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How To Have A Prostate Orgasim

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The Role Of The Prostate

How to treat enlarged prostate – Dr Charles Nutting

During the process of ejaculation, sperms are carried through channels called vas deferens into the urethra. The urethra is connected to the prostate, and when the gland contracts, it closes the opening between the bladder and the urethra.

It also helps to push the semen forward through the urethra. The gland releases a fluid that makes around one-third of the total volume of the sperm and also contains various enzymes, zinc and citric acid.

The prostate fluid is slightly acidic, and another secretion neutralises it for the seminal vesicles, which is basic in nature.

The overall alkaline nature of the sperm helps it to survive the acidic environment of the vagina. The secretion of the prostate also contains an enzyme called the Prostate Specific Antigen . The PSA plays an essential role in liquefying semen that has thickened after ejaculation and making the sperm more mobile. 

The structure of the prostate contains both connective tissues and muscle fibres. The gland has got multiple layers and can be divided into four different zones.

The central zone contains the ejaculatory ducts and makes up most of the mass of the prostate. The transition zone is the area that keeps growing throughout life. 

Multiple researchers have also advanced the idea of the involvement of the prostate in the final mechanisms of ejaculation. In recent years, some researchers have pointed out against this idea. 

How Deep Is The Prostate

The prostate is not far inside the body. As noted above, you can find it about three to four inches inside your rectum, which is approximately how far you can reach with one of your fingers. It can be difficult for some guys to reach the prostate with their finger, so you may have a hard time applying constant pressure for the massage. Sex toys are longer than your fingers and designed in such a way that you or your partner will be able to easily reach this sensitive gland and apply the needed pressure that culminates in the ultimate orgasm.

Prostate Play 101: Learn How To Have A Prostate Orgasm

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Its an ironic reality that while most guys pretend to be satisfied in their sex lives  at least outwardly they tend to get squirmy about the one sexual act that could feel better than any of the sex theyre currently having: prostate play.Prostate play refers to the practice of stimulating the prostate, a small gland located 3-4 inches inside the rectum thats responsible for producing a component of semen that helps sperm survive and swim.

Often referred to as the male G-spot, the prostate is capable of producing intense, expansive and full-body orgasms when stimulated by fingers, a toy or a penis. In fact, because ejaculation tends not to occur when the prostate orgasms, folks who experience this type of pleasure can sometimes climax multiple times in a single session without spilling a drop of semen. Anyone with a prostate can enjoy prostate massage and orgasms.

While it holds the unfortunate and incorrect reputation as something only gay men enjoy , whether a person loves or hates prostate stimulation has no more bearing on their sexuality. Just like enjoying penile stimulation has nothing to do with sexual orientation, enjoying prostate massage doesnt either. Its a gland, not an identity.

How Long Does A Prostate Orgasm Last

Because there is no refractory period, there is no limit to how long a prostate orgasm will last. Again, the data is anecdotal, which explains the lack of an exact answer. Once you get into a rhythm with your prostate play, youll probably be able to determine just how long your orgasms will be, as well as how many you can have or want during your sex session. Let your body be your guide. If you want to go all night, you can.

Are There Any Risks And Side Effects To Prostate Massages

Prostate orgasm infographic : sex

The anal mucosa and the anus itself are very sensitive,” Hong explains. Although the anus is built to stretch to a certain extent, it doesnt self-lubricate, meaning without proper precautions anal stimulation can cause pain and tearing . This means that its super important for everyone involved to prepare for giving and receiving a prostate massage . Its also worth mentioning that this might feel a bit uncomfortable at first. As SELF previously reported, making sure youre getting in sufficient amounts of foreplay is a big part of lowering the odds that youll deal with things like pain and tearing.

Who Has A Prostate

Technically, everyone! If you’ve got a vagina, you will have Skene’s glands that are located near the lower end of your urethra. This group of glands is roughly similar to the prostate, although it doesn’t serve any sperm-related function. For the purposes of this article, however, we’re talking about stimulating the type of prostate that’s buried in you or your partner’s asshole.

