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Is Beet Juice Good For Prostate

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What Happens In The Body During Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

See What Happens if You Drink a Glass of Beet Juice Everyday | Benefits of Beetroot Juice for Health

So, everything starts with the body producing hordes of B-lymphocytes, a type of immune cells. Contrary to how it may sound, this doesnt improve immunity.

Heres what happens instead:

  • When the body makes too much of one blood cell type , it makes less of other blood cell populations. Basically, these cancerous B-cells crowd out other blood cells.
  • The mass-produced B-lymphocytes generally dont work very well, so immunity actually decreases.
  • When too many B-lymphocytes are made, at one point or another they will start making aberrant antibodies that target the bodys own tissues and lead to autoimmune diseases.

The Best Drinks For An Enlarged Prostate

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The risk of prostate problems increases as men age, as the size of their prostate naturally increases. An enlarged prostate can lead to urinary issues, including the need to get up during the night . Its a frustrating situation all around, but thankfully your diet can help. Were not just talking about food either. You should also focus on the best drinks for an enlarged prostate.

After all, the drinks you choose will influence your bathroom habits, so it makes sense that theyre also relevant for your prostate.

Dont stress though. An increase in prostate size is a natural part of aging. While the symptoms are frustrating and perhaps embarrassing, theyre not inherently dangerous. And, if the symptoms do become too much, there are medical approaches that can help.

While were talking about male health, you could also look at testosterone rich foods. These wont necessarily help with your prostate, but theyre still offer many benefits.

  • Alcohol

Impressive Health Benefits Of Beets

Beetroots, commonly known as beets, are a popular root vegetable used in many cuisines around the world.

Beets are packed with essential vitamins, minerals and plant compounds, some of which have medicinal properties.

Whats more, they are delicious and easy to add to your diet.

This article lists 9 health benefits of beets, all supported by science.

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What Does Juicing Do For Cancer Patients

Vegetable juice helps a cancer patient in the following ways

  • Body detoxification
  • Production and circulation of oxygenated blood
  • The killing of cancer cells in the body
  • Protect your body from free radicals

Bottom line

Juicing is not only made for cancer patients, but it is also for everyone who wants to be fit and healthy. Adding vegetable juice to your diet will keep you fit and free from all forms of diseases.

Beets Help Your Body Detox

Beet Juice Good For Uti

Beets support detoxification of the whole body and strengthen the immune system. Beetroot extract helps to get rid of free radicals from your bodys cells.

Studies have shown that beetroot is one of the most potent antioxidant drinks of all the vegetable and fruit juices. The betalin pigments in beets assist the phase two detoxification process. Broken down toxins are bound to other molecules so they can be excreted from your body. This helps purify your blood and your liver.

Beets are a unique source of phytonutrients called betalains. Betanin and vulgaxanthin are two best studied betalains and both have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and detoxification support.

Beets can help detoxify the whole body and strengthen the immune system.

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Beetroot Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Beetroot contains nitrates, meaning they boost our body’s levels of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide – a gas already naturally occurring in the body – tells our blood vessels to expand, increasing blood flow and lowering blood pressure.A study showed that drinking just one glass of beet juice could reduced systolic blood pressure by a significant 4-5 mmHg. This makes beetroot an effective supplement for preventing and treating some cardiovascular conditions.

What Drinks Are Bad For An Enlarged Prostate

Caffeine is inflammatory in nature, meaning itll likely make the problem of an enlarged prostate worse. Breakfast tea and coffee are the biggest culprits here but dont forget that many fizzy drinks and energy juices are also full of caffeine.

As I explained earlier in this piece, sugar can exacerbate any existing inflammation in the prostate gland so this gives further reason to avoid the likes of fizzy juice and energy drinks.

Another one to avoid if you have an enlarged prostate is alcohol. Again, this is inflammatory, though it also dehydrates us, drains our magnesium stores and increases the urge to urinate, all of which will make enlarged prostate symptoms more noticeable.

