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Aneros Trident Mgx Prostate Massager

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Pricing You Often Get What You Pay For

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Last, you have to consider the pricing. As shown above, Aneros has prostate massagers that start from just above the $50 mark, like the Maximus Trident or the Helix Trident, and go all the way up to the $150 mark, like the Vice 2.

So, the question is, how much are you willing to spend?

Its important for you to do a bit of research and find something that you are comfortable with paying an appropriate amount for. If this is going to be your first prostate massager, it might be a wise idea to start with a flagship product.

For instance, the MGX Syn Trident has perinuem tabs, which offer fantastic sensations and greatly enhance your experience. Its also made from better quality materials, and will last much longer.

Its all about that premium feel.

Material Go For Silicone

As youve seen above, there are Aneros massagers available in stainless steel like the Tempo, in Aneros high quality velvet-touch silicone like the MGX Syn Trident, and their ABS plastic ones such as the Maximus Trident.

The material you choose is going to have a big impact on your overall experience. Some like the firmness of stainless steel, while others prefer silicone with a rigid plastic core.

Its really up to you, but if you want something incredibly firm, go for stainless steel. If you want something that feels soft, silicone is a wise choice.

Personally, I would recommend that you start with the Maximus Trident or the Helix Syn Trident.

Aneros Massagers The New Norm

With the Aneros popularity on the rise, in coming years other companies also introduced their own prostate products. Up until that time prostate pleasure devices had been pretty much limited to repurposed vaginal G-spot toys and butt plugs. With the success of Aneros, other manufacturers began making products that were more specialized for prostate stimulation ushering in a golden age of prostate play that continues to this day. As the word of the power of the prostate spread, interest in manual prostate massage and pegging significantly increased as well, with couples eager to share a new kind intimacy together.

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Tactile Difference Between Mgx And Mgx Syn

Both the materials used in the MGX Trident and MGX Syn Tridents are safe and feel good to the touch. However you may notice some slight differences.

The Aneros MGX Trident uses ABS plastic as its material. You will find it easier to clean and feels sturdier. Sometimes, though, you might feel it to be a bit too stiff to your liking, although stable.

On the other hand, Aneros MGX Syn Trident uses medical-grade silicone thats velvety to the touch. Its more plush and more flexible. It feels more comfortable to insert and feels slightly better inside.

If you prefer the sturdier and easy-to-clean ABS plastic version or the more flexible and more plush silicone version of the toy, it boils down to personal preference.

And also, obviously, the price, with the Aneros MGX Syn Trident silicone being slightly more pricey than then its counterpart Aneros MGX Trident.

My Experience With The Aneros Mgx Syn Trident

Aneros Trident MGX Prostate Massager

The Aneros MGX Syn Trident is a thing of beauty. I tried this with my girlfriend, and honestly, I think it has spoiled my sex life forever.

We were getting hot and frisky on a Saturday night, and I remembered this thing all packed. Now, for those who dont know, my girlfriend likes to get freaky and frisky.

There are a few prostate massagers that require manipulation by hand. Not this one. She lubed it up and gently put it inside me, and then began to blow me off.

The feeling of the prostate massager moving inside me while her supple lips caressed my penis is hard to put into words. Lets just say that having a partner to try this out with is a much better way to experience it.

My girlfriend then got on top of me, and it was one of the best sex Ive ever had. I could absolutely feel the curvature of the tip rubbing against my prostate gently.

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A Aneros Mgx Trident And Mgx Syn Trident

The Aneros MGX Trident and MGX Syn Trident in black, are the entry level prostate massagers from Aneros. These prostate stimulators are for men who new to prostate stimulation.

The MGX Trident and Syn Trident feature the Aneros Multi-Axial Movement Architecture for greater freedom of movement and control. The MGX is perfect for men seeking prostate massage as a natural BPH treatment. Prostate massage can eliminate the pain and discomfort of an enlarged prostate without using pills.

The MGX Syn Trident is the silicone version of the MGX! The MGX design has long been the standard for perfectly balanced prostate play, and has a ribbed stem for additional sensations.

As with the MGX Trident, the MGX Syn Trident feature a Multi-Axial Movement Architecture for greater freedom of movement. It comes wrapped in beautiful velvet touch silicone, to create a smooth massage experience.

  • Medically researched and designed for use a medical device or male sex toy.
  • Made from FDA approved medical grade materials.
  • The Aneros MGX Trident or MGX Syn Trident Angled head massages the prostate and is the recommended for men new to prostate massage.
  • New Trident arms for better movement and muscle control.
  • Contoured MAMA body for lateral and rotational movement
  • Ideal for men dealing with the annoying and painful symptoms of enlarged prostate.
  • The curved and thin shape of the head allows for a hands-free massage of your prostate gland.
  • Great male sex toy for couples to heighten sexual intercourse.

