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Sitz Bath For Enlarged Prostate

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How To Take A Sitz Bath-FULL Tutorial

Be sure to tell your doctors about any herbs or supplements you take, or any alternative therapies you use. Some herbs, supplements, and alternative therapies may interfere with conventional medicine. Work with a doctor who is experienced in complementary and alternative therapies to find the combination of treatments that is right for you.

How Sitz Bath May Help Men Of West African Ancestry To Deal With Prostate Pain

I know lots of Ghanaian men are looking for alternative ways to fight their prostate pain. Men spend lot of money buying all kind of advertised prostate supplements to fight their prostate condition but this is a simple way that can help you relieved your prostatepain and I am introducing you to the sitz bath technique. A sitz bath can be used for daily personal hygiene. It can also offer relief from pain or itching in the genital area.

A sitz bath however does not require a physician’s prescription. Some people use sitz baths regularly as a way to cleanse the perineum.

Others find sitz baths useful for relieving itching, irritation, and minor pain. Doctors often suggest sitz baths to manage pain following the surgical removal of hemorrhoids, surgery involving the vulva or vagina, and childbirth.

Doctors sometimes prescribe medications to add to the sitz bath. Adding table salt, vinegar, or baking soda to the water can create a soothing solution. The addition of suitable essential oils can further enhance the experience of a sitz bath, but be sure to mix the oil well into the water before immersion, to prevent the oil form irritating mucous membranes.

NB: Some essential oils, and please contact you doctor before use

Inflammation and vaginal discharge

The heat causes expansion of the blood vessels and the cold contracts them. The effect causes lots of blood to flush the area and can remove toxins as a result.

A Man Taking A Sitz Bath

Yours in Prostate Health

How To Treat An Enlarged Prostate With Basil

A potent herb that can be added to those tomatoes we discussed earlier for great flavor and plenty of power to help shrink an enlarged prostate is basil. Basil has both anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to protect your prostate from cancer and tumors as well as reduce inflammation.

What to do:

  • Add basil into the foods you cook as well as salads and juice recipes.
  • With its light minty taste, you can thoroughly chew and swallow 2 or 3 leaves a couple of times per day to obtain its powerful benefits as well.

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Symptomatic treatment of an enlarged prostate usually involves a combination of medication and lifestyle changes. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables may be the best option if you suffer from chronic urination. It will help the body adjust to the increased size of the prostate. Also, taking regular urination intervals will help retrain the bladder to function properly. Inactivity also contributes to urine retention, and cold temperatures can increase the urge to urinate.

Invasive treatment of enlarged prostate includes medication that relieves the pressure on the urethra and bladder. However, if the condition is severe, it may require surgical intervention. If treatment is not successful, the enlarged prostate can become a potentially life-threatening disease. As the hormone levels in the body change, the enlarged prostate can lead to various complications, including urinary retention and even cancer. This is why it is critical to see a doctor for further evaluation.

A physician can recommend a number of treatments to address an enlarged prostate. An enlarged prostate will require surgery to relieve the symptoms. In most cases, surgical treatment for an enlargement of the penis is enough. Moreover, a doctor may recommend a course of treatment based on symptoms. A TURP procedure is not painful and requires less recovery time than open surgery. The recovery period will be shorter and less traumatic.

Additional Supplements To Help Relieve Symptoms Of An Enlarged Prostate

How to Take Sitz Bath Its Procedure, Benefits and Interesting facts ...

Another great supplement is the stinging nettle root. The nettle root contains similar anti-inflammatory and antioxidants as the pygeum and saw palmetto. Most times the nettle root is combined with saw palmetto.

Beta-sitosterol, a compound similar to cholesterol, is found in some plants and seeds like pumpkin seeds. This compound has been shown to improve urine flow. It can also reduce the amount of urine left in the bladder after one urinates. Issues with urination are a symptom of an enlarged prostate.

According to some studies, taking 10 grams of pumpkin seed extract daily can help with BPH symptoms. One study suggests that lycopene a naturally occurring pigment found in many fruits and vegetables may slow the progression of an enlarged prostate.

