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Prostate Cancer Treatment In Mexico

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Getting Around In Mexico City

Immunotherapy In 2021, Mark Scholz, MD, Prostate Cancer Support Association of New Mexico

You can reach Mexico City by flying into Mexico International Airport which is known as Benito Juarez International Airport. It is the busiest airport in Mexico and serves many airlines. The major Mexican airlines Aeromexico and Aeromexico Connect operate flights to many Latin American cities and domestic and international destinations from this airport. Many American Carriers also have direct flights to Mexico City. Domestic carriers like Interjet and Volaris also operate out of the airport, connecting Mexico City to other domestic cities. The other airport in the city, Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International Airport services low-cost domestic airlines.

There are many bus operators that offer bus service from US cities to Mexico City. The City also offers a well-planned transportation system to get around in which is the metro system, the downtown rail, light rail, normal buses, BRT , minibusses, and trolleybuses. Public transportation is very cost-effective and efficient, but can also be very crowded.

If you dont want to travel by public transport, then you can choose Uber and other private taxi services. They are a bit more expensive but are stress-free.

Stages Of Prostate Cancer

When it comes to staging, scores are assigned based on the three TNM factors:

  • T Tumor size and location
  • N The number of nearby lymph nodes involved
  • M Metastasis, how far it has spread

According to the TNM classification, staging has nuance or secondary stages depending on the specific case however, certain generalities do apply.

  • Stage I The cancerous cells are growing in the prostate but havent yet spread beyond it and the tumor is in half or less than half of the prostate. This stage is typically referred to as localized prostate cancer because the cancer cells havent spread outside of the prostate gland.
  • Stage II The cancer has stayed within the prostate, but the tumor is able to touch more than half of a lobe of the prostate.
  • Stage III During this stage, the cancer has spread outside the prostate. However, the prostate cancer cells have not made it to the lymph nodes.
  • Stage IV At this late stage, the cancer has spread to nearby lymph nodes, but may or may not have spread to distant organs, depending on whether it is stage IVA or IVB. This stage is often referred to as advanced prostate cancer or metastatic prostate cancer, indicating that the cancer cells have spread to other parts of the body.

Unidad De Urologadr Luis Herrera

Dr. Luis Herrera is a board-certified urologist practicing in Tijuana, Mexico, just a few minutes south of the border. He provides patients from throughout Mexico as well as medical tourists with a variety of advanced urologic treatments, including vasectomy, shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction, and laser kidney stone removal surgery. Dr. Herrera is affiliated with several prestigious organizations, including:

  • La Sociedad Mexicana de Urología
  • The European Association of Urology
  • The American Endourological Society
  • The American Urological Association

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How Bookimed Can Help You

Bookimed is a trusted global medical tourism platform. Every month over 9,000 people request our assistance. Check what do we offer:

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Our Patients Are Our Biggest Advocates Listen To Their Stories Questions Concerns Experiences And How They Found Hope With Oasis Of Hope In Tijuana Mexico

Mexico HIFU

Request New eBook for Free: The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer

The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer shares a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment that focuses on the patient, provides resources to the body, mind, and spirit, and leverages the metabolic traits of cancerous cells to undermine a tumors strength. This total care approach has been developed over the last six decades at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

Request New eBook for Free: The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer

The Art & Science of Undermining Cancer shares a revolutionary approach to cancer treatment that focuses on the patient, provides resources to the body, mind, and spirit, and leverages the metabolic traits of cancerous cells to undermine a tumors strength. This total care approach has been developed over the last six decades at Oasis of Hope Hospital.

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Excellence Innovation And Leadership

We are proud that several of our treatments have achieved long-term results on their own . To our knowledge no other clinics have ever combined individualized protocols. We also offer outpatient treatment. Learn more. Click here.

A nice added benefit of our outpatient experience, is community outside these walls. Patients can enjoy the Mexican culture and soak up the peaceful environment.

Since our inception, we have established some of the first multidisciplinary integrative cancer protocols in North America. All our protocols involve the integration of Gerson Therapy along with advanced immune enhancing protocols. A five-year melanoma study completed at CHIPSA was published in peer-reviewed articles in leading journal. Our results yielded over a 600% increase in five-year survival for stage 4 melanoma. You can learn more by, .

The Cancer Treatment Of The Future Today The Most Advanced Cancer Immunotherapy In The Beautiful Vacation Environment Of Cabo San Lucas

WELCOME TO Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

We are proud to announce that due to our remarkable growth, we are opening a new location in Los Cabos, Baja California, Mexico. We will continue fighting against cancer. Providing high quality treatments, lifestyle, and satisfaction for all our patients.

This new location allows us to offer an even wider range of care with a unique post-treatment recovery experience in one of the most beautiful and safe places in all of Mexico, while maintaining a high-level medical care.

There is more than going to the procedure room to treat cancer, it will be an experience in medicine as well as in tourism, but most importantly of peace of mind. Providing the most advanced and less invasive cancer immunotherapy treatments at sea level in a stress-free environment.