If youd like to know more about alcohol and an enlarged prostate then take a look at my blog How does alcohol affect an enlarged prostate?.

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Salmon And Other Fatty Fish

These fatty fish, which also include tuna, herring, sardines and whitefish, are among the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids, which may lead to prostate problems when levels are deficient. A new study published in the journal International Urology and Nephrology reported that omega-3 fatty acids had potential influence in reducing inflammation in urologic organs, including the prostate. If you dont eat fish, you can get lesser amounts of omega-3 fatty acids from ground flax seeds, chia seeds, basil, oregano, walnuts and spinach.

Ann Cameron Cured Her Cancer With Carrot Juice Therapy


In 2013, Ann Cameron cured her Stage 4 colon cancer without conventional treatment, but by drinking only organic carrot juice. Her prognosis was two to three years, and not much more with chemo.

Distraught, she read everything she could find on the internet about alternatives to chemotherapy and radiation, and came across Ralph Coles story.

Cole had cured his neck cancer with carrot juice. He initially drank juice from 3 lbs of carrots that yielded 3 glasses, but didnt get satisfying results. When he increased his carrot juice intake to 5 lbs of carrots daily , he began to see his tumors shrunk almost immediately.

As Cameron was in generally good health when diagnosed, she put off chemotherapy and radiation, to see if carrot juice would halt the growth of cancer. She began drinking juice from 5 lbs of carrot daily, without any diet modifications.

8 weeks after her carrot juice therapy, tests showed that her cancer growth had ceased completely and the tumors had shrunk, with reduction in the number of swollen nodes.

This was her carrot juice therapy and progress:

  • Two weeks after starting the carrots, there was no improvement.
  • Eight weeks after starting the carrots, the tumors had stopped growing and were shrinking.
  • Four months after starting the carrots, all the lymph nodes in her lungs had returned to normal.
  • Eight months after starting the carrots, there was no sign of cancer anywhere in her body.

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Beetroot Helps You Keep Your Weight In

The nutritional content of beets is what makes them so good for people looking to lose weight:

  • Calories in beetroot: 44 kcals per 100 grams of cooked beets
  • 2 grams of fiber
  • 1.7 grams of protein
  • Virtually no fat

Because of their high levels of fibre, eating beets can leave you feeling fuller from eating less than other foods. And, due to the low calorie content, this makes the food a healthy and effective addition to a weight-loss diet.

Beetroot Can Help Fight Against Cancer Cells

Whilst there’s limited evidence to support this fully, initial studies have suggested that one of beetroot’s health benefits could be an effect on cancerous cells.Not many studies have been carried out around this benefit yet, but a few have been promising. Some animal studies showed tumour cells reducing thanks to beetroot’s betalain pigments – and another human cell study found the same effect when used against breast and prostate cancer cells.

studies so far don’t support this idea.

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Help Keep Blood Pressure In Check

Heart disease, including heart attacks, heart failure and stroke, is one of the leading causes of death worldwide.

And high blood pressure is one of the leading risk factors for the development of these conditions.

Studies have shown that beets can significantly lower blood pressure by up to 410 mmHg over a period of only a few hours (

8 ).

These blood pressure-lowering effects are likely due to the high concentration of nitrates in beets. In your body, dietary nitrates are converted into nitric oxide, a molecule that dilates blood vessels, causing blood pressure to drop .

Blood nitrate levels remain elevated for about six hours after eating dietary nitrate. Therefore, beets only have a temporary effect on blood pressure, and regular consumption is required to experience long-term reductions in blood pressure .


Beets contain a high concentration of nitrates, which have a blood pressure-lowering effect. This may lead to a reduced risk of heart attacks, heart failure and stroke.

Carrot Juice And Cancer Treatment

Treating ED With Beets and Beet Juice

Despite tons of testimonies on carrot juice and cancer treatment, more awareness needs to be created about this juice drink.

