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Can Beta Sitosterol Shrink The Prostate

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Saw Palmetto Compared To Flomax Results

3 Easy Ways To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate Naturally

What happens when you compare saw palmetto with a conventional BPH treatment such as tamsulosin ? A one-year study published in European Urology reported on the results of this comparison conducted in 704 men. Both saw palmetto and tamsulosin led to similar improvements in symptoms, although men who took tamsulosin were more likely to experience ejaculation disorders and to experience less improvement in prostate volume.

A head-to-head comparison between saw palmetto v Flomax for men with chronic prostatitis also yielded positive results. A total of 157 men with chronic prostatitis were randomly assigned to take either 160 mg saw palmetto twice daily or 0.4 mg tamsulosin for six weeks. At the end of the study period, men in both groups experienced similar improvements in their Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index scores, although men who took saw palmetto had an additional benefit: a greater decline in their pain scores.

Risks And Side Effects

Although B-S is safe when consumed from foods and generally considered safe when taken as a supplement, its possible that it might cause side effects in some people, such as:

  • indigestion
  • changes in cholesterol levels
  • erectile dysfunction

Its intended to be used for up six months, so speak with your doctor if you plan to supplement longer than this.

People who take medications to control their cholesterol levels should consult with their doctors before beginning to supplement with beta-sitosterol, since it may change the way some cholesterol-lowering drugs work.

Those who have the genetic disorder phytosterolemia, which causes over-absorption of phytosterols, should also carefully avoid B-S supplements and speak to their doctors about how many foods that contain phytosterols are safe to consume.

What Is It Exactly

The term is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia OR Enlarged Prostate. It is a Noncancerous Increase in the Size of the Prostate.

  • Frequent Urinations especially at night. Instead of the Normal Sleeping through the night Freely, We have to Go 2 to 5 times depending on the Severity.
  • Trouble Starting to Urinate or Longer wait times to Begin.
  • Inability to Go until a Later time. The Urethra Canal is being Pinched. So, more Fluid has to build up to break through the Swollen Prostate that is Clamping down on the Pathway for Liquid to Flow.
  • Weak Stream from the normal Full Flow.

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Measuring Symptoms Of Prostate Enlargement

In order for scientists around the world to evaluate the efficacy of a particular therapy, certain testing standards have been established.

One of the most common standards is the International Prostate Symptom Score . The score is stated as a number that can range from 0 to 35, depending on the severity of lower urinary tract symptoms. The International Prostate Symptom Score also includes a scoring of quality of life as it relates to urinary symptoms.

A measurement to assess the strength of the urinary stream is called the maximum urinary flow rate . The maximum urinary flow rate is commonly decreased with benign prostate disease such as BPH .

The third test is the amount of residual urine that remains in the bladder after voiding, or postvoid residual urine . This is most easily assessed with pre- and post-void ultrasounds of the bladder.

What Is Saw Palmetto

Force Factor Prostate Saw Palmetto &  Beta Sitosterol ...

Saw palmetto is a palm-like plant that grows in the south east of America. It has serrated, saw-like leaves and produces yellow berries, which turn black when theyâre dried.

Originally used by Native Americans, saw palmetto is a traditional herbal remedy used to relieve the symptoms of urinary tract conditions in men with an enlarged prostate . It is still used as a front-line therapy for BPH in Germany today.

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Life Extension Palmettogaurd Saw Palmetto Nettle Root Formula With Beta

Price: $$

Life Extension is a supplement company thats known for producing high quality supplements in an NSF-registered GMP facility.

Each supplement contains a certificate of analysis that allows you to confirm the quality and accuracy of the product youre buying.

Life Extension PalmettoGaurd is one of the better supplement options, as it consists of just five active ingredients to support prostate health saw palmetto, nettle root extract, beta-sitosterol, boron, and rosemary extract.

Nettle root is commonly used in herbal medicine to help reduce pain and inflammation. Limited studies in humans have also suggested that it may reduce urinary symptoms associated with BPH .

One study in 100 men with BPH found that taking 600 mg per day of nettle extract for 8 weeks significantly improved reported BPH symptoms, compared with a placebo .

This supplement also contains saw palmetto and beta-sitosterol, which may be more effective than consuming saw palmetto on its own .

One study in 66 men with BPH found saw palmetto supplements to be more effective at lowering levels of prostate-specific antigen a protein that can signal an issue with prostate health and improving urinary symptoms when combined with beta-sitosterol .

For best results, its recommended to take two capsules per day, one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Lycopene May Reduce The Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Lycopene is a carotenoid similar to beta-carotene. Lycopene levels in the body tend to decline with age. This is unfortunate, as lycopene is a very powerful antioxidant twice as effective as beta-carotene and 100 times more effective than vitamin E. Numerous studies have shown that daily intake of lycopene may reduce the risk of prostate cancer by up to 47%.

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Saw Palmetto And Prostate Cancer

The potential for using saw palmetto in the fight against prostate cancer is still largely unknown, although some research has been done. In particular, two Italian studies reported that prostate cells treated with the extract underwent cell death .

