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Ed Problems After Prostate Surgery

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How Long Will Eddie Last

ED after Surgery, Prostatitis, and Testosterone Replacement | Ask a Prostate Expert

Eddie is made from durable, medical-grade materials that will last an extended periodof time if you follow the usage, cleaning, and storage instructions. We recommendreplacing your Eddie every 3-4 months to keep it as effective and hygienic aspossible.

You might also replace your Eddie if:

  • You have changed sexual partners
  • You or your partner is suffering from a viral bacteria, or contagious medicalcondition
  • Your Eddie has lost tension or cleanliness from frequent use

Why Does Prostatectomy Cause Erectile Dysfunction

Nerves around the prostate may be affected during surgery and lead to erectile dysfunction. The prostate is a small gland in the pelvis about the size of a walnut that sits between the bladder and rectum at the base of the penis. During a radical prostatectomy, the primary surgery for prostate cancer, the whole prostate gland and some of the surrounding tissue are removed.

If the surgeon leaves one or both nerves in place and undamaged, spontaneous erections remain possible depending on other factors, including age, general health and whether the patient experienced erectile dysfunction before the surgery.

The patient may experience short-term dysfunction if the nerves and blood vessels were damaged during surgery. As swelling recedes and the area heals, spontaneous erections may return on their own.

If loss of function lasts longer than two years, it’s likely long-term erectile dysfunction. ED lasting multiple years is likely permanent and may result from the surgeon removing one or both nerve bundles during surgery.

Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Surgery

For the study, Schiff and colleagues examined the medical records of 138 men who underwent radical prostatectomy and were evaluated for erectile function at follow-up visits to the doctor.

At each visit, the men were asked to rate their level of erectile function on a 5-level scale, where 1 corresponded to normal functioning and 5 to no erections.

Prior to surgery, two-thirds of the men said they had normal erectile functioning . The others put themselves at level 2, meaning “diminished erections, routinely sufficient for intercourse.”

At subsequent follow-up visits, five of these men had normal functioning and 11 recovered enough to have intercourse, although they had diminished erections.

And 87 men said they had level 4 or level 5 erections, corresponding to partial erections not sufficient for intercourse or no erections, respectively, two years after surgery.

Of these men, one recovered normal erections and nine recovered diminished erections, routinely sufficient for intercourse. Eleven recovered partial erections occasionally satisfactory for intercourse.

After about three years, though, men with the most severe erectile dysfunction showed almost no improvement, Schiff says. But men who had partial erections that were occasionally sufficient for intercourse continued to make progress for up to four years after surgery.

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Surgical Options And Implants

Surgical options for penile rehabilitation present a more severe approach to ED symptoms, once again sending the patient under the knife for results.

Penile prosthesis and inflatable devices should largely be considered a last option after other treatments have failed, as risks can include infection and erosion. But assuming theyre working properly, they are 100 percent effective.

How Do You Wear Eddie

How long does Erectile Dysfunction last after Prostate Surgery

Eddie can be applied when your penis is flaccid or erect .

Place Eddie at the base of your penis, in front of your testicles, with the openingfacing down.

Wrap one of the tension bands around the ends of the device. Use the blue band forless constriction, or use the red band for maximum constriction.

For those with limited hand strength, an alternative method is to wrap the tensionband around Eddie before placing it on your penis, then gently pull Eddie apart tocreate a wider opening, while sliding it down onto the base of your penis. You canalso try covering the device in lubricant to assist.

Talk to your doctor before using Eddie. We recommend trying Eddie alone, first,before trying it with a partner, to become familiar with how it feels and works.

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Is Another Treatment Option Better For Preservation Of Erectile Function

The growing interest in pelvic radiation, including brachytherapy, as an alternative to surgery can be attributed in part to the supposition that surgery carries a higher risk of erectile dysfunction. Clearly, surgery is associated with an immediate, precipitous loss of erectile function that does not occur when radiation therapy is performed, although with surgery recovery is possible in many with appropriately extended follow-up. Radiation therapy, by contrast, often results in a steady decline in erectile function to a hardly trivial degree over time.

New Treatment For Ed After Prostate Surgery Being Developed Researchers Say

April 19 — Men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer may no longer have to live with erectile dysfunction afterward, thanks to an innovative new treatment, researchers said in a paper published Monday by JCI Insight.

The treatment, developed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, involves the surgical implantation of a topical drug that regenerates and restores the function of erectile nerves damaged by radical prostatectomy, they said.

When applied to the nerves immediately after injury sustained during surgery, the drug significantly improved erectile function in rats within three to four weeks, according to the researchers.

The treatment still must undergo clinical trials in humans, which means it could be five to seven years before it is available for use, the researchers said.

