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Is Drinking Tea Bad For Your Prostate

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How Sugar Causes Cancer

6 Cups of Green Tea for Prostate Cancer

The body is not designed to eat sugar in the quantities we give it today. Just a hundred years ago, the average person ate 10 times less sugar than what we eat today. Several centuries back, even eating the fruit was considered a sweet and rare treat.

While honey was available in many countries, it was not added to every food like sugar is today. Since the body is not designed to handle large doses of sugar, it is harder to process. When we use sugar, it is processed with more reactive oxygen, creating free radicals.

Free radical damage can cause mitochondrial disruption, DNA damage, and impairment in cells and proteins. A large number of free radicals in the body are linked with the increased spread and development of cancer. Additional studies indicate that obesity also causes more free radical damage in the body, which means both eating sugar and gaining weight increases cancer risk.

Cat’s Claw And Prostate Health

There are many medicinal properties attributed to cat’s claw, but among the best known is its ability to protect the immune system and thus your body’s cells. In addition, it is believed that the content of beta-sitosterol and campesterol may be responsible for its great anti-inflammatory power, which is especially beneficial for treating BPH or prostate enlargement, thus alleviating such condition by preventing testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone, a substance that has great responsibility in prostatic enlargement.

It is also recommended to use cat’s claw to treat the symptoms of prostatitis and even alleviate the condition, as it has been proven to relieve urinary discomfort caused by prostate infection and helps fight infections in the prostate. Similarly, cat’s claw can block the proliferation of an enzyme known as aromatase, which stimulates the production of estradiol, another hormone that like testosterone is linked to enlargement of the prostate. Older men have more estradiol in the body than men at a young age.

The Positive Effects Of Coffee

Milan Geybels, a previous student at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and lead author of the study, says the results of this study differ from those of other studies looking at the same link, as the researchers used a composite definition of prostate cancer recurrence/progression. He adds:

We used detailed information on follow-up prostate-specific antigen levels, use of secondary treatment for prostate cancer and data from scans and biopsies to assess the occurrence of metastases and cause-specific mortality during follow up.

Using these detailed data, we could determine whether a patient had evidence of prostate cancer recurrence or progression.

Additionally, the study also revealed that biological activities that are therefore linked to the consumption of phytochemical compounds that are found in coffee could practically exhibit both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

These are the main characteristic derived from the consumption of coffee that is very helpful to prostate health.

The researchers also mentioned that the phytochemical compounds present include the following functions in the body. The naturally-occurring compounds are discussed below:

  • Caffeine, which can inhibit cell growth and encourage apoptosis.
  • Diterpenes cafestol and kahweol, which can inhibit cancer growth.
  • Chlorogenic acid, which can inhibit DNA methylation.

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The Facts Of Prostate Cancer

The prostate, an organ located under the bladder, produces semen. Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in the United States. About 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime.

The risk of developing prostate cancer progressively increases with age. About 60 percent of all prostate cancers in the United States are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older. It is rare for men to develop prostate cancer before age 40.

Theres no absolute prostate cancer prevention, but evidence suggests diet plays a key role. Keep reading for diet tips and more information.

What If My Psa Levels Are Considered High

Why Are Coffee &  Tea Bad for the Prostate?

If your test shows an increased PSA level, please consult your physician for further diagnosis. To help give you an idea of what your physician may do next to help you, heres a quote from Dr Jeffery Herz, MD of Halo Diagnostics:

Typically, an abnormal PSA level will result in a consultation with us which often involves obtaining a family history of prostate cancer, a complete medical/surgical history including current medications, a discussion regarding voiding status, evaluation of previous PSA levels , consideration of further evaluation including possible repeat PSA tests and the need for possible prostate biopsy

Jeffery Herz, MD | Board Certified Urologist, HALO Dx

If youâre interested in learning more about the innovative diagnosis and treatment techniques for prostate cancer, visit our partners at Halo Diagnostics to learn more about multiparametric prostate MRI and laser focal therapy.

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Build A Plan For Treatment

Get a copy of the the Study to share with your Doctor as you develop your treatment plan. The Study follows almost 130,000 men for 15 years after treatment, displaying their trends for recurrence of cancer. See which men had their cancer return, versus those who were treated once requiring no additional treatment. Ask your Doctor about your odds of remaining in remission.

Drinking Too Much Tea Can Increase Prostate Cancer Risk Says Study

Tea in large quantities can significantly increase prostate cancer risk, says a new study.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow found in a new study that men who drink more than seven cups of tea per day had a 50 percent increased risk of prostate cancer.

The study observed more than 6,000 male volunteers over a period of 37 years, said the BBC.

“Most previous research has shown either no relationship with prostate cancer for black tea or some preventive effect of green tea,” said lead author Kashif Shafique of the University of Glasgow, according to QMI.

“We don’t know whether tea itself is a risk factor or if tea drinkers are generally healthier and live to an older age when prostate cancer is more common anyway.”

Previous studies have shown the benefits of drinking tea, including reducing cholesterol levels and fighting cancer.

The new study took into consideration those benefits but still says that copious tea-drinking may be unhealthy.