Why A Prostate Orgasm Is Unique

There are different types of orgasms, and each of them can feel totally unique. While most people with penises are used to reaching orgasm through the stimulation of their dicks, they’re usually not so acquainted with the sensation of coming thanks to internal stimulation.

“The prostate-induced orgasm hits differently because it is initiated from inside the body. It feels like you’re being jacked off from the inside,” explains sexologist Goody Howard, MSW, MPH.

The feeling of a prostate orgasm can be described as having more depth and intensity than a regular orgasm. “It’s a slow trip back to reality from such a rich climax,” says Jason, a 50-year-old man, about his experience of prostate orgasms.

Especially for straight men who might never have explored the sexual possibilities of their asses, a prostate orgasm can give new and exciting feelings that reveal the sexual opportunities that lie within our bodies. 

The Brain Rewiring Concept

An obvious question iswhy do prostate orgasms appear more powerful and pleasurable than penile induced ones? Increased body awareness has been linked to increased genital awareness and arousal in women . It is possible that similar heightened awareness occurs in those males who focus on and practice prostate stimulation. Such awareness could enhance the sexual pleasure obtained as modulation of physiological function can occur through changes in mental processes . It is now accepted that the human brain is constantly changing its functional and structural properties depending on the variety of inputs and experiences. This plasticity is thought to be manifest through synaptic reorganization and/or the balance of excitation/inhibition among neurones . The brain literature refers to this as the plasticity of the brain but in lay parlance a common description is rewiring of the brain . Those learning to experience prostate-induced orgasms often use this concept .

Do You Also Ejaculate When You Have A Prostate

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Fred: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Occasionally Ill shoot when Ive gone through a prostate orgasm, but usually, if I ejaculate, I dont even notice.

Alan: Most of the time I do ejaculate with a prostate-induced orgasm, but the first time I didnt. Its how I learned I could climax without an ejaculation.

Drew: I generally cum from p-spot orgasms, but it’s more drawn out and less of a “shooting my load” type situation. The cum oozes out during the drawn-out orgasm and is usually accompanied by some really lovely spasming of my hole.

Marcus: Oh boy, do I ever. I have been told on multiple occasions that I need to do adult film work with the amount that I ejaculate when my prostate is stimulated. Fountain, hose, shower, drain spoutjust a few of the words that humans have used to describe my cumshot when something is up my rear end.

Daniel: Many times when I’m enjoying prostate stimulation it’s difficult to keep an erection. I get lost in the waves of pleasure and just lose it. Other times, I can maintain my erection and will masturbate while being penetrated or stimulated. I can time my prostate orgasm with my penile one causing a massive surge of energy and triggering dopamine to leak in my brain.

Dominus: I practice Tantra and can have multiple body orgasms that aren’t ejaculatory, and prostate play can get me to that state. Now if I want to ejaculate at the same time, at my age, this is the only time I really shoot like I did in my teen years.

What Is The Prostate

The prostate is a gland that’s part of the reproductive system in people with penises, located between the penis and the bladder. According to urologist and men’s sexual health specialist Paul Turek, M.D., the organ is about the size of a walnut and wraps around the urethra, the tube through which urine travels. “Its sole purpose is to secrete an enzyme called prostate-specific antigen, which liquefies the semen after ejaculation. This is important for semen to be normally fertile,” he explains.

Surgery To Remove The Prostate

You no longer ejaculate semen if you have had a radical prostatectomy. This is because the prostate gland and 2 glands called the seminal vesicles are removed. The seminal vesicles make the liquid part of the sperm. Your testicles will still make sperm cells but they will be reabsorbed back into your body.

You are still able to have an orgasm, but it will be a dry orgasm. Some men say that a dry orgasm without semen feels normal. But other men find that their orgasm is less intense and pleasurable.  The loss of a visible ejaculation can be significant for some men and their partners. Some men say that it feels different but they have managed to find ways to adjust to this.