The richest source of lycopene available to most people is tomatoes. There are a few other vegetables and fruits that contain lower levels of this antioxidant. Generally speaking the deeper red or pink fruit or vegetable is in color the higher the lycopene content is.

The mineral zinc can reduce the likeliness of an enlarged prostate. Increasing the dietary intake of zinc could help reduce urinary issues associated with an enlarged prostate. People can find zinc in seafood, poultry, and many types of nuts and seeds. For example, sesame or pumpkin seeds.

Caffeine stimulates the bladder causing the sudden urge to urinate. This could potentially worsen BPH symptoms.

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How To Treat An Enlarged Prostate With Carrot Juice

Though at the end of our list, carrot juice is no less beneficial when it comes to home remedies for enlarged prostate than any of the others. Carrot juice contains loads of anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals, including lycopene, and is also loaded with antioxidants.

What to do:

  • Extract the juice of 2 to 3 carrots along with spinach and beetroot juice.
  • Drink this juice on a daily basis.
  • Carrots are also a part of the vegetable juice recipe we included in the tomatoes remedy above.

More Information About Prostatitis

The following is an English-language resource that may be useful. Please note that THE MANUAL is not responsible for the content of this resource.

  • Prostatitis Foundation: This organization provides access to relevant publications , patient testimonials, a list of providers who treat prostatitis in the United States and the United Kingdom, and access to third-party prostatitis-based web sites in French, Swedish, and Italian.

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Tomatoes: Home Remedy For Enlarged Prostate

If you love Italian food, you will like this remedy for enlarged prostate, because it involves tomatoes. Rich in lycopene, tomatoes are a great way to fight off BPH. Lycopene is known to reduce the production of prostate-specific antigen , which is typically linked to BPH inflammation. Lycopene also helps to decrease the pressure on your bladder as an added benefit.

What to do:

  • Drink freshly extracted tomato juice or your own homemade vegetable juice.
  • Enjoy your favorite Italian recipes which include tomatoes in the sauce and be generous with tomatoes in your salads.
  • Do not worry over cooking tomatoes, as cooking them actually enhances the potency of lycopene.

How Can A Sitz Bath Help Relieve Bph Symptoms

What to Do and Not Do with Enlarged Prostate | Lifestyle Modifications

A sitz bath is a common form of hydrotherapy that may be used to relieve benign prostatic hyperplasia symptoms. A sitz bath helps relax the smooth muscle in the prostate, easing the constriction of the urethra and bladder neck and increasing blood circulation to the pelvic region. A sitz bath may involve hot or cold water or a combination of the two. The hot bath seems to be most useful for BPH. It involves soaking for 3 to 10 minutes in water that is about 105 degrees F to 115 degrees F, and then sponging the pelvic area with cool water. The cold bath involves sitting for 3 minutes in a tub of hot water followed by 30 seconds in a second tub of cool water . Repeat this procedure three times. The last bath should always be with cool water.

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Home Remedies For Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia


Benign prostatic hyperplasia is a condition that is caused when the prostate gland enlarges, potentially slowing or blocking the urine stream. Other names for benign prostatic hyperplasia include benign prostatic hypertrophy, an enlarged prostate, and BPH. We have certain HOME REMEDIES FOR BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA which help ease the symptoms and decrease the progression of a disease.


The prostate is about the size of a walnut. It surrounds the urethra, which carries urine from the bladder. As men age, their prostate often enlarges. This puts pressure on their urethra causing symptoms.

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Surgical procedures to remove the diseased prostate are usually necessary. Surgical procedures are not always necessary. If the disease is caused by bacterial infections, a doctor can treat the symptoms using alpha-blockers or surgery. Physical therapy, relaxation exercises, and warm baths are all recommended. A physician may also prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection. A bacterial infection can also cause a recurrence of the condition.

