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Is Ejaculation Good For The Prostate Gland

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Urine Leakage During Ejaculation

Prostate Health: Sexual Exercises with Mantak Chia

Climacturia is the term used to describe the leakage of urine during orgasm. This is fairly common after prostate surgery, but it might not even be noticed. The amount of urine varies widely anywhere from a few drops to more than an ounce. It may be more common in men who also have stress incontinence.

Urine is not dangerous to the sexual partner, though it may be a bother during sex. The leakage tends to get better over time, and condoms and constriction bands can help. If you or your partner is bothered by climacturia, talk to your doctor to learn what you can do about it.

At What Age Should Men Be Screened For Prostate Cancer

Here’s what the American Cancer Society says about when to pursue prostate cancer screening:

  • Beginning at age 50, the organization recommends that you discuss the pros and cons of screening with your doctor.

  • If youre at higher risk of prostate cancer, this discussion should take place:

  • At age 45 for African American men, and for men who have a first-degree relativemeaning, a father or brotherwho has or had prostate cancer.

  • At age 40 for men who have more than one first-degree relative diagnosed with prostate cancer, and for men with a family history of either breast or ovarian cancers linked to the BRCA gene mutations.

  • Men over 70, and those who are not expected to live more than 10 more years due their current health or age, should not be screened. Even if they have prostate cancer, the disease likely wont cause symptoms during the remainder of their lives.

  • If Youre The Giving Partner

    Cleanliness and safety are a must, even for the giver.

    Cut and file your nails smooth to help avoid scratching or tearing the delicate skin in and around the anus.

    Wash your hands thoroughly, even if youre planning to use a condom over your finger to penetrate your partner. For extra comfort, stuff cotton balls inside the condom or glove.

    You can also get the party started in the shower together, which serves as foreplay and gets you both all nice and clean for the big show.

    Youll probably need to try a few different moves and experiment with speed and pressure to find what feels best.

    Here are some techniques to try, whether youre using fingers or toys.

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    How To Avoid Prostate Problems With Cucurmin

    In a series of articles published in the journal Nature and others, Dr. Dorai evaluated the topic thoroughly. The articles mentioned 4 different reasons why curcumin is a potential agent to help avoid prostate problems:

    • It induces apoptosis: This is cellular death, which is a natural body response. It is lost in prostate cancer and BPH. But curcumin is capable of increasing the rate of apoptosis in prostate tissue .
    • It reduces tyrosine kinase activity: In this regard, it acts similar to a prostate cancer drug called tyrosine kinase inhibitors. This reduces the cell signals that favor prostate overgrowth .
    • It inhibits proliferation and angiogenesis: This function of curcumin is particularly important in patients with prostate cancer. Curcumin slows down cell proliferation but also contributes in another aspect. It wont allow cancer to build new blood vessels to keep on growing. This inhibits angiogenesis and prevents more advances in phases in prostate cancer .
    • It reduces the rate of bone metastasis: The effect from these foods does not have to do with helping to shrink the prostate gland, but it is very important, too. Prostate cancer cells mimic bone cells and cause bone metastasis. But curcumin interferes with this property and may reduce the rate of bone metastasis .Thats why a 2016 review on the topic revisited each one of these mechanisms and recommended curcumin as a side therapy in patients with prostate cancer and other prostate health issues .

    Effect Of Masturbation On Prostate

    Enlarged prostate and sex: Side effects and how to cope

    I would like to know the effect of masturbation on prostate gland, particulary for a healthy person of 46/47 years of age, who does it almost on a daily basis.

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  • Posted 5 years ago

    I have read some reports that say it is good for prostate health, but recently read another that said that it was mostly a myth.; There is no data to back such claims.

  • Posted 5 years ago

    The studies I’ve seen are about frequent ejaculation helping to prevent cancer of the prostate. I haven’t seen anything that says it can cause ot worsen prostate enlargement or cancer, so I’m just saying do what comes naturally for you and don’t worry about it.

