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Will An Enlarged Prostate Cause Ed

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What Is Erectile Dysfunction

Enlarged Prostate Signs & Symptoms (& Why They Occur)

Erectile dysfunction is when a man cant get or keep an erection. ED affects nearly 52% of all men at some point in their lives. It can stem from psychological concerns like: anxiety, depression, stress, poor sleep, relationship concerns, or lowered confidence. It also has physical causes like: vascular problems , imbalanced hormones, lowered nitric oxide, damage to pelvic area, clogged arteries, and diabetes.

Basically, your brain, blood vessels, hormones, nerves, psyche, and muscles all need to work together to create an erection. If one part of the process isnt functioning properly, an erection simply wont happen.

But none of these have to do with the prostate. The prostate isnt part of the erection process so why are BPH and erectile dysfunction linked?

I Dont Think We Would Ever Divorce

But my wife and I had been looking forward to our golden years together. And I was wasting most of that time in the bathroom. Or worrying about having to go.

My wife was concerned about me.

But she was also irritated when I woke her up going to the toilet. So, I ended up sleeping in the guest room.

And when we had our alone time together, my little friend was severely impacted by my prostate issues.

Not anymore!

Were not 20 anymore, but our marriage is now intimate, fun, and playful.

Its all we ever wanted!

How Do You Fix Ed Problems

Here are some steps that might help:

  • If you smoke, quit. If you have trouble quitting, get help. …
  • Lose excess pounds. Being overweight can cause or worsen erectile dysfunction.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine. …
  • Get treatment for alcohol or drug problems. …
  • Work through relationship issues.
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    The Basics: How An Erection Occurs

    Image: Hank Grebe/Getty Images

    Its usually difficult for a man to get another erection right away. The length of the interval between erections varies, depending on a mans age, his health, and whether he is sexually active on a regular basis. A young, sexually active man in good health may be able to get an erection after just a few minutes, whereas a man in his 50s or older may have to wait 24 hours. One reason may be that nerve function slows with age.

    What Are The Symptoms Of Bph

    Ivu Showing Enlarged Prostate Photograph by Science Photo Library

    The symptoms of BPH tend to be urinary in nature. If you are struggling going number one in the bathroom, you may want to get checked for BPH. Youll often see BPH referred to as LUTS, which stands for lower urinary tract symptoms.

    Symptoms can include:

    • Incomplete emptying of bladder
    • Needing to go excessively at night

    Its interesting to note that there may be a correlation between the severity of BPH symptoms and the risk of other sexual dysfunctions. For example, men with severe trouble going to the bathroom often also find they have reduced sex drive, inability to keep an erection, and lowered sexual satisfaction.One review found that most men who sought treatment for either BPH or ED were actually diagnosed with both conditions.

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    Why Does It Take So Long To Recover Erections After The Very Best Surgery

    A number of explanations have been proposed for this phenomenon of delayed recovery, including mechanically induced nerve stretching that may occur during prostate retraction, thermal damage to nerve tissue caused by electrocoagulative cautery during surgical dissection, injury to nerve tissue amid attempts to control surgical bleeding, and local inflammatory effects associated with surgical trauma.

    How Does The Treatment For Bph Cause Erectile Dysfunction


    5-alpha reductase inhibitors

    Research has shown that men who take these drugs for an enlarged prostate could be at higher risk for sexual problems, especially erectile dysfunction , low libido, and trouble ejaculating.

    5-alpha-reductase inhibitors represent a type of drug that is used to treat both BPH and androgenic alopecia . Two examples of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors are dutasteride and finasteride. These drugs are considered safe and effective for these two conditions, but they could have sexual side effects.

    In a study published in 2016 by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, Chinese researchers analysed seventeen studies on 5-alpha reductase inhibitors and sexual function. The study included almost 17,500 men with an average age of 60 years. About 55% of men were treated with 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors while the rest received placebo.

    Another study performed by the researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine showed that ED associated with long term use of finasteride for the treatment of BPH appears to worsen.

