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Can You Ejaculate From Prostate

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Too Much Frequent Ejaculation Can Shorten Your Lifespan

Difficulty Ejaculating – 7 Tips for Men To Ejaculate Faster

New research onworms andcrickets has shown that the more the males ejaculate, the shorter their life span.

These studies also indicated that the ejaculating males were experiencing adverse effects on their immune system.

They were more prone to bacterial infections and saw a decrease in energy levels.

This seems to indicate that it takes a tremendous amount of energy for our bodies to constantly produce sperm.

Far more than scientists have ever thought of before.

In a man, one ejaculation contains ~250 million sperm cells that take about 64 days to fully regenerate.

Our bodies are like a 24/7 factory, constantly producing sperm from the resources of our bodies.

This surely takes a toll on the body.

During sperm production, a lot of stem cells and blood are required to transform into semen.

And thus it takes an enormous amount of energy and physical effort to replenish from an ejaculation.

If you were to ejaculate on a weekly basis, you would be in a constant state of ejaculation hangover.

Thats what semen retention can help to solve.

More and more studies are coming out that prove what the ancient tantrikas had already discovered thousands of years ago.

This is especially true regarding what they said about consciousness, and how its being discovered through quantum physics today.

Now, these above studies have not been conducted on humans yet.

The Indian mystic, Sadhguru, talks about the powerful potential stored in semen in this video:

Choosing Based On Vibrator Or Motor

Next you need to decide what kind of vibration, and therefore motor, youd like.

Sex educator and founder of LeWand, Alicia Sinclair, recommends asking yourself the following questions: broad or targeted ? Patterns or non-stop vibrations?

Here are some great recommendations:

  • If you enjoy being stimulated across your vulva, you might enjoy broader vibrations with toys that have a bigger surface area, such as Le Wand Petite.
  • If you enjoy only certain parts stimulated, you may enjoy a more targeted vibrator with a smaller surface area, such as the Sona Cruise.
  • If you enjoy constant stimulation, youll want a motor that runs consistently, which is luckily most vibrators.
  • If you prefer a certain pattern, such as short pulses or a pattern of pauses, youll want a vibrator that offers settings, such as the Laya II.
  • If you want the element of vibrating and thrusting, there are some that stimulate penetrative sex, such as the Stronic Surf Pulsator.

You may also want to consider if you want one motor or multiple motors. If youre just starting out, a single motor will do the trick as you discover what exactly you like in your vibrator. Smaller and one-type vibrators often have single motors.

Combo vibrators, such as the Lelo Soraya rabbit vibrator, have two motors that work independently, giving you control over the amount of stimulation you receive internally and externally.

What Is Your Prostate And What Does It Do

Your prostate is a small gland that lives inside your body, just below your bladder. It sits around the urethra, which is the tube that carries pee from your bladder through your penis. Only men have a prostate.

Your prostate produces some of the fluids contained in your semen, the liquid that transports sperm. This liquid contains special enzymes and hormones that help your sperm cells function properly, which means the prostate plays a key part in your fertility. The muscles in your prostate also help push semen through your urethra when you ejaculate.

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Does Having More Ejaculations Lessen The Chance Of Prostate Cancer

For reasons not fully known, ejaculating more may lower the risk of prostate cancer.

Ejaculating after all, based upon some studies, through sexual intercourse or masturbation, does not seem to protect against higher risk prostate cancers. The studies do not sort out between ejaculating during sexual intercourse or masturbation, and the effect of each on prostate cancer.

One study followed 32,000 men for 18 years. It found men who ejaculated the most had a 20% lower chance of prostate cancer vs. those who ejaculated 4 to 7 times a month. The more the number increased per month, the lower their risk. Other studies have found ejaculation rate has no impact on prostate cancer rates.

Ejaculation may protect the prostate by flushing out harmful chemicals that build up in semen. It is also possible ejaculation does not actually protect against prostate cancer. Men who ejaculate more may have healthier lifestyle habits;that decrease their odds of being diagnosed with the disease. Additionally, ejaculating may only reduce the risk in men in certain age groups.

The bottom line is more research is needed before we know for sure whether more ejaculation reduces the risk of prostate cancer.

Dr. Anne Calvaresi is the chair of the Urology Care Foundation’s Prostate Health Committee. She works in Philadelphia and specializes in urology and prostate health.

Where Does The G

Watery Semen: Causes, Effects On Fertility And Treatment ...

Stumped about the male G-spot? Thats because whats often referred to as the male G-spot is actually the prostate.

Weve already covered how to find it via your anus, but you can actually stimulate it indirectly by massaging your perineum.

Also known as the taint, the perineum is the landing strip of skin between your balls and your anus.

A finger, a tongue, or a vibrating toy over the perineum can all work magic on the prostate.