How To Choose The Best Aneros For You

If this is your first time using an Aneros prostate massager, you should know that the experience is going to vary largely based on how you position yourself.

More importantly, it may take some time getting used to. But, once you do get the hang of it, using an Aneros prostate massager is going to be an amazing experience.

If you are going to do so, there are a few important things that you must keep in mind. First and foremost, you have to find the right prostate massager.

Aneros is one of the leading providers of high-quality prostate massagers that are designed for male pleasure. If you want to get a prostate massager, you simply cant go wrong with an Aneros.

But, which of their prostate massagers is the best? To make matters easier, here are three simple benchmarks that will help you choose.

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How To Achieve The Super O With An Aneros Prostate Massager

Achieving the Super O with the Aneros prostate massager is quite possible, but it will take a bit of getting used to. In order to achieve it, the first thing you need to do is to find a comfortable position.

Lay down and insert the prostate massager so that it is resting gently against your prostate. Then, start using your muscles to contract and expand until you notice the spasms increasing.

The key to achieving the Super O lies in letting yourself go. Forget about everything else, and simply focus on the sensations in your body.

Your penis will harden and it wont take long before you feel the pleasant convulsions rippling through your body.

Packaging In True Aneros Style

Prostate Gland Surgery: Radical Prostatectomy

The MGX Syn Trident comes in a fantastic package. When you take off the outer covering, it is presented in a luxury red casing that has a magnetic clasp for coverage.

Its a flagship prostate massager, and Aneros wants you to know that too. Almost immediately, it gives off a premium vibe.

One thing that you should know about the Aneros MGX Syn Trident is that there is no extra storage pouch, so getting rid of the box will not be such a good idea. After all, why would you want to get rid of something that is so well done?

In fact, the box-like shape of the box is quite ergonomic, allowing you to pack it in or bring it with you in the bedroom hidden conveniently in a couple of bedtime books.

Unclasp the box, and the MGX Syn Trident shows itself in all its true glory.

Aneros wants you to focus solely on the MGX Syn Trident out of the box, so theres nothing else. There are no charging cables, no lubes, nothing.

Its absolutely glorious, and when it comes to presentation, I have to give these guys full marks.

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Quick Tips For An Hygienic Prostate Milking Experience

Always remember to carefully administer enema before you decide to use the prostate massager .

Make sure you have towels handy, and its best to disinfect the massager and clean it thoroughly before you use it.

Because you will be using quite a bit of lube, it is important that you put towels or disposable sheets on the bed. You dont want any of that runoff staining your new sheets.

Once you are done, it is best to go for a shower, and clean your prostate massager properly. Use a strong disinfectant to get rid of any lingering smells before you put it back in the box.

Whats The Best Aneros For An Experienced Super O User

The best Aneros for an experienced user has to be the MGX Syn Trident. Its a high-quality, premium looking prostate massager that works best for experienced Super O users.

The MGX Syn Trident has two P& K tabs that greatly enhance pleasure, and will simply improve your experience all the more.

The angled head also works best in massaging the prostate and helping you achieve those deep spasms.

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My Experience With The Aneros Mgx Trident

I couldnt get to try the Aneros MGX Trident with my partner, but I did experiment with it on my own. I really wanted to give it a fair shot, so I waited for a few days until the afterglow from that wild sex had lifted.

That took roughly five days. My experience with Aneros lower-priced Trident versions was not very good, especially the Helix Trident, but this one surprised me a fair bit.

The only major difference is the material. And, in some cases, the ABS plastic is actually better. I didnt get the Super O , but this toy feels good inside.

And, thats all I want. Surprisingly, the ABS plastic is much easier to clean as well. I mean, if I was going on a trip, Id definitely pack the Aneros MGX Trident with me instead of the MGX Syn Trident.

Once you are done, you can just wash it properly with conventional soap. The stickiness of the lube just goes away easily. Its very efficient.

Faults Or Problems Later

Aneros Trident MGX Prostate Massager

If your product was fine when you received it but later on it develops a problem, you can also contact Kogan or the Seller by following the above steps.

For products sold by Kogan, we will get back to you within 48 hours and solve the problem in accordance with the Kogan Customer Charter.

For products sold by a Marketplace Seller, if the Seller hasnt provided a satisfactory resolution within 3 days, please lodge a dispute resolution request here, and will take care of it from there applying the standards in the Kogan Customer Charter.

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Material And Flexibility This Thing Is Rock Hard

The MGX Syn Trident is made using a very high-quality silicone. Aneros refers to its as their velvet touch silicone, and sure enough, it does feel absolutely smooth to touch.

Its made from FDA approved phthalate free materials, and one of the things that I noticed is just how easy it is to clean the MGX Syn Trident after use.

The material definitely lends itself to this its non-porous, so a combination of antibacterial soap and warm water is enough to clean it properly. But, I prefer using a disinfectant too.