Another study conducted at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center was not as positive. Data in the study came from 35,239 men who had participated in the VITamins and Lifestyle project. The investigators looked at the mens supplement use and incidence of prostate cancer and did not find an association for use of saw palmetto.

Rye Grass Pollen For Shrinking The Prostate

Beta Sitosterol Prostatitis – Part 2 (Prostate Health) Beta Sitosterol Prostatitis

Three types of grass pollen make up rye grass pollen extract: rye, corn, and timothy. Studies of this natural supplement for treatment of an enlarged prostate is scarce, but at least one review reported that men who took rye grass pollen experience an improvement in nighttime urination when compared with placebo. This study had several limitations, including the fact that it lasted only six months, and it did not explore how rye grass pollen worked when pitted against prescription drugs.

The limited number of studies conducted on the effectiveness of rye grass pollen for BPH have lacked sufficient data and had a small number of participants. The available evidence indicates that Cernilton is well tolerated and provides a modest improvement in urinary symptoms.

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Remarkable Effects Of Beta

In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter study of 200 men with benign prostate enlargement, half the group received 180 mg of beta-sitosterol daily, while the other half received placebo. After six months, the beta-sitosterol group saw improvement in the International Prostate Symptom Score, the measurement of urine flow , and the amount of residual urine remaining in the bladder .3

Figure 2. International Prostate Symptom Scores : Beta-Sitosterol vs. Placebo. Data comparing men treated with beta-sitosterol to those receiving placebo indicate a significant decrease in symptom scores in the beta-sitosterol group after three and six months of treatment.3 In a follow-up study, these improvements were maintained for an additional 18 months of observation.4

The beta-sitosterol group showed a 7.4-point decrease in the International Prostate Symptom Score, compared to a decrease of only 2.1 points in the placebo group . . . a significant 3.5-fold improvement in the men taking beta-sitosterol .3

The measurement of urinary flow increased to an average of 15.2 milliliters per second from 9.9 ml/second in the men receiving beta-sitosterol. The placebo group only increased to 11.4 ml/second from 10.2 ml/second at baseline. Urinary flow thus improved almost 35% in the group taking beta-sitosterol, compared to only 11% in the placebo group.3

How We Ranked The Top 12 Prostate Health Support Pills

Many prostate supplements contain similar ingredients. Most prostate supplements also make similar claims about supporting prostate health. Thats why its tough to separate the best and worst prostate supplements.

Our editorial team was up for the challenge. Here are the ranking factors we used to separate the best and worst prostate supplements available today:

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Prostate Milking There You Have It

Okay, so now you know that prostate milking can have several health benefits for you and your prostate. And in addition, it can be very erotic and lead to some incredible orgasms even without any additional sexual stimulation.

But we are willing to agree that many guys will not quite be comfortable with this concept even if it can lead to some mind-blowing climaxes! So knowing that there will be a certain amount of guys who ARE NOT comfortable with prostate milking we should mention that there are natural climax intensifiers that will help increase your orgasm intensity AND increase your semen output as well.

So, for the faint of heart that are not OK with the idea of prostate milking here is a cheat sheet of products that can also help improve your orgasms.

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What If I Cant Have Surgery

How it works  Super Beta Prostate

Surgery isnt always an option you may not be fit or well enough for an operation, or you may not like the idea of it. If surgery isnt suitable for you and lifestyle changes and medicines havent worked, your doctor or nurse may suggest using a catheter. This is a thin, flexible tube used to drain urine from your bladder. The catheter may be permanent or temporary.

A permanent catheter is passed up into the bladder through your penis, or through a small cut in your abdomen. The catheter is usually attached to a drainage bag, which you strap on to your body under your clothing. Your doctor or nurse will usually change your catheter every 12 weeks.

A temporary catheter is where you put a catheter in yourself when you need to urinate, rather than leaving one in all the time. Your doctor or nurse will show you how to put the catheter in and tell you how often to use it. Some men can urinate quite well without a catheter and only use it once a day to make sure they empty their bladder regularly. Other men need to use a temporary catheter several times a day.

You can lower your chances of getting a urine infection by keeping your catheter and the area around it clean. You may find the following tips helpful.

Let your nurse know if your catheter isnt draining properly. If urine hasnt drained from your bladder for 2 to 3 hours, contact your GP or district nurse straight away.

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How Beta Sitosterol Might Help With Prostate Health

Researchers are not sure exactly how phytosterols and beta-sitosterol work. However, there are multiple proposed mechanisms: 1

  • Changes in cholesterol metabolism, because cholesterol is needed to produce testosterone and other hormones that affect prostate function
  • Anti-inflammatory effects, which may reduce the inflammation involved in benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Interacting with sex hormonebinding globulin , a protein that may play a role in unwanted prostate growth
  • Suppression of 5-a-reductase, an enzyme that converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone , which is involved in development of BPH 2

Live Long Enough And You Have A 9 In 10 Chance Of Developing A Prostate Problem

Beta-sitosterols power to prevent and relieve prostate symptoms has been tested for thousands of years in Asia and the Mediterranean where the incidence of prostate problemsincluding prostate canceris considerably lower than in the United States and Canada.

