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Can Prostate Problems Cause Erectile Dysfunction

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Is Massage Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Effective

Erectile Dysfunction? Bladder or Prostate Issues? Learn how Chiropractic may fix your problems!

In the limited studies noted above, the long-term effects of prostatic massage have been promising.

After several weeks of treatment, many men in these studies experienced fewer issues with ED. The long-term benefits of this type of treatment arent known, though. The research is limited.

This type of treatment isnt thought to be harmful or dangerous. Your doctor may suggest you undergo periods of prostatic massage every few years to help ease your symptoms. If an underlying cause is found and treated, you may not need the massage after all.

Natural Treatments For Bph Induced Erectile Dysfunction

As mentioned above, many doctors consider that BPH does not directly cause ED. However, most studies also show that men with serious BPH also suffer from ED.

Both maladies are often a result of lifestyle and nutritional deficiencies. For example, many men, when tested, show a deficiency in the mineral Zinc. The prostate is an organ that requires zinc in order to function normally. Thus a zinc deficiency may result in prostate issues that span multiple symptoms, BPH and ED, among them.

Many BPH symptoms can be helped by the use of herbal remedies, particularly saw palmetto and pygeum herbal extracts. Urinary issues can be helped using a flower pollen extract. Other natural prostate supplements include:

  • Rye Grass Pollen Extract
  • Turmeric
  • Ellagic Acid

Erectile dysfunction can often be improved by the use of medications called PDE-5 inhibitors. This includes the trade names of Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra at present. However, while these medications may improve or facilitate sexual function, they do nothing to solve the underlying problem.

Unfortunately, the dietary habits of the public do not foster healthy living. Poor eating habits tend to cause hormonal and nutritional disturbances. These imbalances add up. When severe enough, they can cause prostate enlargement, erectile dysfunction, or any one of a host of associated symptoms.

Enlarged Prostate And Erectile Dysfunction

Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland. The prostate gland continues to grow throughout a manâs life, so, commonly when men get into older age, they may start experiencing urinary issues due to this enlargement. The enlargement of the prostate itself is unlikely to cause ED problems, but some of the medications or therapies used to treat it may lead to erectile disruptions.

âCertain medications like alpha-blockers or 5-alpha reductase inhibitors are commonly used to treat BPH, and they may have the side effect of erectile dysfunction in users.

If you are using these medications for your BPH and developed ED after starting your treatment, you may be able to speak with your doctor about other treatment options that have less risk of ED.

If oral medications fail to help with your BPH symptoms, a doctor may perform a surgical resection of the prostate to help with your BPH. Sometimes this procedure can lead to ED in a small percentage of men.

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Treating Erectile Dysfunction With Shockwave Therapy

For over four decades, shockwave therapy has been used to treat patients with heart problems, kidney stones, fractures, and joint inflammation. Recently, researchers found that it could help men improve their sex life. Since this discovery, it has become one of the most preferred treatments for ED.

Shockwave therapy uses low-energy frequencies from acoustic waves to trigger a process known as neovascularization in the targeted parts of the body. This will help improve blood flow to the area, which is a critical factor in erectile function. Most of the physical conditions that cause ED typically form plaques that block blood flow to the penile arteries. The therapy combines its repairing and regenerative effects first to remove the plaque and then stimulate a re-growth process of new and healthy blood vessels.

Can Anything Be Done For Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Prostate Cancer Treatment

Enlarged Prostate

Yes, there are things you can try if you have erectile dysfunction after your prostate cancer treatment. You should keep in mind that the following things will affect your ability to have an erection after your prostate cancer treatment:

  • How good your erections were before your treatment
  • Other medical conditions you have like high blood pressure or diabetes
  • Some types of medicines you may take such as medicines for high blood pressure or antidepressants
  • Things you do in your life such as drinking or smoking
  • Your age
  • The type of prostate cancer treatment you had

It is important that you and your partner speak with your doctor or healthcare team about what you can do. Your doctor or healthcare team will speak with you about what might work best for you if you have erectile dysfunction. It is important that you speak with them since some treatments for erectile dysfunction can affect other medical problems you may have.