“What puts people off to getting radical prostatecomy is the associated side effects, including ED,” co-author David J. Sharp told UPI in a phone interview.

“What we found is that we can regenerate these nerves,” said Sharp, a professor of physiology and biophysics at Einstein.

Radical prostatectomy, or the surgical removal of the prostate gland, is the most commonly used — and, to date, most effective — treatment for prostate cancer, according to the American Cancer Society.

“There are also a lot of nerve injuries that this could be useful for,” he said.

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How Long Does Ed Last After A Prostatectomy

Erectile dysfunction affects almost all men within the first months of a prostatectomy. Most, though, will experience significant improvement within a year or so. However, for some men, it may take up to two years to fully recover and have regular erections.

The risk of ED after a prostatectomy increases with age. Men younger than 50 are most likely to avoid ED or recover more quickly.

When possible, the surgeon will perform a nerve-sparing prostatectomy to spare the nerves that pass close to the prostate. Men who receive nerve-sparing surgery may still experience ED after surgery, but theyre more likely to recover erectile function within two years.

What Is The Stay

Is erectile dysfunction common after radical prostatectomy?

Reports show that less than 15% of people actually clean their sex health devices as recommended.

The Stay-Giddy Plan is our subscription option for Eddie. Sign up and automatically receive fresh Eddies and tension bands every 4 months. Your payment information on file will be charged the appropriate amount, and your Eddie and bands will be shipped for free in 3-5 business days.

Benefits of the Stay-Giddy Plan:

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  • Replacing your Eddie and bands is recommended if you change sexual partners oryou or your partner contract an STI.

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What Is The Paypal Paylater Option At Checkout

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Cures For Ed Problems After Prostate Surgery

By | Submitted On April 07, 2010

The prostate is a gland that is an important part of the male reproductive system. It helps control the flow of urine, and it also plays a role in sexual activity. Detection rates for prostate cancer vary greatly around the globe by region. Some men who have prostate cancer are never diagnosed and end up dying of other causes or old age. This is because prostate cancer can develop rather slowly.

If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction after surgery, here are 3 things you should know about cures for ED problems after prostate surgery:

1. ED can often be cured through oral medication: There are a number of now-popular doctor-prescribed medications to treat ED. There are at least three major brands of medication that have become household names and for which your doctor can provided you a prescription.

2. Intracavernous injections and vacuum therapy: Injections into the penis by your doctor can contribute to proper erectile function.

3. Penile implant: A last resort, penile implants are a permanent solution for ED. Caution: they can lead to infection in some cases. Ask your doctor about the risks and benefits of an implant.

It is important to note that whether or not the ED can be cured depends in part upon the nature of the surgery performed in your case. If the prostate cancer was in a relatively advanced stage before it was detected, ED can be more severe and harder to cure.

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Treatment Options For Ed After Prostate Surgery

There are several treatment options for ED after radical prostatectomy, from medications and devices to further surgical options and even penile implants.

Each treatment option carries with it its own benefits and drawbacks, and different treatments may offer different results from one individual to another.

Its best to consult with a medical professional before beginning a series of treatments, to find the best treatment for you.

Here are some options that may be recommended.

Recent Findings About Regaining Potency After Radical Prostatectomy

Managing erectile dysfunction

It is important to remember that regaining erectile function takes time after radical robotic prostatectomy. Most studies in the literature use endpoints of 18-36 months after prostate cancer surgery. Nerve tissue can be easily damaged during robotic prostatectomy, regardless of the skill of the surgeon, and takes a long time to regenerate. It is believed that early postoperative medical therapy can aid an earlier return to potency.

Dr. Ahlering, a physician with UC Irvine Medical in Orange County, CA. has pioneered the use of electrocautery-free preservation of the neurovascular bundles which are essential for the return of potency after prostate surgery. A recent study by Dr. Patrick Walsh and associates at John Hopkins has shown that mono and bipolar cautery near the potency nerves severely impact the erectile function of dogs. Mono and bipolar cautery are routinely used by many institutions to limit the bleeding during surgery by heat-sealing or ‘cauterizing’ the bleeding vessels.

The nerves for potency are intertwined with a bundle of blood vessels, which must be controlled during prostate cancer surgery to prevent large blood losses. Thus to preserve the nerves of potency, a surgeon also must prevent the bleeding of these vessels also. Cautery is considered a standard method of sealing the blood vessels, allowing the nerve bundles to now be properly visualized.

For comparison we show the standard data on open prostatectomy potency :

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Can You Have Sex After Prostate Removal

The good news is that sex after prostate removal is very possible and enjoyable for most men. This is due to the newest robotic technologies that are nerve-sparing and preserve the sexual function.