An enlarged prostate can be uncomfortable for both men and women. Some of the symptoms of an enlarged male reproductive organ include a weakened urine stream, urgent need to urinate, and urinary tract infections. BPH can also cause damage to the kidneys. A sudden inability to urinate can be life-threatening, as it can lead to bladder and kidney damage. Unfortunately, most men with enlarged prostrates put up with the symptoms for years before they seek treatment. However, many of the men with symptoms finally decide to go to a doctor for proper gynecological evaluation and to begin enlarged prostatic therapy.

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Who Can Benefit From A Sitz Bath

A sitz bath can be helpful to anyone with a perineum injury, Dr. Rodeffer-Evans said. Women who have recently given birth vaginally often use sitz baths to help them heal. Dont hesitate to use this simple tool even after an uncomplicated delivery, she said.

Sitz baths also provide relief for women who have had vulvar surgery for laser ablation and people with hemorrhoids, anal fissures , genital itchiness or inflamed prostates.

This simple method of care can give more relief than expected. It is easy to do but gives an amazing amount of comfort, Dr. Rodeffer-Evans said.

What Foods Are Good To Shrink The Prostate

Ice Packs for Hemorrhoids

What men should include more in their regular diet are astragalus and soy.

Astragalus is an old Chinese medicinal plant that boosts the immune system in cancer patients but is also helpful in reducing the effects of BPH.

Soy, on the other hand, maintains prostate health and protects against benign prostatic hyperplasia. A diet containing soy and astragalus combined can be of tremendous help for men against prostate diseases.

Tomatoes are one of the best natural remedies for enlarged prostate. They are rich in lycopene and studies have shown that eating tomatoes or drinking tomatoes juice can help shrink the prostate.

Broccoli has a lot of phytochemicals and they are known for reducing the rate of prostate growth. Include broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables in your diet to naturally shrink the prostate.

These are some of the many recommendations for foods that shrink the prostate gland. Rely on a plant-based diet and you will see the results!

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Prostate Massage For Prostate Health

If you want optimum prostate health then prostate massage is a good health practice to add.

You can do either external prostate massage or internal prostate massage.

Both increase circulation to the prostate area helping to remove toxins.

Please read more by going to that section of my site on prostate massage.

These enlarged prostate treatments when combined with your diet changes and personal testing will take you a long way to healing your prostate.

Dietary Changes: Easy Remedy For Enlarged Prostate

When it comes to the best home remedies for enlarged prostate, you will probably have to make some dietary changes. The main issue is that the average diet is extremely high in additives, sugars, and chemicals that increase inflammation. Replacing inflammatory foods for anti-inflammatory foods will reduce an enlarged prostate and improve your overall health at the same time.

What to do:

  • Get rid of or reduce your consumption of packaged foods, sugary foods, highly processed flour, canned foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol and caffeine.
  • Consume 2 to 3 servings of high omega-3 fish like tuna, mackerel or salmon each week.
  • Shop the outside of the store where fresh fruits and vegetables and whole meats are located.
  • Include red bell peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, kale and Brussels sprouts into your daily diet.

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Learn How To Shrink The Prostate Naturally A Personal Guide To Prostate Health

An Inflamed Swelling of the Prostate is difficult but Very Possible to Deflate. Your Prostate is also an Extremely Annoying issue among slightly older guys to older guys. So, we will discuss in detail just how to Shrink the Prostate Naturally for better Prostate Health. From the constant night-time bathroom trips to the feeling of not being able to even Go. First, I will explain what the Prostate is and Why it does what it does abnormally holding in that urine. It can become an interruption to our very Life Style. Then we will dive right into how we can approach the Natural Prostate Treatment, Possible Cures, and remedies. Lets Stop this abnormal enlargement of this organ. Caution ! Patience. It takes a while, guys. Persistence should pay off.

Most Conventional Advice About Treating Prostatitis Including Diet Modification And Increasing Sexual Activity Is Confusing And Sometimes Makes Symptoms Worse

Rezum Treatment for Enlarged Prostate with Dr. Richard Levin

Most of our patients report to us that the dietary advice they have been given about caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods is confusing as they did not understand its basis. Furthermore, following this kind of dietary advice has little effect on their symptoms. In fact, many men who have come to see us for the Wise-Anderson Protocol for prostatitis have reported that alcohol often improves their symptoms and does not hurt them.