Types of treatment for erectile dysfunction include:

  • Penile implants. It is normal for your doctor to try and treat your erectile dysfunction with medicine or external medical devices first. If these options dont help you get an erection, you may want to talk to your doctor about the chance of getting a penile implant. A penile implant is a medical device put in your penis during an operation. The implant will help you have a mechanical erection .
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    Current Treatments For Ed

    Various treatment options are available and you should discuss them with your doctor. A primary care doctor can give a preliminary diagnosis of ED based on a patient history and a physical examination, but may refer a patient to a specialist, such as a urologist. Current treatments for ED include:

    • Oral medication
    • Penile implants
    • Counseling and sex therapy

    These methods have varying degrees of effectiveness and tolerability, and are used to treat ED caused by physical or psychological conditions.

    If you are seeking products to help with your ED, click below to visit to the Urology Health Store.

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    If You’re A Gay Or Bisexual Man

    To be the active partner during anal sex you normally need a strong erection, so erection problems can be a particular issue. You could try using a constriction ring around your penis together with another treatment like PDE5 inhibitor tablets, to help keep your erection hard enough for anal sex.

    If you are receiving anal sex, a lot of the pleasure comes from the penis rubbing against the prostate. Some men who receive anal sex find that their experience of sex changes if they have their prostate removed .

    If you receive anal sex, then bowel problems or sensitivity in the anus may be an issue after radiotherapy. Its best to wait until your symptoms have settled before trying anal play or sex. If youve had permanent seed brachytherapy there is a risk in the first few months that your partner might be exposed to some radiation during sex. Talk to your doctor or nurse for further advice.

    With all sexual changes you may be able to find ways to work through this.

    Watch Martin’s story below for one gay man’s experience.

    Watch other men’s personal stories about sex after prostate cancer.

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    Sex When You’re Single

    Being sexually active and feeling attractive can be just as important if you are a single man. All the treatments described here are available to you if you’re single – whether you want to be able to masturbate, have sex, or want to start a new relationship.

    If you are starting a new relationship, sexual problems and other side effects like urinary or bowel problems could be a worry. Some men worry that having problems with erections will affect their chances of having a new relationship. Fear of rejection is natural, and everyone has their own worries, whether or not they’ve had cancer. If you’re single, you may want time to come to terms with any changes prostate cancer has caused before you start having sex or dating.

    Try talking over your worries with someone you feel comfortable with, such as a friend. Counselling or sex therapy may also help if you would prefer to talk to someone you don’t know.

    How Does The Treatment For Bph Cause Erectile Dysfunction

    Erectile Dysfunction from Prostate Cancer Treatment | Prostate Cancer Staging Guide


    Alpha-blockers including alfuzosin, doxazosin, tamsulosin and silodosin relax smooth muscles, especially in the bladder neck and prostate which can improve urine flow. However, while they can be helpful in relieving BPH symptoms, in some patients they may also cause unwanted side effects such as impotence , dry orgasm , and a decrease in the production of seminal fluids.

    5-alpha reductase inhibitors

    Research has shown that men who take these drugs for an enlarged prostate could be at higher risk for sexual problems, especially erectile dysfunction , low libido, and trouble ejaculating.

    5-alpha-reductase inhibitors represent a type of drug that is used to treat both BPH and androgenic alopecia . Two examples of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors are dutasteride and finasteride. These drugs are considered safe and effective for these two conditions, but they could have sexual side effects.

    In a study published in 2016 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Chinese researchers analysed seventeen studies on 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and sexual function. The study included almost 17,500 men with an average age of 60 years. About 55% of men were treated with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors while the rest received placebo.

    Another study performed by the researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine showed that ED associated with long term use of finasteride for the treatment of BPH appears to worsen.