  • Posted 5 years ago

    It may or may not be good for your prostate but I’ll tell you this…habitual masturbation will wreck your sex life. Your hand provides a much more intense sensation than a vagina and habitual masturbation can desensitize your penis to the extent that you can’t do it with a woman anymore.;

    I have read so much on this…even young guys in their twenties become impotent because of habitual porn and masturbation. The only cure is to go off porn and masturbation for at least 100 days.;

    Google it…there’s a ton of stuff on it.;

  • “Your hand provides a much more intense sensation than a vagina”

    No way!

  • Posted 5 years ago

    Maybe not Pepasan, but on this site we look at ALL the health ramifications of issues that people raise. I’ll go one step further…in case you think I’m being judgemental, I’m speaking from personal experience.;

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    What Are The Other Risk Factors For Prostate Cancer

    But your gene pool is not the only possible trigger for prostate cancer. Other risk factors include:

    • Advancing age. Prostate cancer rarely occurs in men under 40. Once you turn 50, however, your risk begins to rise. Men over the age of 65 account for more than half of all prostate cancer diagnoses.

    • Race. In the U.S., African American men are about 60% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men, and they are two-to-three times more likely to die from it. It can also develop at a younger age. The reasons why are unclear. Genetic differences may account for some of the differences, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , as well as systemic disparities in healthcare, which can lead to less access to cancer care, including screenings for early detection.

    You cant change risk factors like your age or your race. But can your diet and other lifestyle habits change your level of risk?

    Its One Of The Most Common Prostate Problems: Hypertrophy If Youre Bothered By Urinary Symptoms Seek Help For What Could Be Bphand Spend Less Time In The Bathroom And More Time Enjoying Your Life

    What is hypertrophy? It refers to condition in which the prostate gland is enlarged and not cancerous. Benign prostatic hyperplasia is also called benign prostatic hypertrophy or benign prostatic obstruction.

    BPH is known by a number of names, among them enlarged prostate, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and benign prostatic hypertrophy. But, what is hypertrophy?

    Hypertrophy is the process by which a cell grows beyond its normal size and causes tissue growth. Some forms of hypertrophy are positiveas when your muscles grow in response to strength training and other physical activity. Others, however, are problematical.

    For example, cell growth in the heart musclehypertrophic cardiomyopathycan cause mitral valve problems, irregular heart rhythms, and, ultimately, heart failure, among other complications.

    If youve ever wondered What is hypertrophy of the prostate? you need only experience the urinary symptomsamong them the multiple treks to and from the bathroom during the nightto understand. The good news? Treatments can relieve symptoms and restore your quality of life.

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    Can Semen Retention Be Unhealthy

    Now I strongly believe in the health benefits of semen retention.

    However, it is essential that the fundamentals of your health and lifestyle are in alignment first.

    AVOID THIS if practicing withholding ejaculation:

    • Not drinking enough water.
    • Eating an unhealthy diet and junk food.
    • Over Consuming intoxications drugs, sugar, porn addiction, alcohol, and weed.
    • Sitting still and not exercising enough.
    • Having emotional blockages and lack of human connection.
    • Not practicing techniques to move sexual energy.
    • Forceful techniques like the;million dollar point.

    When Should You Get Tested For Prostate Cancer

    Treatment Options for Enlarged Prostate (BPH), Presented by Sankar J. Kausik, M.D.

    A blood test known as Prostate-Specific Antigen was once routinely given to all men over age 50 to check for elevated levels of a substance in the blood that might indicate prostate cancer. That recommendation was withdrawn in the early 2010s, because the test is imprecise and could lead to overdiagnosis and overtreatment.;;But in May 2018, the US Preventive Services Task Force issued its latest recommendation : Between the ages of 55 and 69, men should individually decide whether to screen for prostate cancer with a PSA test, after consulting with their doctor. Prostate cancer screening is not recommended after age 70 since there is no evidence it results in an increased lifespan.

