How Ginger Destroys Prostate, Ovarian and Colon Cancer – Better Than Chemo – HEA. Tube

Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc, carotenoids and phytosterols â compounds thought to support prostate health.

There is more zinc in a healthy prostate than in any other area of the body, but levels are lower in men with BPH or prostate cancer. Whatâs more, a carotenoid-rich diet has been found to reduce the risk of BPH, whilst phytosterols can help relieve the symptoms of BPH.

Is There Anything I Should Watch Out For When It Comes To Honey

Yes! A lot of honey on the shelf is being adulterated with fructose syrup and high fructose syrup. It may be best to buy your honey directly from a local beekeeper. Plus, supporting local beekeepers supports local hives.

Bees need our help to stay alive! They are facing their own health epidemic right now. You can learn more at this link.

Eat Tomatoes And Other Red Foods

Tomatoes, watermelon, and other red foods owe their bright color to a powerful antioxidant called lycopene. Some recent studies show that men who consume this fruit and tomato-based products have a lower risk of prostate cancer than those who dont. However, the American Institute for Cancer Research cautions that studies linking tomatoes to prostate cancer prevention are limited and ongoing.

A 2018 study from Spain suggest that cooking tomatoes makes it easier for your body to absorb lycopene. The redder the tomato, the better because lycopene accumulates during ripening. That means that pale, store-bought tomatoes that are picked too early have less lycopene than vine-ripened tomatoes.

  • Drinking four to five cups of coffee every day can lower your chances of fatal and high-grade prostate cancer, according to a 2014 review of clinical studies.
  • Regardless of how many cups you drink overall, every three cups of coffee you drink can reduce your risk of fatal prostate cancer about 11 percent.

This describes a dose-response relationship between prostate cancer and coffee. That means the effect on prostate cancer goes up or down with the amount of coffee you drink. These effects may not extend to someone who only grabs an occasional cup.

However, high doses of caffeine can cause major health issues, such as irregular heartbeat and seizures. The Mayo Clinic cautions against ingesting more than 400 milligrams of caffeine a day, the equivalent of four cups of brewed coffee.

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Natural Therapy And Natural Remedies

A low-fat or vegetarian anti-cancer diet is important for prostate cancer treatment as well as natural hormone therapy. Valuable natural remedies for prostate cancer include cayenne pepper capsules, corn silk tea, pumpkin seeds, and saw palmetto.

For my kidney stone stuck at my uretea 2 tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar dissolved in 8 oz of water before breakfast and after lunch and dinner, AND for my prostate cancer stage 4

2 table spoon baking soda and 2 table spoon of molasses OR honeybee syrup 8 oz of water, mix and drink before lying to bed, why?? well, muscle must relax..

Now Iâm free of those 2 nightmare of my life but I still keep taking those DOSE to make sure Iâm free. check ur urine PH

My expenses 268 pesos for molasses

263 pesos for Apple Cider Vinegar 21 pesos for baking soda total- 552 pesos


If you maintain your ph at 7 that will stop the cancer, the cancer cells donât divide at a ph of 7. If you can maintain a PH of 8.5 for a few days at the ph over 7 the cells start to die off. Using Baking soda and a sugar carrier like molasses. You have to get some litmus strips to measure your ph. And be prepared for some side effects like headaches and loose bowels. Mix two tabelspoons of baking soda, thats soda not powder! In a cup of water in a pan stir till it clears then add a tablespoon of molasses. Let it cool and then drink it down. Build it up to three a day untill the ph is 8 or above.

Proteomics Reveals How Ancient Remedy Slows Prostate Tumor Cell Proliferation

Flaxseed and Prostate Cancer: Does It Work?

May 4, 2012

An over-the-counter natural remedy derived from honeybee hives arrests the growth of prostate cancer cells and tumors in mice, according to a new paper from researchers at the University of Chicago Medicine.

