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Does The Prostate Affect Erectile Function

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How May Erectile Dysfunction Affect My Sex Life

How Does HDR Brachytherapy Affect Sexual Function? | Ask a Prostate Expert, Dr. Jeffrey Demanes

Most men find that their sex life is different after prostate cancer treatment. Some men question their manliness when they cannot have an erection or find that they are not interested in sex. This can happen even if you are not currently in an intimate relationship. You may find this upsetting. Even if one of the medications or erection aids is helpful, having sex using these things may take some getting used to. It may not feel entirely natural. You can talk with your doctor or healthcare team about these feelings. Counseling may also help.

If you have an intimate partner, it is important for you to talk to your partner about how you are feeling. There is an old saying that a problem shared is a problem halved. Not everyone wants a sexual relationship. Dont try to guess or assume what your partner wants. Have an open and honest discussion with your partner.

This may seem unnecessary in long-term relationships as people tend to assume they know all there is to know about their partner but this is not always the case. With time, you and your partner may be able to find satisfying ways to have a sex life even though you have erectile dysfunction. Your partner will also have concerns about your sex life as well as concerns about your health. Talking about your feelings is very important during this time.

The Real Underlaying Cause Of Enlarged Prostate And How To Tackle It

You see, the prostate does not just start growing out of nowhere when men turn 50, 60, or 70.

This progress starts slowly in the early 30s around the time men reach their peak in development.

The prostate overgrowth, however, begins so slowly that we dont experience any symptoms until things have gone seriously wrong.

These Receptors Are The Key To Reversing An Enlarged Prostate

Lets call them prostate receptors.

If these prostate receptors are working well, it doesnt matter how high your testosterone level is. These receptors will only let in what the prostate needs.

Just like we only give the kids a bit of candy no matter how full the pantry is.

And just to be clear, everyone has enough testosterone to balloon their prostate, even men with low testosterone levels.

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Erectile Dysfunction And The Prostate: What’s The Relationship


Written by the UPGUYS Editorial Team Published on March 21, 2022

Did you know that 49.4% of Canadian men between ages 40 and 88 experience ED? In the United States, 52% of men experience some form of erectile dysfunction as well. Complete ED usually increases from 5% to 15% in men between the ages of 40 and 70.

Erectile dysfunction and prostate problems are common for men, especially as they get older. While the cause of ED can be physical or psychological, one factor that is often overlooked is the role of the prostate.

We’re going to explore the relationship between ED and the prostate. We’ll also take a look at what men can do to improve their sexual health. Keep reading to find out more.

In this article, we’re going to cover the following:

  • Does and How Are Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Problems Connected?
  • The Kinds of Prostate Problems That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction
  • Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Prostate Problems
  • Can You Take Erectile Dysfunction Medications if You Are Taking Prostate Problems Medications?
  • Does Prostate Disease Medication Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
  • How to Treat Erectile Dysfunction Caused by Prostate Diseases?
  • Improving Symptoms and Prevention
  • FAQs About Erectile Dysfunction and Prostate Diseases

Why Can Prostate Issues Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Can I Become a Father After a Vasectomy? Eugin IVF Clinic

Why are prostate conditions commonly also associated with ED? Learn more about the connection between these two conditions.

Prostate concerns commonly occur in men as they age, and the first symptoms may be difficulty urinating, or more frequent trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

But, is there a correlation between prostate problems and developing erectile dysfunction?

Both of these conditions increase in frequency as men get older, so it is difficult to know if one is definitely correlated with the other, but there may be a few things going on when you have prostate problems that can lead to issues in the bedroom as well.

Below, we will cover just how issues with the prostate gland including benign prostatic hyperplasia , and prostate cancer may have impacts on erectile function.

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Can An Enlarged Prostate Keep You From Ejaculating

Enlarged prostate, or BPH, is one of the most common urological conditions that a man can encounter as he gets older. It can cause uncomfortable urinary symptoms, such as blocking the flow of urine out of the bladder and other urinary tract, bladder, or kidney problems. Statistics show that 50% of men over the age of 50 will have BPH, then 60% over 60, and so forth, increasing by 10% with every decade of life. Accordingly, as men get older, theyre also more prone to have sexual dysfunction.

There is no evidence that having BPH leads immediately to erectile dysfunction, yet there are relationships between BPH and erectile dysfunction. In general, these relationships are due to patients with BPH who may have other numerous medical conditions that are also associated with erectile dysfunction like hypertension, lipid abnormalities, diabetes, heart disease, etc.

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How To Restore Your Lost Potency

It is always better to discuss with your doctor before the surgery the possibilities of ED post-surgery and ways to treat it. Discuss the effects of chronic conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, or any other medical conditions you might be suffering from on your ED after the surgery.