Being in a quiet place overlooking the sea, will make your treatment even more satisfying. You will find available bilingual nurses, doctors and other health professionals who will ensure your care and excellent recovery.

Why Los Cabos?

Los Cabos is undoubtedly one of the worlds most inspiring destinations, from its amazing sunsets and the top-ranked happiest cities on the globe, this location is ideal to create lifelong memories with your family or companion away from the stress of the routine.

How can get I treated in Los Cabos?

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Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy

Mesenchymal stem cells are cells ethically-sourced from the placenta and umbilical cords Wharton Jelly, never endangering nor harming the growing embryo. These stem cells have the ability to repair dying and diseased tissues and rejuvenate all tissues and organs damaged by cancer.

All of our stem cells are approved by governmental authorities and rigorously laboratory-tested to be are free of any infectious disease organisms, chemicals, heavy metals, and tested for DNA mutations as well.

Stem cell therapy is the future of medicine, and it is being done now at the Holistic Bio Spa clinic in Mexico.

What Are The Side Effects To Cyberknife Prostate Cancer Treatment

Prostate Cancer Bio Medical Center, Tijuana

CyberKnife SBRT utilizes a higher dose rate than traditional radiation, however, according to an 864-patient study published in 2013, it was shown that SBRT side effects are no worse than side effects experienced with traditional radiation.

The study found that a transient and modest decline in urinary and bowel QOL during the first few months quickly recovers to baseline levels. In fact, most patients resume normal activity immediately after treatment sessions. With that being said, possible complications that accompany any radiation therapy treatment are: urinary incontinence, bowel issues, and erectile dysfunction.

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Kidney Cancer Treatment In Mexico

Are you looking for Kidney cancer treatment in Mexico? Dr. Carlos García Cruz performs this test that consists of the extraction of tissue samples from the male prostate gland to later be examined for prostate cancer. Our urologist is certified by the Mexican National Council of Urology. Throughout its trajectory, it has attended +27,000 urological patients and has performed +5,500 urological procedures.

Prostate Cancer Causes Over 7000 Annual Deaths In Mexico

Each year over 7,000 men die from prostate cancer in Mexico. This disease is the most common type of cancer among men after skin cancer but early diagnosis increases the possibilities for successful treatment. Each Nov. 30, Mexico observes the National Day Against Prostate Cancer to raise awareness and diagnose the disease in its early stages.

In Mexico, prostate cancer is the deadliest type of cancer among men as there are 9.8 deaths per 100,000 men. The same behavior is observed in Latin America, which as a region registers 413,000 new cases and 85,000 deaths each year, says PROFECO.

In Latin America, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer among men and the fifth cause of death linked to cancer, according to the IADB. Mexico registers 25,000 cases per year, said Abelardo Meneses, Director General, INCan, to MBN. Unfortunately, 70 percent of cases are detected in advanced stages as it does not usually present symptoms until the prostate is large enough to affect the urethra, according to NHS.

While some types of prostate cancer grow slowly and may need minimal or even no treatment, other types are aggressive and can spread quickly, says Mayo Clinic. Over 95 percent of prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas, which start in the gland cells of the prostate. The other 5 percent include small-cell carcinomas, squamous cell carcinomas, transitional cell cancers, neuroendocrine tumors and soft tissue sarcoma, as reported by WebMD.

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Holistic & Natural Ways In Treating Prostate Cancer

Immunity Therapy Center utilizes a variety of alternative cancer treatments to strengthen your immune system while directly targeting your cancer cells. These alternative treatment for prostate cancer helps your body fight cancer without the harmful effects of chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or other harsh conventional treatments.

At ITC, we use customized alternative ways in treating prostate cancer to ensure the best results. The type and combination of therapies for the alternative treatment for prostate cancer vary depending on the type and location of Cancer, stage of Cancer, and the overall health of the individual. Reach out today to set up a consultation for prostate cancer treatment options and learn more about ITCs alternative therapy and treatment plans.

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The Typical Chipsa Cancer Patient Seeking Treatment

To be truthful, there is not a “typical patient”. Lets take a close look at what we mean.

The patients at CHIPSA literally come from all over the world North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the Caribbean and elsewhere. CHIPSA patients come from all walks of life, all levels of education and all points on the economic scale. The CHIPSA patient can be someone who is only interested in cancer treatment in Mexico or they may have an interest in alternative cancer treatments or natural therapies. Additionally, our patients can just as easily be someone who has tried all the chemotherapy and radiation they could access, but are looking for something different. CHIPSA patients are newly diagnosed Stage 1 cancer patients and those who are advanced Stage 4, and everything in between.

Although, it shows up in numerous different ways, if there was one common thread among CHIPSA patients, its their ability fight. Our patients never give up hope for a life free of cancer.

