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Can You Have Prostate Problems In Your 20s

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Eating Diet And Nutrition

What Is a Normal PSA for a Man Without Prostate Cancer? | Ask a Prostate Expert, Mark Scholz, MD

Researchers have not found that eating, diet, and nutrition play a role in causing or preventing prostatitis. During treatment of bacterial prostatitis, urologists may recommend increasing intake of liquids and avoiding or reducing intake of substances that irritate the bladder. Men should talk with a health care provider or dietitian about what diet is right for them.

What Is Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is common among American men. Your chance of getting prostate cancer may be affected by your:

  • Age. Men age 50 and older run a greater risk.
  • Race. Prostate cancer is most common among African-American men.
  • Family history. If your father or brother has had prostate cancer, you are more likely to have it, too.
  • Diet. Eating high-fat food with few fruits and vegetables may raise your risk.

Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

  • Frequent urge to pass urine, especially at night
  • Weak or interrupted urine stream
  • Pain or burning when passing urine
  • Blood in the urine or semen
  • Painful ejaculation
  • Nagging pain in the back, hips, or pelvis

Prostate cancer can spread to the lymph nodes of the pelvis. Or it may spread throughout the body. It tends to spread to the bones. So bone pain, especially in the back, can be a symptom of advanced prostate cancer.

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Sudden Or Unexplained Weight Loss

If you’ve cleaned up your diet and have been exercising regularly, it’s very clear why you might be shedding a few pounds. But if you’re suddenly losing weight out of nowhere without trying to, it could be a signal of a health problemâprostate cancer included. According to Prostate Cancer U.K., weight loss often occurs with prostate cancer because of a “change in the way your body uses energy,” and that can eventually make you feel tired and weak.

Rare Atypical Prostate Cancers In Very Young Men

Natural Remedies That Can Help Deal With Prostate Gland ...

One very rare form of prostate cancer, classified as a sarcoma, is typically found in younger men between 35 and 60 years old. This type of cancer makes up less than 0.1 percent of all cases of primary prostate cancer . Sarcomas can infiltrate the soft tissues in the body. These tissues include our muscles and nerves. Since this tissue is essentially everywhere in our body, sarcomas can develop just about anywhere.

Sarcomas can break away from their original locations and spread to the bones or lungs. Two of the more common types of prostate cancer sarcomas are leiomyosarcomas and rhabdomyosarcoma which can affect very young men, including children. The important thing to note however, is that these atypical prostate cancers are incredibly rare.7-9

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The Best Way To Cure Prostate Problems Naturally

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What Could Cause Enlarged Prostate

The period from mid to late 40s, is considered to be the growing period of the prostate gland. The problem of the enlarged prostate gland, according to experts, is triggered by a rapid multiplication of cells in the central portion of the gland. Now, what causes such an episode is yet to be brought under the light of certainty. Although there is no solid evidence, there are assumptions which are strongly related to it. The first speculation is regarding the hormone testosterone and female hormone levels in men. Any abnormal change that occurs in these levels may trigger the condition of prostate gland enlargement in younger and older men. Leaving this aside, some doctors claim that a condition known as hyperplasia that occurs in the gland, may also be one of the causes. While in some cases, the gland may develop an increased sensitivity towards normal levels of hormone, and this may result in the enlargement too.

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How To Increase Erection Time

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Why Erectile Dysfunction May Result From Prostate Disease

3 Easy Ways To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate Naturally

In the past, it was thought that most cases of erectile dysfunction were psychological in origin, the result of such demons as performance anxiety or more generalized stress. While these factors can cause erectile dysfunction, doctors now think that 70% of the time the problem can be traced to a physical condition that restricts blood flow, hampers nerve functioning, or both. Such conditions include diabetes, kidney disease, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, vascular disease, and alcoholism.

However, some types of prostate disease and treatments may also be responsible.

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Are Prostatitis And Bph The Same Prostate Gland Problem

The answer to this question is yes and no, because both may have some similar health symptoms , but each prostate problem have different causes. Yes, BPH is by definition an enlarged prostate, and no, because the cause is not an infection/inflammation like prostatitis. However, not all enlarged prostates are due to BPH. An enlarged prostate may be caused by BPH, prostatitis, and prostate cancer.