If you are used to having anal sex and you are the receiving partner, surgery to remove the prostate gland can change this experience. Some men can find the penis rubbing against the prostate gland pleasurable. So if the prostate gland is no longer there, anal sex might feel different. You could look at different ways of enjoying sex and being intimate. Counselling and sex therapy might help.

Neural Innervation Of The Prostate

The gland is abundantly innervated by the parasympathetic and by the sympathetic . According to Gupta and McVary there is widespread agreement that expulsion of the contents of the gland during emission is under adrenergic control while cholinergic nerves are secretomotor. In regard to the sensory innervation of the prostate, McVary et al. state that the majority of the afferents to the ventral prostate is localised to sensory nerves from the L5 and L 6 segments of the spinal cord but there is a smaller degree of innervation from T13 to L2.

A collection of nerves that is located in the fascia covering the prostate is named the prostatic plexus. They arise from the lower portion of the pelvic plexus and are distributed not only to the prostate but also to the corpora cavernosa of the penis and urethra. Injury or damage to these nerves impacts on the mechanisms of erection and can thus cause erectile dysfunction .

Dense neuropeptide Y innervation is present throughout the prostatic stroma but most studies have not found the neuropeptide to be involved in the contraction of the prostate .

Why Does Prostate Massage Feel Good

How To Have A Prostate Orgasm In 5 Easy Steps

If youre not in possession of a prostate, it can be hard to visualize why massaging a marble-sized gland in your asshole might be pleasurable. But the prostate has a ton of nerve endings and largely sits unloved and untouched for most adults lives.

Unlike the rest of the body, like the gland of your penis which is constantly touched and brushed against and stimulatedeither accidentally or on purposethe prostate doesnt, Lewis says. It is unstimulated with all these nerve endings, so if you do make physical contact, its quite raw and its very sensitive to touch and pressure.

Raw in a good way, obviously. When Young asks men what a prostate orgasm feels like, the word ecstacy has been mentioned. Its absolutely meant to be the most magical thing ever, she says.

Is It Easy To Orgasm This Way

Lets say it may take some practice and patience.

Actual clinical research on prostate-induced orgasms is seriously lacking, so we dont know how common it is or if its possible for everyone with a prostate to have this type of orgasm.

Every body is different, so some experimenting to see what feels good is in order. If you do manage to have one, reproducing it will be easy.

Rewind: What Is A Prostate Orgasm

The prostatea gland about the size of a walnut which sits deep in the groin between the base of a guys penis and his rectumis to men what the G-spot is to women. For some men, it can potentially be a total pleasure center.

Biologically, the prostate produces semen, but sexually and erotically, it can function to heighten pleasure, says Jenni Skyler, Ph.D., founder of The Intimacy Institute in Colorado. What prostate stimulation does is press upon the urethra in such a way that it can actually prevent ejaculation, Skyler saysa.k.a. it can stretch out that just-about-to-orgasm feeling even longer.

Prostate : a gland the size of a walnut, found deep in the groin between penis base and rectum.

If your partner is comfortable with prostate contact and is able to relax and enjoy anal stimulationthe only way to get to the prostate is by sticking your finger or a toy about an inch and a half into his buttit adds this sensation of fullness and pressure that maximizes the intensity of an orgasm for a man, Skyler explains.

That said, Some men dont enjoy itit can be a psychological lack of enjoyment or it could be a physiological one, says Skyler, adding shes had patients in both categories. Or maybe he’s just not interested in exploring . Either way, as with any sex act, it’s important to communicate and make sure both parties are gamethat includes you, btw.

Who Can Have A Prostate Orgasm

There’s a problematic yet persistent notion out there that you can’t be straight and enjoy butt play. This is falsea complete myth.

Anyone who has a prostate can potentially have a prostate orgasm, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation, says Dr. Justin Lehmiller, a research fellow at the Kinsey Institute, host of the Sex and Psychology Podcast, and member of the Men’s Health Advisory Board.

What Happens When Your Astronaut Drifts Away

Dr. Jim Hu – How Does Prostate Cancer Affect a Man’s Sexual Function?