Caffeic acid phenethyl ester, or CAPE, is a compound isolated from honeybee hive propolis, the resin used by bees to patch up holes in hives. Propolis has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for conditions ranging from sore throats and allergies to burns and cancer. But the compound has not gained acceptance in the clinic due to scientific questions about its effect on cells.

In a paper published in Cancer Prevention Research, researchers combined traditional cancer research methods with cutting-edge proteomics to find that CAPE arrests early-stage prostate cancer by shutting down the tumor cells system for detecting sources of nutrition.

If you feed CAPE to mice daily, their tumors will stop growing. After several weeks, if you stop the treatment, the tumors will begin to grow again at their original pace, said Richard B. Jones, PhD, assistant professor in the Ben May Department for Cancer Research and Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology and senior author of the study. So it doesnt kill the cancer, but it basically will indefinitely stop prostate cancer proliferation.

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Packs Several Compounds With Anti

Bee pollen has been used traditionally to reduce inflammation and swelling.

An animal study showed that bee pollen extract reduced swelling of rats paws by 75% .

In fact, its anti-inflammatory effects have been compared to several nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as phenylbutazone, indomethacin, analgin and naproxen .

Bee pollen packs several compounds that can reduce inflammation and swelling, including the antioxidant quercetin, which lowers the production of inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids, such as arachidonic acid .

Whats more, plant compounds in bee pollen may suppress biological processes that stimulate the production of inflammatory hormones such as tumor necrosis factor (

Myths About Nutrition And Cancer

Dispelling some myths:

  • Coffee does not increase your risk of cancer
  • Lycopene, selenium, vitamin E supplements do not lower the risk of prostate cancer
  • It’s not as simple as “sugar feeds cancer”Insulin is the key factor.

To control insulin levels in your body, choose minimally processed grains and include healthy fats exercise nearly everyday keep your body fat, especially belly fat low.

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Turmeric Could Help You Cope With Arthritis Pain

There are many different types of arthritis, and all of these diseases are known to cause painful symptoms in the patient.

The particular ways that Curcumin interacts with the human body also makes it an ideal candidate for helping to relieve the symptoms experienced by patients who had been diagnosed with arthritis.

Researchers at the Nirmala Medical Centre in India compared the effects of curcumin supplements to a popular pharmaceutical drug used to treat arthritis6. All patients in the study had been diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis. There were three groups of patients, divided as follow:

  • Group 1: 500mg of Curcumin per day
  • Group 2: 50mg of Diclofenac sodium per day
  • Group 3: 500mg of Curcumin + 50mg of Diclofenac sodium per day

To the surprise of the researchers, those patients who only took the supplement that contained Curcumin had the most significant reduction in their pain and inflammation symptoms.

This led to the conclusion that Curcumin may be a highly effective option for treating these conditions and the compound does not cause some of the serious side-effects that have been associated with pharmaceutical interventions like Diclofenac sodium.

Trans Fats Inflammation And Prostate Cancer

Home Remedies for Enlarged Prostate or BPH Natural and Ayurvedic

Several studies have established the association between trans fats and prostate cancer.

In 2005, a study published in the journal, Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers, and Prevention showed that serum trans fats are linked with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

Using data from B-carotene and Retinol Efficacy Trial, this nested case-control study explored the relationships between prostate cancer and serum phospholipid trans-fatty acids in 272 prostate cancer patients and 426 control men.

The results found that serum phospholipid C18 trans-fatty acids were associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer.

There is evidence that chronic inflammation plays a role in the progression of prostate cancer. Therefore the link between trans fats and inflammation may also explain their associations with prostate cancer risk.

Refined carbohydrates are considered unhealthy carbohydrates. They are produced from plant sources of carbohydrates by removing the fiber, nutrients, and other natural components except for the highly digestible carbohydrate.

Refined carbohydrates are mostly simple carbohydrates. They are easily digestible and can rapidly increase blood sugar levels.

Examples of refined carbohydrates include sweetened fruit juice, soft drinks, sweetened canned fruit, bread, bagels, muffins, cakes, cookies, pie, candy bars, cupcakes, and donuts.