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    Increased Adrenergic Response May Cause Ed And Luts/bph

    Both urinary function and erection can be affected by changes in the smooth muscle tonus caused by increased adrenergic response. Unilateral sympathectomy in rats led to homolateral increase in prostate . Transgenic rats that are spontaneously hypertensive due to greater adrenergic tonus presented urodynamic characteristics similar to those of males with LUTS . Furthermore, the rats presented a deficient erectile response to electrical stimulus of the cavernous nerve .

    How Is Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Treated

    Erectile Dysfunction After Prostate Cancer | Dr David Ende

    The treatment of BPH¹ varies. When diagnosing BPH, doctors can use a specially-designed survey to determine what symptoms youre experiencing and how much your quality of life is affected by it.

    If symptoms are mild or do not affect your quality of life much, your doctor might delay treatment and see how the symptoms progress while providing advice about lifestyle changes to manage symptoms. Some changes might include reducing caffeine and alcohol and changing some medications.

    Some people’s symptoms are more severe and affect their quality of life, or their mild symptoms might worsen.

    In these situations, you may need medication. Your doctor may prescribe several types of medicines depending on how bad your symptoms are and any allergies or other conditions you may have.

    Various medications work for different types of BPH. Some people have mainly storage symptoms. Drugs used for this type of BPH include:

    Other men have mostly voiding symptoms. Treatments for voiding symptoms include:

    Possible associations¹ exist between some medications that treat BPH and sexual problems like ED. These vary from person to person and by drug.

    Surgical treatments for BPH are also available. Surgery is often necessary when medication has not relieved symptoms or improved quality of life. Your doctor may suggest it if symptoms are severe and cause other serious health impacts like bladder stones.

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    Current Treatments For Ed

    Various treatment options are available and you should discuss them with your doctor. A primary care doctor can give a preliminary diagnosis of ED based on a patient history and a physical examination, but may refer a patient to a specialist, such as a urologist. Current treatments for ED include:

    • Oral medication
    • Penile implants
    • Counseling and sex therapy

    These methods have varying degrees of effectiveness and tolerability, and are used to treat ED caused by physical or psychological conditions.

    If you are seeking products to help with your ED, click below to visit to the Urology Health Store.

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    How May Erectile Dysfunction Affect My Sexual Relationships

    Prostate cancer and its treatment can affect your desire for sex. Every man is different but the feelings caused by having cancer and the physical stress of treatment can affect the way you feel about your body and your relationships. Some men talk about feelings of a loss of their role within the partnership or family. This can sometimes affect a mans self esteem and confidence. For others, the physical effects of treatment may lead to tiredness and a lack of energy. Physical changes after some treatments can also affect the way you feel about your body and appearance . All of these things may result in a lack of interest in sex.

    If you are feeling tired or under stress, tell your partner how your feel. Loss of interest in sex does not mean you lose interest in a loving and supportive relationship. There are ways to remain physically intimate without having sex. If you are used to a close physical relationship, it is important to remember that hugs, cuddles and kisses maintain intimacy, provide support, and do not have to lead to sex.

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    Assessing Your Cardiovascular Health

    Your GP may assess your cardiovascular health. Narrowed blood vessels are a common cause of erectile dysfunction and linked with cardiovascular disease .

    Your GP may:

    As well as helping to improve your erectile dysfunction, these changes can also improve your general health and may help to reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease .

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    The Real Underlaying Cause Of Enlarged Prostate And How To Tackle It

    Enlarged Prostate

    You see, the prostate does not just start growing out of nowhere when men turn 50, 60, or 70.

    This progress starts slowly in the early 30s around the time men reach their peak in development.

    The prostate overgrowth, however, begins so slowly that we dont experience any symptoms until things have gone seriously wrong.