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    The 4 Causes Of An Enlarged Prostate

    It is normal for a prostate to become enlarged as a man ages. The prostate is approximately the size of a walnut in younger men but can grow to be much larger as they get older. An enlarged prostate can cause no visible symptoms but will eventually impact urinary and erectile functions if not properly treated.

    There are many reasons a prostate gets enlarged, and most of them arent cancerous. Here are the most common:

    Can Prostate Problems Cause Erectile Dysfunction

    By Prime Health Review

    Enlarged prostate issues are commonplace for those who are 50 and up. Cancer of the prostate isnt as common, yet there are nearly 200,000 cases per year. Its also projected that more than half of all men experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their life.

    Are these two problems related? Not directly.

    That said, having an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer often creates erectile dysfunction due to how the former issues are treated. Lets take a look at how this all happens by breaking down both prostate issues.

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    Animal Models Evaluating Ried And The Molecular Mechanisms

    Probable molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced erectile dysfunction. Radiation therapy causes increase in reactive oxygen species, leading to inflammation leading to tissue toxicities. CN, cavernous nerve mTOR, mechanistic target of rapamycin NFK, nuclear factor kappa ROS, reactive oxygen TGF, transforming growth factor.

    Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy

    How long does Erectile Dysfunction last after Prostate ...

    Assuming the management of erectile dysfunction requires expert diagnosis and treatment.

    Diagnosis includes sexual function history, general medical history, psychosocial history, medication history, physical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing.

    Treatment follows diagnosis, and we provide a range of treatment options through the Clinic. Minimally invasive treatment options range from oral medications to medications administered directly to the penis to a mechanical vacuum device applied to the penis. Invasive treatments include implants or vascular surgery. We are particularly expert in the surgical treatment of patients with erectile dysfunction. The range of conditions we manage include penile prosthesis complications, penile vascular abnormalities, penile curvature, and abnormally prolonged erection consequences.

    Psychological treatment is an important adjunct to managing erectile dysfunction. If our diagnosis suggests a psychological association with your erectile dysfunction, we may recommend that you pursue counseling with a qualified psychologist available through the Clinic.For instance, there may be relationship problems that negatively affect sexual functioning with your partner. Referrals can be made to the Johns Hopkins noted Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit.

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    Can A Reversal Of The Vasectomy Be Performed

    Although a vasectomy should be considered a permanent surgical procedure, there is a surgical procedure that can reverse a vasectomy. It is called a Vasovasostomy. A vasovasostomy involves surgical reconnection of the vas deferens to re-establish the flow of sperm. Patients are cautioned that fertility is not guaranteed.

    Enlarged Prostate Treatment And Your Sex Life

    Getting older? If youre a man, the size of your prostate might become a concern.

    Prostate growth is a natural part of aging. For most men, this typically walnut-sized gland starts getting bigger around age 40. About 90% of men over age 80 have an enlarged prostate.

    The medical term is benign prostatic hyperplasia , and scientists arent exactly sure why it happens. The most important word is benign. The growth isnt a sign of anything wrong. Its not a tumor and its not related to prostate cancer, although it is possible to have both conditions at the same time.

    Still, an enlarged prostate can create some problems due to anatomy. The urethra, which carries urine and semen out of the body, goes right through the prostate gland. And with BPH, tissue grows inward, putting pressure on the urethra, making urination difficult.

    Lower urinary tract symptoms include problems with weak urine flow, an urgent need to urinate, and nocturia .

    Its usually the urinary bother that makes men seek treatment. Unfortunately, treatments can have sexual side effects, like erectile dysfunction and trouble with ejaculation.

    Not all men have these complications, but you should know the possibilities before you move forward. Your urologist can tell you more about your personal situation.

    Lets look at the sexual side effects of BPH treatment in more detail.

    How might enlarged prostate treatments affect my sex life?

    Can the sexual side effects of BPH treatment be managed?