Another thing noticed is that there is virtually no bend in the MGX Syn Trident its easy to say that the silicone core in the main body is extremely firm. This isnt just for durability it also serves a functional purpose.

The rigidity makes its easy to use and ensures that all movements are translated into sensations, which gives you an absolutely mind-blowing experience when used correctly .

Moving To The Aneros Mgx Trident

The Aneros MGX Trident may not seem very different from the MGX Syn Trident, but in order to really feel the difference, you have to hold this toy in your hand.

Hold the two simultaneously, and you will notice the difference in the feel almost immediately. This one is made from ABS plastic, and theres no soft or plush feel on it.

Yes, it is quite smooth to the touch, but that velvety feel has literally spoiled me.

This one also has the same curvature and design, along with the ribbed stem. However, the tabs are rounded on this, like tiny knobs.

On the MGX Syn Trident, these tabs are flatter. The shape is round, but they are slightly flatter, and this increases the stimulation when you start using these properly.

It may seem like a simple design element when you look at it, but it makes a humongous difference.

If you are starting out in the world of prostate massagers and need something that gives you a little extra oomph, then the MGX Trident is a good choice.

Its affordably priced, and you dont have to worry about charging batteries or holding a remote. You just need to clench your kegel muscles to get it going.

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Aneros Mgx Trident Prostate Massager

Aneros MGX Trident Prostate Massager

The Aneros Trident Series introduces Multi-Axial Motion Architecture , a new feature that allows Trident toys to both move laterally and move up/down and in/out. This extra dimension of movement brings a new level of pleasure, making it easier for a man to reach the Super-O.


  • Angled head massages the prostate
  • New Trident arms for better movement
  • Contoured MAMA body for lateral and rotational movement
  • Perineum tab for external prostate stimulation
  • Kundalini tab for pleasurable sensations
  • Hands-free stimulation

How To Care For Your Aneros

Real time TRUS-guided free-hands technique for focal cryoablation of the prostate: Step-by-Step

Proper maintenance of your Aneros is necessary. If you dont clean it, the surface is likely to be covered in bacteria. This could become a source of infection in the future.

You should always store the prostate massager in a case, otherwise, its likely to catch more bacteria.

Before you store it, clean it thoroughly. The bacteria left behind can multiply very quickly and since the genital tissue is so sensitive, you could catch a serious infection.

While Aneros claims that their prostate massagers will last you indefinitely as long as you care for them, I recommend replacing the massager after every two years at least.

There are several ways to care for it. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • Make sure you get a pouch or keep the box in which the massager ships for proper storage.
  • You have to wash and sanitize the massager after every time you use it.
  • Keep the box hidden in a safe place, away from family members.
  • Never keep the massager unwashed back in its box.
  • As long as you are careful after use, you wont have to worry about any issues.

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    Specifications For Aneros Mgx Trident Prostate Massager

    • Hardness & Density:
    • Insertable Dimensions: 4″x 1″
    • Weight: 40g

    Took Time

    Took a while to figure it out and make it actually feel good. It will only tease you for the first few tries but after that its 10/10

    Surprisingly awesome

    Just getting into this P-spot stuff and actually tried quite a lot of toys now, based mainly on top lists from sites like reddit – this thing takes the top spot for me so far. It hits the spot perfectly, and the weird curls on the ends means if you move your legs around or shift left and right it wiggles around inside and strokes the spot. I was very surprised to like this one most of all my toys so far – I recommend it, especially if you are unsure which Aneros to get!

    Aneros Mgx Syn Trident Prostate Stimulator

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    FAST, FREE shipping on all continental US orders.

    Discreet Shipping

    You will be the only person excited about what’s inside.

    Refund Guaranteed 90 Days Return Policy

    If your purchase doesn’t completely meet your expectations, simply return it

    Customer Service

    Call and quote item code ANE36.

    What’s 1 Thing Over 1,000,000 Men Agree Upon?

    It’s that the Aneros Helix is by far the best prostate massager on the market.

    With its uniquely curved shape, the Helix is fast becoming the new prostate design standard in the industry.

    Small enough to fit in your hand, this is the perfect toy to take with you on your weekend get-away or that luxurious vacation in the Bahamas.

    Key Benefits

    • Iconic Design That’s Ergonomic & Easy for Retrieval
    • Perfectly Shaped & Fantastically Curved
    • Small Insertable Length Means Great for Novices
    • 100% Waterproof & Phthalate Free

    Its iconic flared base makes removal easy but also provides pleasurable pressure on the perineum, making your O twice as intense!

    Its engineered bulbous head presses and massages your p-spot, delivering spine-tingling shocks of sensation. You’ll have the most intense P-Gasm of your life!

    The Helix is by far the most popular prostate toy. With over a million sales and countless positive reviews, you can’t go wrong.

    So pick up your Helix right now and join the millions of men who are all saying “O!”

    Product Specifications

    • Girth: 3 inches
    • Width: 1 inch
    • Material: Silicone

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