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    Who Can Do Prostate Milking

    Anyone with a prostate may be able to milk it. Some people find the massage painful or unpleasant to perform on themselves. In this case, depending on the goal of the stimulation, a person may ask a partner or a healthcare provider to perform the massage.

    The prostate is a walnut-sized organ inside the rectum and just under the bladder. It wraps around the urethra, which is the tube that drains urine from the bladder.

    The prostate tends to get larger with age, making it easier to locate.

    To find the prostate , a person can insert a lubricated finger into the rectum, then push slightly on the front wall of the rectum. They may feel a slight bulge.

    It is also possible to stimulate the prostate less directly by pushing upward on the skin between the testicles and the rectum, an area called the perineum.

    Because the prostate is so close to the bladder and urethra, intense prostate stimulation can cause the urge to urinate. Prostatitis and other prostate problems may also lead to more frequent urination.

    First, a person should apply plenty of lubricant to a finger. Wearing gloves can make the insertion smoother, and it may also be a good idea because of hygiene concerns.

    Gently insert the lubricated finger into the anus, slowly pushing on the front wall of the rectum. For most people, finding the prostate requires inserting the finger at least halfway in. Touching the prostate may produce an unusual or pleasurable sensation.

    What Are The Causes Of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    The exact cause is not known. Enlargement of the prostate gland is a normal process that develops as men get older. Therefore it becomes more common with increasing age. it is thought that changes in the male sex hormones that occur with ageing may be at least part of the cause.

    Prostate gland enlargement can be caused by other conditions such as prostate;cancer, acute prostatitis and chronic prostatitis. See the separate leaflets called Prostate Cancer, Acute Prostatitis and Chronic Prostatitis.

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    Is A Prostate Massage The Same Thing As Trying For A Prostate Orgasm

    Yes. If you massage the prostate in a way that feels good, youre probably going to have an orgasm if you keep at it.

    Some doctors recommend prostate massage therapy to help relieve the symptoms of certain conditions, such as painful ejaculation prostatitis.

    Yep! Though evidence on the efficacy of prostate massage for certain conditions is somewhat limited, it does appear to have some benefits.

    Semen Retention Power: Debunking The Prostate Cancer Myth

    Cancer prostatique

    In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at the health benefits of semen retention. And why the so-called science is wrong about the recommendation to ejaculate often.

    We shall once and for all attempt to debunk the media myth that men should ejaculate every day to prevent prostate cancer. And show that frequent ejaculation can actually be bad for your health.

    Lets begin uncovering the truth about this human superpower of semen retention. Or what is also known as ejaculatory abstinence, ejaculation control, withholding ejaculation, and in medical terms; coitus reservatus.

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    Is It Easy To Orgasm This Way

    Lets say it may take some practice and patience.

    Actual clinical research on prostate-induced orgasms is seriously lacking, so we dont know how common it is or if its possible for everyone with a prostate to have this type of orgasm.

    Every body is different, so some experimenting to see what feels good is in order. If you do manage to have one, reproducing it will be easy.

    Actions For This Page

    • The prostate gland is a male reproductive organ that produces fluids to feed and protect sperm cells.;
    • Many men experience urinary changes as they age. In many cases, these changes do not need specific treatment.
    • When urinary changes cause problems, they can be treated successfully by lifestyle changes, medication, surgery or a combination of the three.
    • For problems such as blood in the urine, pain on urination, inability to urinate or uncontrollable urine flow, see your doctor promptly.

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    Surgery To Remove The Prostate

    You no longer ejaculate semen if you have had a radical prostatectomy. This is because the prostate gland and 2 glands called the seminal vesicles are removed. The seminal vesicles make the liquid part of the sperm. Your testicles will still make sperm cells but they will be reabsorbed back into your body.