There are a few medical and non-medical treatment options for ED post prostatectomy surgery. These include:

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The Connection Between Prostate Cancer And Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate cancer is a condition that begins in the prostate, often resulting from genetic mutations. There are many options for diagnosing prostate cancer, and its progress or stage determines treatment options. Symptoms or complications of prostate cancer include progressive problems with urination, blood in urine, body pain and erectile dysfunction .

When a patient experiences ED as a complication of prostate cancer, there are new aspects to their treatment that must be considered. Because this topic is often private for patients, physicians are trained to discuss this condition with the greatest level of sensitivity and work alongside patients to achieve positive outcomes.

Enlarged Prostate And Urination

Optimizing Sexual Function Outcomes in the Prostate Cancer Patient | Dr. Mulhall (2014)

Outside of sexual dysfunction, difficulty urinating is the most common symptom of an enlarged prostate. This is because when the prostate becomes enlarged, it can press on the bladder and make it difficult to start urinating. You might also find that you have a very weak flow due to the pressure on your urethra, or even that you wake up regularly during the night to use the bathroom.

You should talk to your doctor if you have suddenly developed problems urinating. They might ask you to answer a series of questions to give you an International Prostate Symptom Score . This helps the clinician understand what treatment might be best for you and the general health of your water works.

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Scott Gets The Average Joe Like Me

He presents everything in plain English that is easy to follow. No complicated lingo.

He makes sure that there is no confusion and that all possible questions are answered, every step of the way.

And I didnt have to shop in expensive health food stores or search for specialized items on the Internet.

I got everything I needed for every step of the plan at my local supermarket.

How Long Does Ed Last After A Prostatectomy

Erectile dysfunction affects almost all men within the first months of a prostatectomy. Most, though, will experience significant improvement within a year or so. However, for some men, it may take up to two years to fully recover and have regular erections.

The risk of ED after a prostatectomy increases with age. Men younger than 50 are most likely to avoid ED or recover more quickly.

When possible, the surgeon will perform a nerve-sparing prostatectomy to spare the nerves that pass close to the prostate. Men who receive nerve-sparing surgery may still experience ED after surgery, but theyre more likely to recover erectile function within two years.

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How May Erectile Dysfunction Affect My Sexual Relationships

Prostate cancer and its treatment can affect your desire for sex. Every man is different but the feelings caused by having cancer and the physical stress of treatment can affect the way you feel about your body and your relationships. Some men talk about feelings of a loss of their role within the partnership or family. This can sometimes affect a mans self esteem and confidence. For others, the physical effects of treatment may lead to tiredness and a lack of energy. Physical changes after some treatments can also affect the way you feel about your body and appearance . All of these things may result in a lack of interest in sex.

If you are feeling tired or under stress, tell your partner how your feel. Loss of interest in sex does not mean you lose interest in a loving and supportive relationship. There are ways to remain physically intimate without having sex. If you are used to a close physical relationship, it is important to remember that hugs, cuddles and kisses maintain intimacy, provide support, and do not have to lead to sex.

Is Another Treatment Option Better For Preservation Of Erectile Function

Pin on Wellnessincheck

The growing interest in pelvic radiation, including brachytherapy, as an alternative to surgery can be attributed in part to the supposition that surgery carries a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Clearly, surgery is associated with an immediate, precipitous loss of erectile function that does not occur when radiation therapy is performed, although with surgery recovery is possible in many with appropriately extended follow-up. Radiation therapy, by contrast, often results in a steady decline in erectile function to a hardly trivial degree over time.

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Surgical Treatments For Bph

While many doctors claim to treat prostate enlargement with surgery, such claims are almost always related to improving urinary function. Since the prostate surrounds the urethra, symptoms of BPH almost always involve urinary function. If a man has severe urinary issues or blockage, surgery may help.

Some doctors recommend removing the prostate to resolve the urinary issues in severe cases. The prostatectomy will likely resolve the urinary issues, but the surgerys side effects will surely deteriorate the mans quality of life.

Surgery should never be the first choice to relieve problems associated with BPH. Any urologist recommending surgery as a first-line treatment for BPH is not providing patients with the best advice. Every surgery has side effects. Some can be minor and others life-altering. Many solutions can make BPH more tolerable without destroying a mans quality of life.

How Can A Swollen Prostate Cause Erectile Dysfunction

If you know anything about prostatic diseases, then you may be aware of how strongly they can affect the quality of life.

A condition like benign prostatic hyperplasia may cause lower urinary tract symptoms .

Urinary tract infections , bladder damage, blood in the urine, as well as urinary retention are often complications that result from BPH.

In understanding how BPH may lead to ED, letâs get familiar with a little something called the alpha 1-adrenergic receptor.

In BPH, there is an imbalance in the autonomic control of smooth muscles, their contraction and relaxation.

This leads to increased smooth muscle tone in the prostate. Increased smooth muscle tone is caused by the a1-adrenergic receptor.