If youre looking for yourself or a loved one, your investigation should include a place that offers comprehensive treatment, combination therapy as well as, emotional and psychological support for the patient and their loved ones. The fact that CHIPSA is roughly 30 minutes from the San Diego International Airport, makes it that much more convenient and appealing. Wont you take a small leap of faith to seek treatment here in Tijuana, Mexico.

Dendritic Cell Vaccines For Prostate Cancer

Dendritic cells are special white blood cells that are used to induce an immunological response against prostate cancer cells. This alternative prostate cancer treatment in Mexico can help reduce tumor size, potentially avoid relapse, and extend survival. One technique is to use the patients own dendritic cells, load them with the tumor antigen in the laboratory, and inject them back to get the desired effect.1

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What Causes Prostate Cancer

The medical community is not entirely sure what causes prostate cancer, but our understanding of the disease has expanded in recent years. Most cases of prostate cancer occur due to a DNA mutation, which causes cells to grow abnormally. This mutation seems to come with age after the prostate gland cells have had ample time to continually divide.

While doctors arent entirely sure what can cause prostate cancer, they do know that high-grade PINs have between a 20 and 30 percent chance of becoming cancerous. Because of this, regular PSA screening and rectal examinations are suggested, as well as a prostate biopsy, if necessary.

What Are Advantages To Sbrt

Exercise and Prostate Cancer: Prevention and Bettering Outcomes in Localized and Advanced Disease

Studies show that prostate cells are very sensitive to the amount of radiation delivered in each treatment session. Because of this, a higher dosage over fewer sessions is generally best practice in treating prostate cancer, making SBRT the optimal method of radiation therapy available.

Compared to other radiation therapy options, which normally require 35-45 sessions over six to nine weeks, SBRT can be completed in four or five sessions over one to two weeks. By reducing the treatment time frame, it also reduces the disruption radiation therapy has on a patients daily routine.

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The Convergence Medicine Principle

This term was coined by Dr. Herskowitz in 2011 to represent a novel strategy, which combines many forms of medical and energy practices into one cohesive strategy to optimize, repair, and rejuvenate in each individual. Taking the best from Molecular and Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Metabolism, Physical Medicine and Energy Medicine, we layer in the best of ancient forms of medicine that speak to a persons innate constitution , which helps us predict how a patient will respond to different types of treatment.

Tourist Visas In Mexico City

Foreign Nationals wanting to enter Mexico must get a visa in advance unless they belong to any of the 67 eligible visa-exempt countries like the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia, or one of the three Electronic Authorization System eligible countries. Mexico also offers visa exemption to the people of any nationality who have a valid visa from the US, UK, Canada. They can travel to Mexico with their valid passports and can stay for up to 180 days.

However, citizens of countries like India, Russia, China, Sri Lanka, and many other countries need to apply and get a visa in advance to travel to Mexico for tourism.

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Types Of Prostate Cancer

There are several different types of prostate cancer. The most common types found in prostate cancer patients include:

  • Acinar adenocarcinoma Cancerous cells or tumors that originate in the gland cells lining the prostate gland. This accounts for the vast majority of cases of prostate cancer.
  • Ductal adenocarcinoma Begins in the cells that line the prostate glands ducts. This is a more aggressive and more invasive form of adenocarcinoma.
  • Transitional cell cancer Also known as urothelial cancer, this starts in the cells that line the urethra. While it can begin in the prostate, it most commonly starts in the bladder and then spreads to the prostate.
  • Squamous cell cancer Occurs when quickly developing and spreading cancer cells grow on the flat cells covering the prostate.
  • Small cell prostate cancer A form of neuroendocrine cancer that is composed of small round cells.

Popular Parts Of Mexico

21 Best Infografias de salud images

Six Cities in Mexico that should be on your itinerary:

  • Mexico City This enormous capital city is the most populous city on the North American continent. The metropolitan area of the city is home to a staggering 21.2 million people. El Zocalo, the main public square is a famous landmark in Mexico City. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • CancunIs a major resort city with turquoise blue waters and striking white sandy beaches. It has a population of about 628,000 people. You can take day trips to the Mayan ruins, the unspoiled jungle habitats of Coba, and Chichen Itza from Cancun.
  • San Miguel de AllendeIs one of the most popular cities in Mexico. The must-visit sites in this city are the San Miguel Arcangel Parish, the archaeological zone of Canada la Virgen, and the handicraft market.
  • Guadalajara Its the second largest city in Mexico and has a population of 5.1 million. The city has a more relaxed feel and a distinctly Mexican flavor. The historic center is impressive with a cathedral and colonial architecture. Guadalajara Cathedral, Instituto Cultural de Cabanas, and the Expiatory Temple are famous sights to visit.
  • Oaxaca Is a southern Mexican city and is situated in a valley. It is home to 4.2 million inhabitants. Oaxaca Cathedral, Zocalo and Mercado Benito Juarez, and The Rufino Tamayo Museum are a few of the interesting places to see in this city.
  • Other important cities are Merida, Acapulco, Puebla City, Taxco Puerto Vallarto and Playa deal Carmen.

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