Carrot is one of the root vegetable plants with cancer-fighting abilities. It is a rich source of bioactive compounds like beta-carotene and other natural antioxidants, which helps in cancer healing

Adding this vegetable to a cancer diet while juicing for cancer treatment may help kill the cancer cells. However, the inclusion rate should be 1-3 carrots, to avoid excess sugar in the recipe.

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Below Are The Top 5 Fruits/vegetables That Must Be Included While Juicing For Cancer Patients

  • Pineapple fruits
  • Pineapple juice is one of the cancer-fighting smoothies you should include in your diet plan. The juice contains powerful antioxidant compounds like bromelain enzyme, beta-carotene, vitamins, and other beneficial nutrients.

    These nutrients halt the actions of free radicals in the body. Free radicals cause oxidation reactions in the body, which causes cell damage and cancer outbreaks.

    Adding this fruit to your juice usually helps prevent the above reactions.

    Red Rush Juice Recipe Of The Week

    This juice offers a rush of antioxidants and other potent phytonutrients that can energize and flood your system with health promoting properties. The rich red color in these vibrant fruits and veggies signals a wealth of nutrition tucked inside of a deliciously balanced sweet juice.

    For those who dont love the flavor of beets in their juice, give this one a try! I promise the beet flavor is not prominent .

    Lycopene, found in watermelon and tomatoes, is a well known member of the carotene family . Lycopene has been touted for its ability to help prevent prostate cancer. The strawberries boast Vitamin C and ellagic acid, which may reduce the risk for developing esophageal cancer and keep tumors from being able to create their own blood supply lifeline . Cherries are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, anthocyanins and phenols plus flavanoid compounds like quercitin which also pack a protective punch for your heart. Cherries even contain melatonin, a hormone that helps us with sleep.


    • 1/2 cup cherries, pitted
    • 1 cup watermelon
    • 1/2 cup strawberries, green stem removed
    • 1 tomato
    • 1 small beet , washed and peeled
    • 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves


  • Remove green stems from strawberries.
  • Cut ends off beets and peel for a milder flavor.
  • Juice and pour over ice.
  • Serve and enjoy.
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    Beetroot Can Help You Exercise For Longer

    We have these nitrates to thank again when it comes to improved exercise performance. This means that thanks to the increased oxygen circulating to our muscles, we’re able to perform at a certain level for longer.One study found that the stamina-boosting properties of drinking beetroot juice could actually help you exercise for up to 16% longer.

    Include Bitter Herbs In The Juice To Prevent Cancer Outbreaks

    The Benefits of Beet Juice for Superhealthy Blood

    Including bitter herbs in juice to prevent cancer is always recommended. Bitter herbs include ginger, turmeric, milk thistle, cilantro, dandelion greens, and others.

    These herbs improve the liver, gallbladder, and digestive enzymes. They also contain powerful antioxidants that assist in cancer cells breaking down.

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    Foods That Help Shrink The Prostate

    Men, Prostate, Superfoods

    Men who have symptoms of an enlarged prostate , such as urinary hesitation, frequent nighttime urination and weak urine flow, among others, have a number of options to help shrink the gland. Some of those choices include medications for BPH, which can have nasty side effects or various natural and herbal remedies.

    One of those natural routes includes making lifestyle modifications. What better opportunity to help shrink the prostate than by changing what you eat! A mans gotta eat, and by including the following six foods in your daily menu, you can increase your chances of reducing inflammation and prostate size.

    Remember, however, that you can experience symptoms of BPH and not actually have an enlarged prostate and vice versa: your prostate may be enlarged yet you will not have symptoms. In either case, making these six foods a part of your diet, along with other natural treatments, such as exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, keeping your hormones in balance, taking natural supplements and limiting irritants such as alcohol and caffeine, will support both prostate health and urinary tract health.

    With that introduction, get ready to love these beverages and foods that shrink the prostate.