When this receptor is activated by noradrenaline , the penile tissues are contracted.

Erectile dysfunction favors the contraction of smooth muscles which encourages detumescence, and complicates the relaxation of these muscles, which is responsible for erections.

It is believed that 70 percent of men with BPH have an associated erectile dysfunction.

With prostatitis, erectile dysfunction may be induced by the pain caused from the condition.

If you suffer from chronic bacterial prostatitis for example, it isnt uncommon to experience pain in the genital area and groin.

This pain can last for three months and above.

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How To Find A Specialist

  • Ask your doctor for a referral. If you trust your doctor, he or she should be able to give you a reliable referral to a specialist you can trust. Possibly even affiliated with your doctors practice.

  • Ask a friend for a recommendation. If you know someone who may be dealing with a similar condition, ask them who they see.

  • Research online and look for reviews.

  • Check out the NAFC Doctor Finder

Beyond simply finding a new doctor, youll also want to take note of their demeanor. When speaking with a specialist, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are they patient with your questions?

  • Do they address your concerns?

  • Are they open to exploring treatment options youve already researched or are interested in?

  • Are they able to explain, in simple terms, your condition and their recommended treatment?

Ensuring youre comfortable with your doctor is an important factor in finding the right fit.

Learn more about common specialists that treat bladder leaks at the links below.

  • Types of urinary leakage and

  • Causes of urinary leakage as well as

  • Stages of urinary leakage.

Other Diagnostic Tests And Procedures

Sexual Function After Prostate Cancer

Other diagnostic tests , such as uroflowmetry and cystourethroscopy, have been used in patients with LUTS. However, their reliability varies considerably, making it difficult to base a diagnosis solely on the results of these techniques. However, they can be used in conjunction with digital rectal examination to estimate prostate volume, although prostate size does not have a significant bearing on the degree of obstruction or symptoms. Postvoid residual volume also has a high degree of intrinsic variability, which limits the value of this test.

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Its Not Just About Eating Healthy Its About Eating Prostate Healthy

And just like some food is bad for our general health, a few types of food are absolute killers when it comes to the wellbeing of the prostate receptors.

These are the types of food you must stop eating today.

Once the prostate is back to a healthy size, you can reintroduce these foods in smaller quantities.

But for now, you must eliminate these prostate destroyers from your diet.

What Are Bph Symptoms

The prostate surrounds part of the urethra the tube through which urine leaves the body. BPH, or an enlarged prostate, can result in this tube getting blocked. The block can cause problems with peeing, such as:1

  • Needing to wake up at night to pee

BPH symptoms can get in the way of life. For example, you might become worried with finding a bathroom when you are away from home. Or you may become scared of leaving an embarrassing wet mark on your clothes if you cannot get to a bathroom in time.

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Enlarged Prostate This Treatment Can Help You Avoid Sexual Side Effects

Benign prostatic hyperplasia , or enlarged prostate, is a common condition in men older than age 50. BPH occurs when the prostate gland becomes enlarged and begins to press on the urethra the tube that carries urine out of the body.

When the prostate continues to grow, it can lead to urinary symptoms that include:

  • Leaking or dribbling of urine
  • Frequent nighttime awakenings to urinate
  • Urinary retention or urgency
  • A weak urine stream

BPH is not prostate cancer and it doesnt lead to cancer. However, the two conditions may have similar symptoms in the early stages

So its important that men who experience these symptoms be evaluated by a mens health specialist to rule out cancer and determine the best treatment options to relieve their symptoms.

Without treatment, BPH can lead to serious complications in some men, including incontinence, kidney or bladder damage, urinary tract infections and bladder stones. In some extreme cases, BPH can cause a total inability to urinate and require emergency catheterization.

What Are Some Treatment Options For Prostate Cancer And Their Effects For Erectile Dysfunction

Keep your pecker up, prostate cancer zapper won

Today, there are multiple treatment options when it comes to prostate cancer including GAINSWaves innovative shockwave therapy treatment. It is important to know treatment options and the possible risks affiliated with surgery or radiation treatment. Therefore, it is important to consult with your physician.

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What Will I Learn By Reading This

When you have treatment for your prostate cancer, you may have erectile dysfunction also known as impotence. Erectile dysfunction is a very common side effect . Side effects from prostate cancer treatment are different from one man to the next. They may also be different from one treatment to the next. Some men have no erectile dysfunction. The good news is that there are ways to deal with erectile dysfunction. In this booklet you will learn:

  • What erectile dysfunction is
  • Why prostate cancer treatment can cause erectile dysfunction
  • What can be done about erectile dysfunction
  • How erectile dysfunction may affect your sex life
  • What your partner can expect

It is important for you to learn how to deal with erectile dysfunction so that you can continue to have a satisfying intimate relationship.

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