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What Is Prostate Massage Therapy

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Do I Have To See A Specialist Or Can I Do The Massage Myself

Prostate Massage Therapy [LEARN HOW] Video Series Part 3-Most Common Questions Men Ask About It

Men who have painful ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or urine problems shouldnt hesitate to meet with a specialist. If there is a prostate massage expert in your area, you can book a treatment at least once so that you get to learn proper massaging techniques.;

But you can also do it by yourself. Prostate massage is normally used for sexual stimulation. Since you will have trouble reaching the spot by yourself, you can use a sexual massager. There are countless prostate massagers out there, like the Aneros massager, for example, that can help you get the results you need.;

With products such as these, you are in complete control of the therapy and create an intimate experience you will otherwise be unable to share with a massage therapist. The most important thing is that you learn to use the toys properly and obtain all the benefits.;

In time, you will be able to turn this anal stimulation into a regular pleasure routine. Feel free to experiment with all kinds of tools until you find the effects you are looking for.;

What To Expect When You Undergo The Therapy

First of all, if you are a healthy person and you do this as a precaution, then you will enjoy the procedure. It feels really good and you should not be ashamed.

The therapy could be carried out by a doctor, experienced medical personnel, prostate massage therapist or the patient. In the last case, the patient needs to be trained to complete the procedure by himself.

However, if the gland is inflamed, then you will feel pain. The pain will last till the procedure ends. After the procedure is completed, you will be pain-free.

The reason for that is very simple. The blood flow will be enhanced and all the toxins, damaging it, will be gone. This works perfectly for men in every age. If they have problems with their prostate gland, prostate massage therapy is the way to get rid of them.

Another thing, which is expected, is ejaculation. The prostate gland has a lot of nerves in it, which makes it very sensitive. The stimulations lead to an ejaculation in 90% of the cases. This last thing, improves the sexual performance greatly. The sexual impotence is cured throughout this therapy, also.

The benefits are numerous and you have to take advantage of them. Do let yourself suffer from any redundant pain and make your life easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Prostate Massage

There have been some studies on the effects of prostate gland massage.;As a result of the results obtained from these studies,;small data have been obtained;that prostate massage;helps;to;clean the prostate canal;.

The prostate duct lies between the prostate gland and the urinary system.;With the massage, a liquid is secreted from the prostate gland.;Removal of this secretion can ensure the cleansing of the prostate canal.

With the effect of the removal of the epidemic that accumulates in the prostate, some relief may occur and some symptoms will disappear for a while.;This duration;can vary from;a few hours to a few days;.

Benefits;of;prostate massage;;include:

  • It can clean the secretory duct of the prostate gland.
  • It can reduce symptoms by clearing excess prostate secretion.

The results obtained as a result of medical research and findings do;not support the;use of prostate massage;.;There is no clear research finding prostate massage helpful, only;small case studies;that say it may be good in some situations;.

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The Danger Of Prostate Cancer

Cancer of the prostate usually affects men in their 40s, yet some are diagnosed at the age of 30. Medical professionals have suspected that this may be due to the intake of unhealthy foods, such as processed ones, and pollution. However, there could be various factors that increase ones risk for prostate cancer, including hereditary factors. Learn more about prostate cancer, how its diagnosed and treated, and how to manage it with this overview.

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Concerned about your prostate cancer risk?

The Sperling Prostate Center is here to help you make sense of it. Schedule a free consultation to review your MRI with Dr. Sperling, and well work with you to plan the best course of action for your unique circumstances.

What Are Prostate Massage Benefits

Self prostate massage therapy benefits

Before broad-spectrum and other modern medicines were widely available, prostate massage was commonly done to help men with prostate problems, such as prostatitis. It was believed that massage could help drain blocked prostate ducts.

Today, when prostate massage is done in a doctor’s office, typically it is done for diagnostic reasons, as part of a . This may occur if you have been having symptoms of infection or other prostate disorders.

During this procedure, your healthcare professional will have you either bend over a table or lie on your side with your knees to your chest, then insert a gloved, lubricated finger into your anus. From the rectum, the doctor will press gently on your prostate gland for several minutes, which causes prostatic secretions to be expressed from your penis. This fluid can be tested to determine the source of the problem.

Prostate massage may help relieve symptoms from several common conditions. Prostate massage can be done internally or externally. With external massage, you apply pressure to your perineum . Another type of external massage is performed by gently rubbing your belly between your navel and your pubic bone.

If you want to try prostate massage, you or a partner can learn to do this manually, or you can buy a special device designed for this purpose.

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How To Do A Prostate Massage

If performing prostate massage for sexual purposes, it often helps to achieve a state of arousal first. Doing so moves the gland into a slightly upward and backward position as the penis becomes erect.