To add to the confusion, increasing sexual activity makes symptoms worse in a large majority of men. We have described the post-ejaculatory discomfort as a pleasure spasm in our book, A Headache in the Pelvis. When a mans pelvis is chronically constricted, instead of orgasm relaxing the pelvis, it actually increases its tension level and causes significant discomfort or pain in the pelvis that can last from a few hours to weeks.

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Stinging Nettle Extract Is A Natural Remedy For Enlarged Prostate

Stinging nettle leaves may cause sharp, intense pain, but its extract has benefits for the prostate. The root contains essential bioactive phytochemicals that help shrink prostate tissue. Being a natural diuretic, it also encourages the elimination of inflammatory wastes through urination.

You can have stinging nettle as a drink by simply adding 1 teaspoon of dried leaves to hot water. Let it sit for 10 minutes, then strain. You can drink this tea mix 2 to 3 times daily. Always consult your physician before taking any supplement to determine the correct dosage for your size and condition.

Researchers have found that the stinging nettle has anti-inflammatory compounds similar to those contained by pygeum and saw palmetto.

A study conducted in 2019 by Bentham Science has discovered that the nettle roots extract is efficient in prostate soothing and relieving BPH symptoms. Patients have noticed a significant increase in urine flow and a reduction in prostate volume.

The nettle roots extract can be used for up to 12 months without any side effects.

Fasting To Shrink An Enlarged Prostate

Is fasting a solution to shrink an enlarged prostate?

It may be, as long as you include in your diet prostate-friendly foods, like those mentioned above. Just fasting, without consciously choosing foods that shrink the prostate wont help you that much. That is why keep in mind the foods that are good for prostate health when you go grocery shopping.

What makes fasting a good way to shrink an enlarged prostate is that it involves the exclusive consumption of vegetables, excluding meat and dairy from the menu. And these foods are known for their inflammatory properties. Also, when fasting it is recommended to drink more liquids and stay hydrated. Especially drinking green tea helps soothe the prostate gland.

The enlargement of the prostate cant be cured naturally, but there are changes in lifestyle and diet that can be made in order to prevent this painful condition. Practicing an active lifestyle with physical activities, drinking plenty of liquids, having a healthy diet, and limiting alcohol consumption are natural ways of preventing prostate enlargement, among other illnesses.

It is also important to see a urologist who can recommend the best treatment in your case. Sometimes, even a surgical procedure may be recommended to relieve the symptoms. UroLift is the most advanced non-invasive BPH treatment available. Talk with Dr. Samadi about this method of prostate enlargement treatment!

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What Are The Best Home Remedies For Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged prostate in medical terms is known as benign prostatic hyperplasia . It is a disorder that generally affects older men and is not the same as prostate cancer. The prostate is a small, muscular gland in the male reproductive system and with ageing, the cells around the gland begin to multiply causing the prostate to be enlarged.

They can be accompanied by severe pain in some cases and can generally lead to a change in lifestyle activities. You can undergo the below natural home remedies for enlarged prostate.

  • Sitz Bath:

    A sitz bath is the best known effective remedy for the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. The hot bath will also reduce swelling and promote healing. To make the bath fill the bathtub with warm water and add half a cup of Epsom salt to it. Alternatively, fill in another bathtub with cold water and add a few drops of lavender essential oil.

    First, sit in the warm bathtub for a few minutes and sit in the cold bathtub for a minute before proceeding to give yourself a regular bath. Do this procedure twice a week for best results.

  • Stinging Nettle:

    Stinging nettle leaves can help in reducing the symptoms of BPH. They majorly help in shrinking the prostate tissue and also eliminate inflammatory wastes through urination. To make the broth add a teaspoon of dried nettle leaves to a cup of hot water. Boil for 10 minutes and strain it. Drink this broth twice a day for best results.

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