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Male Sexuality Vs Female Sexuality

Lets try a thought experiment for a moment. Imagine if you

  • had never been conditioned by sexual shame and porn in your entire life.
  • would have been taught at an early age to be aware of your sexual energy so you could move it around in your body.
  • were taught about womens sexuality, that they need an emotional connection to open up sexually, and a minimum of 20 minutes to just get aroused.

How do you think you would approach women and the sexual act differently?

Women dont need to get pregnant every time they have sex, right?

So why do men have to try to impregnate their seed, every time they have sex?

What if the things we learned about sex are lies?

That its not sinful but sacred, and not supposed to be over with quickly but enjoyed as long as you want?

And what if there is a difference between having sex for pleasure and producing offspring?

How Soon After Prostate Cancer Treatment Can You Be Sexually Active Again

Different Prostate Cancer treatments have various periods before one can resume sexual activity. Its also down to an individuals recovery time, which has to factor in age.

A man who has had a prostatectomy in his eighties will find that it will take him a lot longer to resume any sexual activity than a man in his fifties who has had external beam therapy.

The individuals general health and genetics all play a part in the healing process. With a prostatectomy, studies tend to show that it is at least several months before erectile function returns, but it can be up to a year.

For more limited surgery, such as TURPs, one can expect to be sexually active again within 4 6 weeks if that is the only surgery and treatment. Often it happens in conjunction with other treatments, such as hormone or radiotherapy, which have much longer recovery times.

There are still options that are open to men before that. If a man still feels sexual desire, then sexual activity is still possible.

There are three parts to orgasm, and while the sensation of fullness or ejaculate may no longer be present, the mental part of orgasm which takes place in the brain is just as possible as before surgery. Plus theres absolutely nothing stopping a man from being more focused on his partners sexual pleasure.

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Prostate Cancer Diagnoses And Treatment

All cancer is complex, but prostate cancer testing and treatment is particularly complicated.

In some men with prostate cancer, the cancer will grow very slowly, and wont significantly affect them during their lifetime. Other mens prostate cancer can grow and spread very quickly. At the moment, there is no test that can tell what type of prostate cancer a man has when he is diagnosed.

Because some treatments for prostate cancer can cause side effects which might impact on quality of life, its important for men to discuss with their doctor all their options for testing and treatment, and to discuss these with their partners and families. These might include watchful waiting, which means waiting to see what the cancer does over time, radiation, surgery or taking medications.

You can read more about what kinds of questions to ask your doctors about prostate cancer testing and treatment on the Cancer Council website.

What Changes Can You Expect

Video 04 – 24 Hours After Surgery – Mark’s Prostate Cancer Experience
  • Ejaculation will cease:Without a prostate gland or seminal vesicles, you will no longer experience ejaculation. Even though your orgasm may feel different, it will still be pleasurable.
  • Leaking urine during sex:This is possible but does not happen to all men. Its harmless and temporary.
  • Performance anxiety:Dont underestimate the emotional roller coaster of prostate cancer surgery and recovery. Its normal to worry about sex after prostate cancer. Being open and honest with your partner will help.

Keep in mind that your overall health, age, and present ED status are all factors in your recovery to sex after prostate surgery.

Less commonly, the prostate cancer tumor may bulge to one or both sides of the prostate gland, making nerve-sparing surgery extremely difficult or impossible.

Dr. Samadi will help you understand your exact prostate cancer status and the position and size of your tumor. In some cases, a nerve graft can be performed to regenerate the penile nerves for sex after prostate surgery.

  • Changes in mood and libido:The psychological impact of surgery can be significant; this will leave you tired and irritable, not in the mood for sex so you will need to move towards intimacy slowly and your desire will return back to normal.

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Locating The Prostate Externally

Once youre feeling frisky, press deeply in the area between the testicles and the anus, and try to find a lump thats about the size of a walnut but feels softer.

If you cant find it, no worries; not everyone can feel it externally. Its still possible to stimulate the prostate with pressure on the perineum, although there are no guarantees that it will lead to an orgasm.

With A Massager Strap

If youre playing with sex toys, you can really mix it up by playing with the different vibration settings, as well as pressure and depth.

  • Pressure. Controlling pressure when using a toy is easier, especially when youre playing solo. Try pressing the toy against the prostate using more or less pressure till you find your sweet spot.
  • Depth. Depth is another area where toys win out since reaching can make it hard to go deep, if thats what you crave. Try different sized anal toys or get a longer one that you can insert as deep as your bottom desires.
  • Vibrations. You can buy prostate massagers that offer up multiple speed and pulse settings. Play with the different settings to find your preference. Up the vibes as you get closer to orgasm.
  • Sensation. Some prostate massagers have an attached external stimulator to give your perineum some sweet lovin while the other end penetrates. Who doesnt love a hard worker?

Want a little more?

If your partner has a penis, you can kick things up a notch with penis-in-anus penetration. Prostate stimulation for you, penile stimulation for them and a happy ending for you both.

Different positions can make reaching and pleasuring the prostate easier. These positions work for external and internal prostate stimulation, alone and with a partner.