At that point:

  • Apply lube liberally around the anus.
  • Insert an index finger slowly to the first knuckle and start masturbating.
  • Pull the finger out and re-apply lube.
  • As you continue to masturbate, replace your finger back into the anus, this time to the second knuckle.
  • Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you reach the third knuckle.
  • Once the finger is fully inserted, search for a rounded lump roughly 4 inches inside the rectum and up towards the root of the penis. This is the prostate.
  • Gently massage the prostate in a circular or back-and-forth motion using the pad of a finger. You can also apply gentle pressure for seven to 10 seconds, again with the pad of a finger rather than the tip.
  • What Is Prostate Masssage

    Prostate massage is unlike most types of “massage” you might be accustomed to hearing about. It’s performed by a medical doctor or licensed health care provider as a way to release fluids from the prostate ducts. In some cases, this procedure can have health benefits, but prostate massage is not a procedure that, in general, promotes health or prevents prostate cancer. However, it can be helpful in certain specific medical situations, either as a diagnostic tool or in the case of chronic prostatitis.

    It’s essential first to understand what the prostate gland is and the bodily functions it contributes to. The prostate is a small golf ball-sized gland located below the bladder and between the base of the penis and the rectum in men. The prostate gland is vital to the male reproductive system and responsible for the production of a fluid that keeps sperm functioning and protected in the seminal fluid.

    Several conditions can affect the prostate gland in men, most notably:

    — Prostate cancer.

    There are a variety of ways these conditions are diagnosed in men, including:

    — A digital rectal examination.

    For some of these tests, a sample of prostate fluid is required, and this is where prostate massage can be helpful.

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    Prostate Surgery: What To Expect On The Day Of Surgery

    There are a few prostate surgery types and techniques, and what you can expect from your procedure depends on which one your surgeon uses. An incision may or may not be required; all, some, or none of prostate gland may be removed; and some surrounding tissue may or may not be excised as welljust to name a few differences.

    The choice in prostate surgery largely comes down to whether you are having it to treat prostate cancer or the urinary symptoms or complications of an enlarged prostate, a.k.a. benign prostatic hyperplasia .

    Side Effects And Risks

    Prostate Massage Therapy for Enlarged Prostate | How to SHRINK Your Prostate Naturally in 4 Steps

    The tissues lining the prostate and rectum are delicate and vulnerable to cuts, tears, and abrasions. Massaging the prostate too intensely can easily lead to soreness. In the study described above, for example, 8.3% of participants reported discomfort after prostate massage.

    Overly aggressive prostate massage can also cause rectal bleeding, creating a risk of bacterial infection or aggravating hemorrhoids.

    Furthermore, manual prostate massage is discouraged for men with acute bacterial prostatitis. The massage increases inflammation and may promote the spread of bacteria to the urethra, other parts of the urinary tract, and the bloodstream.

    That said, a few small studies of the effects of prostate massage performed by a physician have shown it to be beneficial as a therapy for chronic prostatitis when paired with antibiotics.

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    Your Prostate Massage Therapy Guide & Benefits

    What is the prostate massage therapy all about?

    Many men suffer from problems related to their prostate by the passing of time .

    If you;want to have presonalised health answer for as little as 5 usd from a real doctor;

    One of the best ways to handle these gentlemen problems is through the therapy of prostate massage.Men often are pushed to the edge of their limit and because of that they always experience the worst environment conditions.

    They are forced to do things that they do not want to. Also, because of this unhealthy life, men develop bad habits . Altogether, these factors make the mens health an issue.

    In many occasions, the prostate gland is one of the first target organs of the complications of the risk life. However, the prostate massage therapy is the perfect choice, which will remove the pain and cure you.

    What To Expect During A Prostate Massage

    A prostate massage is a lot like a digital rectal exam . Urologists routinely use DREs to check the prostate for lumps, changes, or other signs of possible cancer. Your doctor may perform a DRE to obtain an expressed prostatic secretion that can be further examined for signs of prostatitis, infection, or other disorders.

    During a prostate massage, the person performing the massage will insert a gloved, lubricated finger into your rectum. Theyll gently press on, or massage, the prostate for several minutes. If this massage is painful, tell the person preforming the massage. The massage might be uncomfortable for a few moments, but it shouldnt be painful.

    How frequently you have a prostate massage is up to you and your doctor or the treating professional. You can expect to attend several sessions each week for at least a month. Then, you may be able to reduce the number of visits.