“We found that heavy tea drinkers were more likely not to be overweight, be non-alcohol-drinkers and have healthy cholesterol levels,” said Shafique, reported the Telegraph.

“However, we did adjust for these differences in our analysis and still found that men who drank the most tea were at greater risk of prostate cancer.”

The findings were published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.

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Does Coffee Reduce Prostate Cancer Risk

An increasing number of studies have reviewed the link between compounds in coffee and prostate cancer risk. As evidence increases. coffee is getting its share of the spotlight.

Recently, researchers from Kanazawa University Graduate School of Medical Science in Japan tested coffee compounds against prostate cancer in mice. Specifically, they used cells that were resistant to standard cancer drugs, such as cabazitaxel.

When they added kahweol acetate and cafestol to prostate cancer cells in a petri dish, the cells grew less rapidly.

We found that kahweol acetate and cafestol inhibited the growth of the cancer cells in mice, but the combination seemed to work synergistically, leading to significantly slower tumor growth than in untreated mice,

After 11 days, the untreated tumors had grown by around times the original volume , whereas the tumors in the mice treated with both compounds had grown by around just over times the original size. explains study leader, Dr. Hiroaki Iwamoto.

What Was Previously Thought

3 Easy Ways To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate Naturally

As coffee contains several active components in the form of minerals and antioxidants, it is inaccurate to say that caffeine is the primary source that affects our metabolism.

In the past, only a few lifestyle factors, and daily habits were known to be consistently linked to prostate cancer, especially with the risk of aggressive disease.

Therefore, this study might be of great significance in order to understand the biology and growth of prostate cancer. It may also help with possible approaches that will lead to the prevention of invasive conventional treatments.

It follows that coffee drinkers have no reason to stop drinking their favorite beverage.

However, men with an enlarged prostate or BPH, and prostate infection or prostatitis, should limit coffee intake. Or much better, they should set a stop time for coffee or liquid intake within the day.

This is because the caffeine present in your favorite coffee beverage may stimulate the bladder and can make your symptoms worse and troublesome.

Although the caffeine in coffee may increase urinary urgency, urinary frequency, bladder irritation, and increased pain, it is not the cause of an enlarged prostate or prostatitis.

Coffee and caffeine are, in fact, good for your prostate health.

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Saw Palmetto For Prostate Health

Saw palmetto is a palm that can reach up to three meters in height and is very famous for the medicinal properties offered by its date. Recent studies have shown that frequent consumption of saw palmetto berries improves symptoms related to conditions of the prostate, such as prostatitis and symptoms of BPH , although some question the effectiveness and saw palmetto and the validity of such studies.

In the case of prostatitis it was shown that the consumption of saw palmetto berries allows to decrease the inflammation of the prostate tissue, because it is able to regenerate it and fight the infection that may be affecting it. In addition, saw palmetto relieves the main symptoms of prostatitis, such as difficulty urinating, urgent urge to urinate, burning during urination, feeling of not emptying the bladder and stinging.

As for prostatic hyperplasia, or benign enlargement of the prostate, it was determined that consumption of saw palmetto berries, like cat’s claw, help by avoiding the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a substance that is largely responsible for the enlargement of this gland, since it stimulates the growth of prostate cells. In addition, it helps to improve the symptoms caused by prostatic hyperplasia. Although it was verified that the plant does not reduce the size of the gland, it does not keep it growing.

Can Alcohol Increase The Risk Of Developing Enlarged Prostate

Quite the opposite is true!

Current research indicates that consuming alcohol is negatively correlated with the risk of BPH. A meta-analysis from 2009 looked at 19 studies spanning a total of 120,091 male participants who consumed greater than 1.2oz of alcohol a day. This intake was associated with a 35% reduced risk of developing BPH. However, before you get excited about getting a hall pass to indulge, it’s important to remember the myriad of risks associated with chronic alcohol intake. In the case of urinary concerns and this study, while the risk of BPH dropped, the risk of developing a lower urinary tract infection rose with alcohol consumption.

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The Effects Of Salt Coffee And Sugar On The Prostate

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland positioned in the middle of the bladder and the penis. With age, men are likely to face prostate gland issues. The prostate secretes a fluid that nourishes and protects sperm. During ejaculation, the prostate pushes this fluid into the urethra and it is ejected with sperm as semen. As men age, problems can arise in the prostate gland, including cancer. Most prostate problems are benign, however. Benign prostate enlargement , also known as , benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a condition that affects older men. Its mainly common among men over 60 years of age and isnt usually a serious threat to health. The most common symptoms include urinary complications or discomfort when urinating. It can be treated well if detected in the early stages, otherwise it is more like a slow-emerging cancer. There are certain foods that aggrevate or alleviate prostate problems. It is important to discuss with your healthcare professional for proper advice.

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Matcha Green Tea Latte

Is Coffee Good or Bad for an Enlarged Prostate?

Matcha green tea gives you the same healthy compounds from green tea, but in a more concentrated form. This often means youre getting more antioxidants per serving.