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Is It Hard To Achieve A Prostate Orgasm

As Lehmiller notes, there is limited research on prostate orgasms, so personal experimentation is important.

That trial and error process can be time-consuming. Some prostate owners achieve the big O on the first go-around, while others have to have a bit of practice before finding what works, Saynt says. It also doesnt help that some prostate owners feel ashamed or less manly when partaking prostate play: The internalized shame and feelings of inadequacy could cause mental blocks which prevent the free release of the natural sex drugs our brains release when we are at our most heightened sense of pleasure,” he says. “This fear is a trauma which many men will never get past, making enjoyable and healthy practices like prostate orgasm impossible.

Thus, its important for partnersespecially vulva-ownersto be supportive. If you’re helping your partner achieve a prostate orgasm for the first time, take it slow; dont use toys or fingers until your partner is ready, and have frequent conversations with your partner about what they do and do not like. You can even ask them to demonstrate how they masturbate with their prostate.

What To Do If You Experience Pain

New Study: Frequent Ejaculations Help Prevent Prostate Cancer

Discomfort may happen. Pain should not. Pain may be the result of hemorrhoids or tears in the rectal lining.

If you experience pain when inserting the enema tube or pushing the fluid into your colon, stop the enema immediately and call your healthcare provider or local medical services.

If you know that you have hemorrhoids, tears, or other sores, wait for them to heal before administering an enema.

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Can A Man Have A Normal Sex Life After Prostate Surgery

The question is loaded what is a normal sex life anyway? Most men will experience a slowing down or drop off in their sexual activity as they get older.

That said, it is still a source of pleasure and intimacy amongst older couples, and for those for whom it is an important part of their relationship, they are keen to understand what sex after surgery will look and feel like.

The majority of men with a diagnose of localized prostate cancer will undergo a conservative approach known as active surveillance, but some of them will require surgery at some point.

The surgeons will excise the growth, or in some cases remove the entire prostate. There are also less invasive surgeries, such as the TURPs and other non-surgical therapies such as radiation therapy.

With careful intervention, most men will be able to resume a healthy sex life after the initial recovery period.

If you have had a radical prostatectomy without a nerve-sparing technique, theres a high chance you will experience a significant reduction in your sexual sensation and libido

Even then, the likelihood is that pleasure will be diminished, and men will only experience dry orgasms, as they will no longer ejaculate merely experiencing the mental side of orgasm. This is not common, and when it happens, it is temporary.

Studies Disregard Mens Health And Lifestyle

Reuters reportedthis study which disregards the diet, lifestyle, and mental health of the men examined.

And it absolutely does not take energy management and sexual sublimation into the equation. Things that are a crucial part when practicing Brahmacharya. The self-imposed yogic practice of celibacy is called Brahmacarya. It is an austere practice of abstinence performed to gain spiritual benefits. Brahmacharya involves not only ejaculatory abstinence but also abstinence from any kind of sexual activity and sexual pleasure. That includes intercourse, masturbation, and even thoughts about sexual desire and mental fantasy.

Doing ejaculatory abstinence the right way, semen will be reabsorbed by the body and converted to refined spiritual energy..

Thus, not causing congestion and stagnation which is the main reason for the harmful effects and health issues.

Ejaculation frequency is, to some extent, a measure of overall health status in that men at the very low end of ejaculation 0 to 3 times per month were more likely to have other and die prematurely from causes other than prostate cancer. Jennifer Rider, lead study author.

What is the reason these men only ejaculate 0-3 times per month?

It sounds to me like other areas of their life are unhealthy.

This is certainly a factor to consider before blaming semen retention to be the cause of their prostate cancer.

Also, keep in mind that Yogas take on cancer is one of a psycho-somatic one.

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Talking About Orgasm Problems Is Important

Men and their partners have become much more open about talking erectile dysfunction, in general and as a consequence of prostate cancer treatment, notes Dr. Kacker.

Whatever you think about all those ads for Viagra and Cialis, they have made it easier to talk about ED and helped remove some of the stigma around the condition.

We should be having the same frank, open discussions about orgasm, says Dr. Kacker. Orgasms can bring a couple together and allow them to maintain sexual intimacy in the difficult period around diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer.

Ejaculation As An Addiction Conditioned By Society

How Often Should You Ejaculate – (During Semen Retention)

Lets get real deep for a moment.

Ponder over this question:

Why does sexual intercourse have to finish with an ejaculation each time?

Who has determined that it is something natural? if not our fixation on sexuality and porn.

In porn, its a MUST to ejaculate at the end of each movie.

Without it, the actors might not get paid as much.

Hence the nickname the money shot.

And the more glorious and impressive the cumshot is, the more it is focused on and displayed on the screen.

And so, the more dopamine triggers in the males brain who watches.

So in an overindulged sexualized society that puts ejaculation on a pedestal its no wonder we think its natural and get hooked on frequent ejaculation and porn addiction.

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