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The Honeybee Solution To Prostate Cancer

Disclaimer: Results are not guaranteed*** and may vary from person to person***.

Amazing new health news shows that a simple over-the-counter natural remedy made from the hives of honeybees just might halt prostate cancer in its tracks. It has the medical community buzzing about a new method of cancer prevention.

Caffeic acid phenethyl ester is a compound isolated from honeybee hive propolis. Propolis, resin used by bees to patch up holes in hives, is already a mainstay of natural medicine. Propolis has been long used for conditions ranging from sore throats and allergies to burns and cancer. But the compound has not gained acceptance in mainstream medicine due to scientific questions about its effect on cells.

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That may be about to change. The study, published in Cancer Prevention Research, combined traditional cancer research methods with cutting-edge technology to find that CAPE stops early-stage prostate cancer by shutting down the tumor cells system for detecting sources of nutrition. Starving them, if you will.

Basically: feeding CAPE to mice every day made their tumors stop growing. When the treatment is stopped, a couple weeks later, the tumors grow normally again. Clearly, there is some relation here.

What The Research Says

As previously mentioned, honey has polyphenols. These are mainly phenolic acid derivatives, phenolic acids, and flavonoids. One study looked at the pro-oxidant and antioxidant effects of polyphenols in prostate cancer.

Polyphenols could act as both:

  • Pro-oxidant agents by amplifying ROS production.
  • Antioxidant molecules by scavenging for free radicals to curb oxidative stress.

Further data showed similar results. Researchers examined the possibility of honeydew honey, manuka honey, and New Zealand thyme for decreasing metastatic cancer development. Their impact was evaluated in prostate cancer cell lines. Based on the reports, non-toxic concentrations of honeydew and thyme honey curbed cell migration by 20%.

All of their phenolic agents decreased cell migration. In other words, honey and the sugar it contains, paired with the phenolic compounds, can decrease the metastatic properties of carcinoma cells. They could achieve this by preventing efficient cell adhesion.

Based on reports, dark honey features more illness-fighting agents than light honey. The nectar foraged has profound nutritional importance. What the bees eat will determine the antioxidant value the natural honey carries.

The roles of dietary polyphenols for managing an enlarged prostate have yet to be explored.

Several other polyphenols such as curcumin and cinnamon feature potent beneficial compounds. They have renowned anti-inflammatory activities, which could aid the prostate.

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Which Yoga Is Best For Prostate

Symptoms of Prostate Enlargement can be alleviated with the use of five yoga poses.

  • The following poses: Kegels, Hero Pose, Cobbler Pose, Head to Knee Pose, Reclining Big Toe Pose, Bow Pose, and Finding a Studio

What are the benefits of yoga positions for an enlarged prostate?

  • Stress may be reduced by yoga, which reduces the likelihood of BPH symptoms becoming worse. The asanas listed below are beneficial for strengthening the pelvic floor and may also assist to alleviate the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. They can also aid in the reduction of stress. 1.
  • 2.

Natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

Is Manuka Honey Good For Cancer Patients

Natural remedies for enlarged prostate have proved to be efficient in relieving BPH symptoms. Regardless of whether you are taking BPH drugs or not, these natural remedies will help you shrink your prostate in a matter of seconds!

But, first of all, lets understand what exactly prostate enlargement is!

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Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Each Day Helps Lower Your Blood Pressure Levels

According to Healthy and Natural World, as many as one-third of people worldwide may be struggling with high blood pressure. High blood pressure, or hypertension, can be serious or even fatal and can cause anything from stroke to heart attack to kidney disease to dementia, as reported by Hypertension Canada.

Earth Clinic reports that drinking apple cider vinegar each day tops its list of home remedies for lowering high blood pressure naturally.

The dosage you need can vary depending on how much help you need to lower your blood pressure. Earth Clinic advises starting out at the lowest dose and observing the results, then increasing your daily intake as needed until it produces the results you are looking for.

