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How To Get Rid Of Prostate Infection Naturally

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Consume Apples And Apple Juice

How to Cure Prostatitis Naturally? Treat Prostate Infection

Apples are also nutrient-dense. Their high acid content may help the kidneys maintain acidity in the urine, possibly inhibiting further growth of bacteria.

They also have anti-inflammatory properties, which may be beneficial in helping the kidneys heal following the infection.

What Is The Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that is part of the male reproductive system. The main function of the prostate is to make a fluid that goes into semen. Prostate fluid is essential for a mans fertility. The gland surrounds the urethra at the neck of the bladder. The bladder neck is the area where the urethra joins the bladder. The bladder and urethra are parts of the lower urinary tract. The prostate has two or more lobes, or sections, enclosed by an outer layer of tissue, and it is in front of the rectum, just below the bladder. The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to the outside of the body. In men, the urethra also carries semen out through the penis.

Natural Herbs And Supplements For Enlarged Prostate

Historical use and anecdotal data are valid forms of supporting evidence, but doctors typically require a higher burden of proof before theyâll recommend a particular herb or supplement, such as the evidence generated by randomized double blind placebo control studiesâ½Â²Â³â¾.

Still, a 2015 paper in The Canadian Journal of Urologyâ½Â²â´â¾ echoes Dr. Fellerâs advice, saying that BPH patients with mild symptoms who are reluctant to try standard drugs may as well try phytotherapeutic treatments such as the ones below âprovided that the patient understands the current limitations of these agents.â The paper warns that patients with moderate to severe symptoms âincluding those with recurrent infections, bladder stone disease, or renal dysfunctionâ should skip the alternative remedies altogether and seek conventional medicine or surgical treatment.

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Magnesium And Zinc For Prostate Stones

Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that taking an effective magnesium supplement, and zinc helps to break up these stones. As a result, you may see gravel in your semen or urine if this occurs. Other doctors say that there is no dietary change or supplement that will help with stones caused by prostatic secretions. So that issue is controversial. If you have prostatic calcification talk to you doctor to see what he or she thinks.

Natural prostatitis treatments for treating inflammation associated with prostatic calcification include magnesium supplements, prostate massage, diet modification, and elimination of foods from your diet, like simple sugars, saturated fats from red meat, and dairy products. Eat healthy foods that reduce inflammation like heart-healthy fats, fatty fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and foods high in lycopene .

Prostate stones in the prostate ducts are very common. They appear to be calcified proteinaceous bodies, known as corpora amylacea. The occur when the secretions of the prostate cannot get out of the gland. This is because of the disarray of the architecture of the ducts due to BPH or benign prostatic hypertrophy.

It is thought that these secretions dry out or become inspissated. This can form into a round proteinaceous body, much like a pearl in an oyster.

Nitric Oxide And Blood Flow

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The blood vessels in the prostate are the smallest and most delicate in the body.

Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to relax so they can receive oxygenated blood. The popular erectile dysfunction drugs Cialis and Viagra work because they flood NO into the prostate region . 15

NO is anti-pathogenic, but unfortunately, infection reduces BH4, a chemical the body needs to make NO. 16 In addition, fungal pathogens cause an uptick in the production of uric acid in the body, and high levels of uric acid also prevent the synthesis of NO. 17

So, in essence, an infected prostate loses the ability to receive NO because the body uses BH4 to fight off the invaders, rather than to synthesize NO. The uric acid mediated disruption of NOS can come from the activity of the fungal pathogen OR it can be the result of a diet too high in animal protein and sugar, as well as the result of certain genetic mutations. Its likely all three factors combine to form the serum uric acid levels of any given individual.

Therefore, lingering infection means lower NO bioavailability, reduced blood flow, and greater risk for infection, or greater risk for lingering infection to better protect itself with production of biofilm. 18 Reduced BH4 also results in a process known as NOS uncoupling, which produces the free radical superoxide instead of NO.

For more on the genetics of NO production, see our NOS3 gene page.

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Natural Remedies For Enlarged Prostate Symptoms

Once men get past the age of 30, hormonal changes can encourage the prostate gland to grow. This can squash the urethra, making it increasingly difficult for urine to leave the bladder effectively. There are many ways to treat the resulting symptoms of an enlarged prostate, but here I focus on what natural options are available.

Dr. Jen Tan

Natural Treatment For Prostate Stones

Western medical doctors too often prescribe antibiotics to treat Prostate infection. This is often an ineffective treatment. Unfortunately, antibiotics temporarily remedy the infection, but not the source of the infection. The breeding ground unfortunately remains active. This alows the painful symptoms to recur in one to three months.