According to Dr. Carla Cork, a physician in Indiana, men may gain sexual gratification by having their prostate massaged or stimulated externally or internally. If you need proof, see exhibit No. 1: guys who ejaculate during their prostate exams. Prostate stimulation is fun and recommended for those willing to try but of course, there are risks to consider if you play recklessly. 

That is, you should get a handle on it. Literally.

Self-stimulation with inanimate objects can often result in the inability to retrieve the object from the rectal cavity, Cork continues, explaining methadone_cyclones astronaut metaphor and the reason for articles like 22 Objects People Have Actually Lost in Their Ass

Cork says when things get lost up there, medical personnel must perform some type of active methodology to remove the object. That can be tough: According to WebMD, one of the big problems with trying to remove an object from the rectum is that there is a strong suction between the object and the rectum walls. Thus, generally, patients who require intervention are sedated before removing the object via placing a tube between the object and the wall of the rectum to try to equalize the pressure, or full-on surgically removing the object in the operating room. 

After surgery, doctors will perform a sigmoidoscopy, which is basically sticking a camera up your anus to make sure you didnt tear or infect anything, which can lead to further and much more dangerous issues. 

Prostate Orgasms And The Internet

Perry suggested that this area of the rectal wall was similar to the so-called G-spot of the female in that it activated orgasm when stimulated so it has been called the male G-spot, it is anatomically incorrect but a widely used description. Some get erections during its use while others do not. A number report extreme bouts of shaking/shuddering before the induced orgasms occur and when they do they are infinitely more pleasurable than those obtained from penile stimulation. One post included the interesting comment about the curse of the Anerosit’s addictive and it takes a good deal of timeat least 30 min. The accepted term among the community of users for the very best orgasms induced by the stimulation is Super-O’s which everyone strives to obtain .

The Three Parts Of Male Orgasm

Kacker starts by pointing out a common misconception that erections are necessary for male orgasm. They arent. Men can have experience orgasm without an erection. The converse is also true, of course: men can have an erection without having an orgasm.

When discussing orgasm and radical prostatectomy, its useful to think of the male orgasm as having three separate parts, says Dr. Kacker.

First, secretions from the testicles, the prostate, and the seminal vesiclessmall, slender glands near the prostateflow into the urethra, the tube-like structure that carries semen through the penis and out the body. The emission of those fluids creates a feeling of fullness and a sensation of inevitability.

Second, theres ejaculation, which is accompanied by contractions of the pelvic floor muscles, the group of muscles used to hold in intestinal gas and urine.

And third is the mental componentall of the processing the brain does of incoming sensory signals from penis and pelvis that contribute to the mental experience of build up and release.

What Would You Tell Men Who Are Opposed To Having Things Put In Their Rear End

Fred: Without being too forward or rude, just grow up and give it a go. The stigma around it is so incredibly strong, mostly because it goes against the masculine trend of only putting your dick in things, but seriously itll change your life. Youll never wanna orgasm any other way again.

Alan: While its certainly valid and not everyones favorite cup of tea, the sensations offer a wider range of pleasure to bring into the bed with yourself or with your partner. If you are searching for something new to try, this is a sensation that all people with a prostate can enjoy.

Evan: I would say to men who are reticent to put things up their ass that they are probably fearful because of societal pressures/expectations. They need to look at their prostate as an important part of their body and sexuality to explore.

Drew: I would say you’re really missing out! Take some time to reflect on why you’re not open to exploring this amazing pleasure center. Does it rub up against your ideas of masculinity and what it means to be a man? Do you have anxiety related to the other fluids and substances that might be down there? Are you afraid of exploring this with your partner and what they might think? If any of these are coming up I would recommend starting small and solo: small size toys, or preferably your own finger. The prostate is a gift, celebrate and cherish it!

*Name has been changed to allow subject to freely on private matters.