How Young Men Can Treat And Manage Ed

The first step in treating ED is determining the cause. Your doctor will take a medical, sexual, and psychosocial history and do a complete physical exam. This is often all that is required to make a diagnosis and discuss potential treatment options.

If your symptoms point to a medical cause of ED, further lab work or testing may be ordered. ED can be a marker for underlying cardiovascular disease and other health conditions.

Testing for ED may include a hormone test, such as:

Mens Advanced Hormone Panel

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What Are Common Prostate Problems What Are The Symptoms And Signs

Here are some examples of non-cancer prostate problems:

Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or BPH, means your prostate is enlarged, but is not cancerous. It is very common in older men. An enlarged prostate may make it very difficult to urinate or cause dribbling after you urinate. You may feel the need to urinate a lot, often at night. See your family doctor for an exam. Treatments for BPH include:

  • Watchful waiting, also called active surveillance. If your symptoms are not too bad, your doctor may tell you to wait before starting any treatment to see if the problem gets worse. Your doctor will tell you how often you need to return for checkups. You can start treatment later if your symptoms worsen.
  • Medications. There are medicines that can help shrink the prostate or help relax muscles near your prostate to ease your symptoms. Talk with your doctor about possible side effects.
  • Surgery. If nothing else has worked, your doctor may suggest surgery to help urine flow. There are many types of BPH surgery. Talk with your doctor about the risks. Regular checkups are important after surgery.
  • Other treatments. Sometimes radio waves, microwaves, or lasers are used to treat urinary problems caused by BPH. These methods use different kinds of heat to reduce extra prostate tissue.

Early Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Urology Care Foundation

While any of the above symptoms can be your first indication that you have prostate cancer, urinary symptoms are more likely than other symptoms to appear early.

Its important to keep in mind that most of these symptoms can also be caused by other conditions that arent cancer. These conditions include benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis.

So, while its important to keep tabs on any symptoms you may have, remember that theres a good chance theyre not caused by cancer.

That said, neither of these conditions causes blood to appear in your urine. If you have this symptom, call your doctor right away.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention .

Its also because the results from the prostate-specific antigen test, which can be part of the screening, may lead to a misdiagnosis of cancer. For both of these reasons, screening could cause unnecessary worry and unneeded treatment.

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Reasons For Low Free Psa Levels

Research has found several things that may play a role in your free PSA count.

Race and ethnicity. White and Asian men are more likely to have lower free PSA levels than African American men. White men who are not Hispanic also were more likely have low free PSA levels than those who considered themselves ethnically Hispanic.

Weight. Men who are overweight, particularly those who are very obese, tend to have lower free PSA levels.

Smoking. One study found that men who smoke or used to smoke have lower free PSA levels than those who never did.

Age. Younger men are more likely than those over 70 to have lower free PSA counts.

Enlarged prostate gland. This noncancerous condition, which can make it harder for you to pee, also may drop your free PSA count.

A low percentage of free PSAs to total PSAs also may be a sign that your cancer is more aggressive.

Prostate Cancer And Sexual Health

A prostate cancer diagnosis can leave you feeling anxious, frustrated, and depressed.

It may also leave you wondering about your ability to have sex. You may also be questioning how prostate cancer treatment can affect your sex life.

Prostate cancer rarely causes problems with sex, but the treatments for prostate cancer often affect penile function and reproduction.

Prostate surgery and radiation are the two most common treatments for prostate cancer. Both of these can affect the nerves in your penis and could cause sexual problems like erectile dysfunction .

Cryotherapy and ultrasound therapy can also cause ED. Your doctor may recommend hormone therapy or radiation therapy, as well. This therapy can lower your sex drive.

Radical prostatectomy is the most effective nerve-sparing surgery for prostate cancer. It can substantially limit the duration of post-surgical ED but requires a surgeon to be highly skilled and trained in the process.

In this type of procedure, the surgeon takes care not to damage the erectile nerves that surround the prostate as it is removed.

However, if cancer has infiltrated these nerves, it may not be possible to save them.

Preventing injury to these nerves dramatically improves the chances of a man recovering erectile function within two years of the surgery.

In addition to ED, you may also find that your orgasms are different after undergoing treatment for prostate cancer.

They may not feel as strong, and you will not see as much ejaculate.