Many doctors now recommend a cocktail of antibiotics to clear the infection, along with magnesium and zinc supplements. Magnesium and zinc, which are often prescribed to people with kidney stones. This remedy seems to be effective in helping break up the prostate stones, so they can pass though your urine.

Some men find that prostate massage, which increases healthy blood flow and oxygen to the prostate. This technique helps flush away prostate calcification to clear the prostate ducts of calcification and toxic bacteria, which can lead to prostate infection.

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How To Get Rid Of Burning When Urinating

The sensation of burning or pain when urinating can be very annoying and uncomfortable. In general, this discomfort is usually associated with a urinary tract infection. However, this symptoms can also appear as a result of some gynecological disorders. For this reason, if you are experiencing a constant burning sensation when urinating, we suggest seeing a doctor to treat the infection appropriately.

In this oneHOWTO article we will show how to quickly get rid of burning when urinating. In addition to prescribed drugs, there are natural remedies that can aid in the treatment of this infection. These remedies can also help to speed up the recovery process.

  • More tips to help remove and prevent burning when urinating
  • How Will Your Doctor Diagnose A Prostate Infection

    How to Treat Prostatitis Naturally | Cure Prostatitis (Prostate Infection) Naturally with These Tips

    A prostate infection diagnosis is based on your medical history, a physical exam, and medical tests. Your doctor can also rule out other serious conditions such as prostate cancer during the exam. During a physical exam, your doctor will conduct a digital rectal exam to test your prostate and will look for:

    • discharge
    • enlarged or tender lymph nodes in the groin
    • swollen or tender scrotum

    Your doctor may also ask about your symptoms, recent UTIs, and medications or supplements youre taking. Other medical tests that can help your diagnosis and treatment plan include:

    • urinalysis or semen analysis, to look for infections
    • a prostate biopsy or a blood test for prostate-specific antigen
    • urodynamic tests, to see how your bladder and urethra store urine
    • cystoscopy, to look inside the urethra and bladder for blockage

    Your doctor may also order an ultrasound to get a closer look. The cause will help determine the correct course of treatment.

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    Kegel Exercises May Shrink The Prostate Naturally

    Pelvic-strengthening or kegel exercises could help in easing some of the discomforts of enlarged prostate because they are useful in tightening and clenching specific pelvic muscles to help control urination. Kegel exercises are one of the most effective ways of reducing prostate swelling and increasing urinary flow.

    You just need to empty your bladder and lie on the ground with the knees bent and apart.

    Then, gently tighten the pelvic floor muscles for about 5 seconds before relaxing them for 5 seconds.

    If you do not know exactly what your pelvic floor muscles are, do these tricks. While you are at the toilet to urinate, try to stop and start urinating. The muscles that you use are the pelvic floor muscles. But you do not really need to be at the toilet to find your pelvic floor muscles. You can just imagine that somebody enters the bathroom while you are urinating. The muscles that contract while trying to hold the urine are the pelvic floor muscles. These are the muscles you need to strengthen through Kegel Exercises.

    You should repeat these exercises 10-20 times/2-3 times per day to help relieve BPH symptoms.

    However, men who are suffering from chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome should avoid doing this type of exercise.

    Living With Chronic Prostatitis

    Long-term prostatitis can be a very difficult condition to live with. The pain or discomfort can make it difficult to carry out everyday tasks, and you might have no warning before having a flare-up.

    Travelling long distances or sitting in meetings when you dont know when youll be able to reach a toilet can be worrying, especially if you need to go a lot. And it could be uncomfortable to sit for a long time.

    If youre living with prostatitis its natural to feel frustrated. Some men feel that other people dont understand their symptoms, making them feel alone. Some men even find that living with prostatitis and its symptoms makes them feel depressed or anxious.

    Feeling depressed or anxious could actually make your prostatitis symptoms worse. If you feel depressed or anxious, speak to your doctor or nurse. There are things that can help. Sometimes just talking to someone about the way you feel can make things feel better.

    If your prostatitis symptoms dont improve with the treatment offered by your GP, ask them to refer you to a doctor who specialises in managing prostatitis. Your GP may also be able to refer you to a psychologist or counsellor, or you could join a support group. Talking to other people who understand what youre going through can be helpful.

    Speak to your GP about making an action plan so that you know what to do when you have a flare-up. This will help to make sure you can get treatment quickly and get a referral to a specialist if you need it.

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    Use Nonaspirin Pain Relievers

    Nonaspirin pain relievers can help relieve discomfort. Ibuprofen and acetaminophen can also help break fevers caused by the infection.

    However, note that if you have kidney dysfunction, or acute kidney injury, as a result of a kidney infection, its important to avoid nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs , such as ibuprofen and naproxen .

    Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate

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    When tissues in the prostate enlarge, they may apply pressure to the urethra and partially block urine flow. This may trigger the following symptoms:

    • Difficulty starting urination
    • Dribbling at the end of urination
    • Incomplete emptying of the bladder
    • Incontinence

    Less than half of men with BPH show symptoms.

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    What Foods Are Good To Shrink The Prostate

    What men should include more in their regular diet are astragalus and soy.

    Astragalus is an old Chinese medicinal plant that boosts the immune system in cancer patients but is also helpful in reducing the effects of BPH.

    Soy, on the other hand, maintains prostate health and protects against benign prostatic hyperplasia. A diet containing soy and astragalus combined can be of tremendous help for men against prostate diseases.

    Tomatoes are one of the best natural remedies for enlarged prostate. They are rich in lycopene and studies have shown that eating tomatoes or drinking tomatoes juice can help shrink the prostate.

    Broccoli has a lot of phytochemicals and they are known for reducing the rate of prostate growth. Include broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables in your diet to naturally shrink the prostate.

    These are some of the many recommendations for foods that shrink the prostate gland. Rely on a plant-based diet and you will see the results!

    Home Remedies For Prostate Infection:


  • Apple cider vinegar is very good for prostate. The unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar has astringent properties, helping shrink the swollen prostate glands. It helps prevent complications of an enlarged prostate such as UTIs.
  • SOY:-It maintains prostate health and protects against benign prostatic hyperplasia. A diet containing soy can help for men against prostate diseases.
  • TOMATOES:- Tomatoes are one of the best natural remedies for enlarged prostate. They are rich in lycopene thatcan help shrink the prostate.
  • BROCCLI:- It has a lot of phytochemicals and they are known for reducing the rate of prostate growth. Include broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables in diet to naturally shrink the prostate.
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    What Are The Symptoms Of Prostatitis

    Each type of prostatitis has a range of symptoms that vary depending on the cause and may not be the same for every man. Many symptoms are similar to those of other conditions.

    Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The main symptoms of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome can include pain or discomfort lasting 3 or more months in one or more of the following areas:

    • between the scrotum and anus
    • the central lower abdomen
    • the scrotum
    • the lower back

    Pain during or after ejaculation is another common symptom. A man with chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome may have pain spread out around the pelvic area or may have pain in one or more areas at the same time. The pain may come and go and appear suddenly or gradually. Other symptoms may include

    • pain in the urethra during or after urination.
    • pain in the penis during or after urination.
    • urinary frequencyurination eight or more times a day. The bladder begins to contract even when it contains small amounts of urine, causing more frequent urination.
    • urinary urgencythe inability to delay urination.
    • a weak or an interrupted urine stream.

    Acute bacterial prostatitis. The symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis come on suddenly and are severe. Men should seek immediate medical care. Symptoms of acute bacterial prostatitis may include

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    Can you get rid of HPV?

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    Do you have a health question for Dr. Manny? Please send it to .

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    When To Seek Immediate Medical Attention

    UTIs are uncomfortable, but theyre not an immediate medical emergency. Some people make the mistake of assuming the same is true with a kidney infection.

    Kidney infections are serious conditions and they do require medical attention. Untreated, a kidney infection can quickly cause long-term kidney damage or kidney scarring. These infections can also cause , which can lead to shock.

    Because of this, a kidney infection can be fatal if it progresses. Its important to have it treated immediately by a healthcare professional.

    Note that kidney stones, if untreated, can also cause a blockage that can lead to pyelonephritis and sepsis. This may require a procedure done with intravenous antibiotics by a urologist.

    What Research Is Being Done

    Researchers are trying to find out more about prostatitis so that they can develop better treatments.

    Theyre looking into the causes of CPPS and why it affects men differently. This includes looking at the genes involved. A better understanding of the causes will mean that, in the future, treatments can be tailored to suit each man.

    Theyre also looking into different treatments. These include a number of medicines, botox, surgery, and using small electrical currents to reduce pain.

    Another area of research is looking at ways to help men live with CPPS, such as cognitive behavioural therapy , and ways men can take more control themselves such as with diet and supplements.

    At the moment, most of the research is happening in other countries, but if youre interested in taking part in a clinical trial, mention this to your doctor. There might be trials you can join in the future.

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    What To Expect At Your Doctor’s Office

    Your doctor will take a medical history and ask you about your symptoms. Your doctor will do a digital rectal exam, examining your prostate by inserting a lubricated finger into your rectum. You may need to provide a urine sample, semen sample, or get a blood test. Your doctor may suggest you see a urologist, a specialist who treats urinary tract problems.

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