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    What Are Bph Symptoms

    The prostate surrounds part of the urethra the tube through which urine leaves the body. BPH, or an enlarged prostate, can result in this tube getting blocked. The block can cause problems with peeing, such as:1

    • Needing to wake up at night to pee

    BPH symptoms can get in the way of life. For example, you might become worried with finding a bathroom when you are away from home. Or you may become scared of leaving an embarrassing wet mark on your clothes if you cannot get to a bathroom in time.

    Erectile Dysfunction Following Radical Prostatectomy

    Assuming the management of erectile dysfunction requires expert diagnosis and treatment.

    Diagnosis includes sexual function history, general medical history, psychosocial history, medication history, physical examination, and appropriate laboratory testing.

    Psychological treatment is an important adjunct to managing erectile dysfunction. If our diagnosis suggests a psychological association with your erectile dysfunction, we may recommend that you pursue counseling with a qualified psychologist available through the Clinic.For instance, there may be relationship problems that negatively affect sexual functioning with your partner. Referrals can be made to the Johns Hopkins’ noted Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit.

    Erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy for clinically localized prostate cancer is a known potential complication of the surgery. With the advent of the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy technique, many men can expect to recover erectile function in the current era.

    However, despite expert application of the nerve-sparing prostatectomy technique, early recovery of natural erectile function is not common. Increasing attention has been given to this problem in recent years with the advancement of possible new therapeutic options to enhance erection function recovery following this surgery. Visit Dr. Burnett’s Neuro-Urology Laboratory

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    Current Treatment Options Of Ried

    Although treatment of prostate cancer confers increased risk of ED, there are many additional causes of ED, both medical and psychosocial, that can contribute to the sexual heath of an individual patient. Known factors include, but are not limited to, increasing age, diabetes mellitus, peripheral vascular disease, smoking, anxiety, and depression therefore, treatment should be instituted using a multifaceted approach including an attempt to address comorbid conditions that could be exacerbating RiED. demonstrates the current treatment options for ED patients and the benefits and limitations of each treatment.

    How Many Times Should A Man Release Sperm In A Week

    Medications to Avoid with Enlarged Prostate | Reduce Symptoms and Risk of Prostate Enlargement

    An analysis of multiple studies by Chinese researchers found that a men should ideally release sperm around 2-4 times a week. This practice is associated with a low risk for prostate cancer. Having said that, ejaculating more often than the recommended times does not further reduce the risk for prostate cancer.

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    Then Ill Have To Send You To Scott Davis

    Im grateful my doctor was humble enough to admit he couldnt help me. And wise enough to know that someone else could.

    He would actually like to send all his prostate patients to Scott.

    Because, like he says, Scott gets the job done.

    Something the medical system simply doesnt have the tools to do.

    The problem is that many of his patients dont want to put in the little effort it takes to heal their prostates.

    Instead, they want him to prescribe a magic pill and be done with it.

    Treating Symptoms Of Bph And Erectile Dysfunction

    If youre dealing with BPH and ED, you might feel overwhelmed running to the bathroom and unable to enjoy the sexual pleasures of life. And lifestyle changes take time. Below are a few tips to reduce your suffering in the meantime, while you attack the root causes of your ED and BPH problems.

    • Reduce your intake of fluids, especially after dinner. This will help reduce the urge to urinate throughout the night.
    • Limit alcohol and caffeine. These are diuretics that increase urine flow.
    • Talk to your doctor about anticholinergic medications like antihistamines and antidepressants. These weaken bladder contractions, so it can be a challenge to control your symptoms.
    • Talk to your doctor about blood pressure or heart medications, which are usually diuretics.
    • Avoid medications that stimulate your muscles, like pseudoephedrine and other decongestants.
    • Clear the path from your bed to the bathroom so you dont hurt yourself in the middle of the night.
    • Always use the bathroom when you feel the urge.
    • Get more vitamin D, which is linked to prostate health.

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    The Link Between Bph And Ed Is Probably More Complex Than We Appreciate

    It has been noted that men who have enlarged prostate and BPH are more likely to have ED. The question is why?