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Tests Used To Check The Prostate

This first step lets your doctor hear and understand the “story” of your prostate concerns. You’ll be asked whether you have symptoms, how long you’ve had them, and how much they affect your lifestyle. Your personal medical history also includes any risk factors, pain, fever, or trouble passing urine. You may be asked to give a urine sample for testing.

What Causes Prostatitis

4 Things to Avoid if You Have an Enlarged Prostate â Dr.Berg

The causes of prostatitis differ depending on the type.

Chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome. The exact cause of chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome is unknown. Researchers believe a microorganism, though not a bacterial infection, may cause the condition. This type of prostatitis may relate to chemicals in the urine, the immune systems response to a previous urinary tract infection , or nerve damage in the pelvic area.

Acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis. A bacterial infection of the prostate causes bacterial prostatitis. The acute type happens suddenly and lasts a short time, while the chronic type develops slowly and lasts a long time, often years. The infection may occur when bacteria travel from the urethra into the prostate.

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What Is The Psa Test

The PSA test is a simple blood test that measures the level of a protein called prostate-specific antigen in a blood sample. Higher-than-normal PSA levels may indicate the presence of cancer. However, other conditions that are not cancer such as an enlarged prostate, urinary tract infection or constipation can elevate PSA, too. Higher PSA may also be caused by vigorous exercise, riding a bicycle, drinking alcohol and ejaculating, so youre advised not to do any of those things for at least three days before a PSA test.

In general, the higher your PSA level, the more likely prostate cancer is present, especially if your PSA rises over time.

Problems With Enlarged Prostate Gland

Benign enlargement of the prostate gland is more common as men get older. It can cause troublesome symptoms, although it doesnt always.

The urethra passes through the prostate gland, so men may have problems urinating if the enlarged gland restricts the flow of urine. If the flow stops completely, a catheter is required to empty the bladder. It is rare for this form of acute urinary retention to cause kidney damage.

An enlarged prostate doesn’t always cause urinary problems. Studies indicate that the size of a man’s prostate gland has little influence on the type or severity of his urination problems. BPH is just one possible cause of urinary symptoms.

Another cause of urinary symptoms can be changes to the muscular wall of the bladder, which may cause spasms of the bladder or weaken the bladder, causing problems passing urine.

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What Should You Do If You Have The Symptoms Of Prostate Cancer

If you are presenting one or more of the warning signs of prostate cancer, then it would be wise to promptly consult with a qualified physician. Your symptoms may indicate another, less serious condition and even if you do receive a diagnosis of prostate cancer, it is much easier to treat this disease when detected early on.

To learn more, contact our team of medical professionals at Care New England today.

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How Common Is Prostatitis

Prostate cancer symptoms: Pain in the back, hips or legs ...

Prostatitis is the most common urinary tract problem for men younger than age 50 and the third most common urinary tract problem for men older than age 50.1 Prostatitis accounts for about two million visits to health care providers in the United States each year.2

Chronic prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome is

  • the most common and least understood form of prostatitis.
  • can occur in men of any age group.
  • affects 10 to 15 percent of the U.S. male population.3

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Treatment For Urinary Problems

If your urinary problems are caused by infection or enlargement of the prostate gland, treatment may include:

  • a long course of antibacterial medication because infection is difficult to get rid of, the antibacterial medication will need to be taken for many weeks
  • medication to improve urine flow and other symptoms
  • surgical procedures the type of surgery required depends on the size of the prostate and the condition of the urethra. Types of procedures include:
  • transurethral resection of the prostate
  • transurethral incision of the prostate
  • laser resection of the prostate
  • open surgery prostatectomy
  • removal of prostate tissue using water jets or steam
  • UroLift® for men for whom medication has not been successful but their prostates are not so enlarged that they need more invasive surgery. This procedure involves the transurethral insertion of staples to separate the lobes of the prostate. It has minimal side effects and preserves ejaculatory and erectile function
  • a number of other procedures that have been developed to reduce urinary symptoms. Talk to your doctor about your options.
  • Symptoms Of Acute Bacterial Prostatitis

    Prostatitis can be caused by a bacterial infection, often Klebsiella or Escherichia bacteria from the colon. Bacterial infections should be treated promptly to avoid serious complications.

    In addition to the common urinary symptoms, signs of bacterial prostatitis include:

    • Fever

    Your doctor may find your prostate is swollen and tender upon exam.

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