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The key is in what is known as the Mediterranean Diet and most particularly, beta-sitosterol.

If you do not follow the Mediterranean Diet or have a diet high enough in beta-sitosterol, you are denying yourself relief and risking serious prostate problems.

But the sobering truth is this. If you do not follow the Mediterranean Diet or have a diet high enough in beta-sitosterol, you are denying yourself relief and risking serious prostate problems.

Youve heard the figures: Prostate problemsranging in severity from mild discomfort to life threatening canceraffect 60% of all men between the ages of 40 to 60. And a full 90% of men 80 and older will have to face these same frightening, embarrassing problems.

And theres a good chance youre already experiencing the symptoms. And if youre not now, you probably will suffer from:

These symptoms result from a number of conditions. The three most common are BPH , inflammation of the prostate , and prostate cancer.

But regardless of what causes the symptoms, when its you who are suffering from them, you have one paramount thought to get relief.

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How Can Saw Palmetto Benefit Prostate Health

Saw palmetto contains a special blend of phytochemicals that evidence suggests could help shrink an enlarged prostate and/or ease the urinary symptoms it causes.

One of these is beta-sitosterol. This blocks an enzyme that helps convert testosterone to dihydrotestosterone â DHT is thought to stimulate prostate growth.

Manufacturer Information And Claims About Beta Sitosterol Prostate Complex

Beta Sitosterol Reviews – Poart 3 (Prostate Health) Beta Sitosterol Reviews

Beta Sitosterol Prostate Complex has been developed by Bronson Laboratories. The company has an extensive portfolio of natural products and has been in business since 1960. Many physicians also recommend Bronson to their patients when it comes to neutraceutical supplements to treat health concerns as the company has a positive reputation among consumes and doctors. The company has an official online store where customers can purchase their products. They also offer support on their website in the form of contact details and a live chat feature, which allows potential customers to talk to one of the support consultants to obtain more information regarding the company.

Beta Sitosterol Prostate Complex claims that the products formula can help men reduce all prostate and urinary symptoms that are often associated with growing older. The product claims that, with continued use, the user will find that their prostate function improves, inflammation reduces, the size of their prostate reduces and their urinary tract works better. The product also comes with a satisfaction guarantee and the company is backed by numerous positive reviews that can be viewed on their website and on their Google Business listing.

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Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate

Should you take a prostate supplement? Symptoms of an enlarged prostate include all of the following:

  • Failure to empty your bladder after urination
  • A sudden urge to urinate out of nowhere with no sensation of build-up
  • Stopping and starting multiple times while urinating
  • Straining to urinate
  • A weak flow
  • Needing to get out of bed one or more times at night to urinate

If you have one or more of the above symptoms, then you could have BPH. Although the condition is benign, its essential to see a doctor. In rare cases, BPH can lead to kidney and bladder damage.

That Does Not Mean You Must Give

Even though you live in an age of nutritionally empty foods, its still possible to get powerful, fast, long-lasting relief from prostate symptoms that beta-sitosterol can bring into your life.

Certainly, you should try to eat well a diet with a wide range of phytonutrients like beta-sitosterol a diet rich in soy, nuts, whole grains, peanuts, nut oils and extra virgin olive oil.

You should try to eat this diet whenever youre able to. But you should also enhance that diet with a full-spectrum beta-sitosterol nutritional supplement derived from a natural source like yellow soy.

Men who have started on a pathway of supplementation with beta-sitosterol have been amazed at the relief they get almost overnight.

Nothing including Proscar and the other side-effect laden prescription drugs works as fast. Or is as safe.

So for fast relief from agonizing prostate symptoms, start on an effective diet and supplementation plan today. You have absolutely nothing to lose except the embarrassing, painful symptoms of an out of control prostate.

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Treatments Toconsider Before Surgery

There may be non-surgical alternatives to prostate surgery, depending on your circumstances.

If your enlarged prostate is only mildly troublesome, you may feel that you dont yet need surgery. Surgery may have more impact on your quality of life than the symptoms, so you may want to think carefully about other options.

Watchful waiting

If the problem isnt bothering you too much, your doctor may recommend simply monitoring the situation. Recent research indicates that one third of men get over their prostate symptoms without treatment. For one third of men they stay the same, and for the other third they get more troublesome.

Prescription medications

There are a number of medications that work in different ways and can help relieve symptoms of benign enlarged prostate.

  • Alpha-blockers such as prazosin, tamsulosin, sildenosin, or terazosin can help relax the muscles in your prostate and around the opening to your bladder. As long as your prostate isnt too large, they can produce a quick result.
  • 5-alpha reductase inhibitors can shrink your prostate over time by counteracting the hormonal changes that have been making your prostate grow. They include finasteride and dutasteride. They take at least 6 weeks to work and up to 6 months to have maximum benefit.
  • Tadalafil, a drug used to treat erectile dysfunction, can help with an enlarged prostate.

If 1 medication doesnt work by itself, your doctor may suggest a combination of drugs.

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