The recommended starting dose is from one teaspoon to one tablespoon in a glass of water one to three times per day. As the Chicago Tribune points out, one reason apple cider vinegar can help naturally lower blood pressure is because it also helps with weight loss, and the two are positive correlated.

But it is apple cider vinegars naturally high potassium levels that are the true miracle cure for high blood pressure. This is because potassium naturally detoxes the body from excess toxins, sodium and other blood pressure-raising pollutants.

Is Honey Good For Enlarged Prostate

Honey also improved prostate function after four weeks, as seen by higher PSA and PAP serum levels, as well as an increase in relative prostate mass. Honey resulted in a rise in body weight after 4 weeks. Honey consumption over an extended period of time showed no influence on testosterone, prostate-specific antigen , or prostate-specific antigen production.

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Can Certain Foods Kill Prostate Cancer

There is no particular food or recipe that can directly kill prostate cancer cells. Research is underway to discover the foods that may help prevent prostate cancer and aid the complete recovery of prostate cancer patients. It must be noted that the scientifically proven therapies for prostate cancer are crucial for treatment and should not be replaced by other means, including dietary supplements. Some of the foods that are suggested by studies to help in recovery or prevent prostate cancer relapse include

A balanced diet that includes these foods may promote an overall sense of well-being and help limit prostate cancer. Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the wastes and toxins from the body and keep the metabolism at optimum levels. Avoid sugary drinks and foods, red meat, barbecued or deep-fried foods and processed foods , get ample rest and perform regular physical activities as per the doctors advice.

Can Honey Improve Prostate Health

health benefits Honey and garlic for man – How to use Garlic and Honey

If you are one of the millions of men suffering from an enlarged prostate due to BPH, then it makes sense to want to try all the natural ways you can find to thwart its size. Or at least be able to curb its symptoms.

The truth is, no one wants to spend their time running for the bathroom or managing the bladder pressure. That constant nighttime urination can be nerve-wracking.

Research suggests that honey may have health benefits for the prostate.

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High Antioxidant Content Protects From Free Radicals And Chronic Diseases

Bee pollen is loaded with a wide variety of antioxidants, among them flavonoids, carotenoids, quercetin, kaempferol and glutathione .

Antioxidants protect your body against potentially harmful molecules called free radicals. Damage by free radicals is linked to chronic diseases such as cancer and type 2 diabetes .

Test-tube, animal and some human studies have shown that bee pollen antioxidants can reduce chronic inflammation, eliminate harmful bacteria, fight infections and combat the growth and spread of tumors .

However, bee pollens antioxidant content also depends on its plant source .

Unless a plant source is specifically stated on the label, it can be difficult to determine where your bee pollen came from.

Summary Bee pollen contains a wide variety of antioxidants, which may protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals that are linked to chronic diseases, including cancer and type 2 diabetes.

Can Ayurveda Cure Prostate Enlargement

The treatment of an enlarged prostate in Ayurvedic medicine entails calming an exacerbated vata, strengthening the urinary system, and alleviating the symptoms of enlargement, among other things. This medication can also aid in the shrinking of the prostate, which can result in a higher quality of life for those who suffer from this ailment.

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How Can I Reduce My Prostate Quickly

Alpha-blockers, such as terazosin or tamsulosin , can be used to assist relax the muscles of the prostate and bladder. You can also take dutasteride or finasteride , which are two distinct types of medications that can help you reduce the symptoms of BPH. These medications work by inhibiting the hormones that cause the prostate to develop.

Recent Research On Ginger And Prostate Cancer

Take Your Health Seriously Benefits from the hive powered ...

One recent study, conducted in America and later published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found that ginger extract was actually able to kill off prostate cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact. This gives it an advantage over traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiation, which kill of cancer cells and healthy cells alike. The study treated men with prostate cancer with 100mg of ginger for every kg of body weight and continued this treatment for two months at the end of that time, the result was that prostate cancer cells had been eliminated.

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