    How To Prepare Beet Juice And Beet Powder

    To prepare beet juice, you may either juice beets yourself or buy beet juice from many grocery and health food stores.

    If you want to juice beets yourself, wash the beets, cut them into chunks, then put them through a juicer. Beets do not need to be cooked before juicing. People often juice ginger or lemon with beets to improve the flavor.

    Beet powder might be a little harder to find than beet juice. Most natural foods stores carry beet powder or you may be able to order it online from natural supplement retailers.

    Beet powder and beet juice can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

    • Mix beet juice with vinegar and sugar to make a colorful pickling solution for quick pickles
    • Blend beet powder or beet juice into smoothies.
    • Mix beet powder into sauces for extra flavor.
    • Sprinkle beet powder over oatmeal or yogurt.

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    Beet Greens Are Edible

    Beet greens, the leafy part of the vegetable are the healthiest part of the plant. They contain the vitamins and minerals found in the root as well as, fibre, vitamin B6, and have significant amounts of vitamin A and C, calcium and iron. The beet greens have more iron than spinach. Beet greens and beets keep your body fueled, they increase your efficiency and let your body make the best of the food you eat.

    The leaves of the beetroot contain all the minerals and vitamins of the root and are very healthy to eat.

    Beets Can Lower Blood Pressure

    Beetroot Juice, Helpful and Good For Anemia

    The inorganic nitrate content of beets is converted to nitric oxide which helps improve blood flow. This is beneficial on the cardiovascular system and helps reduce blood pressure and improve blood flow. Participants in a study found that within 6 hours blood pressure levels were significantly lower. Drinking beet juice may help reduce blood pressure in a matter of hours. One study found that drinking a glass of beet juice lowered systolic blood pressure by an average of 4 5 points. The benefit comes from natural nitrates converted to nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, Improves flow of blood and lowers blood pressure.

    Natural nitrates in beets improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

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    Why Are Beetroots So Healthy

    There are some outlets that are now describing beetroot a superfood, even though it was just another harvest from allotments a few decades ago. It turns out theres more going on in every gram of beetroot than we initially thought.

    Naturally, its low in calories and high in fibre, but its the vitamins and minerals where the real story is told. One surprising fact is that its high in vitamin C, something usually more associated with citrus fruits, that contributes to immunity and skin health. Its also high in another vitamin: B9, also known as folate or folic acid. This is used all over the body, supporting red blood cell production and reducing inflammation . One more important nutrient abundant in beetroot is manganese this is used in the creation of one of the more powerful antioxidants in the body, and is another reducer of inflammation.

    Alongside these theres plenty of iron, phosphorous and potassium to be had. Theres a lot going on chemically, and these have been shown to have some effects on the male body. With that, let’s jump into an issue facing a huge percentage of men, especially as they get older:

    Beets Are Good For Heart Health

    The nutrient betaine found in beets lowers levels of homocysteine which can be harmful to blood vessels. Eating beetroot helps prevent cardiovascular diseases as the fibre in beets strip excess LDL cholesterol from the walls of the blood vessels and eliminates it from the body quickly. The presence of folate-vitamin B9 in beets has a therapeutic effect on the heart and betaine the betaine helps alleviate angina pain, shortness of breath, reduction of blood pressure and an improvement to the vascular system. Antioxidants in beets prevent the deposition of bad cholesterol in the walls of the arteries and protect the heart from potential heart attacks.

    Eating beets helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and protects the heart from potential heart attacks.

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    What About Ayurvedic Medicine

    Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient Indian regimen that seeks to optimize health with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes. Although the internet is peppered with accounts of Ayurvedic medicine shrinking an enlarged prostate, the actual evidence is slim to none.

    With that said, lifestyle changes can make a difference for people with BPH, Dr. Swenor says. But your best bet is to follow the tips above by adopting a plant-based diet, getting enough exercise and practicing relaxation techniques like meditation.

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