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    What About Other Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

    If Viagra and injections fail , other treatments may be appropriate. They include:

    • Vacuum constriction device. A cylinder is placed over the penis. The air is pumped out of the cylinder, which draws blood into the penis and causes an erection. The erection is maintained by slipping a band off the base of the cylinder and onto the base of the penis. The band can stay in place for up to 30 minutes. Although these devices can be effective, they generally have been less desirable for patients who have been treated with surgery. Many patients dislike having to use the band at the base of the penis and find it uncomfortable.
    • Penile suppositories. For this treatment, the patient places a suppository into the urinary tube using a plastic applicator. The suppository contains the drug alprostadil, which travels to the erection chambers. Alprostadil relaxes the muscle in the erection chamber, allowing blood to flow into the penis.
    • Penile implants. This option may be considered if the patient has had erectile dysfunction for about one year following cancer treatment and nonsurgical therapy has either failed or is unacceptable. An implant, or prosthesis, is an effective form of therapy in many men, but it does require an operation to place the implant into the penis. Surgery can cause problems, such as mechanical failure or infection, which may require removal of the prosthesis and re-operation. However, most men and their partners are very satisfied with these devices.

    Show Sources

    Questions To Ask Your Doctor Or Nurse

    Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and Prostate Cancer Treatment
    • How could my prostate cancer treatment affect my sex life?
    • How soon after treatment can I masturbate or have sex?
    • Which treatments for erection problems would be best for me? Can I get them on the NHS?
    • Is there anything I can do to prepare myself before I start my prostate cancer treatment?
    • What happens if the treatment doesn’t work? Are there others I could try?
    • What other support is available to me?
    • Can my partner also get support?

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    How Enlarged Prostate Impacts Sexual Function

    An enlarged prostate is also called benign prostatic hyperplasia . Its an issue where your prostate, while not cancerous, is enlarged giving you the typical urination symptoms.

    Things like:

    • Dribble after your done
    • Feeling of not getting it all out

    Any of these has the ability to reduce confidence when it comes to sexual performance. However, most of the problems would be fear and psychological worry about potential pain which are very real issues.

    There are a number of potential remedies for reducing and improving BPH. Sexual activity is one of the many home remedies for an enlarged gland.

    However, if remedies dont work, prostate reduction surgery is an option. And here is where potential erectile issues show up. The surgery leaves scar tissue . In certain scenarios this tissue causes increased difficulty in getting an erection.

    Treatment Of Enlarged Prostate And Ed

    While an enlarged prostate can cause ED, there are treatment options available to you to facilitate normal sexual function. Luckily many forms of enlarged prostate-associated erectile dysfunction are treatable, and by tackling the underlying problem of an enlarged prostate, many men can restore or greatly improve their sexual performance.

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    Effects Of Bph On Sexual Function

    Lower urinary tract symptoms are common in aging individuals with BPH, the primary cause of LUTS in men over 50. The presence of histological BPH at autopsy is approximately 8% in men ranging in age from 31 to 40 years, 50% in those ranging in age from 51 to 60 years, 70% in those ranging in age from 61 to 70 years, and 90% in those ranging in age from 81 to 90 years . LUTS range from nocturia, urinary frequency, and urgency to a decreased and intermittent stream with incomplete bladder emptying and commonly result in a decreased quality of life.

    Findings from epidemiological, pathophysiological, and clinical studies indicate that many of these men also suffer from declining sexual function, especially those undergoing treatment for their BPH-related urinary symptoms. Although urinary symptoms and quality of life may improve with BPH therapy, the resulting effects on sexual function vary according to medical, surgical, and minimally invasive approaches and have not been consistently reported.

    The incidence of both BPH and sexual dysfunction increases with aging, which suggests the possibility of an association of the two diseases. Similarly, in a study of 1216 patients in Korea, Yong et al reported that the score for sexual function decreased with severity of LUTS and aging of patients .

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