    BPH is a significant health issue for men. It has a greater impact on health than is generally appreciated. The direct effect of BPH is to cause urinary symptoms, slow urinary stream, and frequent urination. It causes numerous quality of life issues such as poor sleep, social restrictions on travel because of the constant need to void. It can lead to urinary incontinence and depression.

    It appears that the relationship is due to a common risk factor, age as well as the effect of BPH on sleep and hormonal milieu. Aging is associated with increased risk for ED as are hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. These conditions tend to have onset around the age when BPH becomes symptomatic close to age 50-60.

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    Warhammer 40k 7th Edition

    Prostate Gland Clip Art, Vector Images &  Illustrations

    Apr 20, 2021 · Inflammation Prostatitis is an infection or inflammation of the prostate. Though it shares similar symptoms to BPH, it is not the same condition. It can cause difficult urination, pain in the groin, pelvic area or genitals and sometimes flu-like symptoms. Depending on the cause, inflammation can occur gradually or suddenly..

    • lipoma cure by exercise

    • BPH and sexual function. Prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia , and erectile dysfunction are separate problems. Both increase with age, but one causes.

    • Prostatitis and Having an EnlargedProstate will cause major urinary changes that you will notice. Using natural EnlargedProstate Treatment helps you avoid serious conditions before they show up.

    • 100 rounds of 380

    • autism and failure to thrive

    • The prostate, normally about the size of a walnut, lies between the bladder and the urethra. As new tissue grows a natural phenomenon in men as they age it blocks some of the flow of urine through the urethra. More than half of men develop symptoms of an enlargedprostate by age 60 by the time they reach age 85, it’s more like 90.

    • The prostate, normally about the size of a walnut, lies between the bladder and the urethra. As new tissue grows a natural phenomenon in men as they age it blocks some of the flow of urine through the urethra. More than half of men develop symptoms of an enlarged prostate by age 60 by the time they reach age 85, its more like 90.

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    But There Is No Magic Pill For An Enlarged Prostate

    Healing my prostate was easy enough, but it still required some action.

    At first, I was highly skeptical that Scott could help.

    I only agreed because I was desperate.

    Traditional medicine had completely failed me.

    And spending a lot of money on expensive prostate supplements had taught me the bitter lesson that theyre nothing but useless shams.

    I believed diet and lifestyle changes could help. But I had no idea where to start.

    So, I decided to take the leap of faith.

    How Can You Prevent Bph

    The following lifestyle changes can prevent BPH:

    • Patel ND, Parsons JK. Epidemiology and aetiology of benign prostatic hyperplasia and bladder outlet obstruction. Indian J Urol. 2014 Apr 30:170-6. do: 10.4103/0970-1591.126900. PubMed PMID: 24744516 PubMed Central PMCID: PMC3989819.

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    What Current Options Exist To Treat Erectile Dysfunction After Radical Prostatectomy

    Options include pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions. Pharmacotherapies include the oral PDE-5 inhibitors , intraurethral suppositories , and intracavernous injections . Non-pharmacologic therapies, which do not rely on the biochemical reactivity of the erectile tissue, include vacuum constriction devices and penile implants .

    Men who have undergone nerve-sparing technique should be offered therapies that are not expected to interfere with the potential recovery of spontaneous, natural erectile function. In this light, penile prosthesis surgery would not be considered an option in this select group, at least in the initial 2 year post-operative period, until it becomes evident in some individuals that such recovery is unlikely.

    Why Is Rehabilitation Important

    How to Treat An Enlarged Prostate (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia): 12 Natural Treatments

    Whether you are single, or in a relationship, you should have the opportunity to discuss penile rehabilitation with your doctor or specialist nurse. Self pleasuring is important for many people and this can play a part in rehabilitation. This might help to give you confidence and to become aware of the changes that your treatment might have caused.

    Ideally, rehabilitation should start soon after your prostate cancer treatment, or in some situations before treatment. For example, you should start rehabilitation within 3 to 6 months of starting hormone therapy or radiotherapy. Or within the first 3 months of surgery to remove the prostate gland.

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