How The Giver Should Prepare

Orgasms: Facts, types, causes, and misconceptions

If youre the one planning to do the fingering, there are some things youll need to do in preparation. The simple, but most important ones are to make sure your nails are trimmed and youre not wearing any jewellery, like rings. This is not just for your benefit but for theirs too.

The anus needs a little more care than fingering a vagina. This is because, although its perfectly safe to explore anal play, the lining of the anus is more delicate and susceptible to injury. Trimming nails and removing jewellery reduces the risk of internal scratches.

Also, check your fingers over to make sure you dont have any scratches or cuts, yourself. Even with proper prep, all sex involves a transfer of bacteria, and this is even more likely with anal play. Trust me, you really dont want to get anything nasty in an open wound.

Some people also like to create a barrier between their finger and their partners anus by using a condom or a small latex sheath called a finger cot. It is by no means necessary to do this, but it can be beneficial for a few reasons.

Firstly, if the giver does have a cut on their hand, this is a great way of protecting it from any nasties. Secondly, youre going to need a long-lasting lube for this sort of play as the anus doesnt self-lubricate like a vagina. The best lubricant to use is a thick water-based anal lube, but this can begin to absorb into your skin as you play, which leads to needing to stop to apply more lube.

How Do I Help My Partner Have A Prostate Orgasm

If you’re intrigued by exploring this new territory, Skyler has some tips for how to make a prostate orgasm happen.

1. Help your partner relax.

If you are both jazzed to poke around his prostate, its important to start by getting super-relaxed. The anus has two sphincters and they can tighten up and close, Skyler says. The way to get entrance and invitation is to really deeply relax the whole body.”

Start with a sensual massage, the goal of which isnt necessarily to turn your partner on, but to help him feel totally comfortable.

2. Try some anal foreplay.

Once your partner feels chilled out, ease your way in. If youve never done anal play, approach the anus respectfully and slowly, Sklyer says. Play with the full buttocks and inner thighs first and then move to play with the outer rim of the opening of the anus.

3. Get some lube.

The anus is not self-lubricating so make sure theres a lot of lube, no matter what, Skyler says. She recommends picking up a lubricant thats specifically designed for anal play since these formulas tend to be a little thicker and last a bit longer.

4. Choose your tools.

The best way to stimulate the prostate is either with your finger or a prostate toy . If youre hesitant about using your finger a toy is an awesome alternative.

Sex toy retailers like Adam and Eve sell a lot of beginner prostate toys, Skyler says. Most of them even have a rounded edge like a finger.

5. Slowly massage the prostate.

Lube Yourself Silly And Trim Your Nails

Because the anus and rectum do not self-lubricate, its extra-super-very important to use lube during any sort of butt stuff, prostate play included. Lube will protect the delicate tissues of the anus and prevent them from the micro-tearing that can accompany dryness, but it also has the added benefit of making things more comfortable and pleasurable too.

If youre using fingers, make sure your nails are trimmed. And for the ladies, theres nothings worse than an acrylic nail to the prostate.

Self Prostate Massage Orgasm

Looking to achieve a very strong and intense prostate orgasm from a self prostate massage? Many men are starting to learn about this type of orgasm which is much different and in many cases, much better than what they are used to.

A prostate massage is often used by medical practitioners around the world to relieve the painful symptoms of excess seminal fluid build up in males with a variety of prostate problems and disorders. In addition to better health, this type of massage and stimulation can produce a very intense type of orgasm for pleasure in all men-regardless of age, sexual orientation or sexual experience.

There are two basic ways to achieve this type of orgasm by yourself. You can use the manual method which involves inserting your finger in your anus to stimulate the prostate through the rectum wall. You can actually never touch the male gland directly,however the tissue separating the rectum wall and your prostate is very thin and with the proper techniques, you can quite effectively achieve this type of stimulation this way.

You other choice would be to purchase a prostate massager. This can be an effective option if you are not interested in the manual method but still want to be able to have this type of experience.

You can learn the basics of this pleasurable and prostate healthy activity very easily and with a good degree of safety if you practice proper techniques.

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