    You are still able to have an orgasm, but it will be a dry orgasm. Some men say that a dry orgasm without semen feels normal. But other men find that their orgasm is less intense and pleasurable.; The loss of a visible ejaculation can be significant for some men and their partners. Some men say that it feels different but they have managed to find ways to adjust to this.

    If you are used to having anal sex and you are the receiving partner, surgery to remove the prostate gland can change this experience. Some men can find the penis rubbing against the prostate gland pleasurable. So if the prostate gland is no longer there, anal sex might feel different. You could look at different ways of enjoying sex and being intimate. Counselling and sex therapy might help.

    Is Nofap The Same As Semen Retention

    New Rare Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

    NoFap is the widespread movement of completely avoiding porn, masturbation, and orgasm . Even though I think its great to get a grip on your porn addiction and excessive ejaculation habits, I dont agree with all of it. Nofap could potentially be harmful if used to suppress your sexual energy. You could dry up the power and juice as a man. Watchmy video for more info on that.

    In tantra, we explain how semen retention separates between orgasm and ejaculation.

    Orgasms are great and healthy, as long as it is a non ejaculatory orgasm. If you learn how to have an orgasm without ejaculating you can have the cake and eat it too.

    This is achieved through the practice of conscious masturbation and tantric sex. Where you can experience multiple orgasm, male full-body orgasms, and other spiritual types of orgasms.

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    Is Sex Good For Your Prostate

    Whether or not sex is good for prostate problems is a question many men wonder, and its an important one that needs answering.

    The prostate plays an active role during sexual activity.

    Along with other structures, the prostate is responsible for making fluid in semen, which helps transport your sperm when you ejaculate.

    The effect regular ejaculations have on the prostate should become a significant talking point, especially amongst men who are experiencing prostate problems.

    This article will determine whether a healthy sex life can reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

    Prostate Milking Vs Male Orgasm

    Many people experience an orgasm from prostate milking, especially if they masturbate during it.

    A person may not be able to distinguish between prostate fluid and ejaculated semen. Prostate fluid is one component of semen. When a male has an orgasm and ejaculates, sperm, prostate fluid, and other fluids present in the ejaculate.

    Not all men ejaculate or have an orgasm during prostate milking. Masturbation and other forms of sexual contact make an ejaculation during the massage more likely.

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    What Is The Grade Group

    A new system called the Grade Group was introduced in 2014 to further clarify the Gleason Score. This is how it breaks down:

    • Grade Group 1: Gleason Score of 6 or less; indicates a slow moving cancer that may not require treatment.

    • Grade Group 2: Gleason Score of 7 ; though not as slow growing as group 1, this indicates a likely positive outlook

    • Grade Group 3: Gleason Score of 7 ; faster-moving but still less likely to spread beyond the prostate than groups 4 and 5

    • Grade Group 4: Gleason Score of 8; indicates a cancer that will likely grow and spread quickly.

    • Grade Group 5: Gleason Score of 9 or 10; cancers in this group are twice as likely as Grade Group 4 to grow and spread aggressively.

    Are You Ready To Master Semen Retention And End Premature Ejaculation

    Understanding and Improving Prostate Health

    If you want to continue the discussion about the health benefits and power of semen retention you are welcome to join my free Facebook group The Tantric Brotherhood. Theres also a great semen retention subreddit you can joinhere.

    Except that, if you desire to fully master the art of semen retention. I do exactly that in my transformational program, The Tantric Man Experience. Where I help men reclaim their power, passion, and purpose to become superhuman in their relationships.

    Do you want to overcome premature ejaculation and sexual shame?

    Are they affecting the quality of your confidence, life, and relationships?

    If you want to experience the freedom of ejaculation choice, then watchmy free training, and lets craft a game plan! If youre a committed man serious about transformation,start your journey here.

    * * *

    Any questions or comments about the health benefits and power of semen retention?

    Then leave a comment below.

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