Dr. Samadis robotic prostate surgery, SMART Surgery, was explicitly designed to spare the tiny nerve bundles surrounding the prostate in order to preserve sexual potency.

Men who undergo Dr. Samadis robotic prostate surgery have a reasonable chance of regaining complete erectile function for sex after prostate surgery.

Even though ejaculation will cease, you will still be able to enjoy sex after prostate surgery, as it is further explained.

So, prostate surgery does affect you sexually, but not in the ways you are thinking of.

The Takeaway: There Are Many Options At Restoring Sexual Function During The Recovery Of Prostate Surgery The Most Common Will Be The Use Of Oral Medications That Help Relax Penis Muscles And Increase Blood Flow But In The Event That These Are Ineffective Or Not An Option There Are Other Choices Available

For the most part, restoring sexual function is most easily achieved with the help of prescription medication such as Viagra®, Levitra, or Cialis®. In more extreme cases, there may be further surgery required, penile injections, or prosthetics. Ultimately, it will all come down to the specific person and their circumstances, risk factors for erectile dysfunction, lifestyle, and results of the prostate surgery itself.

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Sex After Prostate Surgery

When first diagnosed with prostate cancer, its common for men to wonder what the future will hold. Certainly, a prostate cancer cure is a top priority, but then what?

Dr. David Samadi understands that men want to know:

  • Will I have sex after prostate cancer?

  • How will sex after prostate cancer be different?

For many men, prostate cancer treatment choice determines these answers.

If you select robotic prostate surgery your chances of enjoying sex after prostate surgery are very high. Robotic prostatectomy is a minimally invasive prostate removal. It is considered one of the best treatment options for prostate cancer due to its success rate and fast recovery rate.

The da Vinci robotic prostate cancer surgery system enables the surgeon to make precise movements. This ensures cancer-removal efficiency and sparing of the nerves and muscles that are responsible for the sexual function.

However, it is absolutely critical to choose a robotic surgeon with a high case volume and extensive prostate surgery experience. The robot does not perform the surgery and technology is no guarantee of success. Enjoying sex after prostate surgery is only possible if the procedure was performed by an experienced, highly-trained robotic surgeon.

Dr. Samadi explains how the preservation of sexual function is possible:

Restoring Sexual Function After Prostate Surgery

Men’s Continence and Erectile Function After Prostate Cancer Surgery – by Stuart Doorbar-Baptist

Prostate cancer affects nearly 1 in 7 men. Fortunately, its a very treatable condition, especially when its caught early. One of the most common treatments for prostate cancer or having an enlarged prostate is to undergo prostate surgery, also known as a prostatectomy. This surgery comes with a very high success rate, boasting a 10 year survival of nearly 90%, but just like any other surgery it will come with potential risks and side effects.

According to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, one of the most common side effects of a prostatectomy is erectile dysfunction. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to fight back against erectile dysfunction and restore sexual function while recovering from prostate surgery.

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Mechanical And Vacuum Devices

Vacuum devices penis pumps work by creating a seal around the penis in a tube, and then creating a vacuum in that tube, which will draw blood into the penis. The device was popularized in the 60s, but its been known to be effective and safe for decades.

It can also be used in combination with other treatments, making it a first line option for many. There can be some discomfort from the constriction band, though.

ED treatments, delivered

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Why Is Rehabilitation Important

Whether you are single, or in a relationship, you should have the opportunity to discuss penile rehabilitation with your doctor or specialist nurse. Self pleasuring is important for many people and this can play a part in rehabilitation. This might help to give you confidence and to become aware of the changes that your treatment might have caused.

It might still be worth talking to your doctor even if you are not sexually active, or dont plan to be. This is because penile rehabilitation has benefits in terms of keeping the penis healthy.

Ideally, rehabilitation should start soon after your prostate cancer treatment, or in some situations before treatment. For example, you should start rehabilitation within 3 to 6 months of starting hormone therapy or radiotherapy. Or within the first 3 months of surgery to remove the prostate gland.

Restoring Sexual Function After Surgery

Impotence (Erectile Dysfunction) FAQs

Erections are controlled by nerves and blood vessels that run along both sides of the prostate. Because theyre very delicate, any trauma to these nerves or blood vessels can affect erectile function, says the Prostate Cancer Foundation. And if cancer is growing near the nerves, the surgeon might need to remove them.

Even if you dont have ED before surgery, you may experience it afterward. While ED usually lasts at least two to three months after surgery, it can last for up to two years.

To restore sexual function, your doctor may suggest:

  • Oral medicine, such as Viagra® or Cialis®
  • Penile injections that you use before having sex

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