Green tea and matcha both have a grassy flavor undertone that takes a little to get used to. However, matcha tends to have a rich and buttery flavor. This can make it delicious and easy to drink, much more so than green tea.

A matcha green tea latte is a great way to enjoy matcha powder. The drink isnt a latte in the traditional sense, as youre not using any coffee. Instead, youre using matcha powder and milk. Regular dairy milk could be used here, but many people turn to plant-based milk instead.

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Persistent Ejaculation And Prostatitis

One study has found a connection between persistent ejaculations and the occurrence of chronic prostatitis, which is inflammation of the prostate over a period of time longer than 3 months.

Symptoms and signs of chronic prostatitis include the following:

  • Post-ejaculatory pain is a hallmark of the condition.
  • Perineal or pelvic pain without any evidence of a urinary tract infection, which lasts longer than 3 months.
  • Pain can be present in the perineum, testes, tip of the penis and the pubic or bladder area.
  • Pain which radiates to the back and rectum and makes sitting down uncomfortable.
  • Arthralgia.
  • Constant burning pain in the penis.
  • Abdominal pain.
  • Erectile difficulties.
  • Sexual dysfunction.

The reason for this is because persistent ejaculation causes buildup of lactic acid and free radicals. These products are not cleared properly by the liver because its activity is suppressed by stress hormones released during the ejaculatory process. The buildup of these products then leads to inflammation of the prostatic tissue.

Masturbation and testicular size

Testicular size can be negatively affected by the following issues:

There are literally over a hundred conditions that can cause testicular atrophy but masturbation is really one activity that one shouldnt worry about causing this issue.

Get Your Fill Of Green Tea

While watermelon seed and hibiscus teas need to be prepared from scratch, you can buy green tea at the supermarket. You can find flavored green tea and decaf green tea, which is ideal, since high levels of caffeine often make BPH symptoms worse.

If drinking cups of tea isn’t your thing, there are other ways you can fit plenty of green tea into your diet. Use it instead of juice or milk in your morning smoothie or as the base for your oatmeal or add 1/2 teaspoon of matcha powder to the mix. Add brewed green tea leaves to your soup, stir-fry, or lasagna.

Prostavol Prostate Support contains 50 milligrams of green tea leaf, along with a variety of other ingredients shown through research to promote prostate health.

A healthy diet is your first line of defense against a number of health conditions, including prostate problems. Adding green, watermelon seed, or hibiscus tea to your daily diet can go a long way toward better prostate health.

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Nettle Tea For Prostate

Nettle is the common name given to all plants of the urtica genus. This medicinal plant is very popular due to its diuretic property, since its content in chlorophyll, potassium and organic acids allows to stimulate the production of urine and thus to get rid of the water that accumulates in the body, that is to say, it prevents the retention of liquids. In addition, nettle allows to eliminate accumulated toxins in the blood by improving circulation and diminishing altered levels of sugar, cholesterol and uric acid in fluid.

Nettle tea is definitely the best herbal tea for prostate health precisely because of its ability to stimulate the expulsion of urine, which is suitable for the treatment of prostatitis, as it helps to improve the difficulty to urinate. To take advantage the nettle’s properties for prostatitis, you can consume fresh nettle leaves by immersing them in some broth or soup, or you can also prepare a nettle tea for prostatitis. Moreover, studies have found that nettle root extract can also aid BPH as the steroidal component in stinging nettle root can suppress prostate-cell growth, thus preventing further complications such as the appearance of carcinoma.

Five Foods To Protect Your Prostate

Juicing for a Healthy Prostate

Good news if youre worried about your prostate health: What you eat can make a difference. There is plenty of strong evidence that good nutrition and an active lifestyle can reduce the likelihood of prostate cancer and slow its progression, says Mitchell Sokoloff M.D., Chair of the Department of Urology and Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

There are a few categorical changes you can make to your diet that make a big difference in overall health, as well as prostate health. What you eat can potentially disadvantage your prostate health e.g. foods you might want to avoid or protect the prostate in various ways. The Science of Living Well, Beyond Cancer recommends a diet that is high in colorful vegetables, low in sugar and processed carbohydrates, and moderate in animal-based protein . Some might refer to this as a version of the Mediterranean Diet. PCF-funded epidemiologist Lorelei Mucci, M.P.H., Sc.D., at Harvard T.H Chan School of Public Health notes that people in Mediterranean countries not only eat more vegetables and fruits they also eat less fatty foods, processed food, and red meat categories that can increase insulin resistance, increase inflammation, raise cardiovascular risk and be a part of a dietary pattern that may increase obesity, as well.

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What Foods Should You Avoid If You Have An Enlarged Prostate

While the exact cause of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is not entirely understood, we do know that what you eat can have a big influence on the health of your prostate. While some foods can help to reduce the risk of developing BPH, as well as lessening the severity of your symptoms, there are others which can actually aggravate the problem including:

  • Red meat
  • Dairy
  • Alcohol.

Unfortunately gentlemen, as we can see, it is often some of our favourite foods that can cause inflammation flare-ups and bladder problems however, knowing the main culprits could help you to manage your symptoms better.

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