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    How Does A Prostate Massage Feel

    The massage therapy is somewhat similar to the digital rectal exam . Its normal for urologists to use DREs to examine the prostate for any health issues, lumps, or possible signs of prostate cancer. The doctor can do a prostate biopsy to examine any signs of an infection, prostatitis, or other health disorders. This is basically a sample of the prostate gland.;

    During the massage, the doctor will use a glove and add some lubricant to their finger. They will then insert the finger into the patients anus. By adding gentle pressure, they will stimulate the prostate for a couple of minutes.;

    If you feel any pain, you should inform the doctor while they are still performing the treatment. But, do have in mind that its normal to feel slightly uncomfortable. However, the stimulation is not supposed to be painful.;

    How often you might want the treatment is entirely up to you. It might be a good idea for those struggling with ED or prostatitis to attend multiple sessions in a week for at least one month. After the symptoms have subsided, you can reduce doctor visits.;

    It May Be Able To Help Alleviate Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate

    Prostate Massage Stock Images

    An enlarged prostate, or benign prostate hyperplasia , is extremely common: in fact, according to the National Kidney and Urological Disease Information Clearinghouse, it is the most common prostate problem for men over 50. Like prostatitis, the most common symptoms are painful urination, urinary retention, and frequent urination.

    Often, men with BPH can take alpha blockers to relax their bladder muscles and make it easier for them to urinate, or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors to try to reduce the size of their prostate gland by blocking hormones that contribute to prostate growth. A small 2006 case study found that regular prostate massage combined with such medications can also help alleviate symptoms.

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    What Is A Gleason Score

    A Gleason score is the scale used to determine whether prostate cells are cancerous and, if so, the grade or seriousness of the cancer. Two sections of cells from a biopsy are examined.;Each section is graded on a scale of 1 to 5 based on how abnormal and aggressive the cells are. The scores are added together: the higher the score, the more serious the cancer.

    What Is Prostate Massage Therapy

    In an enlarged or inflamed state, the prostate size tends to substantially exceed the size of a walnut. However, the prostate can be milked or massaged to reduce the inflammation and return its size to normal. Massaging of the prostate can be done internally by inserting a lubricated finger or a massager through the anus to the prostate. It can also be done externally by applying pressure on the perineum from the outside.

    An internal prostate massage may be more desirable and rewarding than an external massage but it is inconvenient and difficult to do on oneself. This massage technique can be done either with a lubricated finger or with a massager. It is very important to seek the advice of a medical professional before undergoing prostate massage for medical purposes. This is because it may not be safe to undergo massage due to some medical reasons. Your urologist would be in a better position to explain the situation at hand to you.

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    Prostate Milking There You Have It

    Okay, so now you know that prostate milking can have several health benefits for you and your prostate. And in addition, it can be very erotic and lead to some incredible orgasms even without any additional sexual stimulation.

    But we are willing to agree that many guys will not quite be comfortable with this concept even if it can lead to some mind-blowing climaxes! So knowing that there will be a certain amount of guys who ARE NOT comfortable with prostate milking we should mention that there are natural climax intensifiers that will help increase your orgasm intensity AND increase your semen output as well.

    So, for the faint of heart that are not OK with the idea of prostate milking here is a cheat sheet of products that can also help improve your orgasms.

    Common Risk Problems For Prostate

    Prostate Massage Therapy-5 Answers That Men Want To Know B

    Did you know that prostate issues dont just involve the sexual organs itself but also the tissues, muscles and other organs near it? You may want to reconsider getting self prostate massage therapy technique guidelines. Not only does it avoid you having any complications with your prostate, but it also helps you feel more at ease. Any kind of prostate pain may have underlying health conditions. If youre planning to get a massage therapy soon, consult your prostate specialist first. The doctor may give you a diagnosis and things to expect during this stage.

    Prostate Cancer

    This kind of cancer along with breast cancers for women are very notorious especially its fatal consequences. Prostate cancer starts when you see symptoms such as pain when urinating, blood in urine or semen, as well as burning or painful sensation in erections.

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

    This kind of prostate gland issue has an obvious symptom which is the enlargement of the prostate gland. The enlargement itself isnt a problem yet, as normally, it may grow as a male age. However, as it is benign, it may still have the tendency to become a prostate cancer issue. Abnormal sizes, especially if it has further issues such as additional bleeding or swelling is something you may want to consult a doctor for.


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    External Self Prostate Stimulation And Massage At Home

    Remember that the perineum has two parts, one that covers the penile bulb and the other one, which is softer and represents the easiest way to get to the prostate. If you have an erection, place your fingers on one side of the shaft underneath your scrotum. Feel for a lump and begin to rub it until you feel a new sensation, different from regular penis stimulation.

    While self prostate milking, if you want to be sure that you hit the right area for external prostate massage, the first sensation you need to feel is a sudden need to urinate. When this sensation activates, keep pressing because you are on the right track. You wont actually urinate, but will activate also the ejaculatory part. when you are sure you found the right area, try finding the right movement for you. It can be either stroking or circular movement. If the prostate starts to hurt you, you should stop for a while until it recovers.

    When you start to enjoy the self prostate massage, you may see some milky liquid running out. You may have some tissues or towels with you to clean up. This part is also known as milking the prostate, getting rid of any unwanted liquid that is stored there. This technique has a very important role in prostate cancer prevention. Also, it may lead to prostate orgasm, a whole new road to sexual pleasure.

    There are also devices to assist with external prostate massage.

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